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Hello! I'm actually awesomegrl77 [Psht, like(,) she's awesome. This is me, Sarala23, commentating on little Miss Genius's (lol, her, genius?) part of the profile(Hey! I'm smarter than you are! And I'm definitely awesomer!) [She isn't(Hello? AWESOMEgrl77?)but me and my friend, Sarala23 [Yay!], have made a joint account. This is because we help each other a lot in each others stories and sometimes we write them together or one of us writes one fanfiction and the other person writes the sequel [I still don't like that idea](Too bad, so sad{not really}) To solve issues on stuff like this, we've made a joint account and if you want any more information on me than you're going to have to go to my proper account awesomegrl77 [Hey, what about me? Go to my profile, coz it's just as awesome(Mine first 'cause its' better!) [Is not!(Is too!). I just want to say that my writing style is very different [Hell yeah it is] from son of Maud's [OI! WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU?! (that muffins are better than cupcakes?{not true!} No, that you can't use son of Maud. It isn't even accurate, coz it means daughter of Matthew(Accurate enough)(Sarala23) so you'll be able to tell us apart if you're observant enough [Only a carrot wouldn't be observant enough (and you would be that carrot. [NO I AM NOT, YOU LIAR!(You totally are! Only your hair is cauliflower...)). We're currently writing a story that is in no way connected to our other stories [Then why is Captain Bastard I mentioned? :D (than why are pancakes mentioned? I meant the story line idiot! [I never said that I wasn't going to use the pancake joke]) on our other accounts [That story is posted on my account, awesomegrl77 (I came up with the pancakes idea though! You CANNOT deny that!) No, I cannot(Yay!), but you're welcome to look at our other stories [Hells yeah!]. This story should be posted soon, and it is awesome, just like us (hence the name TwoTotallyAwesomeWriters [You forgot the Totally (did not, look again!) You fixed it, cheater eaterer(How am I an "eaterer"?)]). And now here's the second part [But by no means the least important (it is though{least important} I so am not! We're equal(Fine, I'll meet you half way on this one)of the awesome writers duo, son of Maud! [I don't know whether to cheer because I was mentioned, or scream at you for using that "term of endearment"(you should be proud that your friend has given you one! And it's not as bad as Caley's...) Agreed, Caley's is ... interesting](Extremely...)

Hola peeps! [Hello! This is aweomegrl77 here! I'm commentating on son of Maud's part of the profile 'cause I'm bored! I'll be in bold and in the [ ] symbols! And I came up with this idea!] My name is Madi, but I'm also on here as Sarala23! Ok, bit about me. I am freaky weird sometimes (ok, I lied, all of the time) [Please! Not as weird and freaky as your characters end up! And you're the SANE part of the duo!] {I beg to differ, Happy(Well you can "beg to differ" all you want 'cause I'm still right!) You so aren't. I may be the "sane" part of the duo, but I'm way more off my rocker than Lucy or Alex(I guess...)} and I LOVE FanFiction. Boardering on obsessive, really. [REALLY obssessive.] {Meh, can't argue with that}This account is an idea that we (the most awesomest duo in the entire universe [you mean MULTIVERSE, don't you?] {Of course}) have been playing around with for ages. It sorta started with one of my story ideas, I think. Not all too certain. Meh. Anywho, my writing is a bit more formal than awesomegrl77 (let's call her Happy [Hey! I would prefer being called Hypo, 'cause it's closer to my personality, but you won't change it.]), coz she's very chaotic in her writing style [Like person like writing, you know. Same difference!] {Are you calling me formal? [No. I'm calling you uptight!] Bitch!(Excuse me!)}. And now I'm bored. HEHEHEHEHE! I'M EVIL! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! [The last statement was NOT TRUE and should noy be treated as such.] {She lies. It is so true and you should be terrified of me[YOU lie! You're not evil! At least not as evil as Caley when she's mad...*shiver] I can be worse than Caley. You've just never seen me angry yet. Maybe I'll call Teagan a bitch for no reason, then I can vent my feelings and have a proper bitchfest. Do you think I should?(Yea, but remember that time she started randomly yelling and swearing at Caley and then slapped her? Well, I hope you enjoy your slap! And remember how at camp she told the teacher we were being mean to her even though we weren't? And I got in trouble 'cause I was "ignoring" her?) Meh. She's scared of me[She isn't. She's scared that people won't like her. Too lateShe actually is scared of me}

Hello! awesomegrl77 here! From now on, I can't be screwed writing my whole username, so I'm using TAG (totally awesome girl) instead! Hey! That made an actual word {No freaking duh, "TAG"(Shut up!)! Cool! And just ignore anything that son of Maud says in this part {She said I was the sane part of the duo, which means you should listen to me more coz I'm more un-crazy than her. I just made a word :D(more proof of her mentalness). She's mentally unstable... {Am not, you twit!} Are so! And I'm not a twit! If anyone's the twit it's all the Lachlans I know(Sorry if your name is Lachlan!)!

Hello! Madi here! I want to say that TAG is an awesome nickname and I am so using it! I need a better one. Madi is just a bit creepy for me (reminds me of a bitch from school - btw, I hate skipping). What bitch? Teagan? And I need to show you the proof I have that she's a man in disguise! I was actually talking about Maddy Barker and her crew of nitwits, but Teagan's one too.

I found a nickname for son of Maud! This is TAG, by the way. MUS! Mentally UnStable! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! (I am not using that. Something else... fanatically unstable nut! FUN! YAY!) No! Must be MUS! That one doesn't even make sense! Do you want me to change it? I have another idea! Bitchy Unstable Terrorist! BUT! I made it work! Yes! I'm just making it Mad now. Makes more freaking sense.

I (I being Madi) have just realised something: you don't have special links. Well, I'm gonna link both me and Tag's profiles onto this page.
We actually do have good ideas, we just have trouble updating. Thanks. Me especially! I hate updating 'cause I hate people*cough*parents*cough*who snoop in my business and then start going and CRITISISING what I do! Also, that's not how you spell critisising is it? (No, it's not, but meh. Not like its a problem. I hate updating coz I dont get enough time on the computer.) I just don't like typing in front of my parents and they're here(home)most of the time so...yea...

Just in case you're wondering, Mad will be the one who updates the slowest. This is because she hasso many other stories, including Do You Believe In Magic?, which is yet to be updated, though it was meant to be updated on July 1st [I said 31st, numbskull] (That was actually a typo)! She's a liar! Anyway, it just means that if you're going to complain about slow updating, in which case you can just goo stuff yourself anyway, go to her as I get bored easily. And that's not a good thing. I'm actually very bored right now...hang on...yes! The cat's here! Never mind! No! Oreo! You are way too attached to my cat. Well, my brother's cat.

Mad: The 3rd chapter is definitely on its way. Siriusly, if I wasn't so tired, I'd probably have it finished now. Wait ... I'm not tired ... hehehe. I need to get the rough copy before you go and post it! Remember!

Just so you know, another reason that we're having trouble updating is I keep getting computer bans! I've actually got one know, but my dad let me have half an gour 'cause I was annoying him! I hate computerbans. She always ends up forgetting when I get the computer back and gives me another one when I go on the computer when my computer ban's lifted but she thinks it's not. Also, most of the time I just can't be screwed writing.

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