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Author has written 6 stories for Young Justice.

Update 1/6/14: Sorry I haven't updated, guys! I've been pretty sick, in and out of hospitals and the ER for the past couple weeks. As soon as I'm able, I'll get to updating. Sorry again!

WARNING: WHEN DaughteroftheKing97 is excited about a story, she will leave random, spazzy reviews and might ramble on about things that have absolutely nothing to do with the story. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! :O

Um...HI! I'm daughteroftheking97, known to people in my little hickish town as Stephanie, Steph, or Stephie. Or Peanut, but that's a story for another time.

Anyways, I'm 15 years old, 100 pounds, 5 feet tall, blond hair, grayish-green blue eyes...pale-ish skin with lots of freckles.

I have a deviantART account that's pretty much dead at the moment, but if you want to take a look I'm starwarsgal12.

I love Batman comics. And Young Justice comics. And Teen Titans GO! comics. I'm really trying to get Nightwing comics, but c'mon...I'm too young to have a salary and baby-sitting's pretty scarce 'round these parts. ;)

I absolutely HATE Superman comics. He was alright in Superman/Batman Apocalypse, but he's just too generic for me. Plus he can be a total jerk sometimes. >.>

SO...what do you put on your profile anyways? O.o

Oh my word my profile is so old lol

Fandoms I Write For:

Young Justice

Fandoms I Write for That I Don't Post:

Clone Wars
Justice League
Batman: The Animated Series
The Batman
Batman Begins
Batman: The Brave and the -

Well. Let's just say anything Batman, shall we? ;)


Who's your favorite character?

Robin/Dick Grayson He's SO dreamy. Plus he has no powers and still kicks butt. PLUS in the YJ 'verse he's my age.

What's your favorite pairing?

I don't like romance much, but...Waltermis, I guess. At least they have a LITTLE chemistry.

Who's your favorite gal character?

Out of the two I don't really like? M'gann, I guess. She's annoying, but I hate Artemis's attitude. Plus she might be a TRAITOR! (dun dun DUNN)

What's your favorite episode so far?

Hmmm...Independence Day, maybe? Fireworks? Bereft was pretty sweet. >.> I have no clue, actually...

Who's your favorite guy character?

Besides Robin? Hm...does Batman count?

Make yourself a superhero profile:

YES! OK, OK...Superhero name: Rogue. Long, curly blond hair. Wears a "spandex" tank-top type shirt, pants, and boots, all colored purple and black. Has a cowl similar to Artemis's. Real name: Stephanie. Frizzy blond hair, considered a "geek" by most. Homeschooled, 5 siblings, overprotective parents who have no idea that her
"extracirriculars" are really superhero-ing. Powers: Flying, super strength, telekinesis, super speed. And kick-butt ninja skills. :D

Who would your Justice League mentor be?

Is Nightwing an option? If not, Flash. If I had Batman as a mentor I'd be in tears every night. :P I'm too sensitive, lol

One last question (and yeah, it's not all in the YJ 'verse): Who's better, Dick Grayson, Timothy Drake, Jason Todd, Stephanie Brown, or Damian Wayne?

DICK GRAYSON ALL THE WAY! Although Stephanie's pretty cool, cause, ya know...she's a gal. Plus she has my name XD

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Despite It All reviews
Bruce lost his grip on his briefcase as he stared, open mouthed,at the television. The fuzzy image showed a gunmen holding a raven-haired boy half out the window. The boy had a wound on his leg, gushing blood, and he looked unconscious. "Dick!"T for blood
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Robin comes down with the flu while at the Cave, and let's just say a group of alien and meta-humans aren't exactly the most capable nurses...
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