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Author has written 5 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Harry Potter, and Naruto.

Update 6/7/2020: It's been 7 years since I've been on here lol. Recently I've been on because quarantine has made me revisit Naruto and I needed more Neji in my life. I think I'm going to finish some stories and maybe post a new one. Part of me debated on whether or not I should delete most of what I have in here in my bio (because I mean should I want my semi-embarrassing middle school thoughts online?) but it's kind of funny looking at this time capsule I've created for myself. So I'm going to keep it like this for now, but I guess don't take it as an actual representation of what I'm like currently haha

8/9/2020: Check out my NejiTen stories By Your Side as well as Wedding Receptions & Wishful Thinking!

Random Facts And Stuff about me:

-I love to laugh and smile a lot.

-I started to love One Direction thanks to Ginny The Red Head

-I love music trombone player

-I have pet chickens

-I have a Pottermore! WOOH! (Ravenclaw)

-I'm in love with Gale Hawthorne, Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, Zuko, Edward Elric, Gaara, Shikamaru, Neji, L, Mello, Matt and a lot of other fictional characters

-I love House of Anubis even if the acting is a bit... off XD

-My birthday is June 17th!

-I can't stand when people use grammatical errors on purpose for everything they say and write. I don't mind if it's a mistake, though

-I don't curse, cuss, swear (whatever you want to call it). I'm really uncomfortable with people who use it every sentence they say/write.

-I speak spanish fluently

- I love to draw and am okay at it in random moments.

- I love workshop/ tech ed. class

- I have a figment account and have written three poems so far ;)

-I like getting PM (private messages)

- I'm a daughter of Hephaestus or Athena

-I'd like to go cloud watching with Shikamaru one day.

-I'm an alchemist

-Chilean soap operas are both the best but also the worst.

-Moo-chee-goo-chee-la-poo-chee the Third at your service ;)

- I'm the Avatar of all four elements- facts people, facts.

- To people with One Direction infection, "vas happening?"

- I don't like acronyms unless it's LOL, nor do I like it when people actually say "LOL, JK, BRB, TTYL," etc. I don't mind it if it's rare but saying it ALL the time is annoying in my opinion

- I fear roller coasters and bugs (but am trying to get over the latter because... Shino)

- I love puns such as amazayn, siriusly, "I'm hungary" etc.

- I have a pet caterpillar named Hairy "Fuzzy" Styles for a science project. My friend named it cleverly. It is now a beautiful butterfly. *update* Now it's dead. "THE CIRCLE OF LIFE!"

- Queen has some of the best songs in the history of music.

- Bowties and bunk beds are cool.

- I like naming pigeons Kevin just because of Louis from One Direction

-I love L (the character in Death Note, not the letter)

- My favorite thing about text messaging is the emoticons: :D ;D :) ;) :O! :') XD XP X)

-I used to be Awesome Trombone Geek 7, then The Artistic Seventh, now Hex Me Into A Hawthorne

-I'm procrastinating, are you procrastinating? We are procrastinating.

-Always ;)

- John Williams is the Man!

-My favorite color is either purple or a celestial blue.

-Imagine Dragons :)

-I LOVE reading friendship Harry/Hermione. I like their brother/sister relationship. Suggestions?

- I can sing, but not well. :)

-My favorite type of style for my writing it poetry

- To all Nerdfighters: DFTBA. It's not an acronym

- f.t.l. French the llama are the Vlogbrothers cool. That's right. It's a thing.

-Am I the only one who thinks Daleks are sort of cute? I mean, maybe it just reminds of R2D2 or something, but something in that little machine of hatred is adorable. :) I can't stand their voice though.

-I've watched or read these anime/manga: Pokemon, Naruto, Death Note, (a little bit of) Dragon Ball Z and am in the process of reading Full Metal Alchemist

-Does Avatar the Last Air Bender count as an anime? Because it seems like it was made in here, but all the writing in the show is in Japanese (or at least I think)

- I think that's enough useless information, so bye I guess! :)

Opinion Corner: My personal thoughts on the many things going on. You don't have to share my opinion, or am I trying to change yours, nor do I want to make people mad. I just want to put out what I feel. Feel free to tell me what you think. :)

Topic: Peeta and Gale- Why I like Gale

My take on Peeta and Gale: I just feel as if there isn't much to him. I mean he loved Katniss, he's a baker and... what? What is there to him? My favorite Peeta moments were when he was hijacked. There was finally something that wouldn't end his way, something that wouldn't make him perfect and give him a real story. But in the end, he got the happiest ending, everything he wanted: Katniss. Even his nightmares, as mentioned in the second book were only on losing Katniss. He barely even cared about his family when they were killed. Nothing else is accomplished in him, because there was nothing else to accomplish. Plus, he magically recovered from something that was supposedly unrepairable. Gale, on the other, hand was a rebel, loved Katniss, was a father figure for his younger siblings, a hunter, teacher, and the main support for his family. He cared for both his family and Katniss's more than his own self. He was Katniss's partner, and a piece of her as well. He even volunteered first to rescue Peeta from the Capitol FOR Katniss. He wanted Katniss's happiness, not his. He accepted Katniss's choice and decided not to bother her further more, so he moved to not bother her or remind her of Prim's death, so that she could live the closest thing to a peaceful life. But that's just my opinion, feel free to PM me and tell me yours.


Topic: Justin Bieber- I don't like him, but I do not not like him

I don't like Justin Bieber for a couple of reasons: I think he's a bit arrogant, he isn't that well of a singer and uses auto-tune (like a lot of other artists) yet he is still loved all over, and I feel like people only like him for his looks. Don't get me wrong, some of his songs are a bit catchy, but still I went more on his personality. He is arrogant and I think he used to be those people in crowds that always thought they were cool (I think, please correct me if I'm wrong). I also don't like the people completely hard-core obsessed. I don't mind if you like him, but if you're one of those people who sent real death threats to any of the girls who went near him, I don't think I would be very fond of you. I find it a bit ridiculous. But on the other hand, I don't get why on earth people plan Justin's death in their sleep. What's the point? What exactly did he do wrong that people just want to flat out kill him? I mean wow, "he's a bad singer, he must die!" Most importantly people think it's cool to hate him. It's like some hate Justin Bieber club that is people are proud to be in. It's sick in, my personal opinion. Some of the same things go for Rebecca Black (Wow, she tried to have fun by making a song! She wanted to try and live her dream by posting a video hoping to make her singing famous. Now people hate and want to kill her for singing a song about Friday.) I mean yes her songs are a bit repetitive, but these people haven't even met her yet they lash at her as if she did something that deserved a life in prison. Honestly, she just wanted to show people what she thought could be potential talent. Is that really that wrong? Why do people think it's cool to hate him?


Topic: Avengers

I loved the movie! It was thrilling, hilarious and action-packed. I have to admit, I didn't understand a part of it because the only Marvel movie I saw before was the first Iron Man. But once I got the jist of it, it was fantastic. I do think that I have to watch Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and Spider Man (He will be in Avengers 2, right?) and watch it again so that I can appreciate even more though. I also need a bit of the back story in Hawkeye and The Black Widow. Anyway, like a lot of others my favorite hero is Iron Man, and not just because he's hilarious, but because he is an extreme genius. Some people underestimate knowledge against strength sometimes, but I would always prefer intelligence rather than physical power. ;) Then I think it's The Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, and then Hawkeye. It's a bit hard though who to choose and in what order, I mean the accuracy Hawkeye has is sick! (awesome sort of sick, obviously)


Topic: One Direction- They are a great group and it's not because of their looks

Ah, One Direction. Where do I start? Well, I guess first off I'll say I like them a lot and as I kind of just said, it's not because of their looks. Yeah, okay they are quite adorable, attractive, handsome (whatever you want to call it) but that's not why I like them. Their looks are only a bonus. The personalities each of the boys have is unique and hilarious. They love their fans and always say things that make me laugh. But even when they have all the possible fun, they are mature as well when they need to be. But now onto something even more important: the singing. They obviously have great voices (in my opinion) as they won third place in the X Factor. What I specifically love about each: Zayn is terrific when it comes to harmonies. Liam's voice has a purity to it, as if it flows. Harry has an impressive range and when he sings low he has a good sort of husk to it. Louie, not only makes me laugh the most, but also has a great range and does great with the high notes. As for Niall, his voice always gives goose bumps. I have no idea what it does it just gives my ears so much pleasure to hear it. Plus Niall's always bubbly with happiness even his laugh has a sweet joy to it. :) And, okay, I may exaggerate it a little but it's true for me. Of course, I understand people may not like their songs, we all have different opinions and I respect it if you may not like them, but I do. Their songs always have me dancing and I can never resist singing along. I hope I can meet them one day. But Queen beats One Direction anyday. Period.


Topic: Naruto- One of the best stories.

I have seriously never read/watched a story as heart-wrenching and endearing as this one. I have to say one of my favorite moments is at the Valley of the End when Sasuke and Naruto are fighting and just when they were about to clash: they make the harmony symbol. And then there's also Neji- who is (words cannot describe his amazingness)- that changed because of Naruto. And Gaara- uhgh :'3 his whole past is so sad, but the way he flips his life around because of Naruto warms my heart. Sasuke. I want to believe he's good again but... I just can't trust him; but then again, why would he need to lie? He's strong enough that he doesn't need to deceive anyone by earning their trust. Plus, he said he didn't want Itachi's life to go to waste. I don't think he would lie about that. If you don't ship Naruto/Sasuke you're wrong

Kidding, kidding kidding. But seriously brotp right there. I don't want to make a huge deal about this since the plot is so much more but I can't understand how people like Naruto/Sakura. She doesn't love him at all and annoys me so much. While I disagree to the fact that she's useless (especially now) she always relies on others. Also, her obsession of Sasuke's appearance aggravates me to whole new level. Hinata, on the other hand, loved Naruto from the start. She's adorable, and respectful of others and herself. She deserves to be with Naruto. ON a different note, I want an eternal rival. I want a relationship like Guy and Kakashi have. Love them. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go look up Naruto right away. Manga chapter 1, or anime episode 1; you will not regret it.


Topic: Nico di' Angelo- Love him

My bby. Uhg, it's hard to understand but I love his character, I truly do. And I admit, I was sketchy about him before: I never knew how to feel about him because he was just so hard to figure out. When I found out in House of Hades *spoilers* about his secret, it all finally made sense. At first I didn't understand why he couldn't see that Percy and others were trying to be his friends, and him being gay made everything so clear. We've all felt alone at one point or another, but Nico he's practically felt it his entire life. He couldn't just reveal his secret in the 1930's, he would have shunned till no end. But it was fine then because he was young and he at least had his amazing sister. When Bianca died, he had nobody. He was a child of Hades- even Percy felt sketchy about that at first, especially when he saw Nico's power. After his sister died, he no loner had someone to share that with. Then of course, he's from a different century. Almost a CENTURY difference, so many things changed; do you realize how lost he must have felt. And he couldn't even share it with anyone; he didn't have anyone to share it with. And he couldn't even make friends with the people who were actually willing. He couldn't torture himself with the love he has for Percy, and he didn't want to anyone to even suspect it. So he ran. But he still promised Percy to take the others to the other side, he still guided Percy to have the power of immortality. HE WENT TO TARTARUS AND BACK. ALONE. Yet he knew all along that Percy would never ever feel the same way. Percy wasn't gay, and he was completely in love with Annabeth. And now that Jason knows, do you know how humiliated he must be? He's probably paranoid after every interaction he has with Percy because of what Jason might think (not that Jason would really think any of it- but Nico probably thinks so (which is also why I'm starting to like Jason a lot more)).

And that, my friends, is why Nico deserves a happy ending. And no I'm not saying he finally tells the world his secret and Percy- or anyone- finally realize their feelings for Nico. All I want is for Nico to know that he has people willing to accept him for who he is. For him to finally realize that he doesn't have to hide things, to know that he can trust these the seven demigods; he can consider them family. :)

Also I want Reyna to tell Nico an embarrassing story of Percy on their trip to Camp- Half Blood. Heh heh heh. Or for Reyna to somehow find out and literally not think twice about it because all that matters is that he's a really good fighter/demigod.

Oh and last thing: Oh no! The concept of gay people in a "children's book"???!?!?!?!!? Rick Riordan is teaching kids that it's okay to be themselves?!!!?!?! T h e H o r r o r. No but seriously, these people who actually think that way outrage me. Those people are the reason why kids struggle so much these days with who they are. Don't you understand? These books are about heroes. Nico di' Angelo is going to be looked up to, and not just because he has amazing powers. He knows what it is like to feel absolutely alone, what some of us struggle with today, but he will overcome this. And if he can, why can't we?

Okay, about my stories: I'm not really proud of them. They are just two, and one is an overused parody, that I only right for fun and my personal enjoyment. The second one I'm okay with, but I was quite young when I wrote it, and I feel it's a bit rushed or something. I've been trying to write a bit more stories on here, but I never really find the time. Ideas keep on coming to my head.

Happy Fanfiction writing everyone! "And may the odds" *throws keyboard into air* *catches keyboard* "be ever in your favor!" (Me: *waves hand dismissily* It's a Everthorne thing)

And to end off I'd just like to remind you, whoever you are, that we go on the same adventures the characters we admire go on. Don't ever feel like your life is too boring compared to them. You were a part of their lives just as much as they were in yours. Your a wizard, demigod, bender, part of Sibuna, alchemist, detective, tribute (eh haha), etc. We endured, cried, and laughed with them, and they will always be in our memories.

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