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Hi everyone! You can just call me Suki. :) I'm very friendly, so feel free to PM me about anything!


Notice: I am only accepting 7 girls. One for each available guy. This is not first come, first serve, so take your time. Remember: Ai, Reiji, and Otoya have already been taken. Note: List of available characters are on bottom of profile. See there for characters you can still choose from.)


Nickname: (Optional)

Age: (15-18, keep in mind the age of who you want your character to be with too.)


Appearance: (Please be as detailed as possible as well. Describe regular clothing, hair color, hair style, eye color, body figure, skin tone, height, weight, anything you can think of would help greatly.)

Personality: (Please be as detailed as possible. I need at least 4-6 sentences, and feel free to add more if you'd like. I need things to work with your character, and don't put just adjectives please. Be creative with your character's personalities! To prevent characters with similar personalities, read the example forms below first, or at least read just their personalities.)

History: (You don't need to be as detailed. Just explain how you became an idol, and how you got involved in Aya's group.)





Instrument your character plays: (Note: No double instruments. As in two characters can't play the same instrument. The guitar, piano, violin, bass, cello, harmonica, singing voice, and flute are all taken.)

Songs preferably sung: (Ex: Pop, love songs, etc.)

Character song: (Please make it japanese only and if possible, give me the english lyrics for it.)

Love interest:

What you think of your love interest in the beginning of the meeting, towards the middle of meeting the character, and after:

Your idea of a date:

Reactions to characters: (NOT OPTIONAL. Please make reactions for Rein, Aya, and Ven, as it is essential since they are going to be interacting a lot since they are in the same idol group. Their forms are below as examples.)

Reinforce/Rein Yukimura:

Veniza/Ven Hijiri:

Aya Nagakura:

Here is Rein's form: (Note: I do not own Rein or Ven. They are my favorite original characters i've seen on fanfiction, and have asked their creator, Silverdragon98, if I could borrow them for this story.)

Name: Reinforce Yukimura

Nickname: Rein

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Appearance: Rein has long black hair going down to her mid-back, with the end of her hair tied in a red bow. She has bangs going across her forehead and ending at her eyes, with pieces of hair going down to her chest not put back with the rest of her hair. Her eyes are blood red, which are brought out more by her long eyelashes. Her lips are naturally pink, and her body is slender but has a slight curvy figure to it. Her skin is creamy colored, and soft and smooth looking. She stands at 5'5, and weighs 108 pounds and her cup size is a C. Rein wears a short cut red tank top that shows some of her stomach, black shorts, black combat boots and black gloves.

Personality: Rein is a very hyper-active, outgoing, impulsive, upbeat, cheerful, spunky and short tempered girl. She is very blunt and has no shame in what she says. However, depending on the person, Rein is known for showing genuine kindness, almost sweetness once in awhile. Rein as well is a huge daredevil, she enjoys doing dangerous things due to her lack of fear, not even fearing walkers all that much. She also enjoys intimidating her opponents and people who are scared of her. Due to not being raised by anyone her whole life, she developed little manners. Despite this, Rein is always cracking jokes to lighten up the mood and once you get close to Rein, she will become very protective of you and will protect you with her life and will become highly loyal to you. If someone so much as insults her friends, Rein can very easily get aggressive to the person who insulted her friend. Rein is very optimistic as well, she hates when people are too negative and will shamelessly tell them to stop being so negative and cheer up already, but in a more crude way. She curses very often as well and will sometimes make up her own words. Rein dislikes authority and loves trouble, she especially hates authority figures and will gladly flip them the finger at any given opportunity. She can't help but get into an argument with them every time. She was well known by the cops in her old home town, Shibuya, and they hated her as much as she hated them. Rein is very flirty as well once she gets over her curiosity over the men, not having seen a man before and will tell them they're attractive without feeling shame about it. Rein though does have a gentle side to her, but only shows this to good, well behaved children. In fact, non-behaved children make Rein somewhat uncomfortable. Rein though, despite her cheery attitude, deep inside she is rather depressed over her loneliness. Rein also gets excited very easily and is known for being a major hopeless romantic. Rein loves all kinds of sweets, especially cake and ice cream and would do just about anything for it. Rein as well is known for not being the type to not use honorifics, and generally just calls everyone by their first name, unless she has a nickname for you. As you might have guessed, Rein does not care for laws at all, including the "Idols can't fall in love rule". Because Rein's lacks a whole entire normal childhood, lacks many educational values that any normal child with a normal childhood experience would have, though she is far from stupid. She can read notes easily, but has difficulty reading actual things, such as books, and many references that has to do with things you would know of as a kid, Rein would not know about, such as the story of The Little Mermaid for example.

History: Rein once lived a normal, healthy life in Shibuya, before her parents left and never returned. They packed up their things in the middle of the night and left, either simply not wanting a daughter anymore or they possibly wanted to live a cheaper life without her. Rein never found that out, but deeply resent her parents for abandoning her, leaving her only a single note confirming her abandonment. Rein was forced to adapt to her new life, and fast. Rein used to be a sweet girl, but quickly became rebellious due to no one ever raising her, along with the fact Rein was forced to constantly pick pocket and steal money to get money for food. But only after a year, this quickly proved to not be enough. By the time she turned 9, Rein began to suffer from immune system weakening from little vitamins and nutrition. She even had a hard time getting water from her water and electricity being shut off. At that point, people were well aware of the little girl going around and stealing from everyone, and stopped carrying around cash, worsening Rein's situation. Even the cops were well aware of what was going on due to numerous complaints and sent out a search party to find Rein's parents, but came up empty handed and Rein was forced to continue living like she did. A little while after, the weakening of her immune system from little nutrition took its toll, and Rein began getting frequent fevers and having fainting spells from weakness, hindering her ability to find what little money she could and stopped her from going to school entirely, not that she went much anyway at that point in time. Half way through the year, Rein passed out in a park in the middle of the night, but woke up in a mansion, having been found by a girl the same age as her, named Veniza. Ven fed Rein and gave her as much vitamin supplement pills as she could, trying to get nutrition in her system and gave Rein as much water as she needed. Rein was incredibly grateful to Ven, and ignored the fact that she had no choice but to rely on Ven as she got better, which bothered her. As Rein spent the week at Ven's mansion, Ven being incredibly rich and her parents being away for a business trip, Rein got back on her feet rather quickly and got out as soon as possible, not wanting to be a bother to the sweet Ven any longer. Due to her kind personality, Ven was happy when Rein began to show up more and more as the years went by, to the point a day didn't go by without Rein stopping by to see her. Ven kept Rein fed, even though Rein always tried to deny her food, not wanting to bother her, but Ven always insisted, and fevers rarely became a problem with Rein again. The two got so close to the point that they called themselves sisters, and Ven occasionally lied about her last name, saying it was Yukimura instead of Hijiri. By the time they turned fourteen, Ven had started to really get worried about Rein getting hurt while stealing, knowing there had been multiple times where she had been confronted by neighboring gangs and suggested Rein tried a different way to get money if she didn't want to get a job. Rein was confused, not knowing what she could possibly do, and Ven suggested singing, knowing that even if she wasn't very good, there had to be a few people that would like her singing and give her money. Taking Ven's word for granted, Rein agreed and gave it a try. Unknowing to the both of them, Rein had been better than they expected and was considered to be a natural. Rein's voice drew in many people, and actually gave her money, shocking her. Rein did this several times, often with the help of Ven, and was noticed by the famous Shining Saotome. Saotome immediately wanted them to be in his school, and Rein wasn't sure, not wanting to leave Ven behind alone. Saotome then hired someone to give voice lessons, and with a little help, Ven's sweet voice turned out to be quite good too, and both were brought into Saotome Academy. At first, Rein didn't know what the hell they were doing there, and didn't like it, but tolerated going to class with Ven there. In the A-Class, Rein and Ven both met Aya after Aya went up and talked to Ven for the first time when Rein turned her back. At first, Rein was wary of Aya, and warned her not to go near Ven. Of course, Aya kept coming and talking to Ven, and seeing Ven was gradually becoming more comfortable with Aya, Rein slowly relaxed around her presence and finding that she was having fun singing and being at this school. Several months later, Aya talked to the two girls like it was nothing. By the time they graduated A-Class and passed the test, they went onto S-Class, and formed a group, along with several other girls they had gotten close too. Finally, they passed their test and made their first debut concert, released CDs and became professionals. Now being called back to the Master Course, they have been assigned to mentor STARISH, along with another idol group, Quartet Night.

Likes: Causing trouble, flirting with the STARISH boys (especially Ai), eating sweets and food, particularly meat

Dislikes: Fruits and vegetables, people who annoy her, girls who complain a lot, highly negative people, traitors, liars, teachers, authority figures

Strengths: Her complete, undying loyalty to her friends, her protectiveness over those close to her, and her constant joke telling and able to lighten the most tense of atmospheres, singing a multitude of types of songs, her natural talent for composing, along with singing (something she learned off Aya)

Weaknesses: Her lack of wanting to obey any orders, making her rebellious by nature and her habit of doing things her own way, her weak immune system which leaves her prone to sickness

Instrument your character plays: Guitar

Songs preferably sung: Will be shown soon

Character song: Will be shown soon

Love interest: Ai Mikaze

What you think of your love interest in the beginning of the meeting, towards the middle of meeting the character, and after: As to not reveal spoilers, this will be shown as the story goes.

Your idea of a date: Same with this. This does not mean you do not have to answer any of this.

Now Ven's!

Name: Veniza Hijiri

Nickname: Ven, Venny

Age: 16

Sex: Female

Appearance: Ven has brown hair with milk chocolate colored eyes. Her hair is rather long, going down to her mid-back but is usually kept in a long braid which goes down her back. She has somewhat messy side bangs, which don't totally cover her other eye and she often brushes behind her ear and she has pale skin. Like Rein, Ven has wavy pieces of hair not braided back with the rest of her hair that don't go any further than her neck. She stands at 5'3, weighs 95 pounds and has a slender body. She does not care much for fashion, and generally wears an ordinary plain tank top with a sweater over it and skinny jeans as well as sneakers.

(Of course without the cat ears)

Personality: Ven is known for being one of the sweetest girls in the group and is Rein's best friend, being so close to her to the point they could call each other sisters. On the outside, due to her sweet and shy personality, Ven is known for being the polar opposite of Rein. But unknown to most people, Ven has a split personality problem, having three different personalities identified by Rein herself. In whole, Ven is very perceptive and can read men like a book from first conversation. She can easily tell a man's true intentions and whether they can be trust worthy, in hence, why Rein always goes to Ven when determining when someone is trust worthy for something. Ven is also, though most people don't see this, very sneaky but at the same time, caring. Overall, no matter what side she is showing, Ven is known for caring very little about a lot of things. She could care less about what people say to her face or behind her back and generally, in Rein's words: "Doesn't give a fuck about a lot of things you might not realize." Ven is an extremely good actress as well, and can easily fake cry and put up her "sweet front" for as long as she needs, despite what happens to her surroundings or people around her. Only certain things are known to being out her other two personalities. As of what caused the morph in personalities is unknown to everyone including Rein. Because of her three sided personality, which Ven is fully aware of, Ven is scared of anyone loving her due to all them seeing her her "angel" side and not knowing the true her, which not even Ven knows. Other than having personality issues, Ven also has narcoleptic problems and sometimes will randomly fall asleep, no matter what the situation or where they may be, including in the middle of a concert, which thankfully has not happened yet. Because of this, Ven frequently falls asleep in class and gets lower than average grades despite being very intelligent. Due to having sensitive hearing, Ven cannot handle loud or extremely high pitched noises as they hurt her ears. Overall, Ven is generally an awkward, shy girl around everyone but Rein and maybe Aya and the rest of the group. Because she is not one for socializing very well with people, animals love her, especially birds. Despite being sweet, she does not seem to be stage shy, and can sing easily on stage.

Ven's three personalities-

Bird/Angel- What Rein calls, usually by "angel" and is the side almost everyone sees and completely believes is how Ven really is. The sweet, caring and shy side of her that is out 90% of the time.

Wolf- The "dark" side of Ven, in which Rein calls it. The wolf side of Ven is very dark and emotionless, and is generally the side of Ven that appears when she loses her temper, which does NOT happen often. The wolf side of Ven changes Ven's appearance slightly, such as shown for Ven's eyes being dark and cold and her expression blank as she speaks. This side of Ven is known for easily talking other people down until they can no longer reply to Ven and Ven will point out every bad thing about the person which is easily revealed through her perceptiveness. Sometimes her words can be so harsh that the person directs to suicide, as it has happened before in the original private school Rein and Ven went too. This side has a most of a chance revealed to those who hate Rein for no reason, and is only shown when Ven is caught alone with them.

Cat- The side of Ven that shows very little and can go not seen for months. This side of Ven sometimes only appears when under the influence of alcohol. In this personality, Ven becomes extremely affectionate, sometimes may be even a little lustful, and blunt in actions. She is even known to sometimes to make a sound resembling to a purr when this side has made it's appearance.

History: Ven comes from a very rich family, and her parents own multiple businesses. But because of this, they are often very busy and virtually ignore Ven, leaving her to pretty much raise herself most of her life, and most, especially Rein, consider her situation a form of neglect. Most of her life, Ven did not go to school, and because she did not socialize with her parents, by the time she went into school, she was incredibly awkward and did not know how to properly talk to other children. Because she was so quiet and distant from everyone, children thought she thought she was better than everyone else because she was rich, which led her to being picked on and bullied. Months later, wandering home after being confronted by her bullies, Ven found Rein unconscious on the ground of the nearby park, and thus their relationship and their lives began. Once they got close, Rein scared away all of her bullies, and they were never a problem again, and Ven is no longer quite as shy, though she is known for her quietness while others are talking or when strangers are around. Rest is continued on in Rein's bio.

Likes: Sleeping, resting in the sun, sweets, high places

Dislikes: Fruits and vegetables, people who are rude to Rein for no particular reason

Strengths: Singing songs that require a sweet voice, her ability to find Rein no matter where she is (which proves useful when Rein randomly disappears), her ability to figure out men on first conversation, her ability to tell whether someone is trustworthy or not.

Weaknesses: Her narcolepsy problems, her lack of energy

Instrument your character plays: The piano

Songs preferably sung: Will be shown later

Character song: Koubou: Beam of Light -- Mami Kawada

Love interest: Ittoki Otoya

What you think of your love interest in the beginning of the meeting, towards the middle of meeting the character, and after: Will be shown as story goes on.

Your idea of a date: Will be shown as story goes on.

Now finally, Aya!

Name: Aya Nagakura

Nickname: Mama Aya, or Mommy, by Rein generally

Age: 17

Sex: Female

Appearance: Aya has wavy blonde hair, that does down to her mid-back and has shorter pieces of hair reaching down to her chest. She has royal blue eyes, with decent lengthed eyelashes, and a somewhat curvy figure. Her skin is pale, and she stands at 5'6 and weighs 120 pounds. Aya generally dresses fashionably, and wears a strapless light blue dress that reaches just under her thighs. It has cream rose colored patters on it with small white flowers with dark green stems, and she has a brown belt going along her midsection with a white necklace and dark green bead bracelet on her right wrist along with brown open toe shoes.

Personality: Aya is more-or-less, the "mommy", of the group and keeps everyone in line. Knowing that they have to keep up their visual as idols, she generally dislikes when Rein and Ven dress so comfortably and lack any fashion sense, but because Ven is so sweet all the time, she lets her get away with it. On Rein's hand, she knows that the girl is poor as hell, and gives all her money earned to Ven as payback for taking care of her all these years, so she doesn't bother Rein about her fashion sense quite as much. Aya, though she is strict, especially Rein with her lack of manners, can be gentle and motherly-like to her group members. She is the one who gets up the earliest and wakes everyone up, makes them breakfast as well as coffee every morning to get them up and going, especially Rein. Aya, growing up in a household that does not allow cursing, will often snap at Rein when she curses, which is very frequent.

History: Unlike Rein and Ven, Aya grew up in a normal household. Though her parents were divorced, her social life was good, and she went to school normally like other kids. Due to the option to join chorus at school, Aya sung a lot already, and got good at it as she grew it. When she was fourteen, she found a child lost and crying around town, and went to comfort the child, singing him a soft song. The child was comforted, and his mother came and found him, making Aya smile and promise that she'd see him again before sending him off. Little did she know that Shining Saotome was watching, and Shining being Shining, popped out of nowhere, startling Aya, and gave her the offer to go to Saotome Academy, where she met Rein, Ven, and the rest of her future idol group.

Likes: Order in her group, mothering the group members and keeping them in line, coffee, cooking

Dislikes: Cursing, bad fashion from her group, arrogant people

Strengths: Singing, her ability to keep her group in line, keeping things orderly, composing (where Rein got her ability to compose from)

Weaknesses: Drawing, anything related to drawing

Instrument your character plays: Violin

Songs preferably sung: Will be revealed as story goes on.

Character song: Will be revealed as story goes on.

Love interest: Reiji

What you think of your love interest in the beginning of the meeting, towards the middle of meeting the character, and after: Will be shown as story goes on.

Your idea of a date: Will be shown as story goes on.

And that's all! :) Here are the available characters left for pairing: (Check back often for updates in which characters are left)


Ai Mikaze by Reinforce Yukimura (Creator: Silverdragon98)

Ittoki Otoya by Veniza Hijiri (Creator: Silverdragon98)

Reiji Kotobuki by Aya Nagakura (Creator: Me)

Syo Kurusu by Yurie Kinose (Creator: AoiTori10)

Ranmaru Kurosaky by Viatrice Dereveux (Creator: Hotomi-Tsukino)

Masato Hijirikawa by Kisa Nagamura (Creator: ERidg17)

Natsuki Shinomiya by Akane Nakagawa (Creator: bluebutterfly22)

Tokiya Ichinose by Yuna Ishikawa (Creator: tealcloud)

Cecil Aijima by Jin Koujaku (Creator: Castle Darkmoon)

Camus by Miki Sanzenin (Creator: xXThe Girl In WonderlandXx)

Ren Jinguji by Victoria Ootori (Creator: ERidg17)

*Once all of the characters are gathered, I will put up a poll before the next chapter is released on the suggested idol group names, and whichever name gets the highest vote will be the group name.

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