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Hiya Guys,Kitefire,you can call me Kite or Kite-kun,I'm just an author who's like Rping and reading fanfics. I also like to try my hand at writing a story myself,but I kinda lack the self confidents to do so,but I'll push myself to try to make one.I always like meeting new people and talking to them,so if you want to pm me to talk or anything,go ahead.

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My character's (Still updating)

Name:Sabrina Garnet Williams


Appearance/Outfit:petite,Black hair shoulder length with a pink ribbin tied in the back(Not a pony tail),green eyes,white skin, Clothing:Wearing a pink short sleeved t-shirt with a yellow star in the front,A short blue denim skirt, black thigh high socks,light brown short high heel boot swearing a silver necklace around her neck

Personality:Kind,Caring,Friendly,quite smart,shy,stands up for others if needed to,like to help others,a girlie-girl,when she see a cute digimon she can't help but hug it,Naive,hate snobby or rude girls or people

History/Bio:Transfered to Japan when she when she was ten,she lives in a high class family with her father who is a buessniess owner of a medical company,she's in the archery club in the school and top of her class,she saw her mother murdered in front of her when she was ten and it scar her but for the sake of herself and her friends and family tries to put it behind her

(When she's not busy fighting digimon,she can also be found in my other stories if i make any more)


Partner's Personality:Lunamon:Kind,caring,shy,A bit of a cry baby,has a dark side if Sabrina's is in danger and only Sabrina can calm her down,in her mega and Ultimate form form switchs between her good and bad personility like the light and dark part of the moon

Digivice colors:Pink and gold


Extra:Archary club(After school),shopping,cooking,roller blading,reading,drawing,Like stuffed animals and sweets,has a twin brother name Kai,has a weakness for cute guys(Bad guy or not),know first aid from her mother who was a doctor

Name:Kai Williams


Appearance/Outfit:short black spiky hair,green eyes,wearing a red t-shirt with black jeans,wearing black and white

Personality:Kind,caring,rash at time,like to fight,loyal to his friends,hate those who use others,stand up for others,protective of his sister,has a short fuse when it comes to anger,stays away from those he don't trust,hates annoying people

History:Kai is Sabrina twin brother,he always does what he can to protect her,he's not the smartest in school but not the dumbest,likes to fight aginst bullies and troublemakers.


Partner's Personality:Coronamon:Loyal,a troulemaker/prankster,a good friend,serious in battle,call people bro,treats Lunamon like his sister


Extra:Likes skatebording,fighting,card games,video games and chess,know hand to hand combat and take sword fighting lessons after school

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