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Author has written 14 stories for Phantom of the Opera, Misc. Plays/Musicals, Harry Potter, Glee, Misc. Tv Shows, Cry-Baby, Goodfellas, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

2/19/15: So as you can already tell, it has quite literally been two years since I have updated anything on my profile and while I know that many want me to update regularly, it's not gonna happen. I have been reading a lot of fanfiction recently (college lectures can be kind of boring) and it makes me want to work on some of my stories again. The problem is with some of mine, namely the cry baby and beatles story, is that I have no clue where to end it. So until I make an outline of how I want the story to end, I can't write anymore. If anyone has ideas, you can send them to me, but I have literally no clue.

Please note: all songs used in any of my stories are not mine, however sad it may be

List your 12 favorite characters. NO PEEKING.1. Severus Snape2. Sirius Black3. Ron Weasley4. George Weasley5. Fred Weasley6. Draco Malfoy7. Remus Lupin8. Harry Potter9. Hermione Granger10. Lucius Malfoy11. Rubeus Hagrid12. Seamus Finnigan

1) Have you ever read a Six/Eleven fanfic before?: Draco/Hagrid NOOOOOO! MY EYES

2) Do you think Four is hot? How hot?: George is devilishly handsome. as hot as the heat of a thousand suns

3) What would happen if Twelve got Eight pregnant?: Almost possible that's not possible, but they'd have adorable babies.

4) Do you recall any fics about Nine?: Hhahah hermione is in a lot of hp fanfics

5) Would Two and Six make a good couple?: draco and sirius, hell no. they are way too different.

6) Five/Nine or Five/Ten?: five and nine just works better

7) What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?: Uh he would probably walk out very fast, he is a wise man and i doubt that he would question Sirius' motives. hahah

8) Make up a summary of a Three/Ten Fanfic.: Well...i don't know. i have never seen a Rucius fanfic before. i dont really want to either

9) Is there any such thing as a One/Eight fluff?: deff just look through fanfiction's harrypotter archive. hahah

10) Suggest a title for a Seven/Twelve Hurt/Comfort fic.: He Found Me Lucky Charms :P

11) What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to de-flower One?: Mr. Weasley, is that a wand in your pocket? (idk... i dont want to think about it.)

12) Does anyone on your friends list read Three het?: probably

13) Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven?: um no.

14) Would anyone on your friends list write Two/Four/Five?: NOOOO!

15) If you wrote a song-fic about Eight, what song would you choose?: What is Life by George Harrison

16) If you wrote a One/Six/Twelve fic, what would the warning be?: Umm idk probably M for lots of cussing/bloodstatus slurs/violence

List the books in order from your favorite to your least favorite.1. Prisoner of Azkaban2. Half Blood Prince3. Deathly Hallows4. Philosopher's Stone5. Goblet of Fire6. Chamber of Secrets7. Order of the PhoenixList the movies in order from your favorite to your least favorite.1. Prisoner of Azkaban2. Deathly Hallows 1 and 23. Half Blood Prince4. Philosopher's Stone5. Goblet of Fire6. Chamber of Secrets7. Order of the Phoenix

Favorite chapter from your favorite book? Cat, Rat and Dog

Top 5 favorite characters?1. Severus Snape2. Sirius Black3. Ron Weasley4. Remus Lupin5. Hermione GrangerFive least favorite characters?1. Umbridge2. Dumbledore3. Ginny4. Cho Chang5. Lavendar Brown

Favorite member of the Golden Trio?: RonFavorite family?: The Malfoy'sFavorite antagonist?: Severus Snape, although one could argue that he was always a protagonistFavorite Death Eater?: Severus Snape

Three favorite spells?1. Sectum Sempra!2. Encendio!3. Alohomora!

Three favorite potions?1. Felix Felices2. Polyjuice3. AmortentiaFive favorite quotes:1. "Always."2. "You've been raising him like a pig for slaughter"3. "Your father was a swine!"4. "Turn to page 394!"5. "You foul loathsome evil little cockroach!"

Favorite non-Hogwarts magical building? Flourish and BlottsFavorite Diagon Alley shop? Flourish and BlottsFavorite Hogsmeade Shop? HoneydukesFavorite Unforgivable Curse? ImperioFavorite mode of wizard transportation? ApparateFavorite Weasley? Fred and GeorgeFavorite Order Member? Sirius BlackFavorite DA Member? Fred WeasleyFavorite pet? FangFavorite Hogwarts room? Dungeons and Potions class ;)Favorite Hogwarts professor? Professor SnapeFavorite non-human Hogwarts resident? FirenzeFavorite Tri-Wizard Champion? Harry PotterFavorite house elf? DobbyFavorite wizard sweet? Chocolate FrogsFavorite couple? well thats an interesting question cuz canon is ron hermione but non canon is snape hermione

Biggest surprise of the series? Snape dying :'(Biggest letdown of the series? the end and no eighth bookOne character you wish lived? Snape :(Moment that will always make you cry? snape's deathYour Patronus would be_? a doeThree things Amortentia would smell like to you: chocolate, incense, and vanillaYou would use Felix Felicis to_? A.C.T. and SATJob you would most like to try? aurorRon/Hermione or Harry/Hermione?Ron/Hermione.James/Lily or Snape/Lily? Snape/Lily ALWAYSDo you think Harry Potter is better than Twilight? uhhh. why is this even here!? GTFOAre you going to go see the Half Blood Prince in theaters? I have.Do you own the books/movies? Every single one.Have you ever played any of the video games? i dont like video games but i have played 1 through 3 for playstation 2Don't they kind of suck? like i said i dont really like video gamesDo you think it would be cool to have a pet owl? i hate birds. im sorry.How about a rat? eww.Have you ever listened to the soundtrack? i have a station on pandora that plays only harry potter scores. does that count?Which house would you want to be in? slytherinDo you like Draco? YES!Would you ever enter the Triwizard tournament? hell noWould you keep your money in Gringotts? maybe idk the goblins are kinda scaryWhat class would be your favorite? Potions. if you couldnt tellDo you think you would enjoy being a witch/wizard? of course.

Actor most like the book character: Alan Rickman. Alan. Rickman. Is. EVERYTHING.Actor least like the book character: Ralph Fiennes

Favorite movie set: Great hall

5 Favorite Lines from the Movies:1. "Why you insolent little-"2. "Harry! Did ya put yah name in da gobledah FIYA!?"3. "So, he is with my sister because she has nice skin?"4. "DON'T FORGET THE PINCHERS."5. "Always"Favorite movie scene: I DID MY WAITING TWELVE YEARS OF IT IN AZKABAN!! hahah

Favorite scene in the movies not included in the books: Harry flirting with the random black chick. That was so cute!

Scene you were most disappointed didn't make it into the movie: In deathly hallows when the dursleys were saying nice things to harry and dudley was like "i dont think you're a mistake" and stuff like that


Floo powder or broom: floo powderBernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans or Chocolate Frogs: chocolate frogsDeath Eaters or Dumbledore's Army: DAFred or George: GeorgeCAPSLOCK HARRY or Emo!Harry: Emo!HarryThe Ministry of Magic or Gringotts: Ministry of MagicSirius or Lupin: SiriusOcclumency or Legilimency: OcclumencyAnimagus or Metamorphagus: AnimagusMermish or Parselmouth: ParselmouthDraco or Lucius: LuciusPeter Pettigrew or Mundungus Fletcher: FletcherWhomping Willow or Flying Ford Anglia: Flying FordInvisibility cloak or Pensieve: PensieveGrimmauld Place or The Burrow: Grimmauld placeWerewolf or Inferi: WerewolfHerbology or Care of Magical Creatures: care of magical creaturesProfessor Binns or Professor Umbridge: BinnsYule Ball or Quidditch Championship: Yule BallPeeves or Nearly Headless Nick: Nearly Headless NickHippogriff or Thestrals: HippogriffDurmstrang or Beaubaxtons: durmstrangS.P.E.W or the Inquisitorial Squad: S.P.E.WThree Broomsticks or The Leaky Cauldron: Three BroomsticksPortkey or Apparation: Apparation Apparation


Which show is your favorite because of music? Carousel

Which show is your favorite because of plot? Legally Blonde

Which Broadway show is your favorite because of everything? Hamilton

Which Broadway show is your favorite because of its stars? Phantom of the Opera

Which Broadway show do you detest the most? Cats

Which other ones do you like a lot? Grease, Newsies, Sound of Music, Into the Woods, West Side Story, Cinderella, Rock of Ages, Wizard of Oz, Wicked, Rock of Ages, Sweeney Todd, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Beauty and the Beast, Book of Mormon, Kinky Boots, Beautiful, Shrek the Musical


Which song is your favorite because of music? My Shot

Which song is your favorite because of lyrics? Wait For It

Favorite song in general? You'll Never Walk Alone

Can you sing? Yes

Do you like to sing? Yes

Do you like to sing in front of people? Yes

Do you like to do theatre? Yes

Musical, dramatic, or comedic theatre? Musical

Your Opinion

An overrated musical: Lion King

An overrated song: Seasons of Love

An overrated composer/playwright: Andrew Lloyd Webber (He really has only ever had a couple good ones. Phantom and Joseph)

Techies: I'm not sure what this is even asking but if we're talking behind the stage people Jerry Bruckheimer?

Prima Donnas: Bernadette Peters

Stage moms: Audra McDonald. I feel like she is really supportive of her other cast members. Again...not really sure what this is asking.

Child actors: Daniel Huttlestone? Does he count? Lilla Crawford?

Off-Broadway: Um, I don't know. Julie Andrews? Colm Wilkinson?

A musical that should have a sequel: Hamilton (Not feasibly possible because he's dead at the end of the show, but still)

A musical that should NOT have a sequel: Lion King

A musical that exists for no purpose: Avenue Q

A musical that should not have been made into a musical: Rocky or Young Frankenstein.

Simplicity or extravagance? Extravagance

Which is most important in the technical aspect: sound, lights, set/props? Sound and lighting tbh. If you can't see it or hear it, it's hard to enjoy.

If You Were In Drag… (not if you were the opposite sex, but in drag), would you perform on Broadway? Yes

What role would you play (in what)? I would love to play Javert, Burr, or Hamilton

Would you reveal to the audience that you were not what you seemed to be? No!

Random Questions

Favorite quote? "I am inimitable. I am an original."

What’s a Broadway song that makes you cringe? My Lovey Dovey Baby

How many shows have you seen? 12, I think. Xanadu, Carousel, Rock of Ages, Book of Mormon, Beauty and the Beast, Phantom of the Opera, Cinderella, Anything Goes, Kinky Boots, Something Rotten, Matilda, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

Which is Worse?

Casting kids who can’t really act but can sing, or vice versa? Vice versa omg there is nothing worse than a cast that can't hold a tune

Being off pitch, or discovering your underthings are showing? OFF PITCH LITERALLY NOTHING WORSE THAN NOT BEING IN TUNE

Getting boo’d at curtain call, or having people leave at intermission? Boo'd at curtain call. At least if they leave they aren't vocally voicing their opinion

Being the only on-pitch kid in a group of off pitch people, or vice versa? Vice versa. I don't have perfect pitch so I wouldn't be able to tell if everyone was off key but its always noticeable when you're the only one that is.

Being an unappreciated main part, or unappreciated small role? Unappreciated main part. I feel like Raoul and Javert and a bunch of other main roles don't get NEARLY enough recognition. Which is why I'm thankful for Burr because he's a main part and kind of the antagonist, but he's still probably the more popular of the Hamilton cast.

Do you believe...

About the M-word? (Scottish play) No. But I'm not gonna be that asshole that says it in a theater.

You never say Good Luck on opening night? Nah. I say good luck all the time.

Bad luck to speak the last line of the play anytime before opening night? No. I speak the lines all the time.

Shouldn’t whistle while you’re in the theatre? No.

That there is a ghost haunting most theatres? No.

This or That

Cats or Les Miserables? Les Mis. If you pick cats, we can't be friends. Sorry not sorry.

Lights or Sound? Sound

Publicity or Props? Publicity

Costumes or Make-Up? Costumes

Lots of lines or One Big Solo? One big solo

Bye Bye Birdie or Grease? Grease

Zombie Prom or Little Shop of Horrors? Little shop of horrors

Neil Simon or Oscar Wilde? Oscar Wilde

Wicked or The Wiz? Wicked

Once Upon a Mattress or Into the Woods? Into the Woods

Oliver! or Annie? Annie

AIDA or Camelot? I haven't seen either. But my grandpa wants me to watch Camelot, so I'm gonna pick Camelot.

Beauty and the Beast or Lion King? Beauty and the Beast

Sutton Foster or Susan Egan? Sutton Foster (Susan Egan is following me on twitter tho B] )

The Music Man or My Fair Lady? My Fair Lady

Cinderella or South Pacific? Cinderella

Hairspray or Mamma Mia? UGH THATS REALLY HARD. Um, Mamma Mia

RENT or The Producers? Rent

Fiddler on the Roof or Gypsy? Gypsy

The Sound of Music or The King and I? The Sound of Music

The Boy from Oz or Taboo? The Boy From Oz

Stomp or Blast? Stomp??

Annie Get Your Gun or Oklahoma!? Oklahoma

Jekyll and Hyde or Phantom of the Opera? Phantom. Clearly. Jekyll and Hyde is pretty but ugh I can't stand it.

Avenue Q or The Last Five Years? The Last Five Years

Funny Girl or Pirates of Penzance? Funny Girl

Chicago or Cabaret? Chicago

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NOT A GOODFELLAS FIC. (Original Story) She can't bring herself to leave him, no matter how bad it gets. (Mob Boyfriend) Rated M for suggestive language, profanity, and mature themes
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