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Author has written 3 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Homestuck.

Kesesese...well im back ^_^... and i went to hawaii instead of califonia kesesesese

my name is Ari but i mainly go by Prussia from hetalia.

Its cool cause im actually Prussian...well Prussian-Italian but hell if i dont love my prussian haratiage!

im 18 years old and im currently in a relationship with my Canada. Whom i love with all my awesomeness!

Since i am Prussian and i love my dear Canadain i ship PruCan and love it dearly. i also plan on shipping Spamano soon in another story i plan on writing.

But for now if you like PruCan let me know what you think of my story Free from one hell and into another.

1.Bad Touch Trio26 up, 2 down

a trio consisting of a Prussian, French and Spaniard touching others in an inappropriate way

OMG! It's the Bad Touch Trio!" "OMG! They're so hot! But cover your vitals!


wurst or pasta ^_^

hawian (ham and pineapple)

Ice Cream Flavor:

(looks around) german *cough* beer*cough* um mountian dew


I have 3 Prussian blue, Crimson red, and Midnight black

Again I have 3 Wolf, Dragon, and phinoex!

TV Show:


Five finger death punch, papa roach, fly leaf, kings of leon..three days grace!

hetalia:paint it white!

Football and hockey


This or That

Pepsi or Coke:
Both are gross ...nither

McDonald's or Burger King:

Chocolate or Vanilla:

Coffee or Tea:

Day or Night:

Love or Money:

Hug or Kiss:

Can You...

nope...unless its raving

love singing.




Speak Another Language:
Japanese,German! what else could you need?

Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue:

Curl Your Tongue:


Have You Ever...

Been Drunk: moms 40th birthday party

Been Stoned/High:


Eaten Sushi:
Yes it's is the food of the gods

Eaten Squid:

Been In Love:
Ja right now with my Canada.

Skipped School:
Kesesese im a prussia what do you think ;D

Stolen Something:
suprisingly nein

Cried Yourself To Sleep:

pairings i love are:







and way to many more..

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You know when you are obsessed with Hetalia when:

1. You start laughing hysterically at maps
2. You go "Aww" when you see two or more flags together
3. You've learned more history (Austria-Hungary Compromise, WWII) from it than from an actual history class
4. You debate about details like whether the number on America's back is supposed to be 50 or 96...with supporting screenshots
5. You watch APH MADs (Music videos/parodies)
6. You got a Nico Nico Douga account despite not knowing a single word of Japanese so you could watch even more APH MADs.
7. You dress up in a scarf and party hat and sit behind a receptionist's desk for Halloween.
8. World War II starts sounding romantic.
9. Your teacher asks why you put "Alfred F. Jones" as the answer instead of America, and why you drew a small heart and the name "Arthur" beside it.
10. You yell "Yeah, he's the hero!" whenever someone says America.
11. You misread UK as UKE every single time, and have started mispronouncing it in actual conversation.
12. You know every country's flag and location, and people think you must be a huge history nerd, and really, you've become one.
13. You shudder squeal every time you hear the name "Russia" or "Ivan" and quickly glance over your shoulder...just in case.
14. Whenever you see a fellow Hetalia fan, you shout, "Pastaaaaaaaaa!!" down the hallway.
15. You write down your favorite pairings all over your history lecture notes, leaving others to wonder what "USxUK" "RussUK" means.
16. You end every sentence with "aru".
17. You scream 'paaaaaaaaaastaaaaaaaaaaa' every time you happen to have some.
18. You can't imagine a functioning Italian mafia.
19. You want Prussia back on the map.
20. You can no longer say "international affairs" with a straight face.
21. No one can mention a country without you thinking about what they look like in Hetalia.
22. You read a historical book and think it would make a good fanfic.
23. Other people don't get it when you say your country's cute.
24. You've listened to Romano's Delicious Tomato Song like...80s billion time.
25. You're a duke/duchess of Sealand.
26. You've become a thousand times more patriotic.
27. You remember Canada Day BEFORE the 4th of July, as in, you completely forget about America's birthday. (and you're American)
28. You want to learn every single language in the world. Even the weird ones.
28. You recognize which flag belongs to which country, while everyone just looks at you funny.
29. Everyone who's named Alfred, Arthur, Peter, Matthew, and Francis is forever linked to Hetalia.

If you hate stereotypes and think ppl should just shut up and stop POST THIS. Pick the stereotype that fits you.

I'm PRUSSIAN, so I MUST be an obnoxious airhead


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Greatest Quote in the history of the world!

"Nations are nations due to the citizens that live there, not the land. So so long as there are people out there willing to call themselves Prussian then I will never die and just so you know ...kesesese there are citizens in every nation who recognize there Prussian Haratiage."~Prussia in an agrument with America and England in one of my random moments in my head

Funniest thing from a story

"And just who the hell do you think you are? Telling me what to do and what not to do," he demanded of the albino. Prussia felt a sole vein strain against his temples. Germany, too, saw it coming once she heard the words "who" and "you" in the same sentence directed at her egotistical older brother. Among many of her brother's pet peeves, one of them is those who fail to acknowledge at least the past existence of a once mighty kingdom hailed Preußen.

"'Who the hell am I,' you ask?"

Prussia nonchalantly walked over to the bar and grabbed a stool. With stool in hand, he calmly approached the drunken man. Once he was a number of centimeters away from the offender, they stared at each other for a number of seconds. Then, Prussia sighed…and as suddenly as he had first announced Lucia's presence, he smashed the barstool against the offender's head as hard as his strength allowed him while drunk. The lieutenant fell straight to the floor and the entire pub was stricken with shock at his sudden and violent actions. Germany brought both hands to her mouth to cover her gasp, expressing a mix of horror and amazement upon watching her brother extravagantly knock out a drunk with a bar stool.

"Who the hell am I? Ich bin das mächtige Preußen! You ignorant bastard!" he yelled angrily at the now unconscious lieutenant.

Chapter 4 Spaghetti und Wurstchen

ok so i'm a bit confused... as far as i have been hearing theres a so called fan war between homestuckers and hetalians... i like both, is that wrong? my canada says its fine but a few of my hetalian friends dont like it and my bruder got a bit made at me when i texted him in GaMzEe speak... Im an awesome ClOwN kesesehahaha...

~If you think its wrong to have to choose between two fandoms then write your own story at the bottom of your page with the combination of your two fav characters (like awesome (prussia) ClOwN (Gamzee))

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