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I'M NOW ON FACEBOOK!! FIND ME HERE: https://www.facebook.com/Cearbhail-822988004544021/
Not convinced? Well, I'll be checking in regularly, answering questions, posting quick previews of new stories, chapters, sometimes notes on a current timeline stuff or whatnot. And!! I plan on start drawing again, so I might end up posting drawn pictures of some of my characters! Might even do some commissions if I get good enough.

Background: My background? Hmm... well, I was a child of two parents; they got divorced when I was about five. So, I was raised in two towns instead of one. I'd visit my father in Stow, Ohio every two weekends; and stay home in Ravenna the rest of the time. So, I had twice as many friends as most kids did. I wasn't popular in school; I was that ghost that existed but no one really noticed that much. I think the proper term was drifter; I would drift from click to click, that person who was friends with everyone but got overlooked at any other time. I enjoyed it. In Stow, I learned how to sword fight since the kids I associated with were all fighters. They took my shy demeanor and turned me into a better adjusted fighter. That was about the time I started learning how to write stories. I got caught up in the joy of creating personalities, the...adventure that could be created by your own mind. My friends loved my stories and we used them to play role-playing games outside, especially during the winter.

Other than all that, nothing really special happened. I became a martial artist at the age of 12 or so and started the journey I'm on today. It led me to the Army, where I began to develop spiritually. I mostly ran into other psychic people who could do stuff similar to myself. I had no idea what I experienced was actually real until I met other people who experienced it with me. Being from a Christian family...I got told a lot that what I saw wasn't real or that I had an active imagination (which I do). While I had been exposed to ki and jing during my times of meditation in Stow with my sword (sticks) fighting friends, I was beginning to learn more about the psychic whole...well, everything. I soon started discovering this whole other world within our own; a world with different rules and limitations. I loved it. But, that doesn't really matter, though. What does matter is how it brought me to where I am today, how I think, and I act towards others and in my writing.

That's me in a nutshell.

Interests: So, my interests. I am a massive Otaku. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up in costumes every Halloween and displaying my creativity in my costumes. Every year I try something new, most of the time. Don't be fooled: I'm no child, I am an adult but I still like to have fun and dress up (as is per my ansestor's beliefs with a pagan hallow's eve). As you would expect from a shaman such as myself: I like to be outside whenever it's nice out. so, I like to go jet skiing, snowboarding, mudboarding, mountain climbing, riverwalks, strolls on the beach, walks through the woods, rollerblading...I'm sure you get it. But... more than anything else...I am a martial artist. I've been fighting since I was a tiny kid. Whenever I'm bored or not writing, I'm grabbing a sword or a staff and giving them a good swing in the backyard. I've also dabbled in the Ki/jing/mana/kinesis arts so when it comes to what I like to write about...it's usually spellcraft/energycraft.

While Halloween, costume creating, and martial arts are my main interests; they are dwarfed by my interest in writing. I have been working on a main series that I wish to share with the world when I'm ready, but I'm not quite there yet. I'll work on that once I'm out of college and when I'm done with Changing Fates. I love writing, but I didn't love it nearly as much until I started playing around on this site. I love seeing people enjoy my mischevious stories, I love creating characters and plot lines. If it weren't for you guys, the guys that love my stories, I probably would have stopped by now. I can't think of a better bardic speech to give than this: "You guys are the inspiration I need to keep writing. You bring light to my darkness and make it easier for me to see the light that guides my hand. For without you, I have no words to share, no light to bring. I am but a candle, but without the spark, I'm nothing in the dark." Wow...didn't know I was a poet. .. Anyway, hope you enjoy yourselves.

Series: The main series that I'm working on besides the Bond Summoner and Blood Summoner series, are the Chronicles Series here on fanfiction. The Chronicles series are all my Elder Scroll stories.

Chronicles Series: They are, in chronological order:

The Khajiit Battlemage: My very first story I attempted on this website, with the exception of my Tales of Symphonia stories. The story is about a young Khajiit named Vatu, and his younger sister, Nisha. The story follows five years after Mehrunes Dagon stormed the Imperial City, and incidentally killing Vatu's and Nisha's parents. For five years, Vatu has struggled to take care of his younger sister, and after an unfortunate accident in an Ayleid ruin where they get blasted by a mysterious floating crystal, which for some reason awakens their magickal capabilities. They decide to join the mages guild, and by the time they get to the Arcane University (where the first chapter begins), they try to have normal lives while learning how to become the best mages they can be. Only... things... well... You'll figure that out yourself. Or... You can read the description for Rogue Shadowscale, the direct sequel to this story.

WARNING: The Khajiit Battlemage Story is closed for the time being. I can't stop you from reading it, but... I am rewriting the whole thing. It's why I haven't been posting any new chapters for the past couple weeks. I'm hard at work with the Khajiit Battlemage. And after I'm done, I will be working on the Rogue Shadowblade. Now, I know a lot of you did not want me to redo the Khajiit Battlemage, but I swear it's a lot better now. A lot better. I'm almost halfway done.

The Rogue Shadowblade: This story takes place 3 months after The Khajiit Battlemage. The story centers around Nexa and her Shadow Squad as they navigate their way to Cheydinhal with Erandur's team of battlemages in hopes of rescuing a seer who claims to have much needed information to find a lost ruin that can help destroy the invading Aedra. That's right... the Aedra. Do not read this story before reading Khajiit Battlemage, you will be hopelessly confused as to what is going on, and who these characters are. A lot begins to happen as the Aldmeri Dominion and Argonia decide to take over the world, and when only the Aldmeri Dominion stands, and Nexa is ordered to kill the love of her life: Vatu... you can guess what happens.

Chronicles of the Dragonborn's servant: Lydia: Warning: This seems to be a very popular story. I don't know why... perhaps because it is one of the most random stories ever, with a very well-balanced support cast including Esbern, Ruby, and Maleek. Honestly, starting this story, I had no idea what I was doing with it, it was just supposed to be a fun time. It wasn't until I introduced the blind seer, Cecilie... the whole Chronicles Series didn't even exist. But... this story is a hilarious adventure between Lydia and her Dragonborn boyfriend Asger Stonearm. His mission, to have a good time. Her mission... keep the fierfeking idiot alive. You know the rest of the story.

Maleek's Journey to Find Ruby: Well... It's once again, been three months since the Chronicles of Lydia, and Ruby has spent her free time living in Solitude at the Bards College. She's letting herself unwind and get over her nightmares of being eaten by a dragon when she suddenly bumps into an old slaver of hers. She gets kidnapped and taken back to her old slave camp. When her boyfriend, Maleek, finds out... he puts on his old Shadowscale armor and sets off to find her. Things happen.

Chronicles of Veselle Tenvanni: Directly following Maleek's Journey; Veselle Tenvanni, young hopeful Dunmer Telvanni mage. Wanting to escape her life in Riften, she moves to Solstheim to learn from the only remaining Telvanni Lord: Lord Neloth. She quickly learns that her new life will not be easy, as her teacher is a cold and heartless being that constantly puts her in danger; and her upper classman, Talvas, is something else entirely. After she grows feelings for him, she has to put up with the fact that he does not like her at all. And... to make matters worse, there is an evil witch living on this island, and she seems to be interested in Veselle.

A Certain Mystical Ballista: Directly following Maleek's Journey; Based on a character from a certain scientific anime, this young Khajiit named Ahmbra has been adopted by Ysolda, a good friend of Lydia Stonearm (from the Chronicles of Lydia). After being freed from her slave camp by Lydia and dropped off with Ysolda, Ahmbra is still trying to figure out how to live life not as a slave. In her confusion of how to be normal, she travels with Ruby's older brother: Ksaan to Rimmen where she learns that she has a special Shock magicka talent: polarity. Using this power, Ahmbra is able to take a single coin and turn it into a beam of destruction. After successfully destroying a Dominion ballista bolt fired at Rimmen Firedrake Academy, Ahmbra adopts a new name... the Mystical Ballista. Will her new fame run to her head, or will she become the hero this town needs?

Chronicles of Nisha Ruby Stonearm: What to say about this story. It follows almost two years after Chronicles of Lydia. It's Ruby's 16th birthday! Yay! And now, she can open her own guild, The Crimson Blades. Only... there's a twist. Turns out... Ruby is cursed for the next month, called the Birthday Trial. And even now, as the dimensional barriers protecting the world from destroy begin to deteriorate, Ruby's new guild will have to find a way to restore them... or lose the world to the Dwemer invasion. Ruby meets new friends, and loses her father. And... when it's time for her to discover her true potential as a leader... She will lose it all.

Crimson Blades: Ok, I'm not going to lie. This is pretty much a parody of Fairy Tail, but with the already existing guild of Crimson Blades. All of your favorite Chronicles characters return in his hilarious tale of the Crimson Blades, and their various missions. The story mainly follows the newest member, a 12 year-old mage Agni, who has just escaped the destruction of her hometown. She is turning to the Crimson Blades for help but... when she gets there, she's not prepared for what she's getting herself into.

Changing Fates: The end all, be all story. This is the centerpoint of every story in the Chronicles Universe. This is what everything has been building toward. It's all up to Cecilie... and her army to destroy the Dwemer threat. Between the Five Cities, the Five great Numidium, the Six Cardinals of Psience, and the 10 Great Generals, the four main dimensions have it cut out for them. I'm not sure how it will end yet. Think on that.

Chronicles of Untold Tales: This story only exists because there is only so much I can show you about certain characters during chapters. There are stories untold, unshown, and unexplained. It's an ongoing series of short stories, all random, not in any specific order, and can last somewhere between 1 to 20 chapters depending on the content of what's being covered. This is completely a request-driven series. As such, you offer me a story, and if I can write it... I will. Two stories have already been decided. The first two will feature a tale about how Karliah stumbled onto the Wooden Mask, and the second story will be about how Aela and Hircine met. If that's not random, I don't know what is. If you're intersted, PM me a story, asking it to be shown in the Untold Tales. I will try my best to fit it in. You can also put these requests in reviews if you don't have an account.

The Chronicles of Cecilie the Seer: Perhaps one of my most hated characters ever, simply because she's too powerful to some people. Well... this is how she ended up so hatefully powerful. I'm not saying more. Ok... fine. This is the story about Cecilie, orphaned princess who is desperately trying to earn the love of her fahter: Asger Stonearm, more like Stoneheart at this point. After getting angry at her father, Cecilie nearly gets herself killed reading an Elder Scroll. Losing her ability to see, and being forced to see... which I swear makes sense when you read it, Cecilie is forced to accept her destiny... to die a horrible death after watching everyone she loves die... over... and over... and over... and over... oh yeah, and she dies at the end. so, don't get too attached.

Chronicles of Ranjha: Ruby's daughter. This takes place after Changing Fates, so... I guess this story will only exist if Ruby doesn't die in Changing Fates. So... still up in the air. Not really sure what it's about yet, since I haven't started it but... here we go. Ranjha is a troubled girl: daughter of one of the strongest women ever known in her time, one of the most famous women as well, Ranjha feels like nothing but a shadow to her mother's image. Everyone calls her Ruby's daughter... and she can't stand it. When she tries to make herself be seen by the public as her own person, she ends up only intensifying the following in her mother's footsteps theme. so... she does what any sane half breed Khajiit/Argonian would do. She runs away to Akavir, to blend in with everyone there and learn who she is. and when she's there... she meets some new friends and begins learning just how different she really is from her mom.

Ruins and Dwarves Online: Parody of SAO, this is a story about an online User by the username Cmotti45. His friend is joining this online IMMO, which is rumored to have caused the deaths of 28 other individuals, and put a few hundreds into comas. Among that list their mutual friend from school. These two will do whatever they can to find out what's really going on inside RDO... and when Cmotti45 runs into a rogue program claiming to be a human trapped in the game, he will do whatever he can to help her find her way back home, as well as learn what is really going on inside this demented game.

The Shoutmen: Parody of Watchmen. Bloodstain is a Shoutman, an order of Shout users that wore masks and defended Skyrim against the Dominion during the way. 100 years have passed since the fall of Skyrim, and Bloodstain is one of the few remaining Shoutmen, and the only one that didn't take off the mask when the purge began. Until now, Bloodstain has worked in the dark, attacking whenever seemed appropriate, but when he learns that someone is killed the Shoutmen... with Shouts... Bloodstain will be forced to ask the ultimate question: "If only the Shoutmen can Shout... who Shouts the Shoutmen?" And when his investigation leads to the destruction of Skyrim... he will do it for the right reasons.

After Shoutmen: Set two weeks after The Shoutmen, Claus Mottiere is trying his best to live peacefully with his girlfriend. When she gets shot in the back with an arrow... Claus will be forced to put on the mask and become Bloodstain once again. And when he tries to find his girlfriend's assassin, he will learn something that will lead to the destruction of Solitude: There can be no peace between humans and elves. And it's up to him to keep the town from burning, so he will do the only thing he can think of... unite the people. And that... is an impossible task.

Those are all in order of when they happen in the timeline that they exist in, not when I wrote them. It gets hard because I've not been writing them in order so sometimes I write things that didn't happen in other books. Well, anyway, the Chronicles series, also known as the Changing Fates saga, is my main series that I'm working on. A lot of people enjoy it, so if you're interested in a well-invested series that all coordinate with each other then please enjoy the Chronicles Series. You may start with whichever story you like, but you know which order they begin in. They best bet is to start with the Khajiit Battlemage and work your way up, but Chronicles of Lydia is a personal favorite and...it seems to be everyone else's too. Either way, have fun.

The following stories are stand alone and are not attached to the Chronicles Series... with the exclusion of Chronicles of the Commonwealth. Cameos and stuff, but that's it. I swear.

Chronicles of Time: It's not part of the Chronicles Series, but I plan on making it just as funny as any other story I have. It's a story based on the Dragonball Xenoverse game, on the character I play mostly as. The story has been pulled for a time, as such, is completely inaccessible. I've decided to hold onto the actual story for now until I decide to pick it back up. Until then, this series has been cancelled.

Chronicles of the Commonwealth: Welcome to the Commonwealth, a horrifying wasteland filled with deathclaws, raiders, and crazy individuals who think they know what's best for everyone, but are way off course. In the middle of these crazy people is Nora... and her husband Nale, two pre-war veterans that have unfortunately ended up 200 years in the future after a nuclear explosion destroyed their society. And their mission: to find their son, and the man that bitch-slapped Nale a few thousand times while taking his kid. For Nale, it's more than just getting his kid back... he wants to reclaim his honor. Nora... she just wants her boy back. And when these two decide it's best to go separate ways to find their son... when it's clearly simpler to stick together, will these two find themselves on opposite sides of the war between the Railroad and the Brotherhood? This story will have all the randomness as Chronicles of Lydia, and the action of Rogue Shadowscale. My biggest project yet (hopefully).

New Assassin's Den: A story about Malik Ishtar, a newly promoted Assassin that is given an assignment to travel to Nottingham to stir up enough trouble that the knights invading Syria would turn their attentions back home. In the meanwhile, Malik meets famous fairy tale inspired characters like Robin Hood, Little Red, and Mother Goose, not to mention the tsundere Ugly Duckling. His mission is simple: Annoy King John... and he's pretty good at it. The story itself has evolved in many ways since it was first posted and thought up. Now it runs mostly on the part of Mother Goose being the major bad guy of the story, trying to find the artifacts to do something I honestly have no idea of. Perhaps Mother Goose is controlling ME to write her story. Perhaps she'll end up breaking the fourth wall and utterly destroy me. I cannot know as of now, but she is perhaps the strongest villain yet for me to create, and yes... that includes Nrillia.

Chronicles of the Inquisition: This is a story about Ellana Lavellan. She's a 20 year-old dalish hunter that was sent to the Conclave to spy on the meeting for her clan. When she ends up in a jail cell with a glowing emblem on her hand, she will find out just how over her head she is when she finds out that she is the ONLY ONE in the whole world that can defeat some ancient immortal god-wannabe. Oh yeah... spoilers. Like you don't already know.

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