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Hi there! You can call me Maydo!

Well, there really isn't anything special to say about myself. Ah, I belong to many fandoms such as Hetalia (although that love has died down a lot over the past few months) and the Harry Potter, but my most current obsession if you will is Les Miserables. I have a Tumblr RPing account you can follow if you're interested. Just send me a PM and I'll give you my URL c:

Enough about me, TO THE STORIES!

*Note: Please excuse the childish and various use of slang in this. I wrote this a long time ago. Rest assured, my writing has improved a lot. Thank you!*

Don't They Make a Cute Couple? - I am not going to lie to you guys... This story has an alter ego :O! *gasp!* I know right? Okay so the current one on Fanfiction is the professional rewrite version... The Not so professional, just- for-fun one is on this glitchy website (I'm not naming names) that ticked me off when EVERYTHING GOT DELETED (Grrr!) So I'm using this website instead! :D


cough* So er, I finally got in trouble for this story cuz it's about a real person, sooo here's the deal. This Justin Bieber story is now going to be a Hetalia one. A lot of things are gonna change. I am SO sorry to my fans D: I love you guys! I mean I have 11 reviews for this story! I can't just give it up! Soo I'm glad you guys like my story, and I'm really sorry J.B fangirls. But I don't wanna get reported. :(

Actually, I'm just gonna leave it up here for other people the read, but I'm not gonna add to it. I mean, the only place that this story is accept is on a J.B fanfiction sight ._. And I'm not comfortable with those. So, the story is going to be discontinued for now. Again, I'm really sorry you guys! Plus, you probably found better J.B stories somewhere that you've completely forgotten about mine... *Forever Alone* xD Anywho The characters are still going to be alive (Yay) But they'e going to be renewed in a different story . Except Justin...cuz he's teh reason I got in trouble. But whatever right? :P


Good news! I might bring this story back from the dead :) I just need to find another place to post it without getting in trouble. So, thanks to my nagging editor and one of my fans, this story might eventually come back :) Thanks to those who cared!

Evenings In London- The author's note in this story practically says it all. I got inspired by Cody Simpson's song "Evenings In London" (Hence the name). It's practically just what I thought Cody would be feeling like :) I kinda imagined it would be like a music video :) So...yeah. Listen to the author's note and listen to it while you read x) That's all :3

On the Run- Yesh! I have my own Hetalia story now! It involves the Hetalia Color Police. Look it up :) It adds to the fun. Heh. It's rated T though so don't worry . It's not dirty. It might be violent though...and it might hop the border once or twice between T and M. But that's rare. So don't worry :3 This is basically the story of two fugitives who have to deal with the Color Police and try to survive. I have a lot of stuff in store for this story. It's gonna be great!

Check Out My Awesome Banner for this Story :D

Saturday Night Out- Okay, so the weird pairings in the oneshot is thanks to On the Run :) So don't go around thinking I'm a weirdo. Um, I don't really have anything else to say..OH! Gilbert's bi in this story...He doesn't do anything bad so it's totally T worthy. Uh...Yeah. Just read the story and have some fun . I think I made the Bad Touch Trio really gay in this one though... Sorry you three! It was just fun! No hard feelings . *Human Names Used*

Revenge- Another song fic! This one is based off the song Bust Your Windows by Jazmin Sullivan. It's a total Hungary song dude. That's why I wrote a one shot about her! And I thought Prussia had that cheating boyfriend type of personality, so I incorporated him in in too. I really like this one . I'm kind of unsure about the rating though. It's T for now, but if you guys think it should be something else, tell me! I know for a FACT it is not M. So don't say that. :P The genre's a bit iffy too, but I think Hurt/Comfort fits it .

Check out the Banner Here!:

Err okay so I don't have any more stories ... but until then, That's all your gonna get :P

Invisible- This is a story dedicated to one of my friends. They know who they are ;) Okay, so this is one of my first PruCan stories, and I have to say, it turned out very nicely! So, this one is pretty self explanatory. The title says it all! Fem!Canada feels like she's nothing. She has a secret journal that she writes every deep thought she has in it. But then it goes missing. I think you all know where this is going :) Excuse the dedication thing at the top. It's for my friend. Hehe Okay, I think that's it!

Caught in a Mafia Romance- Like the summary says, this isn't about Lady Gaga, and it's not based off of her song. I just thought it was a nice title. Anywho This one is dedicated to another friend on mine, so be warned: There is a mushy dedication note at the beginning like in "Invisible". Hehe! So basically. Lovino Vargas, a gangbanger and now a Mafia boss has the entire city of Sicily wrapped around his finger. Things were going smoothly until one day, when he meets an old Spanish business partner again. Internal conflict arises and blah blah blah. I don't wanna spoil things for you :P Kay, I think that's it :) Rating may be debatable for you guys, but I think rated T is a pretty good rating

Boss Romano and Chibi Spain!- Goodness, I'm just popping out these stories! I need a break...Anywho! This is another Spamano story :) England's drunk, and since he hates Spain, he thought it would be a great idea to turn Spain into a toddler again! But now, who's going to take care of him? Prussia and France can't do it, so who will? Romano of course! Read this to experience all the cuteness and fun those two have! Hehe, there's a surprise at the end. Major cuteness overload! Romance for a reason :)

Banner here!

To Kill a Prussian- This story, is HIGHLY based off of Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird. I mean, I almost copied the words word by word. I didn't cut some things out and put my own things in and made it Hetalia related, but other than that, it's basically her book all over again in simple language. I really like the book, and I don't want to take credit from her. Go read the real one :) But if you want your dose of Hetalia, go for mine. They're really similar, but the credit goes to Harper Lee.

Okay, so the summary is basically this. Feli and Lovi Vargas live in the small town of Forks in the South. Their father, Rome, is a lawyer who is appointed to defend Gilbert Beilschmidt, the town's misfit. Well, I guess you can say that. Yeah, he's a misfit with his white hair and all X) Anywho, Gilbert's charged with rape of Vash Zwingli's sister I guess you could say. And that's all you really need to know. It's gonna be as long at the novel, so that's over 30 chapters. It's really gonna be similar.

Welcome to Scarlett World Academy!- So, this is a story full of OC's with a Hetalia character background, so I guess you could call it a Fanfcition appropriate for this website. *cough* Anywho! This was suppose to replace "Don't They Make a Cute Couple" up there, but the plot's too different. The character names are very similar, but their background is more Hetalia referred. So, in this story, the original Hetalia characters all find little kids wandering the streets of their capital. These kids turn out to but cities. And thus, the Hetalia characters now have a new addition to their family. As they grow older, the cities are enrolled in Scarlet World Academy to learn and be trained how to be the next country representative so that they can take the place of their parents. Get it kinda? Well, you will one you read it.

Warning: Unnaturally long prologue up ahead if you do read it. It's cute though, so don't worry :3*

You've Been Gone for So Long- This one is highly based off of House M.D the medical drama. In this one, Dr. Arthur Kirkland is a sarcastic, smart mouthed doctor at a hospital that houes a rehabilitation center. Nurse Feliciano Vargas notes that Dr. Kirkland is scheduled for a therapy session with one of his new patients. That patient is soon revealed to be Mr. Alfred F. Jones himself. The catch? They used to be an item back in high school. The problem? Alfred's a drug addict and Arthur is handicapped. How did their lives go downhill so quickly? You're gonnah ave to read to hear about their past!

About the stories :)

Every author has their limits right? Well I think it might be convenient for me to post my limits on here. So you know, I don't have to explain on every story write :P

Okay! I think the most important limit you guys should know is that I will not curse in my stories. BUT! If I feel the need to add a choice word, I will most likely bleep it out or something. But most of the time you'll see stuff like "Fudge!" Or "Female dog" if you catch my drift. :P Okay...that's all I really wanted to say. Thanks for reading this part though .


Probably the weirdest thing about my profile...

"Oh Shizzle McMuffin Spice!" - ItalyFeliVargas

"GO TO JAIL! GO TO JAIL!" -LuanLegacy from his video I ALWAYS Win At Monopoly

"When life hand you a lemon, say,'Oh yeah, I like lemons! What else ya got?'" - Henry Rollins

"Dumbnut!" - ItalyFeliVargas (She called me that TONS of times at school...)

"I see a school with a light...and some grass. I see a school with a light... *deep voice* and some grass..." - LuanLegacy from his video Dumb Girl At The Bustop (XD BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I still can't get over that!)

"What the heo?"- Pun from a shirt I saw :) If you know what language that last word is, that's the kind of Asian I am! :D YAY!

"Chee!/Chi!" - My catch phrase for some time :P

"You see that idiot nearly passing out in the heat? That dummy over there wearing a black shirt and black jeans? Yeah...I'm that idiot..." - ItalyFeliVargas

"Meh..." My current catchphrase...I dunno why though.

"Buttmunch.." -TetoNomsOnYourBread

"No...No...You know what? Italy takes siestas, but Greece takes comas!" - ItalyFeliVargas

"Hello Starshine! The Earth says hello!" - Willy Wonka from Charlie in the Chocolate Factory

"...I'm rolling my eyes at you right now. I hope you now that!"- ItalyFeliVargas

Bubble Guppies: Are there any rocks on the moon?

"Baby. precious child...The moon IS A ROCK!"- ItalyFeliVargas

"GOOD MORNING! LIFE IT BEWTIFUL! UHAHAHAHA!" - Dane Cook (XD I STILL can't get over that)

Okay I THINK that's it...

Polyvore- I have one :D Can you guess my username?

I can explain! Not EVERYTHING I use has a username of MaydoMia. My original Polyvore name was NinjaRawr! But then we had to pick a new one and I ended up with my 2nd choice maydomia :P But Now It's easier to find me! Haha...

Okay so on my account, there are sets for the just-for-fun version. I might use some for the new version too so...

Oh and I have banners! :D I'm getting lazy though I'll just do link on special chapters so you guys can see them :)

Err...I'm kinda lazy at the Profile thing to tell yo the in ANY profile. I'm too lazy to fill it out all the way. But that's basically it for now!

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