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If I give you a review, it means that I really enjoyed your story. If you continually beg & plead for reviews, or use tricks (like trivia questions) to get reviews, I won't review it even if I loved it. I find begging annoying.

I've read that some people don't want to go through each reaping, but I find that an essential part of the story. When someone dies, I often go to their reaping to remind myself about their homelife. It adds to my sense that these are real people.

I don't mind reading through typos and misplaced words. I realize that many in here have few, if any, betas. For the most part it doesn't take away from the story.

What I dislike is an obvious imitation of the original story. Things like knocking down a trackerjack nest (or some other mutt) onto a group of careers or having a young tribute die and their ally not only sings, but puts flowers on the dead girl.

I find it amazing the way these games can all be so similiar -- reaping, train rides, chariot rides, interviews then the games with similiar arenas -- but you writers can make them fresh and new.

My hat is off to all of you who attempt to write these games. I am an author myself. I don't write Fan Fiction because it takes a lot to be original, while staying true to cannon. Those of you who do are amazing.

The amount of talent and imagination found on this site is beyond anything I would have expected. While I can tell, without reading profiles, that some of you are very young* you are full of potential.

Please keep writing!


Yes, I'm O.L.D. -- not saying how old, but probably old enough to be your grandmother.

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