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Well hi 8Dahnyoung ha se yo, ohayo gosaimasu, konnichiwa, konbanwa, ni hao/na ja hao, sa wa nika?, bonjour, hola, aloha.. er.. yea 8D ahaha well hello there :3 name's Kari-senpai X3 8D Well here goes nothing:

Name: Kari (figure out my real name and I'll write a special fanfic just for you :3)

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: 3 parts Asian: Korean, Japanese, Filipina 8D

Languages Spoken: English, Tagalog, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, French

Current Favorite anime BOY: Lelouch (Lamperouge) Vi Britannia of the royal family, 99th Emperor of the realm. Former prince of Britannia, 17th in line for the throne. Alias: Zero. (I am a Lulu expert X3 kekeke)

Current Favorite anime GIRL: OHOH I KNOW I KNOW !! It's- Oh who am I kidding.. >n> none..

Current Favorite anime: Code Geass

Current Favorite manga: Watashi ni xx Shinasai

Current Favorite mangaka: Emma Tooyama

Current Favo- OH FORGET IT D:

Well I don't really use fb o3o so if you wanna get in contact with me, PM me here :).

I also write Asian fanfics so here's the link to my asianfanfics.com site:

Ok well one thing you need to know is that I ALWAYS use the same character bio for every anime couple. For example if I were to make a Pokemon story with a pairing of GaryxOC then I'd use the same OC for another GaryxOC story :3 get the picture? lol speaking of pictures I'll be posting the bio's of the OC's I use here I'm VERY descriptive and please don't look forward to any Yaoi's, Yuri's or IN-ANIME pairings >3> I dun roll like that X3 and I'm not afraid to use Mary Sue's >:3 Well that's all for now And Here we go!!

Code Geass

Name: Princess/Lady/Queen/Empress Linamae (Lina Kururugi) Mi Ailithia Vi Britannia

Age: 15-17

Birthday: April 19, 1998 a.t.b.

Ethnicity: Half Britannian-Half Japanese


Parents: Father: Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi (Status: DECEASED) & Mother: Lady Marilyn Mi Ailithia (Status: DECEASED)

Siblings: None KNOWN to the public, Step Brother: Suzaku Kururugi

Other Family: Cousin: Kaguya Sumeragi

Her status is that of a royal Britannian heiress that is closely acquainted to the Empress Kaguya Sumeragi. Only Suzaku, Lelouch, Nunnally, Euphemia, Cornelia, and Kaguya knows that she is half Japanese. She was kept as an Ailithia under her mother's name for her own protection. Raised in the mainland, she had to discover for herself that she indeed had an older brother. She found him on accident as she and her mother went to Japan to visit her close friend Kaguya, not knowing that she was her cousin and that Suzaku was her older brother. She met Lelouch and Nunnally along with Cornelia, Euphemia, and Marianne when she and her mother lived in the mainland; she was then sent to Japan soon after Lelouch and Nunnally had been exiled and there she visited her close friend/cousin Kaguya and her brother Suzaku, they all became very close and soon the young Linamae refused to return to the mainland and spent the next few of her years with the Kururugi famiily. Until August 10, 2010 a.t.b., the day that Britannia took over Japan. The 9-year-old Linamae was evacuated and forced to return to the mainland to rule over her family as the main heiress due to her mother's passing away due to illness. She joined her family up with Kaguya's and eventually returned to Japan; Kaguya urged her to go to school as a normal noble Britannian girl. Linamae eventually agreed and enrolled into Ashford Academy where she was reunited with Lelouch and Nunnally, now taken the last names of Lamperouge. Still known as Lady Ailithia, she was forced into hiding when one night she had discovered that she was to bear a child with none other than Lelouch. She ran away to live under her cousin, Kaguya where she was put into hiding until she gave birth, by that time, Lelouch has already taken his part as Zero, the savior of the Japanese. The only ones that knew her whereabouts were Kaguya and Suzaku. Suzaku made sure that she and her newborn child were still secret from the world and only took to visiting her when he was off military duties. Kaguya eventually informed her of a life changing experience that Linamae could not turn away from. From there, her story begins..

Personality: Kind by heart to all people, she is a true future Lady and Empress of Britannia and Japan. She NEVER shows that she is angry or upset at anyone. Her gentle and innocent personality was the reason for her pregnancy. She was vulnerable and found herself in love with Lelouch. They were both set up by a few classmates, slipping a spike in their drinks and the next morning she had woken up next to her one and only love, undressed and in bed. She ran away out of fear; after her experience she wanted to become stronger, but her attachment to Lelouch kept coming back. She continues to love him even though she denies it and knows fully well that she would never get over him.

Geass On her right eye, allows her to see anywhere in the world at present time. She can only see at a human eye range wherever she chooses to look and also allows her to see 6 months into the past as well as 6 months into the future anywhere she looks. The side effect of her geass is that, if she sees something that makes her mad on the inside and doesn't express it (trouble), then another personality comes out of her - her courageous personality emerges and the only way to come back is for Linamae to either take full control, or for her other personality (Alias: Infinity) - to let go. Another way is if Infinity were to get knocked out cold.

Status: Heir to the Ailithia family, Head pilot of the Zero squad to the Rosen MKII, Lady of Zero - Infinity, Empress to Lelouch Vi Britannia. Mother to Sorale Vi Britannia.

Knightmare: Rosen MKII - the sister knightmare of the Guren MKII. It is a white, silver/blue-tinged Knightmare with similar traits to that of the Guren. The right arm is twin of the Guren's, its unique feature being a similar sword to that of the Lancelot's. The key is a twin to the Guren's with blue features instead of red.

Looks: Bright blue eyes given by her mother and thigh-length light brown hair - a combination of her mother's blonde and her father's brown hair. Her slim and meek figure adds to her vulnerability, eventually growing out of it as her figure becomes that of a perfect hourglass. Heart shaped face, full yet frail lips, and reaching Lelouch's chin in height.

That's her casual clothing (next to the Ashford Uniform) and the closest I could get to her looks =n=.

That's her dress as both Empress to Lelouch (except it's supposed to be pink themed with red jewels ok? :3)

Her Knightmare outfit is described INSIDE the story on Chapter 12, but here's a basis pic that I promised ;)

This is her Infinity outfit.

[I'm not gonna do a bio on Infinity, she's basically just Linamae, but braver :3 and more seductive X3 OH AND HER EYES TURN DARK BLUE WHEN SHE TURNS INTO INFINITY AND HER GEASS SWITCHES TO THE LEFT EYE]

Name: Z.Z.

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Ethnicity: Unknown

Background He obtained immortality through selfish acts and eventually got caught. He wished for power and a woman gave him geass with a contract. He eventually lost control of his past geass - which allowed him to turn invisible on eye contact - and took the immortality of the woman that he made the contract with. He seems to have had a romantic attachment to C.C. that he refuses to let go of.

PersonalityMuch like that of both C.C. and Lloyd Asplund. =n= I got tired of explaining so his personality will just show in the story ok? He loves looking after Sorale, Linamae's son, when she's away or at school.

Status Code Bearer - gave Linamae her geass.

Looks: I imagined him to look somewhat like Mao, but less insane and creepy =n=. Mid-back silver hair tied in a low ponytail and green eyes. Only wears black clothes that are considered fashionable in the century. He has sharp eyes that can look both menacing and joyful at the same time.

happier eyes 8D

Name: Prince Sorale (Ryoji Kururugi) Mi Ailithia Vi Britannia

Age: newborn

Birthday: December 25, 2016 a.t.b.

Ethnicity: 3/4 Britannian, 1/4 Japanese


Parents: Father: Emperor/King/Prince/Lord Lelouch (Lamperouge) Vi Britannia, Mother: Princess/Lady/Queen/Empress Linamae (Lina Kururugi) Mi Ailithia Vi Britannia.

Siblings: None

Other Family: Uncle: Suzaku Kururugi, Aunt: Kaguya Sumeragi

Personality: Much like that of Lelouch's - intelligent and political (a genius overall) - with a bright and innocent social life like his mother Linamae's. He loves strategical games like chess and often challenges his mother to it, even as a toddler.

Looks: Splitting image of his father, with his mother's features embedded into his joyful and innocent face. (Basically a girly looking mini-Lelouch) 8D

just imagine he's VERY happy 8D

Image One: [Chapter 31 - Linamae's dress]

Image Two: [Chapter 31 - Suzaku and Lelouch's tuxedos]


Name: Kari Yuji (I know that's not really Drake's last name but just go with it ok? XD)

Age: 13

Birthday: April 19

Ethnicity: Japanese



Father: Drake Yuji (Status: Gym Leader of Pummelo Island - Palace of Victory) Mother: Miki Yuki (Status: DECEASED)

Siblings: NONE

Other Family: NONE

Her father, Drake of Pummelo Island, raised her himself after his wife passed away. He's been quite the overprotective father over her, but allows her, her freedom to go on her own adventure, on the promise that she would return and visit every once in a while. She grew up in the Orange League and with the other gym leaders of each island. Once she turned ten, like every other trainer, she went on her way to Pallet Town, having received her first Pokemon from her father. A fluffy baby Eevee carrying an everstone. She then set off on her journey, travelling for years through the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Regions. She is now well on her way to becoming one of the greatest Pokemon Masters in the world.

Personality: Unintentionally cute and kind at heart. She loves Pokemon and believes that all Pokemon and humans should be able to live together in peace and harmony. She easily makes friends with almost everyone she meets and is unintentionally attractive to the opposite sex. She has a thin figure, just about to grow into a teenager; her growth spurt had already passed, but she was still shorter than average.

Status: Thirteen year old Pokemon Trainer with a lot of records in the Pokemon Leagues. She's also a master coordinator in the Hoenn League.

Looks: Mostly described in the story but she has layered side bangs that reach just below her very small breasts. Her hair is waist-length overall and her bangs are shifted to one side that goes down to her cheek. Her favorite clothing colors are pink, light blue, black, and white. She got her bright blue eyes from her mother and a mix of her father and mother's hair color, her father's black hair, and her mother's near-blonde hair.

Her pokeballs


- Eevee:

Everstone hanging on a white collar around Eevee's neck

- Baby Mew:

The blue ribbon is around its neck like a bowtie

- Espeon:


- Umbreon:


- Dragonair:

- Togetic:

Evolved from Togepi egg

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