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Hi there!

There isn't much to know about me. I'm a college student so I usually post my chapters up at like two a.m.

I'm huge into Sons of Anarchy. Right now that is my fandom of choice. Review my stories, I'll actually take the beatings. I listen to my reviews and I hate..with a vicious hatred...MARY SUES. Mary Sue story lines can be tricky to avoid but I think that as long as the story is set realistically and well-developed it can be avoided. Sometimes a s/l gets repeated too much in a fanfic area but it's up to the author to make it more than a generic copy.

I honestly enjoy taking a cliche and making it a real story. I think its demanding. Because the cliches usually exist for a reason. Now, side-note - I personally don't enjoy writing something that is way out there that it would never happen in a realistic setting. A super sexy, rich, criminally-inclined woman with ties to half the guys in SAMCRO, and a secret past, AND a abusive father/ex/stalker trailing her forcing her to take refuge in Charming isn't a realistic setting. I've enjoyed many stories that were very well written with this premise. I prefer a more grounded approach. So please, tell me if I seem to go off in 'tralala land'. I get so attached to my characters that I want them to have happy lives with their assigned Son.

Dixie's Story:

She is by FAR my favorite character ever. She just is so grounded and full of heart. Dixie's flawed but she accepts them and sort of just...keeps carrying on. I wasn't sure who'd she end up with and I really wanted to give her Chibs at first because he would be sooo good to her. But, I thought that it was the easy way out. No one falls in love with the 'easy love', especially in SAMCRO. Tig was her man.

Her story is now continued and will most like extend into a trilogy. It started out as her journey as a sweet-butt, now it is her path as a Old Lady. I guess, maybe you might guess what the third part might be.

I can't get links to work on this profile anymore so my general idea for Dixie...

Dixie1 , Dixie2gif, Dixie3gif, Dixie4gif

I hope you enjoy reading my stuff, I love writing!



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