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Hello I am Daisy's fan twin sister. My sister is called Iris and my name is Lily. My friends call me Garbiella. At first I didn't know why but then I realized that they say I look at lot like Garbiella from the old movie called High School Musical. So my sister is on break for Fanfiction because she got injured really badly. If you want to hear the story send me a pm. I will decribe stuf about ME. Fanlovers: I am MarioxDaisy Fan as well as my sister. I am also a LuigixDaisy fan as well as my sister. I liked the way how Waluigi is in love with Daisy. Haters: I hate MarioxPeach as well as my sister. I hate LuigixPeach. I also kinda like PualinexMario About me: I watch House of Anubis, Drake and Josh, and ect... People call me Mara or Garibella because I look like them. Ummm I am a Math wiz. Ummm I suck at Writing so go easy on me. Ummm I am not a science or Social studies wiz either. I LOVE reading books. Ummm I'm tomboyish. So if u have any questions of me just send me a Pm. Remember I suck at writing so go easy on me.

I have

Eyes- Black

Hair- Curly and black

Attitude- Lets no one get in my way and I am toboyish

Relationship- Right now I am single

Birthday- born on Thanksgiving

Simblings- have 2 older brother and both are twins, have a twin sister, and a little sister.

Good at- I am good at Math and Sports

Lives in- I am not telling

Age- Not telling

I just got this idea for a DaisyxLuigi love

Daisy- Luigi do you think I'm pretty

Luigi- No

Daisy- Am I fat

Luigi- Yes of course

Daisy- would u cry if I walked away?

Luigi- No

Daisy just started to walk away with tears in her eyes. Luigi grabbed her hand.

Luigi- U r not pretty, u r beutiful

Luigi- U r not fat, u have a fat heart

Luigi- And I would die if u walked away.

Daisy just smiled.

Aww sweetist moment is when your little sister give you a poem that said

You are the milky to my way

You are the flower to my boutique

You are my peanut to my butter

You are the basket to my ball

You are the best of my friend

You are the butter when I fly

And all this mean "I LOVE YOU"

She is 3 years younger than me. I love my little pest.

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