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Wow. It's been awhile, and it's time for an update. I'm still Cathay, now a college student, waitress and, finally, a writer-that-writes, albeit usually at night in concentrated frenzies wherein I overflow with emotion. Over the years my time spent on the computer exploring pixellated worlds has dropped, dropped, and finally hit the bottom line. As of the time of this writing, 11-15-04, I haven't played a video game in two weeks. So, my friends, my readers and my fellow writers, at this point it seems doubtful that I will produce new fanfiction in the near future. This will always stand, however, as a monument to beginnings. Scattered Ashes, at approximately 36,000 words was the longest work I had produced at that point and introduced me to the craft of long fiction. The other works you see here- well, they were just fun to write.

So, in the words of the old cliche: it's been fun. To all the people who gave me such encouraging reviews: thank you so much. You gave me the confidence to walk a path I had always been too afraid to pursue, for fear of failure. You showed me what words could do, and your kind words still guide me through those dark times when I am convinced all my art is meaningless and futile. Keep writing- I look forward to the day we have a joint book-signing to publicize our bestsellers.

DOB: September 30, 1986

Location: Central Jersey, on the shore

Important Influences, descending order: Fog Heart by Thomas Tessier The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson
(every game I write fics for) Werewolf: The Apocalypse / Demon: The Fallen by White Wolf Publishing
The Flight of Dragons, The Last Unicorn various by Stephen King
the music of VNV Nation and Loreena McKennitt
"The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas" by Ursula K. Le Guin
the poetry of Ingvild Gregersen
The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Read, review, enjoy.

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The Vampire, the Hylden and the Terrifying Beastie by Metal Gear Prime reviews
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It was dark outside. That is what she always remembered, the darkness and what the darkness brought. Somewhere out there was an infinite number of things that lurked in the darkness of Nosgoth, and not just vampires either.
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Shadows and Waiting reviews
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A poem for that most pretty shadow, Ariel.
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