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Hey. I'm a humor writer for My username is Escachick357, but some of my reviewers and some other people I talk to online call me "Esca", so I guess that all my other reviewers can call me that as well in the reviews or in e-mails. I got auburn hair and blue eyes and love anime and video games. My 5 most favorite animes are:
1. Escaflowne
2. Bleach
3. Eureka 7
4. Shadow Skill
5. One Piece

I also love video games. My favorite videogames(in no particular order)are:
1. Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, X, X-2
2. Lunar:SSSC and Lunar2: Eternal Blue
3. Legend of Legaia and Legaia 2: Duel Saga
4. Zelda: Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past, Majora's Mask, 4 Swords, and Twilight Princess
5. Resident Evil Zero, the Remake, 2, 3, 5, The Chronicles (Darkside and Umbrella), and Code Veronica X

My favorite anime couples are:
Sanji/Nami (One Piece)
Kenshin/Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)
Kyuo/Low (Shadow Skill)
Alucard/Seras (Hellsing)
Haru/Elie (Rave Master)
Let/Julia (Rave Master)
Renton/Eureka (Eureka 7)
Holland/Talho (Eureka 7)

My favorite video game couples are:
Cloud/Tifa (Final Fantasy 7)
Squall/Rinoa (Final Fantasy 8)
Vincent/Yuffie (Final Fantasy 7)
Irvine/Selphie (Final Fantasy 8)
Cid/Shera (Final Fantasy 7)
Zidane/Dagger (Final Fantasy 9)
Tidus/Yuna (Final Fantasy X/X-2)
Gippal/Rikku (Final Fantasy X-2)
Chris/Jill (Resident Evil)
Leon/Claire (Resident Evil 2)
Billy/Rebecca (Resident Evil Zero)

Whew, that was quite a list. Well, now time for me to get to the couples in anime that I don't like:
Anybody but Sanji/Nami (no offense to you big Luffy/Nami my best friend, but I just think that Sanji deserves to go with Nami)

Well, I'll be damned. That list was shorter than I expected it to be. Oh well. Time to get to the video game couples:
Anybody but Tifa/Cloud (no offense to you Cloud/Aeris fans, but Tifa's saving his ass a lot more than Aeris is and Cloud wants to protect Tifa, which is why he went to SOLDIER in the first place)
Auron/Rikku (okay, I wanna know who the hell started up that little fad. There is no way that a fifteen/seventeen year old would fall for a guy in his thirties/forties or however old he is and I doubt Auron would think of her as anything more than a little sister)
Claire/Steve (Sure Steve said he loved her, but there is a bunch of evidence throughout the series that Leon and Claire love each other)
Leon/Ada (sorry, but I'm a huge Leon/Claire fan)
Leon/Ashley (Again, I'm a huge Leon/Claire fan)

I also do NOT like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, or Lupin III and I tend to insult some of them in my fanfics without giving a warning. So don't flame me for insulting any of the 3 anime listed above. I'm also not a big fan of yaoi/yuri. No offense to you guys. I mean, you like what you like and I like what I like and there's no problem with that, but don't worry you yaoi/yuri fans. I won't insult you just because of what you like.

Although I do love anime and video games, there are some characters from my favorites that I hate or can't stand. And they are the following:

Hiroki Takasugi(Princess Nine). I hate that fucking bastard. He ruined the series and it'd be better without him.
Aeris/Aerith(Final Fantasy 7/Kingdom Hearts/Advent Children). I have multiple reasons for hating her. The biggest one being that she was trying to take Tifa away from Cloud. I was so happy when she died. Cloud and Tifa 4-ever!
Seymour Guado (Final Fantasy X). Ah man. How could I have forgotten to put him on the list. I don't know exactly what evil he planned on using against Spira and Tidus' group but I do know that it creeps me out when he talks.
Angela Curtis (Resident Evil: Degeneration). I was so excited about seeing Degeneration because I heard it was supposed to be about Leon and Claire, so why the hell is this bitch who has the personality of a zombie (and pulled the "oh my god I'm so sad because everyone in my family is gone so feel sorry for me" card which gets old fast) not only get to kiss Leon but kicked more ass than Claire, who is more experienced in zombie survival and has the tough girl personality that everyone loves?! She was actually the one that ruined Degeneration. Thanks for killing my hopes and excitement, bitch!

I would now like to make some apologies to some of the people that I said I couldn't stand before:
Ashley Graham (Resident Evil 4)- I apologize for calling her weak and useless. After watching my sister beat RE4, I realized that she had no fighting experience and was taken against her will. She also did a lot to help out Leon and did try to fight back. She is no longer on my list of characters that I hate or can't stand.
Steve Burnside (Resident Evil: Code Veronica X)- This is a partial apology. I still have not managed to beat the game, but I watched my sister beat it three times(she's the most hardcore RE fan I know, especially after beating the Remake on Normal in a little more than 2 1/2 hours while saving both Richard and Chris) and decided to cut him a little bit of slack. The guy is/was 17 and was punished for what his dad did and had a good idea that he was going to die. I don't hate him anymore, but I think he could be just a little bit more brave and I wanna know how the hell he managed to have the ability to fly a plane at his age. He is not on my hated list anymore, but I still don't like him much.

This is what I think about anime/video game characters: if they can't kick any ass, then they're useless. If they can't kick any ass, but can actually heal good, then they're fine...that probably explains one of the reasons why I hate Aeris. She can't kick any ass nor is she a good healer so she's useless and (in my opinion) deserved to die in the game.

I have two friends on this site: AmbiKitty and AmazonSakura(also known as Raya2). My little sister, Blitzballgirl (the most hardcore Resident Evil player I know) is on this site, too. Read their fics.

Okay, I have realized that some of my stories might have parts that do not make sense, so if you read my stories and find something that does not make sense, then let me know and I will fix it. Do NOT tell me that my story is nothing like the thing I use and you want it taken off because of that(for instance, my One Piece story, The Melody of the Seas, which had magic and magical creatures in it). I spend a lot of my free time putting creativity in those stories.These are fanfics which involves imagination. If I want to write a One Piece story, I can and if I want to put in fairies and magic creatures, I can. I will not take off my stories unless I am forced to.

I also am not updated with One Piece. I have only gotten to some of the episodes that are close to 200 and the last time I read any parts of the manga was when I was reading Shonen Jump almost three years ago and back then, they were just finishing up the Arlong Arc. I'm too lazy to search online for manga scans and episodes (although my best friend could send me them in a second if I asked her to). Plus, it can take me a long time to make up parts of a One Piece story and I hate hearing that something happened that I shouldn't use (example: the Going Merry being destroyed). I like to pretend that stuff didn't happen. If you see something in one of my stories that you are concerned with, please look at the date. If the story is more than a year old, I'm not fixing it just to make it more like the series. In other words, I will not fix my story just because we find out about Robin's past and I made up something different.

Update: Sorry I have not updated Hell in a New World lately. Currently, I'm working on a new story that is not One Piece related, but don't worry. I have the chapter almost done so soon you can read more about Shanks and his adventure to tame a classroom of eight wild teenagers.

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