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Can we tell you a secret? We have this fantasy where we're laying poolside working on our tans and watching our secret crushes swim. The next second they're standing over us, water dripping down their rippled form and splashing against our over heated bodies. They ask if they can put lotion on us and when their hand touches us...

Well, you get the idea.

The lovely ladies here at Twilight Fanfic Advocacy are excited to announce our first ever contest and since it is the hottest time of the year, we wanted to heat things up here as well with our Summer Fantasy Contest. We want your one shots that are written about a fantasy of the character of your choice. It can be about any other character, we don't care. We just want to see what you fantasize about. Perhaps the object of your obsession doesn't know you exist (or do they). You're sitting, standing, waiting in line, in the shower, ext., and start to fantasize about your crush.

What's your wildest fantasy? We want hot, sizzling action. We want you to think outside the box, hell be in the box if that's your thing.

Use your imagination, we know for a fact that a lot of you out there are quite imaginative. So, ladies and gents, put those brains and fingers to work. Give us something that is sure to blow our minds.


-Entries must be anonymous, defying this rule will get your one shot booted.

-Please have your one-shot beta'd;if you're a first time writer (which if you are then we highly encourage you to enter this competition), here is a link for The Sparkly Red Pen and Project Team Beta both are amazing people and I'm sure they can help hook you up with a beta to get it all cleaned up!

- You may promote the contest and say that you entered, but if you reveal which story is yours you will be immediately disqualified, and that would just be sad. Please do not reply to reviews for your story until the contest is over and winners are announced.

- All entries must be original, new for this contest. Participants are more than welcome to continue the story after the contest concludes.

- Must be 18 or older to enter.

-Word count must be between 3,000-12,000 words

-No more than two entries per person. You can do collaborations but it will count as one of your entries.

-Rape, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, or malicious violence is NOT allowed.

-One shots can be posted to your FFn page after the contest is over and winners are announced.

-Any pairings, POV's, and genre's are welcome but keep in mind that it must be based around a fantasy to qualify for the contest.

-All one shots must be M rated- we want hot sizzling action that is dreamed up in your characters mind so let's make it a M rated entry.

-All one shots will be validated by an admin here at TFA before they are approved for posting.

All entries need to be sent to with a subject line of Summer Fantasy Contest entry and include the following header as well:


Penname and FFn link:(only one person will know who the entries belong to, this will be removed before posting the one shot)





-Entries are due August 1st thru 31st.

-Voting will start on September 1st thru the 11th

-Winners will be announced on September 14th.

-There will be one public voted winner (by poll here on our profile page) and one judges vote winner.

Both winners will receive a banner for their winning entry. Also, they will be in a featured spotlight on out blog for the months of October and November.

In all fairness, only one TFA Administrator will know who wrote the entries and that Admin will not be voting. The rest of the Admins won't know who wrote the entries until after we have picked our winner.

Contest Admins:

bnjwl on FFn and Bnjwl's Fanfiction on facebook

i'm random girl on FFN and RandomGirl Fanfic

onesweetbell on FFn and Onesweetbell Fanfic

one of eddie's girls on FFn and Oneof Eddiesgirls Fanfic on facebook

Sarah Lynn Treat on facebook

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