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Hello! I’m actually quite new to FanFiction even though I haven’t used my account

I plan to use it now more often and post stories rather than using Quizilla ehheehee…

Tell you a about me:

Profile Picture: I'm the one with black hair!

Nickname: Dani

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Drink/Snack: Water (all natural baby!)/ Hotcheetos

Favorite Weather: Rain/ Sorrowing weather at the most/ Snow

Any Hobbies: I actually have some interesting things to, I play the piano, violin, flute, and soon to be snare drum! I love to draw, read, and write and especially chill down with my favorite animes:

-Naruto (I love it!)

-Naruto Shippuden (Favorite Anime so far!)


-Inuyasha: The Final Act

-Mermaid Melody pichi pichi magic

-Full moon Wo sagashite

-Sakura Card Captor

-Death Note


-Yu-Gi-Oh XD Generation X

-Sailor Moon


-Evagelion (love it!)


I also Cosplay a few (and by few, I mean like two!) characters:


-Danny (Original Character)


My future Cosplays:




-Black Rose


-L Lawliet


-Toon Link


-Sailor Mars

-Sailor Mercury


-PowerPuff Girls Buttercup

-Sakura from Card Captor

-Kite/Shugo from .hack//Games


Well, enough about me! I’ll tell you about me being a writer, my pros and cons!:


I usually tend to write a lengthy amount of paragraphs and I’m strict about my position, voice, mood and description about many paragraphs depending on the topic.

I have a differing style to write on most topics of anime or manga.

I am also quite strict about grammar.


I cannot detect spelling right away!

For me, I can’t get to point where you can almost imagine every detail in your head but I tend to do that on occasions.

Also, I have an awkward style to write where I put TOO much detail and it’s just as bad as scratch.

The additional info below is pairing, beta readers, and future projects.

Pairing Support:

Naruhina- NarutoxHinata

Narusasu- NarutoxSasuke





Sasusaku- SasukexSakura

LeeGaa- LeexGaara


SakuLee- SakuraxLee

As for beta readers, the future references will be when I need one. Please follow my statement, I need a beta reader! Please, if you happen to read my profile, I need a beta reader and I'm quite new to FanFiction so if you would please message me or tell how to do that. Thank you!

Future Projects:

4 Naruhina stories/oneshots

An Original Arranged Married

Many oneshots relating to Naruto, Kingdom Hearts, and Legend of Zelda

Why I support Naruhina Fans:

Disclaimer: I'm not here to offend anyone, but if you get offended easily by me talking/discussing about the pairings here:


-NaruIno(barely or none)

-NaruTem(barely or one)

Please consider reading at your sake or even please leave (friendly way) because this is just my opinion and its 'supposed' to be a small hint of parody.

Well tell start us off; I'm Dani, a small nickname you can call me. Many people probably disagree with the pairing. In case of spamming me with hate, please read the title! It's my little rant about why I support the pair and some evidence to prove that I only support that pair along with the other pair which contains Yaoi in it; although I'm not going to mention the pair a lot. Also, remember, it's just an opinion and I'm not trying to convert you into a Naruhina fan, only trying to tell you why I will always support the pairing.


This is only yet a rant and I'm just discussing why I support it NOT why I think they are going to end up together in the very end; though I would love them to. Also, excuse my bad English, I'm mostly French here! (And Mexican, don't ask how)

Statement: Sakura has more contact with him.


First, would Naruto really like to be punched everyday by a 'girl-Sakura' who's going to abuse him with every little mistake he makes? No, a HUGE NO! Let's put it this way, if you were Uzumaki's mother and Naruto came home every day with bruises and almost broken bones who he calls a 'friend'? How would you react? Well for me, I would defiantly have a 'friendly talk' with the girls' mother and if she doesn't do anything, I'll just have to call 911 on that girl! She just can't be punching him every time she's on her period! Now, how would Naruto feel if he had 'someone-Hinata' who admired him, cared for him, and even fight for him? I bet he would love the offer! That's a big pro to the history; although Masashi seems like a big Narusaku fan, remember, why would he make Hinata admit her feelings?

Statement: Sakura is in the same team as Naruto and therefore has more bonds.


Okay, let's see here, why would Kakashi sensei put Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto on the same team? Tell me? Well I think, it's for friendship bonds and trust. I don't think he put Sakura and Naruto for relationships and love. A team is built out of trust and teamwork, cooperating as a friend. Now you're going to throw the whole SasuSaku thing at me, well I have back up; Sakura liked Sasuke before they even got put into a team. Ino, Sakura, and a few other rivals have fought, literally fought for this male as a simple prize. When Sakura and Sasuke were put into the same team, Sakura was simply blown away, until Naruto came into the team.

Statement: Well Sakura seems like she's forgotten about Sasuke and likes Naruto now.


No, Sakura was a vulnerable girl in the past; she felt useless to the team. Acting up when Tsunade became Hokage, Sakura wanted to get Sasuke back and do it for the team. So she became a medical ninja as well as more mature. She hasn't forgotten about her childhood crush, she just keeps it to herself and doesn't like to mention it because it might bring memories of the past.

Statement: Sakura is the main female character therefore she is going to end up with Naruto.


No, not all anime/manga series have the main character end up with the main female/male.

Statement: Hinata barely has any screen shots compared to Sakura.


Technically it's like the same answer above. Hinata may not have the same number of screen shots as Sakura, but Hinata's are quality, not quantity.

Statement: Naruto likes Sakura more than Hinata.


Naruto may have liked Sakura in the past, but he became mature and stopped liking her the way he did before. Now he simply thinks of her as friend than a lover. Sakura still has feelings for Sasuke and Naruto might become a little jealous but if it's what makes Sakura happy, then he's up for it. Okay, so Hinata started off a simple admiration towards Naruto, but when she bonded with him more often, she slowly realized she liked him, no loved him. (Spoiler: she even admitted it when she fought Pain) Now you want to throw the whole if Naruto even liked Hinata, she would faint: Well first off, anyone would feel butterflies if your crush asked you out, but Hinata is a little bit more timid. Imagine this, if you met your celebrity, wouldn't you feel bubbly and 'awed'? Well it's the same for Hinata only a little bit more of a faintish moment! But that's why we love her!

Statement: Sakura admitted she loved Naruto.


Oh, this will be fun! :) Sakura may have admitted her "so called love" for Naruto. But what Naruto did, he told her, "Don't lie to yourself"! He knows, deep down inside, that Sakura still loves Sasuke. Now let's go back to Hinata, "Naruto I love you!" she told him while she was fighting Pain. Now that's love right there! That's true love. Although he didn't respond, he was shocked, he had always thought of Hinata as a timid, nice, caring, and weirdish (a cute way) girl; that was the time for Hinata to prove to him that she cared much more!

So that was my little rant on why I truly support Naruhina fans rather than the Narusaku fans. Remember, I'm only stating my opinion and not trying to force anyone to like Naruhina pairings but it would be nice to join the club 3


Ehheh! Guys, sorry, I moved it to my profile since an admin told me ahead and was kind enough to tell me! :) Haha, I guess I should read the guidelines! XD

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