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Hellloooo everyone,

I'm an aspiring writer and also insanely obsessive--you can expect to see stories about any and/or all of the following, in all combinations: Harry Potter, Narnia, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Torchwood, and just anything I'm currently having a lot of feelings over, really.

I love writing my own stories, making up my own characters, and coming up with my own ideas, but sometimes I get stuck (doesn't everyone?) and I find this to be a great outlet for that, so my updates may be somewhat erratic. I do try to finish a story before I post any of it, though--I know how annoying flaky authors can be :)

I'm kind of neurotic about plot and things, and as such you may find I alter or add details to fit with my story that aren't necessarily in the original show/book/movie--apologies, and hopefully you'll be able to get past that.

Computer savvy? Not at all, so if you send me a message or anything and don't get a response, I'm not ignoring you deliberately--I swear! I'm probably just having some issues working out the site, so thanks for being understanding :)

I always appreciate reviews! Positive feedback and constructive criticism mean a lot to me, so go ahead and share your thoughts.

You can follow me on tumblr at http://hunting-the-haggis.tumblr.com/

Something new: my livejournal account! I have no idea how to use it omg it's so sad. But I'm going to start transferring some of my better fics (so, you know, it probably won't be very many of them) to livejournal. I'll probably still post most/all of the new material I write here, but if you want to check it out you can find me at http://ageofdiscovery.livejournal.com/

Feel free to send me a message, I'd love to hear from you!

ALSO: It is currently NOVEMBER, which means that I am giving NaNoWriMo a shot for the first time ever! Before November started I was working on my latest fic, which is already nearing twenty-thousand words and is still just getting started. I'm on fic-writing hiatus while I balance school with NaNoWriMo, but I'll keep working on it in December and hopefully I'll be able to finish it over Christmas (as usual, I won't post anything until the whole piece is finished or the end is at least in sight to prevent long breaks between updates and in case I decide to change anything). But anyways, here's a sneak preview--probably won't make much sense out of context, but feel free to let me know what you think!

It’s kind of surprising, and also a little bit scary, how many people say yes.

Garth opts out. Takes a deep breath, looks around at his competition, and says no, thanks. Bows out gracefully.

Swedish Ruby has more of a struggle, gnawing at her lip and putting off her answer as long as she can before coming out with a reluctant refusal

Bela, Gordon, Blonde Ruby, Zachariah all say yes, mostly with very little hesitation, and sign their name on the sheet. Cas watches Bela as she hands the pen back to the inappropriately beaming Gabriel—she’s already surreptitiously giving Gordon, beside her, a once-over. Looking for a chink in the armour.

Then it’s Dean’s turn and once again his thought process is so obvious it’s like someone stamped it in capital letters across his forehead. His brother, his parents, his pretty friend-slash-possibly-girlfriend. His life. He takes almost as long as Swedish Ruby did to decide, but ultimately and predictably his scrawled signature takes its place beneath Zachariah’s.

And now, inevitably, now their attention turns to him. Watching silently as Gabriel proffers the pen to him, all furiously hoping he’ll turn it away, leave them one less opponent to worry about. Which is exactly what he should do, of course; these people may be desperate but he’s had years to come to terms with his situation. It’s reached the point where the surprising thing is no longer that he’s going to die, probably in the relatively near future, but that he’s still alive. It’s reached the point where even if he were to make a miraculous recovery, his life is so out-of-date that he’s hardly got anything to go back to anyways. And so he’s smarter than this, smart enough to know that a one-in-six (one-in-seven if Lilith signs on too, and somehow Cas has a feeling she will) chance at one short, unremarkable lifetime is definitely not worth a Faustian bargain to him.

He signs it anyways.

The paper moves on to Lilith, who writes her name in curly letters and seals the deal with an extremely alarming little giggle.

Gabriel rubs his hands together enthusiastically. “So, before you start—the rules. Four challenges. No time limit on the first three, but wasting time is not to your advantage. First person to complete the fourth challenge gets the prize. You die in the game, you die in real life; you leave the game, your soul is automatically forfeit. No short cuts, no cheats—although double-crossing and-or treachery are allowed and encouraged—and it’s probably in your best interests not to touch the water. Got it? Great. Let’s get started.”

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