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Probably should start with a little about me. I'm male, 23, and I live in the US. I read a lot of Star Trek and Star Wars, but have been sort of disappointed with some of the more recent books. During this period, I came across Kim Possible, and realized that these stories had a lot of the thing that I like in a story, so my focus has sort of shifted.

I've been reading stories on this site for a couple of years, and after seeing some of the stories on here, I thought that maybe I'd try some stories of my own. I've been writing stories for quite a while, but haven't gotten around to posting anything-so I figured that I should just go ahead and make an account, or else I'd never get anything posted.

In regards to Kim Possible; I started watching it around the final season, so I actually had to go back and track down the previous three seasons-while doing that, I came across the FanFic website, and the stories here-been reading ever since.

I had seen some episodes before, but the first two that caught my eye were the Bad Boy episode, followed by Stop Team Go-back to back. Somewhat fascinated by Zorpox, I started looking for stories, and found some pretty interesting ones, so I figured I needed to do one of my own, too. It's nearing completion. I hope.

I've written quite of bit, from short stories to longer things, but I'm not quite finished with everything. I prefer for the stories to be complete before I post them, so that's why I had been putting off creating an account for so long.

I've always liked mystery stories, and I've read a lot of Hardy Boys and other stories, so what I really like in a story is something that keeps you guessing-and that's what I'm trying to do in writing a Zorpox story. I picture Zorpox as being a brilliant villain, able to come up with unique uses for normal objects, plan things out down to the tiniest detail, a plot with many interlinking features. I hope to capture that in my writing, adding key facts throughout the story that allow you to put everything together. That was something I always enjoyed about So the Drama-midway through the movie, all of the facts are there, and you could devise Drakken's plan.

A lot of the stories that I've written and am writing are influenced by the different writers on this website-I get ideas from different things I've read, and that makes me thing of something I could write, so if something seems a little familiar, I probably got an idea from someone else-hopefully, though, everything I'm writing is still completely unique. When I'm writing a particular section on a story, I often visit other stories on the site to see how they are written, and get ideas-nothing puts you in the mood for writing Kim and Ron than reading about it before hand.

I've posted a few stories now, so things seem to be going pretty well in regards to getting the stories on the site. I've got some stories that are ready to be posted, but I figure I'll spread them out a little and post on Saturdays-at least that way, I'll be posting something weekly, since I have a tendency to work on lots of stories at a time before I finish any of them.

Two things to add to my profile here: first off, a new years resolution that I hope to keep, and what better way to help me remember than posting it here-I intend to write two reviews every day. That may not seem a lot, and really it's not; but at the same time, considering how much I write, it'll probably take me while to get it done. On that note, I'll challenge everyone who can to try and write one review per day.

Second thing to add to the profile: I'm finished with my Zorpox story, and intend to start posting the fourteenth of January. Booyah!

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From the Mission Logs of Kimberly Ann Possible reviews
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