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Author has written 12 stories for Invader Zim, Soul Eater, My Little Pony, and Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹.

Wait, you actually like my stories? That's nice, so if you'd like to know more about me, here's a few facts:

1. I am a female, as you could probably guess. A dark, twisted, insane, female.

2. I like anime, cartoons, and shows of the like. And we all know Disney Channel is just horrible.

3. Creepypasta is the name I have given a plush blue cat, I hope you know my favorite internet stories.

4. I will write when I want to, and that's why I am able to make up anything from crackfic to serious romance one in about an hour.

5. You say RayWilliamJohnson, I say Onision and cs188.

6. I like to take personality quizzes when I am bored, because yes.

7. My heavenly virtue is Charity (For some reason, even though I steal my sister's chocolate)

8. My deadly sin is Sloth

9. I won't wear makeup. GET THAT LIPSTICK AWAY FROM ME!

10. System of a Down, MSI, Renard, Mayhem, The Quick Brown Fox, Furries in a Blender, and S3RL are way better than that pop star and rap BS. Please accept it.

11. I spend my friday nights doing nothing, because I don't really need a life.

12. Eh...I need tacos. And strawberry pocky.

13. Warning, my profile is very long.

14. I procrastinate. Yea.

15. Even though I don't like pink, I use it in my ponysona's mane. I don't know why.


1. Keroro

2. Giroro

3. Dororo

4. Tamama

5. Kululu

6. Rainbow Dash

7. Fluttershy

8. Pinkie Pie

9. Applejack

10. Rarity

1.) so...4, 9, and 3 are all eating a radioactive pie. Do they say anything about it's radioactivity?

Tamama, Dororo, and Applejack are eating a radioactive APPLE pie. Tamama doesn't care and gets severe diabetes, Dororo notices and runs away, and Applejack bucks the pie.

2.) 7 decides to take up line dancing. Does this end well?

Actually, yes. She is very graceful at it.

3.) If 6 and 1 are on Mars playing checkers, then where are 5 and 9?

Kululu and Applejack are making super apples. And since when are Keroro and Rainbow Dash friends?

4.) 10 becomes gay/lesbian!!!! what does 6 say?

Rarity gay? Rainbow Dash shakes her head and flies away.

5.) If 4, 3, and 6 were to jump off of a waterfall, would any of them survive?

Rainbow Dash would fly back up with Tamama and Dororo on her back.

6.) After Jumping off of the waterfall, would 6 be stupid enough to do it again?

She would do it for fun, she IS a daredevil.

7.) If x = 73 then what must X equal? Furthermore, what is the point of this question?


8.) You are falling from 8,952 feet in the air. you can either land on, and kill, 3 or 5. Who do you choose?

Kululu or Dororo? Kululu, he's just weird.

9.) If 4 was to open up a lemonade stand and then get sued for selling toxic lemonade, what would they do?

Get huggled by Keroro.

10.) 7 and 1 are getting married! The catch? 7 is already married to 3 and 1 is already married to 8!!! What does 5 do?

Fluttershy and Keroro are getting married, but Fluttershy is already married to Dororo and Keroro is already married to Pinkie Pie. Kululu just makes Tamama more sad than he already is.

11.) Is nny hot?

Uh, no.

12.) If 10 was to get mauled by a rabid hippopatumus on steroids, what would 3 do?

Implying that Rarity and Dororo are friends, save her somehow.

13.) If 3 was to get mauled by a rabid hippopatumus on steroids, what would 10 do?

"This is the. Worst. Possible. THING!"

14.) Now lets say that they were both mauled by said hippopatumus. What would they do?

Accept defeat with style and grace.

15.) Now lets say that the hippopatumus remarked that 10 tasted like mustard. What woudl 3 say?

"But wouldn't she be a marshmallow?"

16.) If 7 was sat on by a rabid hippopatumus, would 1 laugh?

But Fluttershy doesn't mess around, but yeah, he would.

17.) Everyone throws 5 a surprise birthday party. The suprise? It's not 5's birthday. What happens?

"I'll take the curry before you die, kukuku."

18.) 4 becomes a rabid hippopatumus and begins to chew up 3. Does 3 survive?

Eaten by Tamama? No.

19.) 7 challenges 2 to a wood-eating contest. Why?

Because Fluttershy is doing work for the beavers, but Giroro declines.

20.) 6 decides to become a homicial, bisexual, taxi cab drivers in Michigan. How many people does he manage to kill before 10 stops him?

Everyone, Rarity would hide away.

21.) If 5 suddenly gained a third eye that allowed them to see into the future, what would 8 do?

Make fun jokes and then throw a party.

22.) 2 kills 1 for no apparent reason. 3 goes into spiraling depression because of this. How does 6 comfort 3?

Rainbow Dash flies around with Dororo for a while.

23.) Everybody transforms into rabid hippopatumuses except for 7. Does 7 feel lucky or left out?


24.) 8 confesses their love to 3. What does 3 do?

Dororo accepts because she is a pink pony.

25.) 1,2,3 and 4 all decide to start a band. 1 wants to name it "The rabid Hippopatumuses". 2 wants to name it "The artichokes". 3 wants to name it "The rolling stones" and 4 couldn't care less about the name. What do they do to resolve this?

Let Tamama choose a name, which was "The Rabid Hippopatumuses."

26.) 8 and 9 switch bodies. Describe what happens:

Pinkie Pie makes sweet apple pies and Applejack makes apple cupcakes.

27.) 4 walks into their new skool to find that all the students are zombies. What do they do?

Runs to Sarge for huggles.

28.) If 5, 7 and 9 were to fight 1,3 and 4, which side would win?

Kululu, Fluttershy, and Applejack fight Keroro, Dororo, and Tamama. The ponies and frog, because Tamama is really the only one who'd do anything. Kululu would betray his team anyway.

29.) 5 expresses his desire to be a frog when he grows up to 10. They then make-out. 2, whom is in love with 5, walks in on this. What happens?

Kululu tells Rarity he wants to be a frog and they start making out. Giroro walks in and is in love with Kululu. He blasts Rarity.

30.) 3 is being held captive by tarzan and his rabid hippopatumus army. What do 4 and 7 do to rescue him.her?

Tamama and Fluttershy kill the army.

31.) 6 betrays 7 causing 7 to commit suicide. 8, whom was in love with 7, set out to kill 6. 4 tried to convince him other wise. Meanwhile, 2 is plotting to steal the earths cheese supply. What happens?

Rainbow Dash betrays Fluttershy, who commits suicide. This is actually a PinkieShy story and Pinkie tries to kill Dashie. Tamama tries to convince her not to. Giroro wants to steal cheese. Well, Rainbow Dash is killed by Pinkie Pie who commits suicide after due to guilt. Tamama enjoys snuggling with Keroro and lovely stuff. Giroro lives as a cheddar king.

32.) The quiz is over. What does everyone have to say?


Ponysona Quiz!

1.) You walk into the kitchen, which foodie do you go for first?

(d) Popcorn!

2.) You have some spare time on your hooves, what would you do?

(b) Work on your latest creation!

3.) You ran into an old friend from school, and last time you met you had a big fight. How do you confront her?

(a) Hey! How's it goin'? (Trying to become friends again)

4.) You are asked to run a mile. What's your reaction?

(d) I can try! c: (Confident!)

5.) Would you rather buy a gift for a friend, or hand make one?

(b) A handmade gift!

6.) A friend of your's is excited about their new shoes. You don't like them at all, but what do you tell them!

(a) They look fabulous! (or manly )

7.) You're at the zoo. What exhibit?

(d) All of them! I love animals!

8.) A random person walks up to you and asks you random, yet personal questions. What do you tell them?

(a) Uh.. Do I know you? (Be a normal person!)

9.) Which would you rather be? Smart or Athletic? Which are you really?

(b) Smart, Athletic


(a) @


Kilili discharged! Try saying that five times fast! Ki-fuck. (Sgt. Frog abridged)

Hey look, no hands! OH SHIT! (Code MENT)

And by filing my nails, I look very sophisticated. (Code MENT)

Nothing like a post kill sandwhich! (Code MENT)


Hello little friend, I shall name you Jasper, and together we shall take over the bee kingdom! (Code MENT)

These are my thinking glasses. I'm not thinking right now. Got you there. (Sgt. Frog abridged)

Then he ended up like all (Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso)

Do you like bananas? So you are a mmmm bitch who likes mmmm bananas! (Friendship is Magic Bitch)

In my defense, she would not let go of that plate. (Code MENT)

Luffy: She's sneaking up on us! Like a...

Cody: Like a ninja?

Luffy: CODY! Don't you ever say that word again!

Cody: What? Why?

Luffy: NEVER! (None Piece)

Cody! This doesn't look good! He's stylin' all over his balls! (None Piece)

I'll wear this moustache! (My Little Pony)

Betcha can't make a face crazier then...THIS! (My Little Pony)

Although, now that you mention it, everything goes red randomly, and this very strange looking seagull shows up. OH! There he is now! He's flying. (Code MENT)

I want you to pull your anus up through your taint. (Hardly Working)

Bright and bushy anuses. (Hardly Working)

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