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Author has written 4 stories for 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, Twilight, Animals of Farthing Wood, Ice Age, and Yu-Gi-Oh GX.

Hey guy wow my profile kind of sucks right now lol but ive never really had the time as of late to really...oh who i am im kidding ive just been lazy. Anyways ive found myself motiveted right now to start writeing stories again allthrought im nore really happy with my older ones i think i would be updating them right now.

Likes: Im still a HUGE fan of the WWE if you didnt allready guess lol, my fav wrestlers are Randy Orton, CM Punk, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes and Alex Riley. Also i like yu-gi-oh ive seen the orignal and the gx series but ive never seen the 5ds series so if anyone on here wants to tell me whats it about that would be must welcome

Dislikes: Nothing much im kind of a laid back kind of guy and it takes a lot to get me wound up about things

Do or Do I not like feedback and suggestions: (Thinks for a moment) I do i like all kind of feedback good or bad so i know if my story is on the right track or if i need to improve on it. and i love hearing my readers suggestions for the story so dont be afarid to suggest something i makes my life easyier (Laughts nervously) Did i say that outloud...anyways peace out i would update this profile when something eals comes up

My OOC's Profile's

Name: Jack hatcher

Gender: Male

Age; (Hmm about the age of a teenager)

FanFiction that he is appreaing in or he will appear in: Yu-gi-oh Gx- The The dragon world Duelist

Deck: Dragon world Ranpage

History: Not much to is know of his history i will update this when i start my story and i have write some of his history

Personality: Kind of laid back must of the time but will seen arrogant and cocky at times when he gets annoyed

Monster Card's (20): Giz, the scout of the dragon world x2 .

High, the guard of the dragon world

Toxic, The elder of the dragon word x3.

Lighting Stone, Overload of the dragon world

Dagen, mad dragon of the dragon world

Copeland, Healer of the dragon world x2.

Fireblaze, The warload of the dragon world

Iceheart, the high priest of the dragon world

Jagour, warrior of the dragon world x3 .

Tobus, The forgoten god of the dragon world

Yupin, The dark Summoner of the dragon world x2.

Jamit, The dragon child of the dragon world x2

Magic Cards (10): The Dragon World (Field card) x3

Dragons Deal

Dragon Worlds sunset

Dragons calling

Call of the Forgotten God of the Dragon world

Revenage of the Dragon world x2

Uprising of the Dragon

Tarp Cards (10) Breaking the Order

Dragon world crumbleing

Dragon god calling

Dragons Freeze Shield

Dragon's Castle x2

Gift from the Grave x2

Dragons Destuction

Dragons Heart

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