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HELLO BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, let me give you some info about me...

1) i suck balls at writing books...so there not going to be neat if i decide to write anyway.

2)if born4soccer is reading this.. 'fuck off bitch.this is my profile!' hurrhurr. im kiddin...But still...your still a bitch you skank ho! :D

3)I love Southpark,Sonic,Naruto,Bleach,Hellsing,and Homestuck.

4) I have a deviantart... my name is Posionivy1000.

5)My name is...im not telling you. So stop putting your nose in my buisness.

(these are not ranked in numbers)

Favorite anime/cartoon characters:

Number 1#: Mephiles the Dark from Sonic the hedgehog.

Number 2#: Smoker from Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2.

Number 3#:Tobi Uchiha from Naruto Shippudden. (yes, i do believe that he is Obito ) :D

Number 4#:Christophe From Southpark.

Number 5#:Leafeon from Pokemon.

Number 6#:Alucard from Hellsing.

Number 7#: Grimmjow from Bleach.

Number 8#: Gamzee from Homestuck.

Favorite songs:

1#: Mindfreak by Criss angel.

2#:One Step Closer by Linkin Park.

3#: White Rabbit by Egypt Central.

4#: About a Girl by The Academy Is.

5#:Mephiles theme.

6#:Shoots and Ladders by KoRn

7#: Fairytale by Sickleadz.

8#: The great escape by Boys Like Girls.

9#: Funhouse by Pink.

10#: I Beleive in Miracles by Hot choclate. ( XP )

Favorite Videogames:

1#:Sonic Generations.

2#:Mortal Kombat.

3#:Left 4 Dead 2.


5#: Naruto Ninja Storm.

6#: Pokemon Black.

Dediacated to You: (go to google translater to read it if you can't read it; it's french)

Bonjour, vous devez etre vraie s'ennuyer si vous avez reellement fait tout cela de lire ce... justo pour vous dire..


Just to tell you innceont souls...i am a yaoi fangirl. hurrhurr. >:D

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