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Author has written 8 stories for S.A, Pandora Hearts, V.B Rose/V[ベルベット]・B[ブルー]・ローズ, and Naruto.

All you need to know about me

1. I like romance.

2. I like comedy.

3. My plots are non existent. I mainly write on character or relationship analysis, or plain comedy.

4. I don't write unhappy endings. Bittersweet? Maybe. But there must be some hope somewhere.

5. My grammar is passable. Mostly.

6. I avoid long paragraphs where possible and purple prose is my enemy.

7. I generally don't like AUs, especially high school ones. High school is more or less overrated and for anyone who hasn't gone into high school yet? It's really not that exciting. The best part is just hanging with your friends, mostly doing nothing.

8. I like beta couples, I'm just hipster that way. And I get bored of couples who get shoved in your face. Less is more!

9. I don't really write OCs.

Things you don't really need to know about me

Couples I like/d:

Sango and Miroku: My first ship. So naive...Because it was my first I had held on to my obsession for far too long. And now I feel pretty much nothing for them.

Mitsuru and Tsuru: from a pretty much obscure little manga that's all rainbows and sunshine, whose attempts at being deep is OTT. I like that they started liking each other as kids and then she left, leaving him twisted. He ended up living behind a mask later in life. It's super unrealistic but I like his new twisted personality and her cluelessness to what she did when they met again.

Levy and Gajeel: Not gonna lie, I love the image of the tiny girl with a literal metalhead. I like how they look, I love how his actions accidentally (on purpose) look romantic and I adore how the author shamelessly teases the shipping. I have to say I'm liking fairy tail more and more. Once you look past the flashing, the characters are all equal and everyone gets to shine.

Erza and Jellal: They should just get married already. A bit too straightforward and serious a ship for my liking, but I like them well enough and appreciate how well the author has drawn their romance. Especially for a shonen manga where romance is an afterthought.

Roy and Riza: He's the funny and superpowered badass and she's the straight woman and unpowered badass who keeps him under control. They are just so stylish together. Too bad the brilliant manga ended already, I really love the fact that the author is a woman who wrote something that is seen as not feminine, but does it well.

Shikamaru and Temari: He's a brilliant but lazy genius and she's the awesome ninja who has to save his life and in the process throws him off his high horse. I like how he pretty much disgruntally falls for her, and how she just does her own thing and lives life straightforwardly. They are canon, but with enough story missing that you can fill in the blanks. Like when did he realize that he liked her and how the heck did he convince her to marry him and move her life?

Ada and Vincent: He went into the relationship with a hidden agenda and yet she is the one that gets him all flustered. My first sunk ship, let's never speak of the depressing ending again. Too much bitter, not enough sweet.

Yahiro and Megumi: Theirs was the only relationship that wasn't completely made 100% clear at the end. I like how she loves him despite his flaws and first love, that she accepts it all and doesn't run away. And I love how he is a good guy hiding behind a hilariously snarky persona.

Finn and Ryuu: She wore her secrets and responsibilities lightly with a smile and he's the nice guy who got wrapped up in her schemes and ended up caring. It's cute.

Izaya and Namie: The only ship I like where it's not a sure thing. I see problems with this relationship, mainly her brother obsession and him being so many steps ahead of her. But I love how cheerfully evil he is and how he bounces off her stoic reactions. I can picture Izaya just flirting with her shamelessly and her not reacting, despite him sometimes getting under her skin. I am not keeping my hopes up though, not with the current developments in the light novel. The show is awesome, so unique a concept!

Yi Jung and Ga Eul: Man it was embarrassing how much I loved this couple. I've recently looked back at the scenes these two had together and had to cringe for the cheese. So much cheese.

Sul and either Jung or blondie: I'm leaning more towards blondie though. He's all hurt, honesty and awkwardness with her. But Jung's the dark schemer who gets his rhythm all messed up by Sul...hmmm. It's a testament to how well written everyone is that I don't mind who ends up with who. I will be depressed if she ends up alone though, as realistic as that will be, because the potential for cute is just beautiful.

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