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Oh crap.

I just realized I still have this account.

Probably should do something about that...

ANNOUNCEMENT: Lately, I have been losing interest in my current stories. Some, I may delete. Some, I will continue.

Current Interested Projects:

  • Persona 4
  • Hi people, my name is Eric. I am an awkward youth 17 years of age, aaand in a nutshell I'm a hardcore gamer, I appreciate all types of music, I read 'lil bit, and the most laziest writer ever.

    Feel free to contact me for messaging and whatnot. I love to chat... -WINKWINK-

    I don't reeeeally know what to place here. But the reason I'm here only is becuase because I want to 'show' my 'fantasies'

    I've been hiding for a while (kinda saad to be honest), and show off some authoring skills to see if I can do good. And I have some potential, but I'm not using it right.

    And I am SUUUPER lazy.

    The stories I will write will be action or romance, maybe a mix.

    I have an OC's, but most of the time I will use this one below occasionally, because well, He's my favorite. (AAAND MEEE)

    Here is my explanation, and judge me all you like...'cause sticks and stones can break my bones... but words... wait, I'd rather take sticks and stones.

    I roleplay and fanfic most of the time, a character that resembles me. Due to the fact that I want to show the world is, 'What if I am there, in that situation, right now?' And clearly I write about it. And I think it's weird I keep it just there...

    So it's tote's not creepy I am not publishing it for the world to see.

    Name: Eric Noell

    Age: (18-24) (University Student-to-Lawyer)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Short black hair with short bangs that spike up, dark brown, squint y eyes, which explain his Asian descent,


    I dunno how to explain facial features.

    But he's tall.

    Like, 5'7.

    I am sooo good at this.

    Occupation: Law Student

    Biography really depends on the story I cook up.


    What are you favorite video games?

    Well, it usually takes a lot to really make me appreciate a game. And I gotta say I only have five thus far.

    Resident Evil 4

    X-Com: Enemy Within

    Metal Gear Solid 4


    Persona 4 (REALLY wanna play gold!)

    Hey, that's a lotta fours...

    What else do you do in your spare time?

    I love to drum. I have a set downstairs and I am in marching band. Hopefully next year I can get into my school's Jazz Band.

    What made you want to write?

    When I play a game or watch a movie I get very inspired. But always, I picture myself in the situation and how'd I fit in. But of course what got me started was roleplaying, which made me understand what it takes to make an interesting story.

    Okay, and made for the sake of pairing myself with lovelyfictionalladies.


    What music do you listen to?

    Anything. I have the most colorful music library. Classical, Jazz, Techno, Rock, Rap, Folk, name it.

    Fondest memory in gaming?

    I was watching my father play Resident Evil Remake and I got incredible scared, I had to cower behind my mom.

    Good times.

    Favorite Characters in Fiction?

    Leon S. Kennedy

    Solid Snake

    Naoto Shirogane (Such a bae, I'd date that)


    Steve Fox

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