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Name: Lindsay

Marvel comics, bands, video games, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, and basically every youtuber alive. Yeah, that's me.

The Quick-and-Easy-Get-To-Know-You-ABCs...

Available? always

Birthday? November 15

Crushing on? my wifi, you could say we have a connection.

Drink you last had? Arizona Sweet Tea

Easiest person to talk to? Hm, my best friend Gretchen defiantly

Favorite song? Sex Yeah - Marina and The Diamonds

Gummy bears or gummy worms? fundip

Hometown? a city

In love with? Steve Rogers

Jealous of? Scarlett Johansson, like damn just look at her.

Killed someone? yes

Longest car ride? across the US

Milkshake flavor? red velvet

Number of siblings? one, my step sister Alyssa

One wish? to go to Comic Con

Person you texted last? my cousin, Emily

Question you are always asked? "What dye did you use?"

Reason to smile? tumblr, love my internet friends

Song you last listened to? Bicycle Race - Queen

Time you woke up? 11:00

Underwear color? no

Violent moment you had? nobody should ever be violent

Worst habit? biting my nails

X-rays you had? teeth and ankle

Yoyos are...? hella

Zodiac sign? scorpio

Lindsay. x

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Instagram- inlarryparadise or inmarvelcomics