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Background: My background? Hmm... well, I was a child of two parents; they got divorced when I was about five. So, I was raised in two towns instead of one. I'd visit my father in Stow, Ohio every two weekends; and stay home in Ravenna the rest of the time. So, I had twice as many friends as most kids did. I wasn't popular in school; I was that ghost that existed but no one really noticed that much. I think the proper term was drifter; I would drift from click to click, that person who was friends with everyone but got overlooked at any other time. I enjoyed it. In Stow, I learned how to sword fight since the kids I assossiated with were all fighters. They took my shy demenor and turned me into a better adjusted fighter. That was about the time I started learning how to write stories. I got caught up in the joy of creating personalities, the...adventure that could be created by your own mind. My friends loved my stories and we used them to play role-playing games outside, especially duing the winter.

Other than all that, nothing really special happened. I became a martial artist at the age of 12 or so and started the journey I'm on today. It led me to the Army, where I began to develop spiritually. I mostly ran into other psychic people who could do stuff similar to myself. I had no idea what I experienced was actually real until I met other people who experienced it with me. Being from a Christain family...I got told a lot that what I saw wasn't real or that I had an active imagination (which I do). While I had been exposed to ki and jing during my times of meditation in Stow with my sword (sticks) fighting friends, I was beginning to learn more about the psychic whole...well, everything. I soon started discovering this whole other world within our own; a world with different rules and limitations. I loved it. But, that doesn't really matter, though. What does matter is how it brought me to where I am today, how I think, and I act towards others and in my writing.

As for now, I'm a student at Kent State University. I'm actually entering my Senior year. I should be done in a year. As soon as I got out of the army and into college, I needed a buffer to become a civilian. So, I became an ROTC member during my freshman and sophmore years. That made it a lot easier, since I was basically living the army lifestyle while taking classes. Once I started getting bored with that, I knew I was back to being a civilian. So, I went back to doing what I did before the army: I joined my old martial arts dojang and got back to sparring. And found out the army produced for me weak ankles. Then I had to quit because of back issues. And while doing all this, I was the manager of the Kendo Club of our university. So, I was a manager during my time in ROTC, and a manager while attending another martial art. I take martial arts very seriously and would never quit if I felt it wouldn't cripple me in the long end. As of today...I'm only doing Kendo because it doesn't hurt my back that much. And I'm waiting for my back to be better before I go back to doing other martial arts. As for being the manager of the Kendo club...being a Senior, I have to find my replacement. (sigh)... I really don't want to go, but handing over the Club's managing to someone else...that I don't mind.

As of right now, I'm on my final semester, graduating in one month. I've been accepted to the JET Program as an alternate, so I might end up working in Japan. During the summer, I plan on working in a Juvenile Detention Center until I find out if I'm going or not. There is a new manager for the Kendo Club, so I don't have to worry about that. I will miss my friends at the club, but if I don't end up going to Japan, I will see some of them when the new semester begins.

That's me in a nutshell.

Interests: So, my interests. I am a massive Otaku. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up in costumes every Halloween and displaying my creativity in my costumes. Every year I try something new, most of the time. Don't be fooled: I'm no child, I am an adult but I still like to have fun and dress up (as is per my ansestor's beliefs with a pagan hallow's eve). As you would expect from a shaman such as myself: I like to be outside whenever it's nice out. so, I like to go jet skiing, snowboarding, mudboarding, mountain climbing, riverwalks, strolls on the beach, walks through the woods, rollerblading...I'm sure you get it. But... more than anything else...I am a martial artist. I've been fighting since I was a tiny kid. Whenever I'm bored or not writing, I'm grabbing a sword or a staff and giving them a good swing in the backyard. I've also dabbled in the Ki/jing/mana/kinesis arts so when it comes to what I like to write about...it's usually spellcraft/energycraft.

While Halloween, costume creating, and martial arts are my main interests; they are dwarfed by my interest in writing. I have been working on a main series that I wish to share with the world when I'm ready, but I'm not quite there yet. I'll work on that once I'm out of college and when I'm done with Changing Fates. I love writing, but I didn't love it nearly as much until I started playing around on this site. I love seeing people enjoy my mischevious stories, I love creating characters and plot lines. If it weren't for you guys, the guys that love my stories, I probably would have stopped by now. I can't think of a better bardic speech to give than this: "You guys are the inspiration I need to keep writing. You bring light to my darkness and make it easier for me to see the light that guides my hand. For without you, I have no words to share, no light to bring. I am but a candle, but without the spark, I'm nothing in the dark." Wow...didn't know I was a poet. .. Anyway, hope you enjoy yourselves.

Series: The main series that I'm working on besides the Bond Summoner and Blood Summoner series, are the Chronicles Series here on fanfiction. The Chronicles series are all my Elder Scroll stories.

Chronicles Series: They are, in chronological order: the Khajiit Battlemage; The Rogue Shadowscale; Chronicles of the Dragonborn's servant: Lydia; Maleek's Journey to Find Ruby; A Certain Mystical Ballista, Chronicles of Veselle Tenvanni; Chronicles of Nisha Ruby Stonearm; Crimson Blades; Changing Fates; The Chronicles of Cecilie the Seer; the Shoutmen, and the After Shoutmen. Those are all in order of when they happen in the timeline that they exist in, not when I wrote them. It gets hard because I've not been writing them in order so sometimes I write things that didn't happen in other books. Well, anyway, the Chronicles series, also known as the Changing Fates saga, is my main series that I'm working on. A lot of people enjoy it, so if you're interested in a well-invested series that all coordinate with each other then please enjoy the Chronicles Series. You may start with whichever story you like, but you know which order they begin in. They best bet is to start with the Khajiit Battlemage and work your way up, but Chronicles of Lydia is a personal favorite and...it seems to be everyone else's too. Either way, have fun.

Chronicles of Time: It's not part of the Chronicles Series, but I plan on making it just as funny as any other story I have. It's a story based on the Dragonball Xenoverse game, on the character I play mostly as.

New Assassin's Den: A story about Malik Ishtar, a newly promoted Assassin that is given an assignment to travel to Nottingham to stir up enough trouble that the knights invading Syria would turn their attentions back home. In the meanwhile, Malik meets famous fairy tale inspired characters like Robin Hood, Little Red, and Mother Goose, not to mention the tsundere Ugly Duckling. His mission is simple: Annoy King John... and he's pretty good at it.

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