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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Naruto, Inuyasha, and Darkness.

I am a minor writer, having not the endurance for a good, deep story; So I come here to read and unwind. I am hoping that I will learn, but until then, I am just here to read and maybe offer advice if asked. I'm an Idea guy. On that note, I have a growing number of Story Ideas for anyone who is interested. These are the little bunnies that pop into my mind and won't leave me alone until I put them on display. But just as a side note, if I don't mention it, that means I'm leaving it up to you to decide.

As I read, I realize that one of the author's I've read the notes of put it the best. 'Reading fanfics can/will bleed off onto cannon. When I first read Harry Potter, I was uncertain about the characters. Now that I've read a few dozen, I now feel that cannon Dumbledore is a manipulative asshole with control issues, Voldemort is a super-powered little boy with daddy issues and the general populace are the personification of 'I didn't say it was your fault, i just said I'm blaming you.'. I forget who the author was, but I hope to run across them again soon.

Also, I am looking for some stories that I've read here, but can't remember the name of. I was so into reading them that I forgot to fave them, or they have been taken down while I wasn't looking. So, if you run across them, by accident or design, please PM me with the name and not only will I have my answer, you will get credit!

X-Men, maybe with a harry potter crossover: Anyway, the main char is a mutant whose ability is slowly killing him, I think. Certainly dangerous if he overuses it. He wears a lead lined shirt and has a glowing spot on his chest. It is either electrical or radiation based. Anyway, the story ends with him showing down with his normal brother in a battle suit of some kind. And the reason why they are fighting isn't because the main char is a mutant, it's cuz he is gay.

Naruto: Naruto basically gets adopted by Anko, who teaches him the ins and outs of interrogation. One of the main points is that he has the ability to growl loudly. I believe it is a Naru/Hina pairing. He catches Mizuki a second time and interrogates him by henging two shadow clones into big snakes that pretend that they are ancient snake summons, poisonous constrictors.

Naruto: He becomes a werewolf, and after eavesdropping on a meeting between the third and the counsel and hearing that if they couldn't talk him into starting a clan, that they would seal his chakra and imprison him. He runs away from Konoha and sets himself up as a guard for the future sight chick. Hinata becomes a werebear and Sasuke becomes a wereraven, I think.

Harry Potter/Temeraire crossover: Alone together by: esama. (Thanks Abby Ebon!) Harry has trouble with the first task, ending with him crashing with the Horntail in a druidic ruin, that then transports him into another world. Problem is, he has merged with the dragon to the point that he is one mind in two bodies. He is then found and joins the military, because they could always use a heavyweight flame breather. After a few years, he is yanked back, but leaves the dragon behind, stretching him between the two worlds. Now when one is awake, the other is asleep.

Naruto: Naruto gets reverse-summoned to the snake summons's place because Orochimaru wants him out of the way. While there, Naruto begins to study under Manda when he finds out that Orochimaru is forcing Manda's cooperation by using a jutsu that forces the boss's wife to take the damage that is inflicted on the Snake Sainin. The only way to end the jutsu is for Naruto to replace Orochimaru as the primary summoner by becoming the Snake Sage.

Naruto: Naruto become a general in the kitsune's army and gains the fox summoning contract. a Naru/Hina

Harry Potter: All i truly remember is a bit of byplay between Harry and Albus, ending up with the Headmaster trying to convince Harry to do something by saying something along the lines of 'You don't want to be all alone, do you?' and Harry replies with 'I am and always have been alone, why would the future be any different?'.

Harry Potter/Supernatural Crossover: Dean, after getting in the wreck that the Demon set up, gets saved by Remus Lupin turning him into a werewolf instead of his father trading his soul and the Colt.

Harry Potter: Because a fit of fear and accidental magic when he was young, Harry is mute.

Naruto/Harry Potter Crossover: Sewers of Your Mind by: esama: Harry is the master of death who possess Sasuke's body after Orochimaru reneges on his promise of power to the Uchiha. All sorts of shit be happening, magic, fireballs and zombies. Minato makes an appearance too.

Naruto: Naruto hollows out some shuriken and stuffs them with explosive notes.

Don't know. I know it's a book, but I can't remember the title: Cinda Williams Chima:The Warrior Heir: It's about a boy who thinks he has a heart condition, but in reality, a special crystal that was embedded in his heart was taken out and another put in, turning him from a Wizard into a Warrior/Fighter. There is an entire society that is ruled by the Wizards after a fine bit of treachery involving a godly powerful dragon, who they received the chips of crystal that grant them their abilities. The Wizards made up a contract that they then got everyone to sign to work together to put the dragon to sleep. Then they reveled that if anyone rebelled against them ruling however they felt like, the magics binding the dragon would break and it would wake up and kill them all. The Warriors were bound to service even after their death, being forced to be summoned as shades to train other Warriors.

Naruto: Naruto, after dragging Sasuke's sorry ass back to Konoha, gets banished cuz the people in charge are pricks. on his way out of town, he meets up with the sand siblings, who decide to pay part of their debt to him by giving him a few lessons. He gains Chakra Threads from the puppeteer and starts playing with them after the fan girl teaches him some about his wind affinity. He then parts company with them and then stumbles across the flute genjutsu girl and saves her. They travel together and I believe they fall for one another. I believe that Naruto gains the nick-name of Tenshi or some such because when he fights now, it looks like a dance. I think he also finds a way to break Samehada a bit, enough at least to make some of it's scales into a pair of gloves.

Harry Potter/Stargate SG1 Crossover: Queen Mother by: esama. Egeria's endless nightmares end in dreams of better tomorrow, when Hermione Granger decides to fight for her principles and Harry Potter decides that the queen of Tok'ra is worth saving. Why is it gone?

Naruto: Naruto goes on a rant during the first part of the chunin exams about how the test is stupid because it catered around those with bloodlines, or specialized skill sets. "A heavy assault team, like mine, doesn't DO recon!"

Harry Potter: A Past of Emerald Shadows by: SamanthaKathy. Harry commissions a potion from Draco. He then drinks it in it's entirety, De-ageing him to around 3 or 4.

Harry Potter: Blood, Torture, and Witty Comebacks By: S. Thanatos. Harry gets captured by Voldemort or his lackeys and is tortured by various Death-Eaters. One is an old man who likes to talk as he cuts shapes and patterns into Harry's arm and hand. As time goes on, Harry's healing ability starts to not be enough, so one hand is severely damaged and he starts up a repartee with the old man about his 'art'. There may or may not be a confrontation between Snape and Dumbledore about how Dumbledore intentionally left Harry with his muggle relatives because he wanted him to have a certain set of abilities that only manifest in abused children. Quick healing, faster reflexes, able to create masks at will, that sort of thing.

Harry Potter: Harry tries something new in Transfiguration. He does things piece by piece until he gets what he wants. I believe there is a challenge given to give wooden box the qualities of a frog/toad without changing it's nature.

Naruto: Titan of Defense has been taken down again... *pout* Would they stop doing that? (is back now! Yay!)

Harry Potter: Harry is an apathetic Griff. He is in the common room when Sirius tries to get in and lets him in. He then sits down and talks with him, culminates in Harry calling for the Aurors himself and demanding Veritaserum in his presence to clear his godfather.

Harry Potter: Harry is raised outside of Dumbledore's influence, i think, and when he is finally dragged to Hogwarts, he is belligerent. After a bit, it is decided to try to break him with some dungeon torture. He manages to escape though. D/light, obviously.

Book: Heart's Blood: The Pit Dragon Trilogy by: Jane Yolen: It ends with the main character and his love interest seeking shelter from a storm, or cold, by sleeping inside the corpse of a recently dead mother dragon, and when they emerge in the morning, they discover that they have gained a few draconian abilities by being 'birthed' from a dragon. (Thanks Wicked This Way Comes!)

Harry Potter Crossover: HP and the Temporal Boundary Invasions RELOADED by: cosmic-cube-keeper Harry gets pulled to a parallel dimension where he has to deal with a new Voldemort. Multi-crossover, ending up with Avatar the movie.

Naruto: Naruto gets paired up with Hinata and they learn stuff under Anko and Kurenai. They find out Kakashi has a porn problem and is spying in places he shouldn't, including on Anko and Kurenai. So they blackmail him into getting help to stop from Guy.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Son of the Dragon by: DarkBlade the Damned Harry gets his hands on some books that detail about wards. After returning to privet drive, harry is imperious-ed to walk into the park, where he throws it off before entering the woods. he gets attacked by belly and the others and then Voldemort makes an appearance. Then an assassin with swords shows up and nearly kills all of them before Voldy catches him in the air, helpless. Harry then slams Voldemort from behind and frees him, thus making that vamp owe him a life-debt. The Vampire takes Harry with him for training. The Vamp has a bunch of werewolves that flock to him and his lands for protection. Harry get's adopted by the pack. Harry then gets a trial by fire to see if he is worthy of continuing on with training/life, when Deatheaters led by Fenrir try to attack the weres that just fled to the Vamp for protection after the alpha of that pack lost to him.

Don't know, but it's an anime: The first episode, I think, involves several ninja groups who try to get scrolls from a castle. The most memorable bits is the giant robot thing, and one boy who's ninja ability is shape-shifting into the artistic representations of various animals.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past By: S'TarKan It's a time travel or a dimensional cross fic where he does a lot of stuff differently, but it ends up the same. For instance, he knows it isn't Malfoy who is doing the chamber of secrets thing, so he doesn't do the polyjuice thing. But, the even happens anyway, but with Malfoy getting into the Gryffindor common room, where he steals back the Diary he snagged at the store from Ginny's cauldron, breaks the potter family clock that Hagrid salvaged for him, and stole his invisibility cloak. He gets caught later because Harry was looking like he was about to be expelled, and Draco couldn't control his excited breathing.

Harry Potter: Harry's POV after he was captured by the Death Eaters and Tom and turned into a sex-slave. Harry narrates about how he is used by the various peoples. Bellatrix likes the Cruco, Mcnair likes knives and beating, Peter is all hyper and premature ejaculation, and Snape and a few others treat it as something more intimate. Think it is a one-shot.

Harry Potter: Shifters by: Myurddin Ignis Magus: Harry finds out some stuff, including that he can shape shift to anything. He and Ginny hook up after she is found to posses the same ability. Starts a company and names it Fairytale.

Harry Potter: Voldemort takes over Hogwarts and has all the muggleborns strip naked, bound and then beaten in front of the whole school. Percy is made the Headmaster (I think) and Voldemort has a wife, who sets a few of the teachers free after they were captured and imitated with polyjuice. (may not even be a part of this site)

Harry Potter: Harry gets transported back in time to when Voldemort was Tom Riddle, and Harry tires to keep his head down, but he gets into a scrape that conflicts with the magic that sent him in the first place, that has him absorb Veela traits from one of his classmates. He also stops Hagrid from being expelled by taking in Aragog, who likes him.

Harry Potter: Lease of new Life by: Brodus: Harry is an abused child who is rescued by Snape and taken to st.mungos. There, he slowly gets better as Snape and he bonds. Dumbledore then suggests using an aging potion on Harry and Snape adopting him, so Harry can have a few years of a normal childhood.

Harry Potter: Chaos by: Request by Mrs.InsainOne: In an attempt to help his younger self, Harry sends Kretcher back in time to himself while he was still at the Dursleys. Harry does something wrong and his reality collapses, making Kretcher explode, but leaving the letters that Harry had sent back. One of them is for a squib solicitor that he is partially related to. He is found and the damage done to his skeletal system is so great that they have to vanish and re-grow his bones, bit by bit, with repeated doses of Skeli-grow.

Harry Potter: Surrey Trouble by: kirallie: Harry falls for Wufei and is then taken by Voldemort who then pours mind-controlling droughts down his throat. Blaise is then given to him as a sex slave.

Harry Potter: Kingsley Shacklebolt stuns Harry as he tries to enter Diagon Alley and drags him back to the Dursleys, taking his wand and cloak after dropping him off there, adding a memory charm for good measure.

Harry Potter: Care To Explain by: Closet Skeleton: Draco Malfoy is a Veela and has started to court Harry. He steals his clothes, and casts a spell to make any clothes Harry puts on vanish, until he comes up with a thick robe for him to wear. Supposed to be symbolic, that he would always take care of Harry's needs.

Harry Potter: Eyes By: PhoenixFire26: Harry is crushed when, after he gets blinded by an injury at the ministry, he learns that he is not actually the real Harry Potter. He is an orphan who Dumbledore magicked up to look like him to act as a decoy.

Harry Potter: Forsaken by: Shivani: Harry confides to Hedwig that he thinks he might be gay. The headmaster overhears and puts a cuff on Harry that hurts him every time he starts looking at other guys that way. Harry then turns to Voldemort's side and, with is help, fakes his own death.

Harry Potter: The DragonMasters by: Naia: Harry is kidnapped and taken to a different world where he is abused and ridiculed into committing suicide. He is brought back and healed by a dragon who is supposed to be his Guardian. He then, under the Guardian's tutelage, become the second most powerful Rider the school had ever seen.

Harry Potter: All Through the Night By: Bloodpage-Alchemist: Harry gets thrown back in time to the founders where he interacts with them while they build Hogwarts. He is made the first Headmaster before he is kidnapped and dragged back to the present on Dumbledore's orders.

Harry Potter: Draco is a Veela who has chosen Harry for his Mate. The problem? Harry isn't interested/gay. The Headmaster tries to force the two together so that Draco can ensnare Harry with his Allure. He trusts McGonagall with the secret of one of his methods of escape, but she betrays him to the Headmaster and he fixes the hole in his net, or rather, the fact that he can fly out the windows in the tower on his broom. Snape 'helps' in his way, mostly by letting his bigot-ism shine through unhindered in his advice to Draco about how to get Harry to accept him.

Harry Potter: Hecatemus by: Marj123: Creature!Harry. Harry sends out a call to mate. Dumbledore tries to maneuver Draco into being the one he mates with, even to the point of telling Draco to hit Harry with a cub upside the head to stop him from being able to fight back. Harry eventually gets raped.

Naruto: Team 8 By: S'TarKan Naruto is on the same team as Shino, who later confronts his clan elders about how they treat him, pulling to light that many stores are claiming Naruto stole from them and are demanding compensation and getting it without proof.

Harry Potter: I'm not sure if it is on this site or not, but the premise is that the war is over and Harry has been captured as a slave. He was with the Malfoys for a bit but then they decided to get rid of him. So they chained him naked to a post in Digon ally (Or Knockturn, I can't remember) To be used and abused for a set period of time before they kill him. Snape does what he can to help and it ends with Harry somehow gaining the strength to burn Voldemort and all of his loyal cronies out in one shot. It's a Snarry.

Harry Potter: Some sort of census is going on which requires Harry and, I think a Weasley, Probably Charley, but it could have been Bill, to marry and to consummate their union in front of witnesses. Needless to say, that doesn't go over too well.

Harry Potter: Someone loses a bet and the Gryffindor quidditch team has to play in the nude. It's done in the format of letters being exchanged between the guys, girls and each other.

Harry potter (can't remember if it's a crossover, but if it is, I'm tempted to say Buffy the vampire slayer): At the culmination of the Tri-Wizard tournament, Harry loses an eye and then Voldemort doses him with a potion that gives back his magic and stamina, but at the cost of making him too hyper to be able to focus on spells, as well as a glamor that hides the fact that he lost an eye, so Voldemort could have a 'battle' with Harry and win to gain their respect and to sow discord and stuff.

Naruto: All because of a dress By: maverick9871: (Thanks Arw165!) Ino sneaks into Naruto's home and cleans up and then steals the money he hid for rent. Naruto then gets thrown out of the apartment.

Harry Potter: The Last Vanteera By: Tinkering: Harry thinks he is ready to take down the dark lord, he goes on a mission and then gets cursed in the back by his own side just as he is about to win. Dumbledore then binds his magic so Harry can't hide his creature heritage and throws him in a cage to be a circus attraction, where he also gets raped. Supposedly supposed to make Harry more grateful to Dumbledore and get him to stop questioning him.

Harry Potter: Harry either under his own power or through the efforts of another goes back in time, where he starts changing things right and left. Harry eventually ends up in the forbidden forest to save the Unicorn, and Freinz tells harry that they cannot trust someone who changes things at a whim.

Harry Potter: After Dumbledore's death, the light decides that Harry isn't doing enough for them to win, so they knock him out and use a potion on him that Dumbledore mentioned he had Snape make in his will, making Harry a human/werewolf/incubus/(some shadow user that I can't remember the name of). Harry decides that since he cannot trust the Light anymore, and the dark has tortured his warmth, Draco, that he will leave. "How do you expect me to ever trust you again?"

Harry Potter/Justice League Crossover: Terra Proeliator by aliengirlguy: Harry gets beaten and left for dead in Gotham, where Batman finds him and rescues him. Upon waking up, he becomes Bruce Wayne's gardener and later on merges with a hybrid plant after Superman is taken out by some Kryptonite. Has a budding relationship with Jhons. Takes on the name Terra (something) which translates to Earth Warrior.

Naruto: Naruto is repeatedly shortchanged by the people who post the D-rank missions, and instead of getting angry, he uses an obscure law to force the Third to give him compensation in the form of Jutsu. Kakashi is also only focusing on the Uchiha. Haruno is a fangirl.

Harry Potter: Harry polyjuices as Draco to infiltrate Malfoy Manor, only to find out this isn't the first time he has tried it. Or even the fith. Gets fucked by Lucius and Severus and then Obliviated.

Harry Potter: When harry goes to Ollivander, he has to take out the phoenix feather and put it in a yew wand.

Harry Potter: Playing with Fire by sksdwrld (Archive Of Our Own): After the war ends, Harry is convinced by his newly made boyfriend to create a sex slave/Pet contract and let him buy him. Harry gets bought by Draco Malfoy instead. Two major points are that Draco pays to have Harry's eyes fixed, and that Harry's wand is kept in a spelled box that won't open until the end of his contract. (Pretty sure that it isn't from this site, but maybe i will get lucky and someone will recognize anyway?

Naruto: Sage of the Leaf By: HistorianoftheKais: Naruto decides that he is not ready for the exams, so he doesn't appear, causing Tenzou to chew out Sakura and Sasuke. Afterwards, both Hinata's team and Shikamaru's teams quit as well. Sasuke is then later killed by Naruto after Sasuke starts to help the sound nin by attacking and killing the villagers shelters. After the invasion, Sakura Haruno tries to suicide, but is stopped in time by her mother.

Harry Potter: New Family By: kirallie: Harry leaves England in search of family other then the Dursleys. Can eventually shift into a Leopard.

Elfen Lied/multi-crossover: Kouta joins an organization (like Mithral) to get back/protect Lucy and Yuka. Kouta is lured into a trap by someone kidnapping Yuka and then they both get shot. Kouta survives because a mysterious figure injected him with something while he was down, but still alive. There is also a fem Diclonious who has a genetic thing that makes it so she cannot cut or hit people with her Vectors, so she uses them to wield and throw knives instead. I think Alucard makes an appearance too, also including some Methril (full metal panic)...

Harry Potter/ Final Fantasy VII: Don't You Want Somebody to Love? by Mariel Nightstalker: Harry gets transported to Midgard somehow and then, to raise funds for both himself and the other poor of the plate, he becomes a prostitute. Sephiroth then decides to buy his time when he is told he needs to do something to relax. There is also a list of things Sephiroth can't do that he makes himself. Some guy living at the water treatment plant also decided to start dropping raw Mako into the supply to kill everyone.

One Piece Solo: Twelve Red Lines by Vikingr. (plz come back)

Harry Potter/Hobbit: Harry is a female hobbit that takes Bilbo's place as the theif/scout of the band. She makes friends with Gollam instead of fighing or tricking him. She had her mother's (dead) ring, which accidentally gets switched with the One Ring. She also ends up killing Smag with a nail filled mining charge.

Again, if you run across them, please tell me.

Major Pet Peeves:

1. When, during a crossover, events happen Exactly as they did in the anime/manga/book/TV show/movie/ect. You Added in another person to Change things! Just throwing in a few lines of dialog like, "Person X gasped at what was happening in front of them." Is. Not. Changing Things!!! BUTTERFLIES PEOPLE! BUTTERFLIES AND THEIR CHAOS INDUCING WINGS!! *clears throat* I'm sorry...

2. Just removing stories without putting up a chapter beforehand to warn people that you are going to, thus giving them a chance to get a copy for their own enjoyment.

3. Saying Thunder when you mean Lightning. Thunder is THE SOUND, Lightning is THE VOLTAGE!!! (fuc* you Pikachu...)

4.When posting chapters, that they don't align. I understand the need for prologues, intros and epilogues, but seriously, can't you roll those into Chapter 1 and Chapter X?

5. People ranting about chars being OP during crossovers, when they are not. It's not that they are stronger, it's that they are following a different rulebook, that's all...

6. When character A threatens to do something if character B does something else and then NEVER FOLLOWING THROUGH WHEN CHARACTER B DOES DO THAT SOMTHING! I mean, I would understand if they Tried and failed due to various X factors, but to just keep issuing empty threats, especially if it keeps happening over and over...

7. The difference between tasers and stun guns. It's called a stun GUN instead of a Taser, because it A.)Is usually gun-shaped (all the ones in movies and online pics have been gun-shaped), and B.) launches projectiles which are stored in a pre-loaded magazine/clip. Pretty much the textbook def of a modern GUN.

8. Stories, (Harry Potter prominently), in which the main char gets out of a situation, and then any new family/friends/allies they get decide to bring them back in, despite promising otherwise by implying that because the others are choosing to do nothing, that they HAVE to, and so are forced to go back. Actions have consequences people. Inaction is still an action.

(Hopefully this list won't expand any further...)

Things I Really Wanna See: Charicters Reading Fanfiction edition.

Fated Bonds By: Sakurademonalchemist, a Naruto and Fate/stay night Crossover

A Protector's Pride By: NeoRyu777, A Bleach Solo

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If any of you who visit have someone who you think might be interested in adopting a Story Idea or two, please tell them. These poor bunnies are wasting away and I haven't the ability to properly care for them... (Side note: If you do chose to adopt a story, or even one of my ideas, please mention me, and give me a link to so I can read the story too...

1. X-Over: Solo/Crossover: A young human, (I say that because of a reason i will explain later on) dies in a horrible accident. They wake up in a white wold where a Voice gives them a chance to go somewhere else. Being an anime freak, they begin to list various series they like. Once they chose, they are able to step through a 'doorway' to go to that world. In the transfer, they are told they can gain an ability of their choice, for a price. They chose and then blacks out. In the first world, they wake up as a child, and the opposite gender that they started off as. They then find a note that says all prices are final.

You can either have the prices compound by being something different each time, or just have the person 'reset' after each adventure. Also, if you chose the compound option, then the abilities need to transfer over as well. Voice is benevolent after all, and has a strict business sense. You paid the price, so the ability is yours to do with as you will.

2. X-Men/Naruto Crossover: Ok, I was just reading Mutant Storm, and it struck me, we don't know Logan's past. That lead me to remembering a story called Yet again, with a little extra help, where the main gist is a person from an alternate dimensions has fun with the characters of the stories dimension.

Anyway, back to Logan. Doesn't remember his past, and has, originally anyway, claws made of bone. What Naruto char also has the ability to manipulate bone? What if Logan was his brother, and they were both caught by Orochimaru and both got the disease? So Orochimaru messes with both of them after they get the same sickness. The treatment Orochimaru uses on Kimimaro leaches the older brother of his skin pigmentation, turning him albino. The younger survives the tests and gets better due to his gaining of a potent healing factor, so he was a candidate for his new body. But then his body's healing factor grew powerful enough to start to reject the curse seal. Also messes with his bloodline, making it so he can only create claws, senses enhanced, stuff like that. Think Orochimaru got his hands on some Inuzuka gene samples, maybe from Danzō. Anyway, the seal fails, so Orochimaru decided to dispose of him, asking a favor from Itachi (also so he could get more info on his abilities, namely the properties of the Kamui so he could maybe turn it into a weapon against Madara). Now Logan is in a new world, with a semi-destroyed curse seal, which has blocked off his memories.

What if the seal finally fails completely and he remembers about his brother, and more, calls in a favor from, say, Reed Richards, to get him back home, maybe taking a few friends with him?

3. Naruto Solo: Something happens to the seal when Naruto is young and he gets turned into a fox with gold fur and blue eyes, except when hes pissed, then he goes all red and gains multiple tails. Also, I want him to be adopted by Hinata. If Naruto gains a human form later, that's cool, but I want him to spend most of his time being and doing, fox stuff. Like being adorable and pulling animal pranks. Also, maybe an empathic bond forms between the two of them so they can talk, like the Inuzuka clan can with their dog partners.

4. Naruto/Elvin Lied crossover: Naruto either gets the Vectors naturally, (being a descendant of the Queen Diclonius (Lucy) or he figures out how to do the same thing with the Kyuubi's Yokai. I also want him to be very smart, but apathetic. Like a blond-haired Nara. He specializes in using his arms and Fuinjutsu (Sealing Jutsu) because his arms can draw them on people at the speed of thought without them noticing, namely by scraping off the dead top layer of skin instead of using ink. Oh, also, either way, the arms are invisible to all Dōjutsu users, either through them being a new form of energy(inherited), training, or a seal that blocks them(creates them).

5. Marvel/Naruto crossover: Dr.Banner, in an attempt to finally, once and for all, get rid of the Hulk, decides to create a dimensional portal and activate it while standing inside of it, tearing the Hulk out of him, body and mind, and banishing him to what he thinks is a Void Dimension; One that hasn't had the chance to come into being yet. But it is actually the buffer Between worlds, so when Minato summons the Death God, the Hulk gets re-directed to the Naruto world, who falls in just in time to take the hit that would have killed Naruto's parents. Hulk, taking offense to that, promptly begins to smash the tar out of the Kyuubi. HULK SMASH STUPID FOX!!! Mostly for fun, but if someone can make multi-shot out of it, more power to ya!

6. Naruto/Nano Breaker crossover: Basically, Naruto gets 'killed' and is then revived as a person made of nano-machines. Totally God Power Naruto.

7. Harry Potter/Steven Burst crossover: Dark/Light Harry gets gets his hands on/bonds with one of the 17 great Morganti weapons. Om nom nom Tom... (not Blackwand, Godslayer, Iceflame, Pathfinder or Nightslayer, because they already have owners. Unless of course, you can come up with a plausible way to transfer ownership).

8. Harry Potter solo: Taking place after the DoM, but before OotP. After being sent back to the Dursleys, and being completely isolated by order of Dumbledore, Harry slips into a grief-filled state. The Dursleys then decide that now would be a good time to unload on him, hopefully 'breaking' his magic, since he is weakened. He survives, but it grievously injured. His magic, out of self preservation, initiates his Animagus transformation. In the process, He looses all of his memories and is almost completely overwritten by the animal's side, retaining only a minor sense of self. It doesn't really matter what animal. He flees and is picked up by a child (Muggle if he isn't obviously a magical creature, like a dog or a cat, Magical if he is.) Anyway, he regains a few memories during a death-eater attack on his new family. He then sets out trying to figure out who he is. It can be whatever pairing strikes your fancy, even slash, so run wild. Also, he doesn't regain his human memories, or form, in totality until the final battle.

9. Harry Potter and Fate stay/night crossover: You know how Shirou Emiya had Avalon put inside of him, and how it granted him abilities? Well, Harry gets a sweet one-year-old present from a mysterious woman. The bonding of himself and a Anti-Magic weapon without peer. Rule Breaker. That's how he survived. Now, for as long as he has magic, nothing magical can hurt him. Bash and manipulative/evil whoever you want to your heart's content!

10. Harry Potter/Xanth crossover: Yeah...I just came up with the idea, in what proportions and who is involved is up to you.

11. Naruto Solo: A lemon version of Bondage Style!. Wither permission from the original author, of course.

12. Harry Potter Solo: Voldemort has found the Boy-Who-Lived's weakness. Harry is a closet exhibitionist. Voldemort, after capturing him and finding it out, then uses that weakness to ruthlessly break down Harry and turn him into his sex-slave/pet. I want it to be an accident that he finds out, like, he had his minions take Harry's clothes to prevent him from escaping so easily, but it has some, rather obvious effects on Harry. No cheating, that includes potions and spells that strip (he he) away free will or choice. Getting him drunk is pushing it, because that wears off eventually, and even if it doesn't, it damages him. Somewhere I want the line:

H: "You won't break me!"

V: "Oh Harry, I don't want to break you...If I break my toys, I can't play with them anymore..."

(I've tried my hand, and I feel I've failed miserably for what I truly wanted...)

13. Harry Potter solo: Harry Is a master at Glamors. In fact, he is so good they can physically interact with reality. Point in fact, he hasn't been able to actually speak since he was a year and a half old, due to the Dursleys, more specifically, Vernon, who used a pocketknife to remove Harry's vocal cords, in an effort to get him to stop crying. His 'Totally Just Punishment' for being a Freak, of course. (goes after Vernon with a fully fueled chain-saw)

14. Harry Potter/Fate Stay/Night crossover: Set after OotP. Harry, crippled by guilt over the death of his godfather, runs away. He doesn't get far before the Death Eaters surround him. Shirou Emiya, Magis Killer, Counter Guardian, stumbles upon Diagon Alley, where he runs into and then saves Harry. Slash and Het. Harry/Lupin Shirou/Saber (aka Arthura Pendragon)

15. Naruto Solo: During the exams, Naruto manages to pull of a long-distance Kawarimi with Sasuke and get's Orochimaru's Seal instead. What happens next is up to you.

16. Harry Potter/Monty Python crossover: Forth year, Harry and Arthur take a wrong turn, and end up at a...different... ministry.

17. Harry Potter/Monty Python crossover: Forth year, Harry gets some help at the graveyard by a certain legendary king, and a few pounds of divine explosive...

18. Harry Potter solo: While trying to become an animagus, Harry, through some accident/ritual-gone-wrong, merges with his inner animal instead of transforming into it. Furry!Harry (or Scaly if you decide his form is reptilian) (possibly adopted soon by Writers-Anonymous13 (formerly sexyslytheringoddess012!)

19. Harry Potter/Naruto crossover: Harry passes by Konoha and is pissed off about how the people are treating Naruto, stopping a mob from beating him/cutting him apart/lighting him up/on fire. So he does what his Hero-Thing usually demands he does: Stand up and challenge the oppressors. After getting the story, he wants to adopt him and take Naruto away from the village. They say no, so Harry challenges them to a fight, winner take Naruto. He makes all involved sign a Binding Contract to get rid of any cheating. I also want this scene.

Danzō : *is fighting and getting his ass kicked, due to the fact that the implanted eyes have no effect on Harry, due to Harry not actually being able to see, his glasses having been knocked off and broken earlier* ROOT! *they appear and surround Harry and start to close in. Suddenly they stop and then drop dead. Danzō starts to sweat as he feels his heart start to fail* What is happening?! I have not broken any rule! They are my ROOT! My Tools!

Harry: *picks up his glasses and repairs them before he puts them back on, glaring at Danzō* Well, according to the Powers That Bind, they are not, therefor you cheated. Good night, you bloody bastard.

20. Harry Potter/Adventure Quest crossover: Harry, chased by Vampires and Werewolves during the final battle, stumbles upon one of the oldest creatures in the world. And is then, promptly, made into a willing Pet. Deathwing/Harry Slash. Oh, Voldemort makes an appearance, only to have his head bitten off. Literally.

21. Harry Potter/Elfin Lied crossover: Revenge fic. Coming into his magic inheritance while still a child, he discovers a shocking fact. He is royalty, through his mothers side. His mother's name wasn't originally Lilly. It was Lucy, Queen of the Diclonius. Unlocking his horns (I know that the male Diclonius have rounded horns, but I think he would look so much cuter with the cat-ear ones) and vectors, he decides that enough is enough, no more. Harry then systematically begins to take down all who have ever hurt him, starting with the Dursleys. M rating at least please.

22. Harry Potter/Naruto crossover: Itachi is a family friend of the potters. Sent to the outer world to spy on things, he is quickly attacked by death eaters, trying to bring him in for his power, and is rescued by the Potters. They become friends and comrades. Before he has to leave to report back, he promises that if anything should happen, he would take care of Harry. When he gets back from the elemental nations, he finds the Potters dead, Sirius imprisoned, Wormtail gone and Harry in an abusive home. Yeah, not happening. General light-side bash, Manipulative/borderline evil!Dumbledore. Magical Itachi. Loses the ability to use his chakra after blood-adopting Harry, instead gains the equivalent reserves of magic. Free-use Mangekyō Sharingan, as Magic negates the corrosion of the optics with use, also, no bleeding. Not an Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan Itachi story.

23. Harry Potter/Addams Family crossover: AU fic. Gomez is immortal, so to cope, he forms a family to share his eternity. After a failed experimental potion by his Grandmama, Gomez finds himself in the past. Deciding to make good on this chance to wreak some havoc. He swoops in and picks up baby Harry from the Dursleys. After all, who can say that they ever had the chance to truly help themselves? Oh, and the rest of the family is along for the ride as well because, after all, nothing is more important then Family. Satis libenter illi epulandos apponere volenti nobis (We gladly feast upon those who would subdue us) Gomez is Harry Potter, Master of the Deathly Hollows.

24. Harry Potter solo: I want a story where the magic-users get their asses handed to them by a muggle. Like the father of a muggle-born is pissed about how the school is handling things like Voldemort, and decides that a little weapon's demonstration is in order. He has Dumbledore put up his strongest magical shield, and then proceeds the shoot the shit out of it with various grades of ammunition. Like incendiary, or explosive-tipped rounds. Example of Dialog

RM: Ok, we are going to, what that you call fighting? Oh, right. Duel. You and me are going to duel. You will use spells that are different colors and leave splatters when they hit. Different colors mean different spells. I will be using this paintball gun I've modified to be as close to the real thing as possible. I will only be using one color. Red. As in your blood leaving your body as I drill holes in it. Or, We could use the real thing to see how you stack up.

RM*points at Dumbledore* You are supposed to be the strongest here, right?

AD: *Nods bemusedly*

RM: Alright then. I want you to pump in every iota of magic you have into a shield, I want you to pour so much into that shield that when it comes down and you fall into a month-long coma to regain your magic. I don’t want some pussy-ass excuse like ‘but he didn’t try his harrrdesst’ All or nothing ass-wipe.

Area: *people look shocked, but AD is still amused, right up until the point that the tracer rounds slide through his strongest magical shields like they aren't even there*

25. Harry Potter solo: Harry potter, after being beaten to within an inch of his life by Vernon after the first instance of accidental magic, he comes into contact with his Animagus form, a small unassuming snake that, when threatened, responds with a trio of powerful attacks, Blades, Venom and Stare, for his form is a Razorback Basilisk. Unlike their more widely know cousins, these snakes never get any bigger then your average python, as well as their venom not being as potent. Their deadly stare is the same. But, what it lacks in size and toxicity, it makes up in blinding speed and retractable blades that are concealed under every scale along it's entire length. Not only that, this snake can also adapt to practically any condition, from sub-arctic, to the heart of a volcano. If they stay separate, or he merges with his snake form is up to you.

The original concept (i think, he/she is the first i read of it, but he/she may have gotten it from somewhere else) is from the story: War By Flemingo. Good story. Yes, I know that my version is much smaller. That's cuz I want Harry to be more of a speed-freak, then a powerhouse. See Fighting Truths below.

26. Harry Potter solo: Harry gets pissed off by Snape's treatment of him (Or Dumbledore's non-treatment). Letting his inner Snake come out to play, he tricks the professor into an oath to trade places with him for one year, birthday to birthday. Using an obscure spell, they switch bodies, after arranging it so that Harry-(Snape or Dumbledore) has the year off, so as to not mess any positions of authority. Ultra abusive!Dursleys.

27. Bleach/Final Fantasy crossover: After wounding the Menos that was lured by Uryū's bait, Ichigo's sword started to release massive amounts of energy, knocking Uryū out. But the sword doesn't explode, it evolves into it's true shikai state. That of the Buster Sword. The sword's spirit, Zangetsu, realizes that there is no one in that world that can teach his Master to fight effectively, so he uses the leftover energies of the evolution to open a portal to Gia, dropping Ichigo in the middle of a training session between Zack and Sephiroth. After training there for a couple months, the portal is opened again, this time by Kisuke Urahara. Just as he is leaving, he hears that Sephiroth has gone nuts, but is too far into the portal to turn back. Cannon from there on, except for small things. His Bankai is Sephiroth's Sword, while still having the original's speed.

28. Bleach/Legacy of Kain crossover: After getting his ass handed to him by Ichigo, Kenpachi Zaraki decides it it time to truly try to hear his Zanpakutō's name, instead of just relying on his own strength. Borrowing one of the dolls that Kisuke Urahara created for the Bankai training, Kenpachi rams his sword into it. After a flash of light, he is brought face to face with his sword's spirit. The Vampire Lord, Kain. The Elder God makes an appearance as an incredibly ancient Hollow (maybe even The First Hollow).

29. Harry Potter solo: After Sirius's death, Harry is sent back to the Dursleys, where the full loss hits him hard, shattering all the barriers between Harry and his Core. Attracted by the power and grief emitted by Harry, a Demon is summoned. The Demon, Quark, then decides to bond with Harry, feeling the hand of fate involved with his summons, as well as Magic's touch. Quark is a Cancellation Demon. He is about the size and shape of a well-fed house cat, with a twisted sense of humor and irony. His ability is the cancellation of energy. After a debate about his seemingly one-use ability, Harry snags a science book that Dudley brought home from Smeltings. Cue cries of 'What has science done?!'. *hint* Light, Sound, Movement and Magic are all forms of energy... =.=

30. Harry Potter solo Fifth year. His immune system compromised by both the malnutrition and abuse the Dursleys have inflicted on him over the summer, combined with the stress and blood loss from Umbridge's detentions, Harry falls deathly ill. This forces several people to re-evaluate what they know of Harry, as the list of damages grows ever longer. And to think, all it took was one diagnostic spell to receive a little jolt. Draco-Harry or Harry-Snape. Or both. Intense Poppy. (possibly adopted soon by Writers-Anonymous13 (formerly sexyslytheringoddess012!)

31. Fairy Tail/Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Tsuna Gets dropped into the Fairy Tail world after an accident happens with the machine to send him and his friends back in time after dealing with Byakuran. There he is forced to join the guild after his powers attract the attentions of a few unscrupulous people. (I want him to train to the point where he can activate the Hyper-intuition mode at will instead of having to use his pills; him running out of pills at a critical moment would be the trigger for that train of thought. I also really want the scene where he uses the Zero-Point Breakthrough to adsorb either the attack of the Phantom Lord's cannon, or the blast that hits the tower of heaven.) Serious/Driven!Tsuna not Godlike!Tsuna.

32. Bleach/Code Lyoko crossover: While fighting against a hollow that has adapted to move through power-lines and attack through anything that uses electricity, Orihime gets sucked into a computer. When she comes to, she finds herself in a strange new world, inhabited by these strange creatures that have this weird Eye insignia on them. While wandering, she stumbles across a battle. Rushing in to save the three teens, she gets involved in a desperate war. A boy with brown hair and a sword, a purple cat boy who uses arrows, and a young girl with pink hair are her current companions. While healing them, she asks what is going on, and what this place is. Set after Aizen has been defeated and Lyoko has been destroyed. Orihime/Odd, Ulrich/Yumi, Aelita/Jeramey.

33. Harry Potter solo: Harry interrupts what he thinks is an attack on Draco Malfoy, jumping in front of a potion that was thrown at him. But it was a set-up. The potion is a Devotion potion that had been spiked with Amorata, to increase it's potency and make it semi-permanent. At first, Malfoy is elated, forcing harry to do whatever he wants, including wearing nothing but a collar, with Malfoy holding the leash. Soon, the tables turn as Malfoy realizes he has feelings for his new slave. Hardcore Slash Harry/Draco. Includes as many kinks as you want. (Except for scat/watersports Please.)

34. Harry Potter solo: After an attempt to go back in time to kill Riddle goes wrong, Harry watches again as Voldemort slaughtered his family, stuck in the form of a wraith. Seeing the aftermath play out yet Again, Harry decides to merge with his younger self, but it goes wrong, so instead of just transferring his memories, allowing him to fade out, his spirit latched on and then destroyed Voldemort's Horcrux, taking it's place. Realizing the opportunity, he then helps and talks to Little Harry (LH), telling him all about things, unlocking the Power He Knows Not early. The ability to selectively negate, and immunize himself against magic. The first part is already used, making him immune to the Avada Kedavra. He then decides to make LH Immune to all forms of mind-magics next. Imagine the Older Harry's (OH) surprise when things start happening radically different from the first time around. How many of OH's (Original Harry) decisions were actually His the first time around? Slash Harry/Draco Grey/Apathetic/Slythrin!Harry Manipulative!/Evil!Dumbledore, General Light Side Bash.

35. Harry Potter solo: Remember the dream that Harry has after the sorting feast? What would have happened had he remembered, and whats more, heeded that dream, asking for a transfer to Slythrin?

36. Harry Potter/Naruto crossover: Getting sick and tired of always losing or breaking his glasses, Harry starts looking for alternatives. While walking down Knockturn Alley, Harry stumbles across an out of the way shop with multiple strange emblems carved into a metal band and framed with a multicolored cloth with the name Kekkei Gen-tacts. Walking in, he sees that it is a shop with four sets of glass eyes, displaying strangely colored contacts. Looking closer, he saw labels beneath each one with a Name and a sign that said Description on Demand.

One that is a solid lavender color. (Byakugan)

One that is a solid, glowing red. (Ranmaru's Kekkei Genkai (Does it have a name?)

One looks like it has three concentric rings surrounding the pupils. (Rinnegan)

One with three little black tomoe slowly spinning around the pupil. (Sharingan)

Reminded of Voldemort, and deciding to take a page out of Voldemort's book of How to Intimidate Your Enemies-TM, (Rule one: Having Weird Eyes Will Amplify Your Glares) Harry decides to get a pair. After paying the price, Harry gets them put in, getting tied up and teased in a rather kinky procedure by a tall, well-built man who apparently had chosen the Ripple-eye pattern himself. (The Original Sage of Six Paths. He survived the unsealing and the splitting, and then died for a short time before his body restarted itself. Because he wasn't a baby when It happened, the yokai was poisoning him slowly. With the beast/beasts gone, his body was able to restore itself.)

When Harry wakes up, he is in his room at the Leaky Caldron, with a small slip of paper pinned to his chest explaining that the contacts are now permanently fused to his eyes, and how the contacts impart a special set of abilities. After a bit, and some time in front of a mirror, Harry learns how to turn the contact's effects on and off. His vision is now perfect, abilities on or off. (Your choice of what he chooses. How he learns to use them obviously differs. The eyes, in their activated state also take on his natural eye color, so the eyes would glow, if they glowed in the first place, would be colored green, rather then their usual coloration. Example, with the Sharingan, the eye would be green, with the little black commas (tomoe) spinning around the pupil.) Set after the Tri-Wizard Tournament, but Before OoTP. Sirius is still alive. Depending on if you want Godlike!Harry. After eventually Killing Voldemort, Harry then is hounded by peoples so much, he wishes to be elsewhere, to be normal. The contacts respond and, using the power of the Deathly Hollows that he gathered, opens a portal to the Elemental Nations, where he makes a new life for himself, relishing his anonymity, until he wanders across Konoha, in the aftermath of the Kuubi's attack. Adopts Naruto. Grey! Powerful!Harry, Bi!Harry.

37. D.Grey-Man/Naruto crossover: Allen, on his eternal quest to hunt down the Earl and his Noah, finds himself lost in a place called the Elemental Nations. Seeing someone with hair like his, he walks up and starts asking some questions. Little does he know the this is Juraya, the Gallant Toad Sage, writer if Ichi Ichi and proudly proclaimed Super Pervert. Sometimes he thinks that it would have been better to have never gone with Cross... Set just after Naruto's acceptance as a Genin. Slash. Allen/Kakashi.

38. Harry Potter solo: Harry is sick and tired of his scholastic life being one disaster after another. So when his name pops out of the Goblet, he snaps. Summoning the sword of Gryffindor, he brings the sword down and splits the Goblet in half, shouting that since he did not put his name in, and that he woulden't compete. Releasing the Spirit within, it promptly starts to sift through Harry's mind, as part of the Rite of Cancellation. Along the way, the Spirit found memories that have been blocked and hidden from Harry. Asking the Spirit to unlock the memories, Harry is confronted with the reality that Dumbledore isn't the kind grandfather that he knows, that the Headmaster is fully aware of the abuse he suffers at home, and that he has discovered magic many times before, only to have the memory of it wiped out. Sickened by Dumbledore's actions, he decides to let his Slytherin side out to play. Along the way, Harry discovers that all it really takes to turn foe to friend and friend to foe, is looking at things in a different light. Harry Against the World fic.

39. Harry Potter/Starcraft crossover: During the fight at the Department of Mysteries, Harry manages to knock Sirius to the floor before Bella's spell hits. Unfortunately, that means he was hit instead. Falling through the Vail, Harry is knocked out. When he comes to, he finds himself laying on the ground. But something is off, it's all squishy. Getting up gingerly, he finds himself next to a weird-looking plant-thing. He begins to wander, and eventually he stumbles across something that looks like a massive cocoon. Putting a hand against it, he is unprepared for the sheer volume of the 'Voice' that demands he tell someone called 'The Overmind' who he was. Deciding to go for broke, he tells the 'Voice' all about him. His life, his family, the deaths that happen around him. Taking pity on the boy, (as well as taking him into the Swarm, because he is very powerful!) The Overmind offers to accept Harry into it's 'Family'. Harry agrees, as having a family is his most desperate wish, and soon has a crystilisk of his own. As he falls asleep, he begins to 'feel' all his brothers and sisters across the stars, welcoming him into The Swarm. At last, he finally Belongs. When he awakes, he looks a Lot different. Pairing whatever, but maybe Slash...plz?

40. Harry Potter/Naruto crossover: When Voldemort tries to possess Harry in the atrium, something unexpected happens. Due to the fact that the spell to create the Horcrux wasn't completed, it never had the power to fully overwhelm Harry's magic and seal itself to him. But when Voldemort possesses Harry, the magic decides to try then to complete itself. Drawing in the rest of Voldemort's soul, it then used the fragment's magic, plus the magic in Voldemort's now soulless body to complete itself. Upside, Voldemort is now completely sealed within Harry's scar, all of the other soul fragments having been sucked in by the magic, and the fact that the soul wishes to be whole. Bad news, Magic took a hand and partially merged them, getting rid of the scar and turning Harry into their worlds first Jinchuuriki, which means 'power of human sacrifice'. The Power He Knows Not.

41. Harry Potter / Fate stay/night crossover: Harry survives the Avada Kedavra because of a promise, an oath made by a lone swordsman, to never stop looking for his love. Harry potter is the reincarnation of the recently freed Counter Guardian: Shirou Emiya, the holder of Avalon, sheath of Excalibur. Harry was protected that day, as he always has been. By Avalon. Reborn, with all his memories, all of his skills, and an essentially infinite number of Magic Circuits in the form of his Magic Core. Granted power by both Fate and Prophesy, Harry once again begins his endless search for his beloved. The magical world is in for a ride. Harry Potter(Shirou Emiya)/Saber(Arthura) (maybe Saber is reborn as well, if you want a more Harry Potter pairing) Magis!Harry, Manipulative/Evil!Dumbledore, Light Side Bash.

42. Beauty and the Beast/Crossover?: You all know the story of the Beauty and the Beast, right? Well, there is a slight problem. The Prince is gay and in denial.

43. Naruto solo: The Third is sick and tired of what the council is doing, and what they are saying to the people. Getting a willing volunteer, the Third revives the Fourth using the Impure World Resurrection. Because the sacrifice was truly willing, the Fourth is completely revived, and not just stuck in a psudo-body. Hell is unleashed when he discovers that the people have ignored his last request.

44. Naruto solo: This time, the leader didn't use the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. He use the variation that would slowly break the Kuubi down by sealing pieces of it in every child in the village as they're born.

45. Ranma 1/2/Kämpfer crossover: Hearing of a way to control his curse, Ranma travels to a certain school in a province nearby. Getting there, Ranma Saotome discovered that there is indeed a way to counteract his curse. By overriding it with a stronger one. The catch? He has the join a proxy war with the fate of two alien civilizations resting on his shoulders. No problem. After all, Ranma Saotome doesn't lose. Set after Ranma's fight with Saffron, and during the time when realization is forming that the Moderators are manipulating the war for their own ends, instead of being the impartial referees they are supposed to be. Ranma Saotome is a Zauber type (Wind would fit him best I think, though if you want a recurring gag, you could make it Water and he keeps getting soaked by his own attacks). Cuz, you know, his entire fighting style is against relying on weapons.

46. Harry Potter/Zach bell crossover: Deciding that he didn't want to spend his birthday with the Dursleys, Harry goes for a walk after the storm lets up. In the shallows around the Island Harry finds a teenager clutching a green book on the shore. Thinking that maybe the book would have the teen's name in it, or else some information on who the book belongs to, Harry opens it up and starts to read. Speaking aloud the first words, He is startled by the Teen glowing green and then waking up. A sit down and some shy looks later, Harry vows that he will help his new friend. Will Harry have enough strength from within to not only defeat Voldemort, but to help his friend earn the title of King of the Mamoto World? And what about his heart? Harry/OC mamoto.

47. Naruto/The Darkness crossover: Well, who would of thought? The Forbidden Scroll of Sealing wasn't just a dumping ground for dangerous techniques. In actuality the scroll itself was sealing something inside, Something that the Sage of Six Paths fought against, and nearly lost. Wasn't it hard enough to have had to deal with el-fuzzy butt? Now he has to deal with something that makes the Kuubi look like a fussy toddler? Enter The Darkness. I wIll FeaSt UpOn yOuR HeArT!

(Tried my hand at it and it is up for adoption. Goes by the name of: Shinobi of Darkness. Has been adopted by shadowdispencer!)

48. Harry Potter/Fable 1/2/3 crossover: The Power He Knows Not, an ancient power, tied to blood and spirit. The Blood and Will of Heroes. Finding a strange crest buried in the ground in the middle of his aunt's garden, Harry is whisked away to Albion, Harry soon finds companionship and friends. 20 years pass for him before Jack of Blades throws him back, ending up only seconds after he left. Watch out world, Hero Potter is here, and he ain't taking your shit. Strong/Confidant/Wandless/Powerful!Harry. (wears the gauntlets that are in Fable 3, but only has the sword spell, as it ended up being his favorite. Because he wears two of the same, the charging is halved and the number of blades summoned is doubled. He can also summon a single one to fight with instead of just launching it at his opponent.)

49. Harry Potter/Naruto crossover: After gaining his animagus transformation, Harry discover that he's a Basilisk, the King of Snakes. After the final battle, when the wizarding world starts to turn on him again, Harry finds himself summoned to the ninja world... Yeah... Orochimaru is in for a nasty surprise...

50. Naruto Solo: Betrayed after the Sasuke retrieval mission, Naruto runs to Orochimaru instead. Accepting on a whim, the snake sanin trains him hard. Along the way, Naruto develops a deep fascination with rock. Song fic. Leaf Bashing. Sound/Song Master Naruto. Burn it Down by Linkin Park.

51. Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover: Harry gets his hands on a deck full of the trap card Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell. Yeah...no spell-launching today.

52. Harry Potter/Code Geuss Crossover: The Power He Knows Not, the eyes of the Emperor. I, Harrison James of the Potter line, command you to die. Intelligent!Harry Grey!Harry.

53. Naruto/Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Crossover: Crack fic. Ninjas are pussies without their chakra. Naruto/OC. This stand creates a mobile zone around it's user where it re-writes the rules to something else. Fall before the might of Parallel Lines!

54. Animorphs/Full Metal Alchemist Crossover: The cube resets your body from your DNA, right? What happens when the elder Elric brother finds a strange cube in the middle of some ruins dedicated to Truth?

55. Harry Potter/Crimson Spell Crossover: In the Chamber of Secrets, It wasn't the sword of Gryffindor that Harry pulled out of the sorting hat. It was a Demonic Blade, a Cursed Blade. After killing the Basilisk and Tom, he makes his way up into the school proper, where he is then captured. Will he remain a prisoner for the rest of his life? Who will be able to tame the beast that he has become? Slash. Tattoo!Harry, powerful!Harry, grey!Harry. Whoever bash if you feel like it.

56. Harry Potter Solo: What if Pettigrew wasn't the only Animagus that was kept as a pet? However, what if this other wizard was locked in his animal form. Poor Trevor...

57. Naruto/X-Men Crossover: Lee...plus Logan's Mutation and Adamantium Bonding procedure that he went through... Yeah... Konoha... Your screwed. For the Indestructible Springtime of Youth is upon you. Kami have mercy...

58. Harry Potter/Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Crossover: The Power He Knows Not. A Stand, by the name of Grand Magus. Abilities? Reality alteration. Not even Magic can compare.

59. Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover: Basilisk venom and Phoenix tears. Two incredibly powerful reagents. What happens when they merge with the Animagus Revelation potion?

60. Naruto/Shaman King Crossover: After his defeat at the hands of his twin, Zeke is brought before Kami and given a choice. Return to the cycle of reincarnation within the Asakuras with his Furyoku bound, Or be sent to a new world entirely, one where he would retain his power and his Guardian Ghost. Taking Kami up on his deal, Zeke is then sent to the Elemental Nations during the second shinobi war. He sets up shop in the Land of Fire, Commissioning the First to make his compound the way he likes. In return, he erects a shield around Konoha to repel and/or destroy malignant spirits. One day, he feels his spell taking powerful hits. Flying over, he arrives in time to see the Kyuubi break through the barrier. Taking affront to something breaking though His spell, he flies down and starts to attack the Kyuubi. What happens next is up to you. Does he win and banish the nine-tail, or does he merely hold it off long enough for the Fourth to seal it. And if the second, what happens to Naruto?

60. Harry Potter Solo: One night, after the lesson with Snape, Voldemort goes on a spree, ultimately causing Harry to suffer a brain aneurysm. Does he live, Will he be a vegetable? Or will he gain the Power He Knows Not? Your choice.

61. Harry Potter/Shaman King Crossover: What would happen if a Shaman performed Spirit Control on an already powerful artifact? Like say, The Elder Wand? Harry is a Shaman!

62. Harry Potter solo: Harry gets pulled into the Wizarding world at 11 and decides that nothing is going to distract him from learning. Unfortunately for a certain Headmaster's plans, Harry first allows himself to be sorted into Slytherin, and then passively rejects all attempts at drawing him into his plots. Uncaring!Harry, Light side bash, Convoluted!Voldemort. (possibly adopted soon by Writers-Anonymous13 (formerly sexyslytheringoddess012!)

63. Naruto/Saw Crossover: After a vicious beating, Naruto is forced to merge with the Kyuubi to survive. He is imprisoned and tortured daily, trying to make him into a tool. Eventually, they succeed. And that's where the problems start, because with Naruto's mind destroyed, there is no buffer between them and the Kyuubi anymore. He escapes, causing lots of property damage, but no deaths. In fact, a good 3/4th of the village has to be condemned and rebuilt. Some time later, someone goes and kidnaps all the kids of the various clans of Konoha. When the perp is caught, the entire village gets pulled into a twisted game of riddles and deathtraps. No problem, right? I mean, their Ninjas! Just one problem. The perp has released a heavy gas over Konoha, shutting down the ability to mold chakra. Hello Konoha. Let's play a little game... Leaf Bashing, Mass character death/maiming. Naruubi is Saw's Apprentice.

64. Harry Potter Solo: A stranger shows up during dinner and confronts Dumbledore about the war in front of all the students.

Albus shakes his head: "Can you not see? For the Greater Good, sacrifices must be made..."

Stranger: "I know that. I understand that sacrifices must be made to win. What I have issue with is the fact that you seem to feel that you alone get to decide who sacrifices what and when. And I notice that you, when you're required to sacrifice something, always arrange it so that you never sacrifice anything you consider of any significant value, or anything that you cannot get back, with interest, at a later date. Hypocrite."

The Stranger points at Lupin: "For example, you put all on the line to allow a Werewolf child to get the education that he was entitled to in the first place. Why did you never continue with that, even if it is only one Were-child a year, or hell, even only one Were child per 7 years, making it so you only have to deal with one until they graduate, and their place taken by a firsty?"

Stranger glares "You did it only once because one Werewolf completely indebted to you is all you needed, your necessary link to convince the other Werewolf packs to rally to you..."

65. Harry Potter/Naruto Crossover: After defeating Voldemort with the Power He Knows Not, he is hounded by the populace to use it for their benefit. So, he decides a change of scenery is in order. Of course, when has his plans ever gone right? Summoned on accident by a desperate nin, Harry is thrown into a world of Ninja. Oh, did I mention that he is now stuck as a basilisk, his animagus form? Grey!Orochimaru, bash if you want. Pairing up to you, as is whether or not he regains his human form.

66. Harry Potter/Naruto Crossover: In his path to defeat the Dark Lord, Harry becomes an Oath Keeper. Tired of the off and on affections of the wizarding world, he flees to a newly discovered portal. Destination, Ninjas.

67. Harry Potter/X-Overs: Harry gains the Power He Knows Not while still a child. The ability to use the abilities of everyone he sees use said power. Voldemort is screwed, because Harry is an Otaku. He gains the power only temporally though, but here is the fun catch. If he uses the ability he copied to gain another, the second one gained becomes a permanent part of his repartee. And the first anime he ever saw was Naruto...

68. Harry Potter/8 Bit Theater Crossover: Love, the Power He Knows Not... Black Mage is not amused. Hadouken!

69. Naruto/Batman Crossover: After finding out about the Kyuubi, Naruto decides to develop a new fighting style based around the Kyuubi's tails. He eventually develops an 18 level style. 9 using his own chakra to simulate tails one through nine, and the remaining nine is him adding the Kyuubi's chakra, tail by tail, to what he already has. Enemies of Konoha...Feel our Dread!

70. Bleach/Familiar of Zero Crossover: When Ichigo gained his own Shinigami powers after Rukia's had been taken by Byakuya's sword-strikes, his sword changed. Now it's a mouthy thing. It's name? Derflinger, sword of the Left hand of God: Gandálfr.

71. Bleach/Familiar of Zero Crossover: Same world as #70, but Ichigo also gets summoned by a familiar pink-haired mage. Post Aizen Arc.

72. Final Fantasy X/InuYasha Crossover: Falling down a well and ending up 5000 years in the past was certainly not what Yuna through was planning for when setting out on her Summoner Pilgrimage. Lost and confused, she soon sees a group fighting against what appears to be a murder of Sinspawn. Lending a hand immerses the young Summoner in a world of Demons and Miko. And she certainly did not count on falling in love. Yuna is a Miko with her summon, Valfor being her sacred animal summon. Naraku is Sin. Yuna/Sesshomaru.

73. Harry Potter/Naruto Crossover: Harry, post second war, is summoned to the Hidden leaf village by mistake. Deciding to help out, as he feels something coming, he puts a spell on the whole of Konoha to make it so that if any of their number kills another member, the reserves of every living thing would take a hit. And then he tells them about it.

74. Harry Potter/Dragon Ball Z Crossover: Harry meets this strange pink creature in the park before the Dementors show up... the same Dementors that are then promptly turned into chocolate by said pink creature. Striking up a friendship with this 'Buu' character may have been the smartest thing he has ever done, second only to introducing him to wizarding sweets. (Buu uses the signatures in the Dark Mark and Harry's scar to add a targeting function to the Genocide Cannon)

75. Harry Potter/ Kyo Kara Maoh Crossover: The Power He Knows Not. Something that Harry finds uncontrollable and unstoppable. Well, with the though processes of a 3 year old, Harry figures that if He can't control it, he'll Create one who Can. Meet Maou, Power incarnate, and sharing Harry's body. Awakens after long exposure to the energies given off by the Thestrals.

76. Familar of Zero/Mega Man X Crossover: Louise summons a reploid made from some person’s attempt at merging x’s personality and Axle’s ability. He promptly starts to absorb magic from those around him, making himself into a mage with an affinity for all five elements.

77. Ranma/Tenchi Muyo! Crossover: Ranma gets turned into a Cabbit by a stray blast from a Turn-You-Into-A-Cabbit ray. Upside, he is rid of the curse, as the magic is consumed by his new biology. Down side? Now he has even More girls gunning for him. Poor Ranma...

78. NCIS/Kekkaishi Crossover: After his family was slaughtered by a bomb set by a resourceful and vengeful demon for sealing off the Karasumori perminantly, Yoshimori moves to America to get away from the memories. There, he is scouted out by the NCIS after he covertly (he thinks) used his ability to diffuse a bomb on a ship that had just made port. Meeting the team, he begins to fall for Abby. Will he be able to keep his secret? Yoshbby! Smart!Yoshimori, Skilled!Yoshimori.

79. Harry Potter Solo: Vernon got smart. He was told that he would get money if he kept the brat under his roof. Unfortunately for the wizarding world, when Harry's first bouts of accidental magic stared happening, he had just finished watching an episode of his favorite crime drama on the telly. Beating the freak unconscious, he then gave Harry an ice-pick lobotomy, destroying Harry's ability to feel and think independently, reducing him to a emotionless doll. Dark-fic.

80. Harry Potter Solo: Harry finds out that the Headmaster's plans for him and runs, useing calm logic to bring to his side all who the old man sends.

"Remus, the American Telly industry has a name for what you are. You are a Token Character. You are the Token Werewolf, like Hagrid is the Token Halfbreed. You're there simply to make him look like a more understanding person. But if you still insist he is good, then I ask you this: Why is it you are the only werewolf, Ever, to go to Hogwarts? Up until that thing with Snape, it was working like a charm, so why didn't he add a few more? Because that would inconvenience him. I mean, he could have made it a thing, and had the 6th and 7th years who wanted to become animagi keep an eye on things. Not only would the wolf get more caretakers, but the 6th and 7th years would get a low-risk way to fully adapt to their animal forms!"

81. Naruto Solo A different ending to the Blood Prison movie. Disillusioned with Konoha after their apparent betrayal, he turns his back on them, managing to escape after the seal placed on him is revoked the first time, as he is not tired/injured from an escape attempt he didn't make, because, now that Konoha threw him away on such weak evidence, where could he go? Smarterbutnotgenius/Naruto

Mui: "You say you were framed?"

Naruto in the cage: "Yes, and if you look at it, you'll see it too! I'm simply not Fast enough to go to Rock, kill a few people, go to Cloud, attack the Rikage, and then get back to Konoha in the span of one night! I even have witnesses who were with me most of, if not all of the previous nights! So I Can't have done it, simply because I didn't have the Time to do so! For Kami-sakes! I know I look a little like him, but I'm not the Forth!"

Is confronted by Tsunade and the others* "You did good on this mission Naruto! No one suspected you!"

Looks down, his hair covering his eyes* "No one suspected, huh? That's right, even I didn't suspect me."

Tsunade and co are put on edge by his tone. He then looks up, his eyes cold. "Now I know why I haven't been allowed to advance. Chunin and above have the right to say 'no' to a mission, if they feel that it is outside of their range of capabilities. Genin don't. There are no laws about that simply because no one thought anyone would be stupid enough to give a High Ranked, S Class mission to a Genin. Not to mention, apparently, making it Solo. So why would you ever give your favorite punching bag and scapegoat the ability to say 'No'...?"

Tsunade and the others look a little uneasy as Naruto turns away. "You know the sad part is though? If you hadn't sent me to him, gift wrapped even, he would have never had the power necessary to open that damn box. You know what he told me as he had me helpless on the table, messing with the Kami-damn seal?"

They start to look worried. "No regular human has what is needed break the final seal on it. Only a Jinchūriki would have the sheer Amount needed. And, on top of that, only the Kyuubi's is hateful and malignant enough to do it."

Glares at them over his shoulder, eyes slitted and red. "So, in a nutshell, your betrayal of me is going to cost everyone."

Turns back and crouches for a jump. "I'm leaving. There is no way I'm going to stay in a place where I can't trust my own friends and family. Keep the headband."

Starts to jump and is caught in a wood bind. "Your not going anywhere Naruto! If you would just calm down and-" She is cut off by Naruto laughing, a cold, empty laugh. "Did you honestly think you would be able to catch me with that shit again? I'm not so stupid that I wouldn't learn from my mistakes. By the way, Boom."

The shadow clone he had sent to talk with them explodes, showering all of them with burning shrapnel. A few miles away Naruto feels his clone's 'death' as he asks the Toad Boss to revoke the contract so that he cannot be reverse-summoned.

82. Harry Potter/Transformers Crossover: The All-Spark drifted through space after the destruction of Cybertron. As it drifted, it began to be cocooned in debris. Eventually, the cube released it's energies, causing a planet to be born around it. This new planet was then snared by the gravitational pull of a Milky Way sun. Under the rays of a new sun, Life began, and evolved. But it took two paths. One, was just your average, ordinary Fleshlings. But the other, those Fleashlings learned how to tap into the power of the All-Spark to do amazing feats. And as the fleashlings worshiped, the 'soul' of the cube took on certain characteristics. She had become intelligent, a Mother to those she blessed with a Spark of their own. She became Gia. She became Magic. Fast forward a couple of billion years, and we see Gia losing her children to a planet-wide war. The mundanes, or muggles, had found her children, and had decided that if they could not wield her power, then none would. As the atom bombs fell, Gia bonded to her chosen child, and created a space-bridge to another world, using the signature of the spark itself in both worlds to act as tie-in points. Enter Harry Potter, Chosen of Magic, and the human Avatar of the All-Spark. AU Covers all three movies. Two All-Sparks make things more interesting.

83. Harry Potter Solo: Hermione and Harry change places due to a time-space spell gone wrong, combining the best of their mental/magical traits with the best of the other. They, on their trip to Digon ally, Harry and Hermione (in eachother's bodies) finds that (after McGonagall tries to hit her/him with it after his magic spikes a bit after being 'told' what a mudblood is) the teachers who escort the muggleborns around have a disturbing tendency to bind the magic of exceptionally powerful muggleborns and halfbloods (either without telling them, or to brush them off with an 'I'll tell you later' and hope that they forget to ask again) to 'prevent the others from getting jealous'. Harry then goes on a rant about how muggleborns have purer magic because they don't have the multiple, and often contradictory family magics battling themselves to establish what is dominant, thus tying up a massive amount of their essence, as His/Her power level continues to spike, eventually driving everyone in the vicinity to their knees. Sorcerer!Harry Sorcerer!Hermione General light bashing Manipulative!Light side in general.

84. Zatch Bell/Harry Potter Crossover: Offspring of Brago adopts Harry. LSB (Light Side Bash), Manipulative!Dumbledore, Evil!Dumbledore, Apathetic!Voldemort, Slash.

85. Harry Potter Solo: "No. I refuse. I was barely strong enough to live to that point the first time, and that was with the strength granted by ignorance. How could I possibly live through that again now knowing what I do now? No, I refuse, I won't, I Can't live through that again. Either let it die with me, or find another savor. With your power, you could easily transfer it to someone else, someone who stands a better chance then me." Forced Do-Over story.

86. Harry Potter: Deathfic. Dark side wins. Draco Malfoy is a Veela, and has revealed that Harry is his Mate. Ecstatic, Dumbledore quickly reigns in the straight and protesting youth. So sure that everything he wanted will come true, he traps Harry into the bonding with a potion/contract. A few days after leaving Hogwarts for their Honeymoon, Harry's broken, bloody and dead body is strung up against the wall in the atrium of the Ministry, along with a note, written in Harry's blood, thanking Dumbledore for his hard work, and an open invitation to the bonding ceremony between Draco and his True mate, Blase.

87. Harry Potter: Post Triwizard tournament. After coming back from the Graveyard, Harry has a complete mental breakdown, refusing to listen to the Headmaster and wanting to run as far as he can and as soon as he can. Dumbledore tricks Harry into making an oath that he would not use his magic against him. As soon as the oath is finalized, Dumbledore puts Harry under the Imperious, Harry's own magic will not let him fight it, so is forced to become a literal puppet to the headmaster's will. One problem. Death doesn't like having his Master messed with. Master of Death Harry. (Inherits the cloak, owns the ring by right of conquest, manages to knock the wand out of Dumbledore's hand before succumbing to the curse)

88. Ranma/Kyoko Hitman Reborn Crossover: Thrown from his reality by a plot between rivals, and into a world where people getting shot in the head activates a flame ability, Ranma struggles to adapt. "Where the hell am I now?" Set at the beginning of Reborn, but Post Saffron. How would Tsuna be different if Reborn wasn't his only home tutor?

89. Naruto Solo: Seriously, there needs to be one with Naruto saying the whole Legion thing. Seriously, he is custom made for that role!

90. Harry Potter solo: Harry does the triwizard tournament like various holy men, Saint Peter and the dragon, Moses parting the red sea, that sort of thing.

100. Ranma/Kingdom Hearts: As shadows gather to threaten those he cares for, Ranma hears tales of a Ki blade that has great power that can only be welded by the pure of heart. Unfortunately, something was lost in translation. It is, instead, a Key Blade.

101. Ranma Solo/Crossover: Ranma has had enough. After one too many blows to the head, his Darker side takes over. He then challenges all of the NWC to a one-on-one, one after another, winner takes all fight. Then he proceeds to mercilessly hospitalize each and every one of them, starting with his father. He ends it with him telling Akane some truths she doesn't want to hear while choking the life out of her after shattering all the bones in her arms and legs.

102. Ranma/Marvel or DC Crossover: Reeling from the disaster of the failed wedding, in which a stray Ki shot from Ryoga/poisoned weapon from Musse kills Akane, Ranma joins an exchange student program to the USA to hopefully get some time away from Nerima to think. While wandering around, Ranma witnesses a shootout between police and some villains. Before he can step in to help, one of the officers gets gunned down in front of him, shielding him from bullets he could have easily smacked out of the air. Ranma decides there and then that he is going to do something about the disturbingly high mortality rate of the cops. He decides to teach them his Art. Post Saffron Arc. Serious, AlmostGodlike!Ranma.

103. Naruto/Dragon Ball Z crossover: Tunade can summon slugs, right? And Piccolo's people are descended from slugs, right? Sooooo, if she put enough chakra into it...would she be able to summon him? Or Saratobi Summoning Son Goku?

104. Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning/ Lord of the Rings crossover: After defeating the Fledgling Mad God, our hero gets dropped into middle earth just before the fellowship reaches the Mines of Moria. What will happen when one who is unbound by Fate goes against the Powers of the world?

105. Ranma/Lord of the rings Crossover: Ranma, after stopping Happosai again, is drop-kicked into the LotR verse, on the Hobbits' way to Brie. He helps out by keeping the ring in his hidden weapon's space, thus trapping the ring in a pocket dimension, cutting it off from the outside so it cannot act as a beacon to the ringwraiths. Can have seen the movie/read the book beforehand, or just going in without a clue, your choice.

106. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!/Fairy Tail: Tsuna, after losing all of his Guardians (dead, broken, turned traitor, your choice), is banished from his world by Xanxus. Broken and alone, he is found and taken in by Gildarts. During Gildarts's battle with the black dragon Acnologia, Tsuna, in an act of desperation, unlocks his sky-flame in it's totality, saving Gildarts from losing his arm and leg. Realizing he would only get lucky once, Guildarts decides to stop, causing him to return to the guild early, just in time for Tsuna to take on and absorb the blast of the Magical Convergent Cannon - Jupiter. TsuArts. No original guardians, I'm tired of stories that drag them in too, I want one where it is just Tsuna.

107. Harry potter Solo: Based on a thought sparked by MidnightEmber's Individual, what if Harry was only supposed to be James's double, and when he was not, the Light decided to sacrifice him in a ritual to bring back Harry's father?

108. My Little Pony Solo: Basically a self insert, where the brony in question, after discovering he is a Unicorn, decides to help out in any way he can, all the while studying Pony magic and using his knowledge of other stories magics to weave a ward around himself to keep him from being effected by malicious magics. When the time comes for Tirek to show himself, he completes his final spell, approaching the evil doer after the girls open the box, but are unable to overwhelm him. Transporting himself and Tirek to an island and unleashes it, sacrificing himself to hold Tirek in place so he couldn't escape at the last moment. Inspired by watching the Summer Sun Celebration that inspires Twilight (also the story Desperately Seeking Ranma by PixelWriter1) He makes a spell that summons a massive amount of power and then condenses it down until it hits critical mass and achives fusion to destroy Teric at the cost of his own life. He leaves behind a letter naming the spell, Crediting the Princess of the sun with it's inspiration. Celestial Impact.

109. Naruto Solo: Joke for a crack fic. Naruto puts seals in the inside of all of Sasuke's shirts that bind his chakra a bit. He then goes on a rant that Sasuke is a shounen action hero because he always gets stronger after he takes off his shirt.

110. Naruto Solo: Seal master naruto. To complete his Mastery, naruto creates a special seal. Finding out later that the entire village has turned on him again, he creates a seal array that surrounds Konoha and judges all within. Innocents stay, the guilty and the village itself get transported into the middle of Makai. The ultimate GO TO HELL!!! Inspired by A Hero's Journey By: Iron Legends13

111. My Little Pony Solo/Stargate: SG1/Stargate: Atlantis: A long time ago, an immortal being decided that he hated what the rest of his kind did, so he made a weapon that could kill them. He decided to power it by using hatred. Being clever, he created a planet where Hatred Class Emotional Absorption (HCEA) was grafted onto every single molecule that was, or would be made. The machine is powerful enough to adsorb all hatred felt, but not enough that it would stop those living there from not feeling the emotion in the first place. Welcome to Equestria, the world of Peace, Harmony and the charging platform of the eternal destruction point: Immortal's Bane.

112. Harry Potter Solo: Oneshot: Vernon takes a more direct hand in stopping Harry from going to Hogwarts, snapping Harrys neck after Hagrid asked him what he would do to stop him. (Have tried my hand at it: When one is pushed too far…)

113. Naruto Solo/Crossover: The Kyuubi is a Guardian, keeping something worse away. Inspired by the song What Does the Fox Say.

114. Naruto Solo: In a bar, some Jonin find out something horrible. The civilian counsel is primed to take over the village, and short of going missing nin, there isn't anything they can do to stop it.

Counsel member "Our defense is almost impregnable!"

Anko "Oh really? Only almost?"

Counsel member "Well, we haven't managed to yet put through the law where you ninja will be arrested and executed for daring to hurt a civilian if you strike us, thus making it possible for us to discipline you like the dogs you are without you being able to do a thing to stop it. Soon, though, soon. We will be in control. This will no longer be a ninja village that happens to contain civilians, it will be a civilian town with Ninja serving our every whim, just as it Should be!"

{Various Nin look horrified}

Counsel member "And the best part is, it doesn't matter if you know or not anymore! We have already passed all of the core laws needed to allow us to do it! And as the cherry on top, the only way to revoke those laws is with a 90% vote, which, because it involves civilians, and therefore the civilian counsel, it will Never Happen! And if you try to quit, we won't accept it, so if you try to leave anyway, you will be made a missing nin and executed, and all of your funds and resources will be taken and used as we see fit!"

115. Bleach/D.Greyman Crossover: Ichigo, after being sentenced to execution by being trapped in the Dungai until he is erased by the cleaner by the Central 46, finds a green, weakly glowing item. Feeling a sense of pain and helplessness from it, he tries to pump some of his Hollow Reaitsu into it to give it the ability to regenerate itself. Instead, it purifies his inner hollow and merges with it, adapting into a Parasitic type (really dislike that qualification, should be Symbiont) Innocence. He is then drawn into the D.Greyman world in time to protect Allan's Innocence from Tiki. Set after the Hell movie.

116. Harry Potter Solo/Crossover?: Harry, after hearing about it for the first time, asks a simple question. "If the unforgivable curses are so bad, how come no one has put them under a Fidelius?"

117. Harry Potter Solo/Crossover?: In an attempt to shame Dumbledore into actually Doing something, Harry decides to embrace the headmaster's pacifistic belief to the extreme, refusing to even throw spells at the DE's and Voldemort because 'That might hurt them, which would make me as bad as them. I am a Follower of the Light, and I Refuse to sink to their level!'

118. Fate/Stay Night/Star Wars Crossover: Waking up in the middle of a desert is unpleasant enough, but add in the Three Suns? Yeah, Toto, I'm not in Fuyuki anymore... Set in Episode 1 and After the destruction of the Holy Grail. How Anakin would grow up with a real Hero by his side?

119. Mass Effect/Heroic Age Crossover: What if the race that came before the Protheans wasn't as gone as people thought? What if they fled to a different galaxy, where they stumbled across three warring races? What if, after they left, they left a gate for those races, knowing that they would have a chance to beat the Reapers?

120. Star Wars/Bleach Crossover: Things were going pretty badly for the Manalorians during the war. That was, until they stumbled across the tomb/prison, buried under the surface of a long-since dead world, of a man who Lived their creed. Never stop moving forward, If you retreat, you'll age, if you hesitate, you die.

121. Bleach/InuYasha Crossover: While touring the various shrines, Ishida stumbles across a girl being dragged into a well by a shadowy figure. Leaping to her aid, he gets dragged 500 years into the past. Once there, Ishida discovers that he can now sense something familiar about the girl. Asking her to try his cross activates a bow made of pink light, shocking both. Ishida then decides to stick around and teach this new Quincy (he thinks). Ishu/Gome. (maybe even throw in a plot about Ishida being the origin of Quincy powers, and maybe even a corruption thing from Naruku to make it that their arrows destroy souls instead of purifying them, and so they set out to purify them again.) Because, seriously. Eveyone conplaines about how useless Kagome is, but they never get somone to actually Teach Her?! WTF?!

122. Seventh Tower/Persona Series Crossover: Yeah, there has to be one. Please?

123. Harry Potter/Helsing Crossover: What if in second year, the Basilisk was a red herring? Simply Salazar's version of fuzz therapy, a pet to snuggle when he wanted to de-stress? The True Monster was something far older...far more powerful? A Vampire. But not just any vampire, but the oldest, the First? "My name... Is Alucard..."

124. Naruto Solo: Something happens and certain people become anthromorphs. :)

124. Worm Solo/Crossover: Inside the locker was like living in a Nightmare. Then It Spread. I wonder, would they be so willing to close their eyes now...? Broken!Taylor with the ability to force people to live out their greatest nightmares. (you can decide whether or not damage dealt there truly exists, or if it only exists in their heads. If the second, no Matrix.) ((Yes I can understand that the mind can make things Seem real, but just because you Think/Believe you've been cut, shot, ect doesn't mean your body is going to Make gashes and holes in itself.)) (like Paranoia By: Rescind. It's good.)

125. Worm Solo/Crossover: A Hero or Villain with the ability to flip things. For the Hero, a prankster Hero/Independent who uses the environment against his enemies. For the villain, the ability to flip feeling and personalities, gets minions by torturing their loved ones in front of them, until the person cannot hate/loath them any more, and then flips them to make them fanatically loyal to him. (Maybe Evil!PRT)

126. Harry Potter Solo: Dumbledore, in an attempt to finish things on his terms, uses his magic to turn Harry into a puppet, but when Voldemort kills Harry, He is not weakened, instead growing strong enough to take out Dumbledore easily. While Dumbledore lays on the ground dying, he bemoans that it should have worked. Voldemort then tells him that he had lost the instant that he had put Harry under his control, because by turning Harry into a tool, Dumbledore invalidated the prophesy, making it so that the one who could beat him 'died' long before they had ever met in battle.

127. Naruto Solo: Naruto decides at a young age that he will not fight. He soon meets with the kuubi after a vicious beating and, with it's help after he explained, helps Naruto to re-direct all of his chakra through the seal, giving the Kuubi the ability to turn it off and on at will, making it impossible for anyone to force Naruto into fighting. Smart!/Apathetic! Naruto.

128. Worm Solo/Crossover: A hero with the ability to channel various elements, his favored being Terra. He is also capable of Pyro, Areo, Arc and Hydro, having achieved levels 1 through 3 with them. He doesn't (at least at first) have the line of thought needed to activate/control Light and Darkness, and outright refuses to use Time, Space and Gravity, as his personality is effected by the element he is wielding, and he is afraid of what he would be like under their influence, that is if his mind isn't expunged by the sheer amount of power that he would be channeling. In this verse, the Monstrous Capes are people who have been forced into, and are now stuck in, their "Level 2" forms. Level 0 being normal human and Level 1 being connected enough to channel their various powers. Not all powers have a Level 2, for example, purely Thinker powers don't.

Level 0 is regular, baseline people.

Level 1 allows a minor connection to their power, maybe with the addition of things like tattoos.

Level 2 allows a deeper connection to their power, usually causing their bodies to change, like darker skin color, gaining a few inches in height, so on and so forth, and gain new abilities.

Level 3 allows them to literally Become the Element in question. Only Pure Elementalists can achieve this level. Kaiser could, but Lung couldn't.

129. Worm/Soul Eater Crossover: Soul Resonance. Yeah, that's pretty much it.

130. Worm Solo: A healer that can establish a 'healing field' around himself. Turns out that his ability is area of effect abilities. Cannot affect inanimate matter. Unfortunately for the ones who attack him, that only means he cannot affect the walls, roof and floors, because the clothes they are wearing are as animate as they are. His favorite way to attack is to sit near a choke-point and set up a 'degeneration' field.

131. Dragonball Z/Kyoko Hitman Reborn Crossover: Goten, in a fit of rebellion, wishes for Shenron to take him someplace where he wouldn't always be overshadowed by his Father and Brother.

132. Supernatural/Harry Potter Crossover: After the hell of his life ends, Harry finds out that the reason for it was Heven and Hell compeateing with each other in the war, and useing him and his as pawns for their own ends. Pissed beyond belif, Harry manages to force his way back down to earth and into his old body. Now undead, Harry has one goal: Making it so that nither Angels or Demons can manifest themselves on earth ever again. "I have had it with thise motherfucking Angels/Demons on this motherfucking plane of exsistance!"

133. One Peice Solo/Crossover: A fighter discovers that when transforming from solid form to elemental form and back, Logia type Devil Fruit users don't feel pain, so he makes some exploding marbles that he can activate at range with a variation of his Color of Observation. He then begins a crusade to take out what he deems rogue Logia users. In time for the Marineford arc, he develops a poison that, when inhaled, will make it so that if a Logia type shifts to their elemental form, they would become stuck that way. So if they used their phase out trick to avoid a bullet going through their heart, the part that shifted to their element would not shift back, killing them, because a flesh and blood body cannot survive with a heart of made of light, or lava, or smoke. Also, the poison can only be metabolized and gotten rid of in their human form, so if they shift to elemental, they lock the poison in place. And If they go to their Elemental form, it takes willpower to not just be dispersed. Normally the Devil fruit takes care of that, as well as renewing themselves if they use up their element, but the poison cuts that ability off.

134. Harry Potter Solo/Crossover: Genderbent Snape. Not seen one yet, and it's his turn.

135. Maburaho Solo: Kazuki, as a youngster and after learning about his dismal spell count, decided to try and use a spell-count to either give himself the ability to regenerate spell-counts or, if he is Dark, steal them from others.

136. Ranma 1/2/Kyoko Hitman Reborn Crossover: Ranma is a sealed sky. The reason that so many females gravitate towards him is because his Harmony Factor is comfort, but because of the seal it has become warped.

137. Harry Potter Solo: At the end of the tri wizard tournament, a pissed off Harry decides to throw the port key at Dumbledore.

138. Star Trek/My Little Pony Crossover: The Borg get hacked by using the heart-song Awoken.

139. RWYB Solo/Crossover: Some Madman (Or Heroic one, your choice) develops a way to create and implant Artificial Semblances in people (Human only, Faunus only or no restriction, your choice.)

140. Naruto Solo (oneshot): An outsider gets dropped into the Naruto world during the Last part of the Chūnin exams arc, right before Orochimaru activates the Edo Tensai. The outsider, not really knowing what is going on, but is wanting to help the Naruto of that world, decided to use the knowledge download he got from the transfer to modify the Edo Tensai into something far more dangerous. Edo Tensai Revised: Karma's Edge. (See Challenge Ideas: Naruto #13)

141. StarCraft/WarCraft Crossover: Knowing that they need help, the Night Elves attempt to summon one of their heroes of legend. Due to a clerical error, however, someone else is summoned instead. Sarah Kerrigan. Set at the beginning of Warcraft 2, the Night elf campaigns and StarCraft 3, right before Kerrigan sets off to gather more Zerg in her efforts to 'avenge' the 'death' of Jim Raynor.

142. One Peice/Worm Crossover: Luffy gets pulled into the Wormverse due to the Doormaker getting drunk. He then eventually meets up with Danny after Danny rescues him from drowning. Later, Everyone's jaws drop when Danny is confronted by the Siberian, and Luffy, using Haki, manages to beat the ever-loving shit out of her, all the while talking with Danny about how he ran into 'Devil-fruit users' like her before.

143. Godzilla/My Little Pony Crossover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n15n0oSoJ98 (3:54) Somebody please make this happen! (or adopt the one that has already been made!)

144. Worm/Poke'mon Crossover: Some one at least Trying to use a Master Ball on an Endbringer. Whether they succeed or not is up to you.

145. My Little Pony Solo/Crossover: The inserted character saves Sombra via Heartsong combination of Skillet's songs: Not Gonna Die and Feel Invincible.

146. Avatar: The Last Airbender Solo/Crossover: An airbender learing that the reason that his kind became monks in the first place is because of their terrifying branch-off power. Firebenders have Lightning and Exsplosion bending, Waterbenders have Bloodbending, Earthbenders have Metalbending, and Airbenders...? Voidbending, the true manifestation of Nothingness.

147. Halo/Katekyo Hitman Reborn Crossover: Somehow, a dying Mafia man stumbles across a young John 117 and decides to awaken his fire. You can chose if he has more then the single bullet to open the possablity of others getting the flames by that method too. "Do you have a desire? Sothing you need to, Have to acomplish? Somthing that if Death itself were to appear in front of you and tell you it's your time, you would spit in it's face and say 'Fuck you, i'm not done yet'? If you do, hold it close, never let go, and AWAKEN!"

148. Boku no Hero Acidemia Solo/Crossover: A person, who is sick and tired of the laws regarding Quirks that seem to be so short sighted decides to show everyone the true horror of what those laws really mean. He convinces/tricks the highest authority of Japan to sign a contract that binds both himself and everyone under their authority, making it so that people are now incapable of using their Quirks when it is against the law for them to do so. But, in the fine print, it is revealed that it won't actually stop them from using them. Instead, it will keep resetting the persons' timeline to a time before they did, and will keep doing so until they refrain from using their Quirk. And, as an added punishment, all involved in the events are forced to keep all the momories of the resets. Including the memories of dieing.

149. Boku no Hero Acidemia Solo: Oneshot. Someone decides to give OFA to AFO and the amplification aspect goes out of control and steals all the quirks in the world, all at once. Even the mutation based ones. It is then revealed that it was all a trap, and the person knew this would happen because his quirk allowed him to commune with the previous weilders and he convinced them that this was the only way to solve the problem once and for all. AFO then dies due to the power being too much for his body to handle. Either Infinity Stone disintigration or basic exsplosion, your choice.

150. Jurassic Park/The Mummy Crossover: The O'Connells, after returning from Hamunaptra, meet up with a certain rich, eccentric old man, who decides to aid the couple with their newly found wealth by showing them the ins and outs of the financial sector, helping them to avoid traps and pitfalls. They quickly become friends, and he eventually pitches them on the idea of his park. They decide to help by becoming investors, to help pay him back for all the sound advice he had given them. In gratitude, Hammond invites them to be one of the first ones to tour the park.

If you want to adopt, please tell me so I can keep an eye out.


Ok, I've been thinking, and there are some abilities that are either looked over completely, or not explored. If you use, please tell me! I wants to read!

Challenge Ideas: Naruto

1. Demonic Genesis: A personal healing move. Completely restores the user's body to a healthy and full-rested state. A move only a jinchuriki can learn/use. Repeated use slowly turns the user into a lower level demon, as human cells are substituted with demon cells to promote quicker healing.

2. Various nature Chakra threads. Wind for cutting, lightning for stunning, earth for defense, fire for projecting and water for capturing. So far, I've only ever seen one story that involves these (can't remember the name though... which is a sad thing... (hint hint...)

3. Akuma Style: A fighting style made expressly for Demon Containers.

4. A cloth made from the fibers of the trees that they get Chakra paper from that, when Chakra is run through it, can become as hard and durable as metal. If it is a combination of the tree-threads and Chakra reactive metal threads, it also can become rigid, allowing you to turn a sash into a broadsword with a quick burst of Chakra. What type of metal it's hardness, durability and rigidness is equivalent to is determined by the quality of the cloth, and how much Chakra you pump in. Ex: If a Jinchuuriki were to wear clothes made of high quality cloth, they could make it as hard and durable as titanium, while still retaining full flexibility.

5. A chakra nature exercise that can later be used defensively. You coat your body in your affinity to cancel out attacks of the same element. Trade off is becoming more vulnerable to the opposing element. Example: Covering yourself in Fire-Nature chakra to get out of a burning building or to avoid getting sunburned.

6. Shadow Army. Able to make puppets purely out of shadows that can be controlled by the user's mind. Requires massive concentration and intelligence. The more shadows there are, the stronger the puppet/s are.

7. Shadow Sewing combined with Earth Style: Swim like a Fish.

8. Caterpillar no jutsu. Allows you to move along the ground or up walls and such using nothing but your chakra. For use in case your arms and legs have been disabled somehow.

9. Anti-abuse seal. Releases a potent toxin into the air whenever a child under 12 is hurt while experiencing intense fear. If a chemical is introduced to attempt to calm the child, either beforehand or during, the toxin is released automatically.

10. Trace shot. It allows you to attack someone who is working through others by using the link that is between the puppet and the puppeteer to attack the puppeteer directly.

11. Interactive Fuinjutsu/Genjutsu hybrid. Cannot be used for combat, but is excellent for interrogation. It is tied to an area, where it uses the chakra of those around it to fuel itself. The best part is the taking advantage of the feedback loop, allowing you to gain/use information, as long as the other person knows it. Useful for getting codes and cyphers.

12. Staff/Sword that uses either Lightning and Wind (or both) to activate the dozens of overlapping buzz saws embedded in the sword-edge. (The two on the outer part spinning away from it's user while the third sanwdiched between them spins towards) What it can't outright cut will be ground apart.

13. A changed Edo Tensai technique: Activating an area of effect around the initial starting point. Then, all the prominent figures are brought back (provided their corpses are within the area of effect), having knowledge of everything that happened within those boundaries from the time they died to right then.

The power behind the Jutsu is determined by the balance between Light and Dark within the hearts/souls of those who are in the boundaries initial creation, as the caster of the Jutsu has no control over those who are brought back, other than words. The caster is also not the one powering the Jutsu. The technique’s power comes from the dominant alinement of the hearts/souls of those within the boundaries of the initial casting. The more Darkness there is, the more the ones who are brought back lean towards vengeance. The more Light there is, the more those who are brought back are focused on protection.

That is not to say, though, that they are confined to those roles, as the ones brought back are fully cognizant, able to think their own thoughts and to make their own decisions.

Challenge Ideas: Harry Potter

1. Mage Cry: Using an overwhelming emotion (Rage, Hatred, Grief, Love etc.), a wizard is allowed to 'super charge' a spell beyond all what it could ever do naturally. Example, an Avada Kedavra used this way would effect all around the caster in an expanding circle or forwards in an ever widening cone effect, instead of the one person that the wand is pointing at. The radius/range is determined by how powerful the wizard is, and is subtracted by how powerful the spell was originally. The more powerful the wizard, the larger the radius/range, the more powerful the spell, the smaller/shorter. Another example is the Expecto Patronum spell. Though in that case, you get more then one, rather then one big one. Like if your Patronus was a horse, you would be able to summon an entire herd of them. It is a cry from the heart that bypasses all restrictions. It can be influenced by affinity though. Someone with a high light affinity would still find it hard to maintain a dark spell, and vice-verca. The magic drain only comes into play is the spell is sustainable, as such, a sudden and powerful burst would not drain the user, while summoning and sustaining a herd of Patroni would.

2. Infusion: Able to channel magics through items to give them different properties. Example, Regular hand held weapon (sword/dagger/knife/gun) plus Expecto Patronum equals: A blade that can, heavily damage/outright destroy, Dementors.

3. Slap-on Magic Suppression Bracelets, and, of course, the fighting style to make them useful.

4. Anti-child-abuse potion. Makes the child's skin as hard as diamond, while still retaining it's flexibility and stretchiness, allowing it to both, be unbreakable but still stretchy enough to flex, rather then shattering under high enough powered blows, so simply absorb the power used. Also coats the skin in a corrosive fluid, so if the child is struck, the offender will suffer chemical burns, items used to strike the child will dissolve, etc.

5. Transfer Spell: Infractus Parentis (Broken Parent). Used on adults, willing or unwilling, allowing them/forcing them to take any damage dealt to the keyed in child. Is absolute, and can only be lifted when certain parameters are met, or the adult/s in question die from the re-directed damage. Example: If the keyed-in child is bitten by a werewolf, then the damage, and the venom that causes lycanthropy, is absorbed by the adult/s, leaving the child uninjured and uninfected. Is put on suspected abusive parents. The variation, Insons insontis Infractus (Guiltless Broken), is used on pedophiles. (Basically, the spell is constantly being updated to key in every child in the offender's vicinity.)

(Translations thanks to http:///free_online_translators.php?from=English&to=Latin )

6. The ability to split spells. With the addition of a word or phrase, you can shoot multiple spells simultaneously. Again, only read one story where this is mentioned, and it is too awesome to be so limited.

7. Intent Spells. Spells that have no words, only intent.

8. Truthflame Stone. When a person in contact with it lies, it grows hotter and hotter, eventually lighting the person's clothes on fire. Origin of the 'Liar Liar, Pants on Fire' limerick. Usually used as the seat of a chair in the witness stand.

9. Oath Modify. Can be used after the fact by a person who has sworn a magical oath. Cannot be used to get out of said oath, but it can modify the perimeters. For instance, you swear that you will only attack someone in defense of self, meaning you cannot attack unless you are the one being attacked. Oath Modify would allow you to add people to that list.

10. A Gran-Mass transfer spell. Vulnero unus, nos quamtotius detrimentum (To wound one , we completely defeat) Allows a group of individuals to share any damage that happens to their number. For example, for every person added, spells cast at all of them lose 1% effectiveness. So the more people involved in this binding raises it's effectiveness. More then 100 participants doesn't raise the damage threshold, but it does prolong the amount of time the spell can be used by becoming living batteries. It, theoretically, would take around 50 people per person to hold the spell indefinitely for the max 100 mentioned earlier. At full power, an attack that would cleave someone in half, or shatter all the bones in their body, would result in small bruises and paper-cuts to all who are linked up. Same with poisons or other passive methods of attack; exception: Basilisk Venom. Any amount introduced is lethal, and that resonates down the link. The unforgivables are also diluted. At max, the Imperio is thrown off before it could ever take hold, the Cruciatus simply makes everyone a little achy and the Avada Kedavra is completely negated, leaving only the briefest feeling of cold, as if one walked through a ghost.

(Again, thanks to translations from http:///free_online_translators.php?from=English&to=Latin )

11. Magic bitch-slap. The user envelops their hand in pure magic, which acts as a barrier, allowing them to slap spells aside. The amount needed must be double what was put into the spell launched. Only exception are the Unforgivables, which require ten times the power used to cast.

12. Transference Spell. Ultionis malum: poena voro (Avenging evil : to greedily eat/devour pain) A two part spell. First, you mark the one or ones who have been hurt/injured, then you mark the ones who did the hurt/injury. Then the ones who did are trapped in a special web that selectively breaks down their body and uses the energy/materials to restore the victim/s to full health. Based on a Dark Revenge spell, which was originally made to force someone to experience what they have put others through. Spell can be layered on the offender, and each layer must be healed before the lower layers can even be touched.

Example: You scar someone on the right shoulder, and then have this spell done on you. You get the scar on your right shoulder. Then you scar them on their left leg, and have the spell used on you again. You now have the scar on your left leg. The scar on your right shoulder cannot be healed by any means until the scar on your left leg has been completely healed.

13. Containment Grenade. Is is a solid orb that has been enchanted with a complex series of spells. Anti-Portkey, Anti-Apperation and Anti-Animagius wards. You throw the orb high above the person, or groups of people and then hit it with a spell of your choice. The orb spins, tracing out Runes in a circular area underneath with a mix of a high-powered laser, and banish system for the blood stored in the center. That marks the edges of the wards with a blood-magic shield, to keep people in. Then, the spell that you hit the orb with then fills the area inside. Most common spells used are disabling spells like Stupefy or the Petrificus Totalus spells. If you don't care about the people inside, Incindo or Fiendfyre is the favorite.

14. Void Bracelet. On activation, the bracelet creates a fixed portal to a void dimension. An individual bracelet has two modes, the first mode, upon activation, creates a gauntlet over the users hand and forearm that allows the user to create orbs of non- dimension that can be thrown. On impact with a spell or solid target, the orb takes on the properties of a black hole and absorbs everything within a certain radius before collapsing in on itself. The more magic that is pumped in, the larger the area affected and the longer it stays before collapsing. If the user is fast enough, they can intercept spells headed towards other people. The second mode is activated by twisting the bracelet before activating it. This creates a fixed portal over your forearm in the shape of a buckler, allowing the user to intercept spells aimed at their person. Wearing two bracelets allows you to combine them to create a third mode. By activating the first mode and then punching your fists into each other, a wall instead of a buckler or an orb is created. All trips through any of the portal modes, for anything, are one way. Once the bracelet/s is/are put on they can never be taken off as they are irrevocably linked to the users magical core. Note: The portal's power is fixed (Black Hole=Absolute). By channeling more magic through the bracelets/gauntlets you increase the size and duration of the portal s, not their potency as that is fixed.

14. Bonding with a spell the caster uses a lot. Like becoming friends with Fyndfire.

15. Magi-Teck: Runes and a micron etcher. The ability to fit millions of runes in a square inch.

16. Vengeance spell. Used against abusers whose favorite thing is to deny food. Once cast, half of all the nutrients and fiber of what they eat is transferred to the child. This also has the effect of killing the child's appetite. The more they eat, the healthier the child gets.

17. Empathy Gernade. Is primed by the person sharing the experiences holding it for a minuet in both hands. Once activated, everyone within X radius is forced to experience everything that the holder has in their life up to that point.

18. A set of cuffs, arm bands, collar, thigh, and anklets that re-size themselves to perfectly fit their bonded wearer at all times and grant them certain abilities. The cuffs grant the wearer force-claws that can be deployed or retracted at will, for those who like to go rock climbing, or for self-defense. The arm and thigh bands grant increased upper and lower body strength and agility, exponentially increasing the wearers’ reflexes, especially when paired with the collar. The collar grants increased senses, smell, sight, hearing and taste, as well as the mental processing speed. The anklets grant the wearer retractable force-claws, like the cuffs, that can be used in the same manner. There is a final item that can be worn, but it is specifically made for naturalists. It is a piercing that protects the wearers’ genitals (the favored place to pierce is the belly button). Wearing the complete set also activates two additional things. The first is a ward set that protects the wearer from temperature extremes without taking away from the tactile sensations, thus, removing the practical need for clothing. Say if you were swimming at a beach on a sunny day, you would feel the water, you would feel the heat and cold, but if you are discomforted, it will raise/lower the temp that reaches you, degree by degree, until you're comfortable again, though there is a manual override for those who like extremes, like the polar bear club. It also shields against allergens and environmental damages, like insects, plants like poison ivy and sunburns. The second is an optional, geared towards fur fans, and it offers a partial transfiguration to an anthropomorphic animal of the person's choice. As an added bonus, all the items, either individually or as a group can be shifted into a tattoo form, for those who don't like wearing jewellery and such because of chafing/them getting caught on other things and so forth.

19. Spell, Trace shot. It allows you to attack someone who is working through others but using the link that is between the puppet and the puppeteer to attack the puppeteer directly.

20. Static Ward. All those with intent to harm the ones the ward protects start to build up a static charge. If they leave, the charge will disperse harmlessly, but if they continue in and stick around, the charge will start to cook them from the inside out, until they are obliterated by the ever growing charge. Safe to use around muggle teck, as long as it is sufficiently shielded against EMPs.

21. Shield Tattoo. A special tattoo that is put on the arm, or arms of the recipient. They gather Natural/Wild magic from the air and store it in a incorporated reserve, so even a muggle can use it at a reduced effectiveness. Namely, the strength of the shield, how long it can be held and how often it can be used again after it is activated for the first time.

22. Empathic Equivalency. Transference spell. When cast, it catalogs exactly from then on, what kind of damage happens to the one it is cast on. From the smallest of broken blood vessels to the exact placement of bone fragments all is recorded. The Bio-signature of one who caused it is also noted. When revoked, the spell then uses the backlash or unraveling magics to inflict the same amount of damage that was caused to the ones who caused it. Usually used on muggle-borns and their family, as it is only really effective for physical damage, not magical.

23. Touched on in Eternal Cosmos's The World Without Me and DarkAuroran's I've Got You: Storage Tattoos for both Familiars and Items. Only the one who first pulls something out of it's Tattoo form can do so thereafter. Security measure as well as an unbeatable storage space. The Tattoo has to be what is in it, but you could store and endless bag and keep what you need in that to get around that. Also allows for security badges that cannot be faked.

24. Spell-weaving. Only for those who can do middle to upper tier wand-less magic. Allows you to cast several spells to the tips of your fingers and then weave them into one attack. The combos are endless! Takes time though, unless, like in Naruto, you spend a lot of time to increase your hand and finger speed.

25. A spell that allows you to combine two or more related things into one, optimizing it in the direction that the caster is thinking. Like, if one were combining spaceships, one could have the end result be your basic 'generic' setting, not excelling at anything, but good basics, or a ship for holding a lot of people/items, or speed, ect ect. there would be no left overs, because the 'scrap' would be broken down and used to fuel the synthesis, so the power requirements of the spell actually drop, relative the size/number of ships.

26. Inspired by Harry Potter: Geth by mjimeyg: Metal bones with a runic array to restore and replicate red and white blood cells etched into the inside/outside.

27. Guns that shoot shaped intent based wards instead of bullets. Have ammo that won't run out until you do, and won't run the risk of accidentally hurting an innocent. Physical barriers won't work either, and you can 'charge' your shots to pierce/overpower magic based shields. Limited range though, so couldn't really make a long range version without adding some material to bind the wards to. (ALUCARD ROCKS!!!)

28. Staleblood for an insult against purebloods. "Mudblood? I'll take that as a compliment. For what is mud, but soil and water, the key components for growth, for Life? I would much rather be a Mudblood, a body and mind in which Magic can take root and grow, to bud and flourish, then to be a Staleblood. Like you, who's magic is giving everything it can to just stay alive and, all the more recently, failing. You, who's bodies and minds are well on their way to becoming barren. Forcing too much, too great a crop, while neglecting to tend to the land itself. And that is not even taking into account increasingly conflicted Family Magics..."

29. Making nanotech golems by engorging a flake of material, altering it to suit your needs and then canceling the engorgement to have it shrink back to it's original size.

30. Someone useing "Staleblood" as an insult to purebloods.

Challenge Ideas: Fullmetal Alchemist

1. Transposition rings. These allow the alchemist to pull the raw materials they need for their transmutations from specially constructed warehouses, regardless of where they actually are. For bigger/more complex/intricate transmutations, one would need to wear an increasing number of rings, as each ring can only channel so much energy before it would be overloaded and self-destruct.

Theories: Harry Potter

1. The reason Voldemort looks the way he does is because when he made, and kept making the Horcruxes, his human soul got weaker and weaker, so his magic, in an effort to save him, started to merge him with his animagus form.

2. Dumbledore allowed harry on the team in his first year because of the showers afterward. He could have one of his spy's give him a look over once he is naked in the shower to see if they can spot any overt bruising or scars. You know, to make sure he doesn't have any secrets.

3. Harry survived the Killing Curse because one of his alternates gathered all the Deathly Hollows first. Once the Master of Death, Eternally the Master of Death.

4. The soul fragment in Harry's scar allows Voldemort to cast Legilimency at a distance, because the fragment acts as a medium.

5. Harry won the war in the second year by destroying the diary. With that soul fragment crossed over, it was only a matter of time before the other fragments got drawn in as well, cuz if they are not in their original body, they are supposed to be on the other side. If the soul not suctioned in by the body, it's suctioned in by the afterlife. And the afterlife suction is stronger then the magic keeping the fragments in objects. Then, with the grand majority of soul in the afterlife, it might even suction the fragment left in voldie's body out.

6. In the GoF, Harry's name may have come out of the goblet, but the magical signature recorded was someone else's. I believe that this discrepancy made harry a sort of Proxy for the one who's magical signature was recorded. If he hadn't participated, it would have been the other guy who paid the price.

7. Lilly's protection is using her own soul as a shield against harm. The AK bounced because it works by banishing the soul directly from the body. That's why magical shields don't stop it. Cuz they can't stop soul magic. Only a physical barrier or a soul-based shield can stop it.

8. The Killing Curse works on a two part system to do what it does. The sight and sound of the magic is used to 'mark' the target's brain, and then the magic, when it hits, diffuses into the person until it hits those markers, causing the reaction that kills the person. That's why magical shields can't stop it, it's like the taboo, once a thing is marked, in this case, by the sight and sound of the spell, it doesn't matter what protections it's under, the mark makes a path to bypass them. That's also why physical objects explode, because the magic can't diffuse into it, so the containment ruptures and it goes critical.

9. The reason that no one has ever made more then one Horcrux is because after the first one, the soul starts to become unstable, and with each one made after, it becomes more so, until it starts fragmenting on its own, losing bits of itself. The only reason that Voldemort doesn't have dozens is because he didn't know and therefor didn't use the ritual to seal them in the item. The fragments all died soon after because they had nothing to feed on. That's also why the one in Harry's scar survived, because there was a large, self-replenishing non-directed source of magic that the parasite could feed off of.

10. Maybe the reason that Harry scar became a horcrux isn't because of chance. Maybe Voldemort himself started the ritual to make a horcrux, intending to use Harry's corpse. You know, as a sort of trophy. That not even the one prophesied to defeat him could and instead only ended up ensuring his immortality.

11. The popular theory is that the Fidelis charm takes something out of sync with our universe in order to hide it. My question is, what would happen if someone took a Fidelis'ed object and then threw it at another Fidelis'ed object? Would they be able to interact with each other?

Theories: Naruto

1. The Fourth's technique is basically just a souped up replacement. The seals on the knife handle emit an energy field that he substitute with instead of the knife itself.

Theories: Rosario Vampire

1. Tsukune has a bit of incubus blood in him. Not enough to actually grant him any abilities, but enough that he is more palatable to the opposite sex.

Theories: My Little Pony

1. In Alicorns, the status of their mains/tails isn't an indication of their power level, it's an evolutionary step to allow them to channel more magic, more efficiently. This decreases the chances of receiving massive self-induced physical trauma (Burn-out) from channeling too much magic at any one time.

Theories: RWBY

1. Ozpin drinks so much coffee because he was infected with a parasite type grim, and caffeine screws with it.

Mini Rants: Harry Potter

1. How much of Voldemort's untouchablity is actually his power/skill, and how much it is that everyone is afraid to attack him?

2. While Harry might be the only one who can kill him, can't anyone deal grievous damage? Like, making him loose an arm or a leg?

3. What about sniping, mile and a half away, BOOM! Head-shot with an explosive-tipped/incendiary round?

4. Trap with explosives, and a magic-based detonator, instead of a muggle one?

5. If the wards were powered by the love born of a familial connection, how the hell are they strong enough to protect harry? Answer, they aren't, because they are limited to the house only. If Harry was anywhere else, they wouldn't do shit. Those wards, those Powerful Wards that, even now, keep you from harming Harry at his home, are only as strong as they are because they leach off Harry. That's right, the wards that you couldn't beat are basically a weak parasite.

Idle Questions for the Harry Potter Universe:

1. If you transfigure something into water and allow it to evaporate, what happens when the transfiguration ends?

Fighting Truths:

1. Power doesn't matter if you can never land a hit.

2. Berserkering: The art of not giving a fuck of how much damage the enemy can dish out, as long as you can get them within range.

3. Never taunt your enemy, it may drive them into enough of a corner to access previously unknown reserves.

Random Musings:

1. How sad would it be to wake up one morning and realize that the disembodied voices in your head are all that's keeping you sane?

2. The Jedi code doesn't tell the whole story. Fear does lead to anger, which in turn can lead to hate, which can cause suffering. But what they are neglecting to mention is suffering is how we grow, as both an individual and as a race. Which is why the Dark Side can/will never be fully vanquished. Our own inherent nature as sentient beings makes it impossible. It is basically a case of the journey being infinitely more important then the destination.

3. You don't join a war for glory. You join to kill your enemies. Glory comes afterward. If you survive, that is.

4. The Dementors aura varies in potency for each person. I mean, they make you feel cold and hopeless, and make you re-live your worst memories. Well, what happens if your worst memory is your father saying that 'No, I won't be buying that broom for you?' It seems to me, that Dementors are only useful against non-sociopaths. And those that aren't sociopaths become one as the mind tries to relive the mental pressure on itself.

5. Dumbledore was blowing smoke with his reason for not teaching Harry Occlumency himself. Snape was in even more danger then Dumbles, if what what he claimed would happen was the case. And Snape is a survivor, he wouldn't take the risk that Voldy would learn about his spying through Harry.

6. In D Greyman, Meranda can reverse injuries and the like by taking the time away. Can she apply this to the higher level Akuma? I mean, remove the time of them eating humans to reduce their power?

7. Louise is powerful from the start. you know this because she is basically doing fusion with her spells. she isn't summoning a flame that burns and then explodes, she isn't even summoning flame that then goes out of control and explodes. she is basically shattering the bonds between the object or the air itself, causing the explosions.

8. Buffy-verse though. The Slayers don't actually slay the vampires, as they are just spirit being possessing a corpse. That's why the young ones have no sense of self-preservation, because they can easily be summoned back to possess a different body. The elders, however, because of their power, it is exponentially harder to do so, so they gain a sense of self preservation.

9. Self-quote. As I beheld the creature of chaos, I wept, for it was Man.

10. There is only one true Primal Element. Chaos. Life, Death and Change are derived from it, and all other 'elements', are merely mixtures of those three.

11. Problem with cloning is cellular degradation from age and not be able to repair itself after it's been used a couple times, right? So all you would need to do is put the DNA into a living container, like a modified plant, that could hold, sustain and repair the DNA it holds.

12. I think the reason that Silver, the pure stuff, is said to repel/damage Vampires and Werewolves is because of the fact that pure silver has holy properties, such as countering possession. What is a werewolf but a man possessed by a powerful wolf? What is a Vampire but a corpse possessed by a demon?

13. Would Shiro be able to trace a Zanpakuto, or is it too alien, like Ea?

14. With the way that it twists and turns, folding into and out of itself, is it any wonder that the interactions of realities and universes are often referred to as the Fabric of space and time?

15. People who discard the weight of morals are weak, unable to handle the weight, and instead of working to get strong enough to be able to, they drop them and go on without them. This makes them weak. We only get stronger through adversity, so by discarding the possibility of adversity, you cap your strength, and what's worse, you start to degrade as well. That is why people who discard the weight of morals are weak, and will always be/come so.

16. What if, in the Buffy-verse, when people are turned, instead of the human soul being ejected and the Demon moving in, what if the demon imprisons the soul within and uses the power of their soul to power the body, and their own demonic energies to makes stuff work harder. Because, pure demonic energies are corrosive, so they would need the human to do most of the work, or they would cripple their new body. That's why, the older a vamp is, the more inhuman it looks, because the body has gotten used to the lower levels of demon power and can handle higher concentrations?

Things I want to hear people say:

1. Harry telling someone that it doesn't really matter, before laughing softly as he reveals he already knows he isn't going to survive the war. "Sir...stop. Just stop. I already know that there is no way that I'm going to survive this... So stop trying to tempt me with empty dreams and shallow promises..."

2. Someone taking a puppet/dark McGonagall to task by saying, "Truly, you personify the spirit of the Lion. Only your own Pride matters to you."

3. You aren't showing your strength by throwing off the burden of having Allies. After all, you know how muscles get stronger, don't you? Stress. So by you throwing off the weight of Allies on your back doesn't make you strong. It makes you weak. It is the action of a coward, a lay about, a weakling. Between the two of us, who do you think is stronger? You, who threw off your allies and has been walking alone this entire time? Or me, who's had the weight of my allies on my back since day one, supporting and protecting them? Granted, you got here faster than I did, but still, as you are now, there is no way that you will have the strength to defeat me. I have carried my Allies through thick and thin and I have grown stronger than you as result of it. I win.

Random Thoughts:

1. I think Allen has the Heart. As a matter of self-preservation, it bonded itself to the One person whom the Earl cannot afford to have permanently harmed, or killed. The Earl Needs the Fourteenth. Or, the Earl is Allen's future self, embittered by the way he was treated when he went Noah for the first time in his original timeline, and somehow returned to the past as explored in Jaybee4's Prisoner. (why they can wield the same sword. Lero holds the Earl Allen's Innocence.)

2. I actually don't understand something...that scene in bleach where Rukia throws herself in front of Ichigo to stop the hollow from chomping down on him... it doesn't make sense. She knows how to flash-step. The sister was out of the way, she could have just flash-stepped past Ichigo and dragged him out of the way. Also, in battle, her reflex is to use kido, not her sword. She could have easily nailed the hollow with a Bakudo #1:Sai, as she proved she was capable of doing so without an incantation not even 5 minutes earlier. Why did it play out like that?

3. The Abrame clan uses those bugs to eat people's chakra, right? So the bugs can handle chakra flowing through them. So, couldn't they, in theory, be used to boost techniques, like genjutsu?

4. Can piercings, when combined with the bleed off electrical energies that happen when we move our muscles, gain a magnetic field? maybe not enough to actively attract anything, but enough to provide and easier path for something to follow, like lightning?

5. Memories are like rocks in a field. An earthquake (traumatic event) can flip and re-arrange them. Photographic memory is the ability to see an image of the underside of the rock. Eidetic memory is the ability to pick it up the rock and examine it in detail whenever.

6. Would a Hiryu Shoten Ha would work on a Balrog?

7. Jusenkyo curses work not by physically transforming the subject, as that would cause multiple problems, biologically speaking, as well as being Massively energy intensive. What is does instead is tweak reality and altering the circumstances of their birth. So Ranma would be a redhead if he had been born a girl due to the genes from the mother. It keeps all of the basic baseline genetic information, like coloration, perpencity towards size ect ect, and just applies it to what it would be like if it had been applied to the origin (the drowning victim).

8. Time is Water. The past is Ice, cold, unmoving and showing lines and edges in sharp relif. The present is a stream, somtimes small and fast, somtimes large and slow, with varied depths, but always in motion. The Future is Mists and Fog, ever swirling, transiant and blinding.

Zanpakutō Ideas:

1. Haven't been able to find a good name generator, so I will just describe it's abilities. Fusion Edge allows for partial matter reconstruction. Think what Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist can do. The Bankai allows the wielder to customize their body, increasing bone density, muscle tension, nerve conductivity and processing, that sort of thing.

And, because I am a slightly sick/vengeful SOB:

Torturous Death Ideas:

1. Summoning a Black Hole behind the target. It may be over in less then a heartbeat for the user, but for the victim? Slowly pulled apart as time slows, trapping them in years, or even decades of suffering before being completely crushed by the intense gravity.

2. A poison that locks up the body's voluntary muscles, while slowly turning all the body's fatty tissue into an acid, while granting the nerve tissue a heightened resistance. How corrosive that acid is is completely on how concentrated the dose of the poison is.

3. Bolted/welded into a metal chair that has an increasingly heightened charge running through it. Metal probes rammed into the chest allow the charge to be pulled away from the heart, so that the victim doesn't get the quick release/death of a heart attack. Instead, internally, their body thrashes itself to pieces.

4. Magical variation of #3. Traps the victim in a pocket dimension, where the soul is as much a physical entity as their natural body. The realm is then charged with a specific element, which then does what it does. Earth crushes and suffocates. Water crushes and drowns. Fire chokes and, of course, burns. Wind tosses and suffocates. Lightning burns and wracks the victim with pain. Now, because the soul is solid, the torture continues until the person is released, not when their physical body was destroyed. So they are, after their body is destroyed, caught in a perpetual loop, eternally being smothered, suffocated, drowned or incinerated.

This idea actually as it's roots in a different story from a different site. in that one, it was a mage of some sort who found that if you sexually tormented/tortured demons, you could get a big power boost from them, so he caught a lot of demons and kept in perpetual, sexual torture, who could only be accessed through stones keyed to the individual pocket dimensions where they were being kept. Problem was, after he, the mage, died, the demons were not released, and a group of people, using the word loosely, as they were mostly trolls and ogres, actually went about destroying the stones utterly, permanently sealing the demons inside with no hope of relief or escape. some would even open the portal partway so that they could see, and be seen, only to tell the occupant exactly what was about to happen.

For some reason it stuck with me in the back of my mind, even though it has probably been years since I read it and i can't even remember where i read it or it's name. (hint hint...)

5. Injecting raw power into someones bone marrow, causing them (the bones) to explode into splinters inside the body. Start at the bottom and work your way up.

6. Cutting the body open to the bone and then using a small, weak-power drill to make a hole in the bones, and then inject liquid nitro into the marrow, freezeing the bones and turning them brittle.

Copied from Sacred Miko Hime:

If you have ever pushed on a door that said pull or the vise versa copy this into your profile

98 percent of the teenage population does or has tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy and paste this in your profile.

If you think those kids should just give the Rabbit his cereal put this in your profile!

Nerds are cool. Nerds are smart. Nerds will one day rule the universe. If you are a nerd and proud of it, copy and paste this into your profile.

92 percent of American teens would die if Abercombie and Fitch told them it was uncool to breathe. Copy this in your profile if you would be the 8 percent that would be laughing your ass off.

If you ever tripped over your own feet, copy this into your profile

If you hate those obnoxious snobby people, PLEASE copy this into your profile.

Ninety-five percent of the kids out there are concerned with being popular and fitting in. If you're part of the five percent who aren't, copy this, put it in your profile

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)

I'm SKINNY, so I MUST be anorexic.

I'm EMO, so I MUST cut my wrists.

I'm a NEGRO so I MUST carry a gun.

I'm BLONDE, so I MUST be a ditz.

I'm JAMAICAN so I MUST smoke weed.

I'm HAITIAN so I MUST eat cat.

I'm ASIAN, so I MUST be sexy.

I'm JEWISH, so I MUST be greedy.

I'm GAY, so I MUST have AIDS.

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I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.

I'm ATHEIST so I MUST hate the world.

I don't have a RELIGION, so I MUST be evil and have no morals.

I'm REPUBLICAN, so I MUST not care about poor people.

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I TAKE (or used to take) ANTI-DEPRESSANTS, so I MUST be crazy.

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Posted by invitation by the Sage of Seals.

Few additions by Dymian

(feel free copy to your profile and even add a few, the more the merrier!)

Copied from: sexyslytheringoddess012

The Situation in Hell

The following is supposedly an actual question given on a University of Washington chemistry mid-term. The answer by one student was so "profound" that the professor shared it with colleagues, via the Internet, which is, of course, why we now have the pleasure of enjoying it as well.

Bonus Question: Is Hell exothermic (gives off heat) or endothermic (absorbs heat)?

Most of the students wrote proofs of their beliefs using Boyle's Law (gas cools when it expands and heats when it is compressed) or some variant.

One student, however, wrote the following:

First, we need to know how the mass of Hell is changing in time. So we need to know the rate at which souls are moving into Hell and the rate at which they are leaving. I think that we can safely assume that once a soul gets to Hell, it will not leave. Therefore, no souls are leaving.

As for how many souls are entering Hell, let's look at the different Religions that exist in the world today. Most of these religions state that if you are not a member of their religion, you will go to Hell. Since there is more than one of these religions and since people do not belong to more than one religion, we can project that all souls go to Hell.

With birth and death rates as they are, we can expect the number of souls in Hell to increase exponentially. Now, we look at the rate of change of the volume in Hell because Boyle's Law states that in order for the temperature and pressure in Hell to stay the same, the volume of Hell has to expand proportionately as souls are added.

This gives two possibilities:

1. If Hell is expanding at a slower rate than the rate at which souls enter Hell, then the temperature and pressure in Hell will increase until all Hell breaks loose.

2. If Hell is expanding at a rate faster than the increase of souls in Hell, then the temperature and pressure will drop until Hell freezes over.

So which is it?

If we accept the postulate given to me by Teresa during my Freshman year that, "it will be a cold day in Hell before I go out with you", and take into account the fact that I went out with her last night, then number 2 must be true, and thus I am sure that Hell is exothermic and has already frozen over.

The corollary of this theory is that since Hell has frozen over, it follows that it is not accepting any more souls and is therefore, extinct . . . leaving only Heaven, thereby proving the existence of a divine being which explains why, last night, Teresa kept shouting "Oh my God."

That student got the only "A".

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My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 303 - Words: 883,469 - Reviews: 6963 - Favs: 5,100 - Follows: 4,967 - Updated: 2/27 - Published: 6/25/2020
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High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 126 - Words: 560,366 - Reviews: 7628 - Favs: 8,953 - Follows: 10,512 - Updated: 2/27 - Published: 2/1/2021 - OC
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Crossover - Anime X-overs & RWBY - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 59 - Words: 459,166 - Reviews: 3603 - Favs: 8,099 - Follows: 9,249 - Updated: 2/27 - Published: 11/24/2020 - [OC, Ruby R.] Ozpin
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My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア - Rated: K+ - English - Humor - Chapters: 7 - Words: 15,044 - Reviews: 652 - Favs: 3,600 - Follows: 4,029 - Updated: 7/30/2022 - Published: 8/16/2018 - Izuku M., Mina A., 1-A Students, Nezu/The Principal
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 35 - Words: 265,608 - Reviews: 779 - Favs: 1,925 - Follows: 2,400 - Updated: 7/24/2022 - Published: 4/22/2012 - [Harry P., Draco M., Blaise Z.]
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Crossover - Bleach & Avengers - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 21 - Words: 125,978 - Reviews: 1282 - Favs: 5,207 - Follows: 6,243 - Updated: 7/18/2022 - Published: 6/10/2015 - Ichigo K., Black Widow/Natasha R.
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 8 - Words: 29,434 - Reviews: 113 - Favs: 729 - Follows: 798 - Updated: 7/11/2022 - Published: 5/12/2014 - Tsuna/Tsunayoshi S., Vongola 10th Generation, Reborn
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Chapters: 22 - Words: 129,348 - Reviews: 237 - Favs: 1,371 - Follows: 1,349 - Updated: 6/27/2022 - Published: 9/7/2008 - [Harry P., Luna L., Daphne G., Astoria G.] - Complete
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She's poison, they said. Can't be saved, they said. She's vile. Wicked. Evil. Monstrous. A Kiss of Death. I disagree. Where you see a monster, I see a lonely young woman, forsaken by everyone around her. Condemn me if you want. I'll still save her. Curse me if you must. I WILL save her! Even if it means the end of me! NarutoxSalem. Narutoxharem? Reposted due to site glitches.
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Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Humor/Parody - Chapters: 54 - Words: 242,286 - Reviews: 1867 - Favs: 1,652 - Follows: 1,636 - Updated: 12/31/2021 - Published: 10/4/2015 - Anzu M./Tea G., K. Jounouchi/Joey W., Yami Yūgi, Yūgi M.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Adventure - Chapters: 31 - Words: 127,123 - Reviews: 1028 - Favs: 3,799 - Follows: 4,273 - Updated: 12/7/2021 - Published: 11/2/2016 - Itachi U., Kakashi H., Kimimaro K., OC
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when Taylor gained the power over insects a god died. but what would happen if she gained divine powers that were not related to the entity's in anyway the answer pure chaos the kind of which only Taylor could ever manage to bring upon the world. I do not own anything of worm or Okami.
Crossover - Okami & Worm - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 11 - Words: 54,213 - Reviews: 180 - Favs: 875 - Follows: 1,077 - Updated: 9/16/2021 - Published: 11/9/2019 - 13 Brush Gods, Skitter
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Bleach - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Angst - Chapters: 24 - Words: 90,550 - Reviews: 552 - Favs: 2,335 - Follows: 2,500 - Updated: 4/21/2020 - Published: 8/9/2016 - Harry P., Benihime
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 91 - Words: 362,464 - Reviews: 952 - Favs: 1,290 - Follows: 1,244 - Updated: 4/18/2020 - Published: 5/21/2017 - Iruka U. - Complete
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AU:Jaune was not a prodigy like his sisters he was weak but he had a will made of Iron. One day he meets a strange man with golden eyes from there on he will be forged into something new but will learn that on his path to become a hero that he may have to do questionable things. A different Jaune will be walking around Remnant.(First fic) inspired and influenced by fate stay arc.
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Crossover - Yu Yu Hakusho & Naruto - Rated: M - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 10 - Words: 96,174 - Reviews: 907 - Favs: 3,278 - Follows: 2,823 - Updated: 3/21/2020 - Published: 9/14/2010
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When one is pushed too far… reviews
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Shinobi of Darkness reviews
The forbidden scroll of seals wasn't forbidden for what was written on it. It was Forbidden for what was sealed Within. During the Mizuki incident, woken by greed and hate, an ancient evil rises, one older and far more powerful then the Juubi. One that had barely been beaten back before by the Rikudou Sennin. Enter The Darkness. I wIlL ConSuMe YouR HeArt!
Crossover - Naruto & Darkness - Rated: M - English - Supernatural/Horror - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,226 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 51 - Follows: 58 - Updated: 6/8/2022 - Published: 8/3/2013 - Naruto U. - Complete
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