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Author has written 4 stories for Harry Potter, Fairy Tail, and Naruto.


I like writing about Harry Potter and will perhaps write about other series in the future.

I've always wanted to write fan fiction because of the 'problems' with Harry Potter Cannon.

My problems(List is not exhaustive)

Voldemort: He managed to wage a war with at most 100 followers. He could duel with Albus freaking Dumbledore to a draw. He managed to kill Amelia Bones(Thought to be one of the best aurors). He dueled with three Hogwarts professors at the same time, without even breaking a sweat. He managed to destroy the ministry inside out. Viewing that, you have to admit he is quite a cunning and powerful wizard. Yet, he seems to lose all his intelligence when it comes to harry. He only uses Avada Kedavra, Cruico and Imperious on Harry, though from his fight with Dumbledore we can see he uses more destructive magic. What I really dont comprehend is that he only uses Avada Kedavra to try to kill Harry though the latter has proved to be able to escape the spell. More worringly, is the fact that he doesnt tell any one of his spies to assasinate Mr. Harry Potter, though they could have with minimal problems (Crouch is intelligent enough to try). He could have asked Draco(or nearly the majority of Slytherins) to kill Harry, yet he doesnt. He shows an abnormal idiocy when hunting Harry on his broomstick( Deathly Hallows). Lets say you have a mentally controlled flying grenade and a revolver. When trying to kill someone literally flying, the best option would be to use the grenade. But voldemort doesnt do this, no he uses the killing curse( revolver) which seems to have an impact point of an eraser instead of Fiendfyre(grenade) which he has shown to be able to control with ease.

Dark and Combat spells.: I can see the utility of beingt able to cut objects(Diffindo) but what about giving every GCSE student a bomb That is what the confringo spell is exactly. The dark wizards seem to be showing how the carelessness of the Magical Ministry is the cause of their doom. I know that a wizard should know about defending himself but giving everyone bombs? The Dark spells are even more problematic. It's like the government gives everyone his own peronal AK-47, his mind control device and his iron maiden. If you dont agree with me about the magical ministry being responsible for this, then realise that though they have access to taboo magic, they do not use it on the words to cast the goddamed killing, mind control and torture spells. If you ask me that then every student that learns about those spells will be caught by the aurors, I ask you, why do School Children need to know about the spell casst words? I mean, in GCSE, we dont learn how AK-47 work. We only learn that if you see a mad man with it, then duck and call the police.

Avada Kedavra: This spell seems to be the Deus-ex-Machina of Rowling's. Why in the hell would a spell that kills anything it touches be even taught? I mean, its like the department of defense showing everyone how to make an A-bomb and then give them all they need to do it. An even the depatment of Mysteries(Closest thing to real world Pentagon) doesn't know how to block it.

The Ministry: This ministry seems to be the world's wort one( at least security wise). Firstly, a person working in another department manages to simply stand guard at the door of the Pentagon. Six teenagers manage to break in without the staff being alarmed. Shouldn't there be guards or magical detectors. And what the hell with the fact that the freaking minister comes to see the battle. Imagine if the President of the USA came to see a gunfight between a terrorist group and freaking vigilantes.

The whole lot of spells: When you see spells in Harry Potter series, you do not see slow moving beams, rather you see flashes of light impact on people or on each other. Yet, though by the time the 'vra' of the killing spell reaches your ear you should have already died due to the fact that s the spells are made of freaking light. Light that is supposed to have the terminal speed of everything. Yet, people are able to duel and even send spells Head-on(Expelliarmus vs Avada Kedavra) each other. So either when you become a wizard, sound becomes faster than light or your brains are so powerful that you can read your opponents mind.(I'm not talking about Legilimency as nearly every wizard that duels manages to escape or block at least one spell.

Albus Dumbledore: Yes, he is supposed to be the good guy mentor. He has many flaws or problems.

First, he did not kill Grindelwald. The problem with that is that well, Grindelwald was supposd to be the most powerful dark wizard(before Voldebrat). Its like trying to imprison Voldie in Azkaban.

Second, He casted the damn fidelius and he does not know who is the real secret keeper.

Third, Why didn't he simply use veritaserum or even Legilimency(if there was not any time) to know if Black was innocent.

Fourth, why doesn't he simply tell Harry to use the disarming spell against him? That would have been pretty useful as Harry could face voldemort without losing.

Fifth,Why didn't he train Harry? He was himself a master dueler and by the time Harry faces Voldemort(last show down), The most damaging spell he can use is 'Reducto'.(I dont consider Sectumsempra as Harry did not learn it from a Hogwarts professor but from a damned book)

Severus Snape: This man should not be a servant, he should be the Dark Lord himself.Why? In three points:

He managed to create many a curse in his 6th year

He managed to deceive Voldemort

He managed to fly

Harry James Potter: I guess Rowling doesn't like her main character.

Firstly, after the three first years, Harry does not even think to train himself. No, he is going against 17 year old students and he doesn't bother to increae his training. He may perhaps not hjad access to the room of reqs but he could have had the professors to train him. No, mister potter participates in a 'game' that has managed to kill participants before using only his normal level.(Accio does not count.)

After 4th year, he creates the D.A. only to help students get Os in their DADA but he himself does not really increase his capabilities.

Thirdly, He uses the sectumsempra curse on Malfoy, but not on the Death Eaters. Yeah, in Harry's eyes, he cannot disfigure his opponents

Fourth, He decides to use expelliarmus every time he sees Voldemort or his Death Eaters. Does he really think that the spell will actually be of any use against Avada Kedavras? Its like wionning the loto one day and then playing the same numbers every time and hoping to win.

The Order of the Phoenix:

Okay, you are escorting Harry Potter and your idea is run. Not put up a distraction and run, no, simply run hoping that all the DEs will go after the lures. They could have simply used an explosion curse on a house before running away. Or, why did they have to use the air?? Couldn't they have simply dug underground? And then go a long distance from privet drive before attempting a portkey.In the situation they were, they could have simply conjured a flock of birds to disorient their enemies. Or better, they could have used peruvian Darkness powder.

Now for my Fics

Normally I write one chapter more than what I have published so that if I get caught up I can still publish another chapter

I normally update once a week or if I am free, twice.

The following are the Different stories that I am currently working on and their respective details.

All times are in EST

Note: Due to my files having been corrupted, I will take more time between updates.

Current work(Published):

The Powers of The Abyss (Current Chapter: 9)

Harry/Daphne. Currently working on it, please read and review if you can.

Potential release date for next chapter: on temporary HIATUS

A Changed Beginning (Current Chapter: 1)

Harry/OC(Daughter of Sirius Black). In progress. Read and review if you have time

Potential Release date for next Chapter: on temporary HIATUS

Current work (Unpublished)



In all my fics,

Bold is for thoughts

Italics is either for accentuating a fact or if specified, for parselmouth

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