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Author has written 5 stories for Pokémon, and Five Nights at Freddy´s.

The cover art for Five Week's At Freddy's was done by the awesome artist great-bay! I can't provide a link directly due to this site's security settings, but please do look it up on their tumblr over at

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: A pure breed New Zealander!

Religious View: Neutral Agnostic

Hey Readers

This is a note from the author; The Gentleman Xerneas, TGX, Niha or however you know me, hoping to explain my sudden absence and to apologize for it. It is also to try and gauge how much interest remains in this story, as a lack of reader interest in FNAF was one of the things discouraging me from continuing this story.

This will remain up for a week to to notify and give the readers time to read it, before being taken back down again and transferred to my profile page.

A year or so ago whilst I was writing the 26th chapter, I became very unhappy with the quality of my writing, like the chapter before it. Many times I tried rewriting it over and over, but no matter what I tried the chapter just seemed either boring or poorly written. It took me dozens or retries and hours of thinking up ideas before I realised I was facing a major writer's block.

So I decided to give up and set it aside, intending to come back and restart it the moment I have recovered from that state and resume as normal. Days passed, then weeks, then months, and I still wasn't feeling up to it. Then reality kicked in and I spent all my time studying at college or resolving family issues and the prospect of having time to come back to this story grew dimmer and dimmer. This story was something I did in my spare time, and I no longer had any.

That's where I went wrong and didn't come and tell you guys what was happening. So many people were left wondering what was going on all this time and I let everyone down by not giving a clear answer to put all the wonder and questions to rest, and for that I am sorry.

And of course as time passed, more games came out. As I've already said, I started writing this story only a few weeks after the very first game came out and the whole plot, start to finish, had mostly decided on at that time.

And then the second game came out, and while I was childish and sulked about it at the start, I ended up loving the second game so much I wanted to integrate it too. And then the same thing happend to the third game, upon which shortly after I lost my motivation.

And then the fourth game came out, which I really did not like at all. Same with FNAFWorld. And at that point my interest and enthusiasm for Five Nights At Freddy's waned, nearly dissipating entirely. It no longer seemed like something fun and interesting, the lore was entirely muddled and confusing, and I felt like the series should have ended a while ago. That was the closest I've been to calling it quits on the series.

But then in a shocking turnaround, Sister Location came out and I love it! When it was first accounced, I rolled my eyes. "Oh boy, another cashgrab to crap on the lore even more' I thought to myself. But as it turns out, it was a really, really good game. I explained the lore in a good way, had great characters and was just…. Good. That's the only way I can put it.

With Sister Location, my interest and enthusiasm have skyrocketed back up and I think it's the same for a lot of people. That game was what the series needed to revitalize it, in my opinion. And for that reason, I would really like to incorporate it into this story too.

Then comes along the other thing, as each game comes out the established lore drifts further and further away from the fanon lore I have established in this story, and now the lore for this story is completely alien to what is canon in the main series. And now I'm faced with a dilemma, either wholly rewrite the plot to match canon, or continue with my mashed-up foreign version and risk angry readers decrying this as a mockery of canon.

I don't know what to do about that, but I do know one thing. I never wanted it to come to this. I never wanted to stop writing this. I've had so much fun, and I know you guys have too. If I could have it my way, I would continue to write this until it's very end to give it closure and let it rest. I don't want to resume the chapter by chapter uploads in case it stops again, and I really don't want to let you guys down for a second time. The other option is to wait until I've finished the whole thing or release it arc by arc, but still I doubt I'll ever get that far.

The fact is, whilst I have motivation back for now, I'm not sure if it will stay that way for long enough for me to finish this, that I'll have enough spare time to make any progress or that there's anyone even left who still likes this story or FNAF in general to write it for.

All in all, for your sake you should consider this story in permanent hibernation. It will probably stay that way. Maybe another few chapters will trickle out. Maybe we'll actually see the end if Mike's adventure with the animatronics. I do not know. But for your sake, please consider this the end and if anything else comes, consider it a pleasant surprise.

Again, I humbly apologize for letting everyone down, for dropping it in the first place, and for taking this long to explain. I really am regretful that things turned out this way.

Don't hold it against me. You don't know what I've been through.

Ah, hello! I'm Gentleman Xerneas. Lovely to meet you, unidentified visitor!

I'm a huge fan of both Pokemon and Touhou, and thus I read and study a lot about both of them. Recently I've begun to lose interest in Touhou, so my activity is shifting more towards the Pokemon community.

As you might be able to tell from my new profile picture, recently I've gotten into a small indie game that recently came out called Five Nights At Freddy's. Who knew such a small title would end up being so popular! I've never written a horror themed story before and most of the "scary" parts of the Unova guide are laughable, but I would like to write a story for it if I ever get the time.

I'm a very friendly, kind are carefree person, who likes to take it easy and live life one day at a time. I like to help other people improve with their stories, but I don't normally read or review other stories, and for good reason. Whenever I read a story each review I have the tendency to leave massive walls of text giving an analysis about the chapter and explaining what was good about it, what was bad, and what could have been improved. It could almost be called free beta-reading. If you're going to bother reviewing someone's story, then you might as well put all your effort in and help them, even if it means being blunt. That's the motto I review by.

I don't have the time to go to so much effort, so I just don't bother most of the time.

Currently the only story that I'm working on is Five Weeks At Freddy's. What started off as a small story to write for fun in my spare time ended up snow-balling into my most popular story yet. The reason that I'm working on this story so much is because of the amount of attention and appreciation it gets from my dear readers, and so long as it continues to entertain people I'm going to continue writing it.

I'm really looking forward to watching this story grow and develop over time and I'm looking forward to sharing that experience with my readers too. It's always so entertaining to see all the theories my readers come up, how they interpret things and how and why they love this story. It's definitely the most rewarding part of writing this.

I have a few interests and hobbies, but they change rather frequently. Some of my favourite things are the following:

Pokemon: I'm a huge Pokemon fan! I've been a fan since Red and Blue first came out, I remember fondly the huge hype everyone at school had when we first discovered Mew! Shortly after Crystal was released I fell out of the Pokemon fandom for a few years, but by the time Platinum came out I rejoined. Generation V is my favourite generation, and I think Unova is the best thing that has ever happened to Pokemon. Nearly all of my favourite Pokemon come from Unova.

Japanese Culture: I'm currently enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor's Degree in Japanese, and It's the best fun I've had in ages! I've always loved Japanese culture, philosophy, so learning about it every day is great. Japan has two 'faces' as you could put it, the traditional side, and the modern side. I love both of these and it's awesome to see that Japan has maintained it's ancient history within this rapidly modernizing world. Additionally, Japanese people make really cool friends, even if communication can be strained sometimes.

Writing: Hah, I wouldn't be here if I didn't, right? Even as a young boy, I've loved writing all sorts of stories. The freedom and creativity that writing grants you is simply astounding, plus it allows you to entertain other people, something else I love! It's a shame I don't have the spare time to write as much as I want to.

If you have any questions or want to say hi you're more than welcome to send me a PM, just be aware that I may not respond immediately. I still have about a billion unread PMs glaring at me from my inbox already.


"Do I have permission to write my own guide in the same style as yours?"

No, you do not. I wrote the Unova guide because it was a unique concept and I want it to stay that way. You can write your own guides or whatever so long as they aren't blatant copies of my own works, however.

"Will you be working on other regions after finishing the Unova guide?"

For god's sake YES. When the Unova guide is done with I'll start work on the Kalos guide. Please stop asking me this question, I've already answered it several times in both Author's Notes within the guide and PMs and I'm sick of being asked about it. Any PMs asking me this will be ignored.

"Why don't you update the guide anymore? I've been waiting for ages!"

I understand how you feel and I'm sorry for not updating enough. Since a majority of my readers are silent I don't know how many people are waiting on an update, but I sympathise with my regular reviewers who I know really like the guide. But, I have a life of my own to live and I can't spend it all in front of the computer writing stories. I have a house to maintain, college classes to attend and friendships to uphold. Additionally, spending too much time working on the guide ends up making it a chore, rather than something I enjoy doing, and when that happens the quality of the guide ends up declining as I force myself to sit there and do it against my will.

"What happened to Legendary Origins and Guidance?"

They've been discontinued indefinitely. While further chapters are still a possibility, right now I don't have the time or inclination to work on them.

"Why did you attack Ask-Gentleman-Xerneas on Tumblr?"

A few people have attacked me over this on both this site and and other sites, usually mixed in with insults and threats of violence. So to put and end to it, I'm going to explain the whole situation to put an end to any more questions regarding this situation.

Initially, a few people came to me asking questions about my tumblr, to which I replied that I have no such thing. Upon investigation I discovered that someone had make a Tumblr rp blog using my name. I asked my readers both on my profile and in a guide chapter to let me know if they knew anything about the situation.

From that point onwards I had NOTHING to do with the situation, and it wasn't until I received some very angry PMs that I found out that something had happened. By that time it seems that the blog has been taken down so I don't know what happened, but it seems as though prior to that people were attacking the blog's creator. As for why the blog is gone, whether or not the creator took it down themselves or it was forcibly removed, I don't know.

I'm not going to condemn or blame those people for what they did, as they were simply trying to help me and it was my fault for addressing the blog in the first place. But it's damn shame that blog is gone, as the artist was pretty good and it seems that they were well-liked in the Tumblr Pokemon rp community.

With all that explained, please don't blame me for anything I didn't do.

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