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i enjoy

-hey arnold!

-embry call

-angela aneconda

-native american culture

-native americans

-once upon a time (passionately)

-Les Mis and my lifelong goal of being Eponine







-andrew lloyd weber and tim rice

-alan menken and howard ashman





why thank you :)


So for my stories, some are related, and some are not. I shall explain.

Arnold Management with Dr. Blissis probably my favorite story, probably because it was my first so it was my baby. It is my longest story, and my pride and joy. The summary pretty much sums it up, it is a very ArnoldxHelga based story, all about their blooming romance ;) . Each chapter (with the exception of the last one) alternates between Helga and Arnold's POV. I enjoy the story ;)

Please Take Me with You, What We Left in the Hallway and We Didn't Start the fireare three stories in the same universe. While the first one focuses on what Helga and Arnold's choices will be once they graduate, the second follows them a year and a half later on Christmas break from their colleges. The third story We Didn't Start the Fire is about Arnold bringing his roommate to visit his friends, and the mild (hilarious) moments that happen with the 'new member of the gang.'

The Spaces Between My Fingers is a very deep and very personal story to me. While the plot is inpired by a comic/concept my dear friend Crim Inyy, the events are heavily based on something that happened to my Granma about two years back. I really like this one, because it more focuses on Arnold and not just him and Helga together. Hopefully you guys like it as well :) in a bittersweet kind of way.

Spanish 2 Was All for You This is a very ArnoldxHelga story, focusing on Arnold deciding to leave for San Lorenzo at the end of the Semester, while Helga fights to decide whether or not to tell him her secret or not. Has some nice comedic moments and a bit of everything.

Humans Without Wings is another serious story, and my second rated M story. It focuses around a car crash between Arnold and Helga as they try to escape what is lacking at home; for Helga the attention and for Arnold his parents. Serious story, with a cute happy ending, can relate it to a possible situation in TJM ;)

I'm a Creep is about Helga and Arnold at age 21. This is my only M rated fic, mainly for language and thematic situations and references. In this story, Arnold visits Helga at her job, and the fighting ensues about their past relationship and where they lay now. Serious story, and considering expanding to a longer story.

Merry Christmas, Helga which is a story inspired by my family, yet again. The situation while (I find) to be very Pataki-like, is also based on something going on with my family this passed Christmas. While it also focuses a little on her and Arnold, it is mainly about her and her family during the Christmas season. A fun read even not at Christmastime.

Arnold and Lila Fell Out of the Tree is a strict One-Shot that I'm NOT planning on returning to. It was originally in my babbles stories (see below) but I found it to be a BIT too long for a babble, and chose to give it it's own little story. It's an interesting take (ArnoldxHelga fans will like this despite the title!) on a fun situation :)

Sky Writer is a OneShot I wrote about my favorite FanFiction writer who recently left the fandom. Her stories truly inspired me to begin writing my OWN fanfiction, and since I can't get a hold of her anywhere because I didn't know her personally, this is my way of thanking her for making me want to become a better writer and tell stories to the caliber she did when she posted them online. In Sky Writer, Helga's favorite author who inspired her to begin writing passes away and she begins to consider giving up her writing altogether. Arnold comes in and tries to help her realize that she can't allow that to give up on her writing. My way of saying thank you to that author, where ever she is and if she ever reads this story. Thank you.

Football Heads and Pink Bows are a collection of stories and 'babbles' with moments of Arnold, Helga or together. Each chapter isn't very long, but they are just random moments from everyday life. fun reads and short ones at that :)

Autumn Leavesis a songfic based on one of my favorite songs in the style of Eva Cassidy called, "Autumn Leaves" where Helga looks back on her life with Arnold after a few years have passed in their engagement together. The twist? He has subsequently been in an accident that leaves Helga with a few important decisions.

Thank you for checking out my page, Read and Review, and lemme know what you think! But, of course, most importantly: ENJOY! :)

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We Didn't Start the Fire reviews
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