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I am an aspiring writer. I'd like to publish my own fiction someday, but for now, I'll hone my skills on writing fanfictions.

I'd describe my style as humanistic. While there is evil and corruption in the world, I also believe in goodness and decency. Perhaps that is naive of me.

I'm working a new fanfic for the first time in years. Just been too busy with life.

So far I have eighteen stories:

Cross Her Heart is a celebration of Cassie and Roxanne Wolf, now two of my favorite characters from FNAF. What I like most about Cassie is that she's the first protagonist that views the animatronics first and foremost as old friends instead of just threats to be dealt with. That makes her more compassionate toward them, similar to how many of the fans of the games feel. And that brings out the better sides of both Roxy and the Daycare Attendant. I wasn't a Roxy fan in original game, although I found her ultimately pitiable, but Ruin brought out a side to her that made her become my favorite animatronic.

The Blue Scarf is about the relationship between Lady Two and Cent in a world where a happy ending for them is actually possible. They may not get one, but at least it's not a bunch of different dead ends. I was a little bothered by the deus ex machina aspects of making this story, but then I realized the whole concept of the branches in the canonical game is one giant deus ex machina parody so I just rolled with it.

VR21 is about the relationship between childhood friends Katene and Mute. They quickly became my favorite pair of characters in the game. Their relationship seems silly at first, but it evolves in a way that's quite touching and in ways unexpected. I've tried to strike a similar balance between humor and drama here.

The Kirin is my way of addressing two things I've always wanted to see: 1) What became of Princess Ursa (since the show leaves that hanging) and 2) What would happen if Tom-Tom and Hope meet as teenagers, since they are two of the most important characters of their generation. Update: Well the comic book series wrapped up the first thing canonically, but I was going to go in a different direction anyway.

Rule Breaker is of course the name of the dagger that Caster weilds in Fate/Stay Night, but it's a good metaphor for the way she lives her life. Her pairing with her Soichiro Kuzuki is my favorite part of the anime. I was almost rooting them to destory the world because they fufilled each other.

The Zodiac Braves is the story of the rise of the Lucavi from the perspective of Germonik, the Judas figure in the story of St. Ajora and author of the heretical document that drives Ramza's quest in Final Fantasy Tactics. He sounded like an interesting person. For that matter we learn next to nothing about the other Zodiac Braves that follow St. Ajora. This is my take on it.

Hellmouth may seem like an odd choice for me, but I like the Cenobites and their small glimpses of humanity in Hellraiser II. I wanted to capture something of that spirit here. Plus I've been in a hospital recently, so the experience is still fresh in my mind. Think of this as a Cenobite love story, as bizarre as that sounds.

Alma Mater means 'foster mother' in Latin. It explores a simultaneously sweet and disturbing bond between Tidus and the Fayth of the Aeon Anima. I wrote this for two reasons: 1) Anima's a favorite character of mine, scary and sad in equal measures and 2) I wanted to see what would happen if Tidus really did get an oppurtunity to show Yuna his Zanarkand.

Dance Macabre is complete. It's a sequel to Alma Mater that further explores the relationship of Tidus and the Fayth of Anima after he crosses over to the Farplane. Also it gives me an oppurtunity to reveal more of the personal histories of the Fayth that once served as Yuna's Aeons. Sorry if the ending is a little weird, but I was constrained by the events of FFX-2.

Tripartite is my own attempt to write the first Pet Shop of Horrors fanfiction featuring not only Christopher Alcott/Orcot (my favorite character) but also the three headed dragon Honlon (my second, third, and fourth favorite characters). I couldn't think of a plausible crisis involving just them so I adopted the 'pet of the week' approach, which is essentially what PSoH does.

Human Nature is my second PSoH fanfiction. The ending of volume 10 sets up the interaction of an adult Christopher Alcott/Orcot and a younger Count D. I wanted to explore that along with reintroducing Chris to Honlon, Pon-chan and T-chan. They're simply too cool to pass up. Since Honlon's a dragon I decided to go with the four sacred beast theme this time.

The Heart of Gartlant focuses on the revival of Luchs and Panther. After a yearlong hiatus, it is finally complete. The hardest part was finding a way to make it dramatic.

Death Penalty, a Final Fantasy VII story that centers on the emotional turmoil between Cloud, Tifa and Vincent, is now complete. I wanted to change the title to 'Pandora's Box', but there are almost 50 fanfictions with that title!

Princess Guard is my long-delayed sequel to Death Penalty. The reason for the delay is mainly that several FFVII spin-offs have happened since then and much of my speculation was off base. But several requests by fans of the original story have convinced me to go ahead and continue with this alternate reality. I guess that's the point of fanfics, neh?

Contact, my second attempt as a fanfiction involving the Elements from Xenogears, is now complete. My first story was hopelessly flawed, but I'm recycling some of the elements (ho ho) for this one. I like it much better and I think the Elements deserve their own story.

Her Heart is Human is still a work in process although I'm not sure if I'll ever finish it. Alan and Cerl are my favorite characters from Breath of Fire I.

War of the Magi is also complete. I always wanted to know more about the events a thousand years before Final Fantasy VI. This is my take on it.

Saber Dolls G is complete. In my opinion, the Saber Dolls are more interesting than the heros. The story has some flaws, but I'm happy with most of it. I'm particuarly fond the the chapter 'Emulation'.

I hope you enjoy reading my stories.



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