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Welcome all!

My name is Angela. I used to have an account with another author as MRegent.2 and Pangie. We’re splitting for a few reasons; it’s time, I want my own account anyway, and he wants to remain anonymous while I don’t. I'm in the process of moving to this account, so bear with me while I get everything set up. :) Meanwhile, you can follow me on at my profile!/AngelaDonlan.

I'm a University student studying performance (yes, acting and writing. Because why take the easy path when you can take not only one but two of the hardest paths there are? Yeah, I'm cool! Throw it at me, universe, I can take it! Roh, Roh, Fight the Power!) in Western Australia. I'm learning singing and dance outside of uni. I write because... Ah, how can you say why you write? Because it keeps me sane? Because I love it? Because I might possibly, with a lot of blood, sweat and tears, make money off it one day? Those and many other reasons. I can speak Italian decently, have been learning Japanese for a few years because it's such a beautiful language (although I'm still rubbish at it) and started German this year, the latter two languages just from books and podcasts. I love violin and sometimes will screech on it for a few hours and am also currently trying to learn how to drive. Whoever invented the manual car… I hate you. So very, very much. I love anime/manga too, hence the Gurren Lagan reference.

I also work at check-out for a large Supermarket company. Well, I have to pay for all of the above somehow!

I unfortunately don't have anything published just yet, but I have completed a few books, as described below, as well as a few short stories I'm going to be trying to publish in journals. From now on I'll be updating fortnightly, due to other writing projects and University studies.

In 2010 I wrote three manuscripts. One is a lengthy 150000 word sci-fi horror which was originally a good deal longer, called I Will Not Walk This Path. While I was writing this it seemed like the greatest idea in the world. I now intend to extensively rewrite it, perhaps after I finish working on my current series. The other two are both light-hearted, comedic Young Adult novels which I intend to turn into other series. One is called The White Knight and follows the tale of a girl who has to escape to a world of magic after finding herself hunted by supernatural creatures. The other doesn't yet have a title but follows the tale of two teenage girls who find a magical book which grants wishes and leave their homes to go to an island full of strange peoples and creatures. Before I started work on my current series I was querying agents about The White Knight, but I've now put that on hold.

Right now I've just finished the second book of my series Rise. The first is called Fear the Demon's Dusk and the second is Beware the Sudden Night. I'm almost ready to start looking around for an agent for this series, so it'll be a while before it's on the shelves, but here's a quick description; the first book is about 100K words and follows the tale of Antoinette as she battles from the lowest of the low to get into one of the most prestigious universities in the Empire. But something is hunting the students, and she and her friends have to find out what and, more importantly, why. The second follows Antoinette again as she must investigate rumours of a strange disease.

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