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Author has written 2 stories for Sekirei, Dota 2, and Fairy Tail.

Since I'm getting some hits, figure I'd better put something on here. Listed below are the Sekirei I intend to stick to Hanatarou, DO NOT read onward if you consider that a spoiler:

28/6/16: tl;dr: I'm a single dad of a son I didn't bust the nut to make.

The full story, my brother sired a son and he's, putting it gently, a piece of shit. I've custody of my nephew now. Time is a luxury I find myself lacking. Never mind my utter lack of sleep. Yeah. I'm not giving up on my writing, it's just gonna be one helluva wait folks. You've been warned.

3/4/16: Oh man, bet y'all thought I was pushin' up daisies. No~pe, I still be amongst the living. Chapter 8's done, got an omake done too, second bonus is half-way through. Also got another story I'm gonna start on. It's something I feel will turn some heads once the ball is rolling. Chapter 9 is outlined but not written in my mediocre style so, no surprise double chapter for you lads and ladettes (Yes I know that's not a word, but you knew what I was talking about so it all works out). I'd post 8 right now, just gonna go through my fourth proofreading run when I get back home and we'll be square. Probably. One thing I'd like to point out, my writing pace is atrocious because I spend very little time actually writing. I've sat down and spat 5k~ works in a pair of hours, but I only do that like every two weeks or so. Granted, it's not much at all but I feel as if I can make bursts of words like that more often, if I just get the fuck off BnS, FE:Fates (Conquest on Lunatic is almost as hard as Super Thracia. Quite the challenge, especially if one ignores the fact you can buy skills). Oh, a hint towards my newest story: Fairy Tail is involved but not the center piece. Another Magus of Grand status will be the eccentric lead man. And let me tell you, that hint is subtle AS FUCK. If anyone gets it, by all means, let me know in a PM.

16/3/15: Yo. Been a few months. Chapter 6 is going swell. Going to reveal a bit about our Ashikabi. Uzume's gonna have a moment with him. She shows us a piece of the formerly closed book that Hanatarou is. Matsu is a plot device for now. Homura and Miya get a little screen time, the former more so than the latter. Also having second thought about Kaie. I'm gonna set up a poll involving other characters or just giving his flock an odd number. I will tell you fellas now, the poll isn't a way for you to put your favourites in, they're merely suggestions. Whether I go through with it or not is nearly up to me entirely. Of course if the poll has an overwhelming victor I'll think about him/her a little harder.

Matsu (acquired)

Uzume (acquired)

Kaho (Chap. 8)

Benitsubasa. Going to lower her power slightly, as she's awfully overwhelming in the manga. (approx. Chap. 14~16. Let me tell you, it'll be something you've never seen before)

Oriha (Prob around Chap. 20)

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