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Hey! S4pphi here!

I'm a Scottish student who lurves gaming, but when I'm not doing that, I'm reading or writing.

Gender: Male. Actually wait let me check... Yup, male.

Age: Well, Sonic turned 23 a little back so... Yeah, I must be pretty freakin' old.

Height: Taller than you. Nerd. Tiny nerd. Just kidding, just under six feet I believe.

Consoles: ALL OF THEM! Seriously, a gaming PC, a Xbox 360, a PS4, a Wii U, a 3DS and PS Vita (a great console with a not so great selection of games). Technically a PS3 too, but that's just a Netflix machine so... Yeah...

Music: I'm a sucker for video game music, with Sonic, No More Heroes and Halo being amongst my VGM favourites. I'm especially fond of a good remix of a video game OST. Other than that, I like to rock out people. Shinedown, Foo Fighters, Zebrahead, Crush 40, The Blackout, Digital Summer, Linkin Park, all that good stuff. I did like Lostprophets but we all know how that turned out; and if you don't know what happened, do yourself a favour and don't look it up. You'll feel ill.

Films and TV: Top Gear, Mock the Week, Falling Skies, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad!, Star Trek (all except the original series, screw you Shatner! You and your spoken version of Rocketman), Lord of the Rings (preciousssssss), Star Wars, District 9 (totally underrated), Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Kick-Ass, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Red Dwarf, Not Going Out, Big Bang Theory Spaced, Aliens, Gladiator, Blade Runner ('He say you Blade Runna!'), Black Hawk Down, Blackadder, The Matrix.

Games: In case that hasn't come across yet (and if not, what the heck is wrong with you?) I'm big on my games. So I'll just stick with my top 10 to keep from crashing ff.net:

TEN! No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

NINE! Metal Gear Rising: Worst Subtitle Ever

EIGHT! Starcraft II: KeKeKeKeKe

SEVEN! Half-Life series, yeah I'm sticking the whole damn franchise on here

SIX! Sonic 3 and Knuckles, me fav 2D Sonic and half my childhood!

FIVE! Doom 2, the other half of my childhood! Which explains a great deal actually...

FOUR! Metroid Prime

THREE! Halo 3, where you Finish the Fight! For a few years.

TWO! Sonic Generations, its Sonic greatest hits album, why wouldn't it be this high?

ONE! Mass Effect Trilogy, what is there to be said? If you haven't go play it.

Occupation: Student. Yeah. How does it feel to have your mind blown?

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