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Hello, my name is Kira and I am obsessed with Vampire Academy.

(Corny right? Not like I really go to Vampire Academy Anonymus...hehe :)

Anyway, I live in boring Wisconsin, I just moved here from San Diego, so it's...quite the change :P

I'm 17 years old and a diver (no, not a SCUBA diver, a diver diver like bouncy bouncy boing weeeeee flip twist...all that good stuff) and I am absolutely obsessed with anything crime related. Some might think it's weird for a 17 year old girl to love murder and serial killers, but I do. I watch shows and read books on it all the time!

My dream job is to work for the FBI as a criminal profiler in the BAU (Behavioral Analyst Unit) after I get my Bachelor's in Psychology. sigh...I can't wait just thinking about it!!!!!

I love Vampire Academy fanfictions, but suprisingly, I love reading them more than I do writing them. So if anyone has any good stories (especially human and RozaXDimitri)...then please please PLEASE tell me!!!

Thank you so much for anyone who has subscribed to me, my stories, or added me to their favorites! It really means a lot!

Ideas for my next story for the poll of "what should my next story be?" And no, i won't start this until i have enough time to juggle 2 stories OR am done with "Unexpected Love"

-P.S. There are no titles...yet. The things in bold are just reminders of what the story is about.


1) Playboy Club-Has anyone seen the Playboy Club of NBC? Well... the story is pretty much the same, Rose is a new bunny and accidentally kills a mobster boss, Victor Dashkov, on her first day of work. It's up to her and handsome Russian lawyer Dimitri Belikov to hide this crime...or they both will pay.

-Rating:T Genre:Romance/Crime Pairings: RXD LXC

2) Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire-Rose is a Turkish immigrant trying to survive in the tough streets of NYC. She gets a job at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory asa sewing machine operator where she meets some new friends (Lissa, Dimitri, Christian, Mia, Eddie, Mason, Olena, Viktoria, Karolina, Sonya) and is exposed to the harsh working conditions for immigrants in the early 1910's. When a fire strikes, who will survive?

-Rating:T Genre: Romance/Friendship Parings: RXD LXC EXMia

3) Circus-Rose was taught not to trust outsiders. Living her whole life confined as an acrobat in the Dhampir Circus, she has leaned to be content and that the wold was a bad place for "freaks" like her. Can she open her mind- and her heart- to the new act that joins them from the Russia?

-Rating:T Genre:Romance/Drama Pairings: RXD LXC EXMia

4)Football- Dimitri is a pro football player who has spent his entire life trying to get away from the small town of Denton, Montana where everyone knows everyone. When his (mother or father...haven't decided yet :P) falls ill, he must return to the town he so longed to get away from. But what happens when he meets someone new to the town, a Biology teacher named Rose who has never heard of him...and doesn't want to.

-Rating:T Genre:Romance/Drama Pairings: RXD LXC EXMia

5) Make it or Break it-Does anyone watch Make it or Break it on ABC family? same idea as this, Rose=Payson, Lissa=Kaylie, Mia=Lauren, Jill=Emily, Dimitri=Sasha, Summer=Tasha, Christian=Austin, Mason=Damon, Adrian=Carter, and Eddie's in there somewhere :) except there is no Summer/Sasha Romance, only Payson/Sasha and Payson's back never gets hurt. This is about gymnastics in case any of you don't know...but it's really hard to explain, look up the show! its amazing :)

-Rating:T Genre:Romance/Drama Pairings: RXD LXC EXMia, AXMia (for a liiiiitle bit), MasonXJ

6) Diving- VA enters the world of DIVING!!! (i'm pretty excited about this one :D) Rose is a rouge diver with a lot of attitude and after being sent back to her old club by the judge sentencing her (she broke into and vandalized a string of houses with her friends Mason and Eddie), she must learn to obey...fast, or face the wrath of the new Russian coach, Dimitri.

-Rating:T Genre:Romance/Drama Pairings: RXD LXC EXMia

7)Revenge- based off of the Revenge TV show on ABC. Rose poses as a billionaire heiress in order to get close to the ones that caused her family so much pain. (Rose=Emily/ Amanda Clark, Adrian= Danny, Dimitri= Jack, Eddie= Nolan, Lissa= Ashley, Daniella and Nathan Ivashkov= Conrad and Victoria Grayson, Tasha=Lydia, the other characters are in as minors or just cause I didn't feel like listing them all :D)

-Rating:T Genre:Romance/Drama Pairings: RXD LXC RXA (briefly...they don't AND WON'T be together in the end. Just warning ya, in case you are a RXA fan.)

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