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Hello This Is GoingThroughChanges i know long nameXP But this is going to be my name haha so yeah i hope you guys enjoy my fanfics mostly all of them have to do with naruto and sasuke i am working on some Gaara and Naruto but they are not done yetXP So i hope you guys will look forward to my postings:D




Published my first story today I'm so excited i can't wait until i get my first comment:D So please hurry and comment i'm waiting with crossed fingers:D please comment soon and support me Neh? Okay hope to hear from you guys soon:D


I have noticed that one person by the name of doros has favorited my story:D It made me very happy so thank you doros and i hope at some point you feel like you can review it or just give me a small commetn you don't even have to critique if you do not like just say if you liked it or not:D so yeah thank you and i hope to hear from you soon:D


Hello everyone...still no comments but that is A okay because i can waitXP waiting is very hard when you have a story out waiting for a comment but hey i got enough practiceXD anywho i hope you guys comment and i hope you will read my story too:D please comment and read


Hey guys going through changes I just uploaded a poem so if you wish check it out the theme sasuXnaru per usualXD so please check it out! And thank you for my new favoriter Uchiha Sasaki-chan!!!!:D Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you like it!!!! i hope to hear from you and Doros soon:D Okay so check out my new post!!:D Have a nice day okay


Still no comments TT.TT i have people favorite but still no comments TT TT i know i was optimistic before but now i'm starting to wonder if my stories are any good TT.TT so please comment even if it's a small i liked it or something like that. If you dont' like reading my stories please tell me why neh? Please:3 pretty please with a cherry on topX3 anywho i hope you guys comment soon i don't bite i promise:D


Okay so i have gotten smarter yorobun(everyone)...it seems that when i went to see if my stories were getting any recognition whatsoever since i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO grief stricken(XP) by my lack of comments and found that i had like 68 visiters!!!O.O not one comment? mind you that dosen't mean anyone has read my story...but still it would be nice if you guys just a leave a little hey whats up it dosen't even really have to be about the story really you can just say HEY What's up! or tell me how awesome i amXD the last one you don't have to lol anywho!!! i hope you guys comment!!! i really really really do!!! because it is true i am writing for fun but you know that it's always great to get a little heads up from someone once in a while just to you know let me know i'm not invisibleXP not that i think i am because if i were invisible everyone would have to be very blind haha anywho!!! thanks for the visits anyway i hope to hear from you guys soon neh? okay talk to you guys later:D See ya!


Okay so i just uploaded a new story called "Crystal Mountains" it is not a one-shot so please comment ha-haXD Anywho it's another sasunaru fan fic and i hope you guys enjoy it i will upload another chapter most likely later today 'kay? I hope you guys enjoy it and i get lot's of comments Thanks a bunches and i will write again when i upload another chapter:D


Okay so i uploaded the prologue and the first chapter so they are both up if i have time i will upload the second chapter:D i'm trying to move quick because i only have today through tuesdayXP then friday through tuesday againXD Oh jeez tight schedule neh?XP So anywho i uploaded the first chapter just a few moments ago so if you would like why not check it out:D thanks doros for your support you have given me lots of strength to persevere Thank you so much!!!! Your the best and i hope you enjoy my story along with a lot of other people

(Later Again)

Okay so i have one comment YAY!!!! Thank you lazygaga for the comment!!!! It made my day:D So thank you the next chapter will be up soon i promise:D Oh so happy!!!!! hangbokhaeyo!!!!!! okay so i will get back to work!!! So pumped up right now haha thank you again lazygaga and i hope to hear from other people too i don't bite i promise 'kay? Okay well see you guys soon!!!!!

(Later AGAIN!!!)

So here i am again! Getting tired of me yet? Haha well i just uploaded chapter THREE!!!! Yes chapter THREE!!! i know i think i'm going to die doing all this in such a short period but i'm so happy!! I'm actually doing something with my day that is not watching movies and crying about how the main girl is being dumped by this guy that was a jerk anway...anywho yes you see what i normally do with my day but this is what i'm doing right now!!! Non stop story writing until i feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my skull or fry in my brain it's fun believe me i'm having the time of my life haha well...beside the eyes going to pop out of my skull and fry in my brain haha anywho it's just me being dramatic haha thanks guys for reading and i hope you continue to read and feel free to leave a comment it would be much appreciated I will probaly see you later if not tomorrow!!:D I'm going to bug you guys to death with all my updates hahaXP well anywho see ya guys later!!!!


Okay so i uploaded the fourth chapter of Crystal Mountains yesterday So if you want to check it out please do and don't forget to comment Comments make me really happy so please make me happy okay haha Okay so i hopefully will upload another chapter today:D maybe but i will try my best to upload another one okay? Okay cool See you guys later!!!!!


Woah it's been a long time yorobun!!!! i'm so sorry!!!! im such an idiotTT.TT i'm truly sorry everyone for my lack of diligence): I will try harder i promise!!! truly!!!! i have just been so busy with school and such!!! but i'm almost done with my story Crystal Mountains!!! I have uploaded another chapter today!!! so please go check it out and comment neh? thank you for reading and i promise i will do better!!! Pinky promise!!!! Thank you and i will see you guys later


sigh* everyone your author is getting into a slump...i really enjoy that i have readers even if only one has commented so far...but i really wish you guys would comment...if anyone is reading this i hope you would because...idk...things are getting hard and i just would like a little support even if it's a hi i like your story. even if you speak a different language go ahead and post a comment i swear to god i will go and translate it with google translator so please you know just a heads up please. Thanks for reading this and i hope i get the sixth chapter up soon...see ya guys later


Okay so i have uploaded chapter six today!!! and i really hope i will get some comments this time!!! Please it would be much appreciated really!!! i don't bite and i don't snap at you if you say my story sucks or whatever...yes i will be sad if you say that but i won't be like f you go kill yourself or anything i promise!!!!!D: so please comment!!!!!! Please and thank you!!! oh btw i may be done soon with Crystal Mountains...we will see;D


Okay mark this day in history people!!!!!!!!!!!! i have had more than two reviews!!!!!!!!:D OMG i know!!!!!!! a totally awesome commenter by the way!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you thank you LoveUntilWeBleed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD until next time guys!!!:D


Okay so i just uploaded the next chapter!!!:D so everyone go and check it out okay:D Thank you to LoveUntilWeBleed for the review and i hope to hear from you soon as well as others please comment:D thank you!!!!!!!!!!!:D see ya!!!!!!!!!!


Almost forgot!!!! i uploaded the next chapter!!! so everyone check it out:D it's short but i hope it gets the point across:3 thank you for reading hope to hear from you guys


Sorry guys for taking so long to updateDX i have been really sickDX it was awful i hate being sick because every time i get sick i get REALLY sickXD thank GOD i don't get sick oftenXP well anywho i uploaded the next chapter so go check it out when you have time or RIGHT NOW lolXD okay so yeah thank you LoveUntilWeBleed for commenting they make me smile as always:D i hope you and other's comment soon:D thank you guys for reading and as this story comes to a close i hope you continue to read other stories that i will write:D okay guys until next time!!! see ya!!!!


No comments. Well i can be patientXD One comment is all it takes everyone;D


Oh wow it's been a long timeXD sorry guys i had some things come up that took longer than i had inticipatedDX sorry!!!!! not that anyone comments anywayT.T but still i feel like i have let you guys downTT3TT but anway i will be uploading another chapter of Crystal Mountains soon!!!!:D It's going to be the final chapter before the EPILOGUE!!!!:O I know right!!! The Showdown!!!!! Who will win?! Who will live?! and who will die?! OMO i'm making myself excitedXD anywho!!! you guys look forward to it 'kay?:3 i'm in the process of writing it to make it SUPER good so that you guys will be like "Oh! Wow! i like her!!!" lol but anyway i will upload it soon and know that the long wait will be worth it 'kay?:3 okay you guys until Friday the deadline!!!:D or SaturdayXD Friday or Saturday i will shoot for Friday:) Thank you everyone!!! and i will hope even after this story is done that you will still continue to read my storied:D okay until Friday:D

Even if i don't upload the chapter on Friday i will make sure to tell you guys that i can't upload the chapter that dayXD Silly i know but i always hate it when i'm promised something and without any info i just don't get itXD so okay i'm going now!!! bye!!!:D


Okay everyone Crystal Mountains is COMPLETE!!!! Thank you all for reading and i hope you come along with me to another story i will soon be writing as soon as my readers pick the genre!!!:D so please give me your feedback and i might just you know run with my own genre i will see if i get any responsesXD let's hope i do because it would make sad if i dont'XD okay so thank you for reading all the way through it means a lot to me and i hope to see you guys again soon:DDDD See ya!!!!!!!


Okay a little late in announcing but i have a new story i am writing called "Fall For You Again". This time my story is Gaara and Naruto themed. There is some SasuNaru action but not the main focus this time:) So check it out and i hope you guys like it and comment:D So thank you for my current reviewers TigrezzTail, lady candace, beautifullylovelyLovely!!!:D Thank you all and i hope you guys keep commenting and follow me all the way through!!! And all of you who are reading but aren't saying anything i hope you find the courage to do so:D After all i don't bite at all:P Thank you and See You guys later:D


WOW!!! its been a long time since i updated my profileXD but hey guys im back!!!! so i have just finished my story "Falling For You Again" which i happened to misspell in my last update go figure i can't spell but anywho! i have finished it and it is done:D i got a lot of comments on that one and i was sooo happy you guys all remember if you have read my entries of me begging for people to comment lol and it happened!!! YAY!!!!:D so anyway i have started a new story it's called "I Love You Brother" it is about Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi, and Gaara:D those are the main characters...Sakura is going to be in there a little bit but...she's not a big deal:P Not a major character AT ALL so for all of you who don't care for Sakura don't you worry and for all of you that do she will be in there a little:P but yes it is going to be GaaNaru based...maybe...see idk if there will be any REAL romantic things going on in it...maybe hints...but if you guys have read it SPOILER* of the first chapterXD WOW you know your bad when your spoiling your own story but anyway if you have not read go read it now so you can come back and read this lolXD or stay and read then go and read and understand what i'm talking about haha anyway Naruto...is a little bit mentally unstable...haha that's like the mild way to put it:P but yeah so maybe idk...and Sasuke and Naruto are brothers...biological but totally different you will see;) all will come to pass in this tale. I think in the description i put it down as...A horror and Drama? yeah i think. So it's not happy. Sorry i know i know i was going to write a comedy and i had my mind set on it but then i got this great idea and then i was like "...maybe after this one" i don't plan very well:P but i plan to make this story long, i have some great ideas and everything:) i might do one shots about random things, i was actually thinking about doing a comedy about vampires...umm naruto characters as vampires...but idk i think i want to expand my horizon. so far i have only written stories about naruto characters...true they are my favorite bunch but maybe branching out would be goodXD like i really like death note so maybe L and Light might be fun:P Or D gray man OMG i love D gray man but yeah so maybe kanda and lavi or allen and kanda or lavi and allen i really like doing couples that people normally don't write about like kenshin and sano! the cutest couple ever! but not many write about them its quite saddening to me so maybe i will write about them too:)) that would be fun right:DD anywho i'm goin to stop talking your ear off and i'm going to go work on my fanfiction. Thank you for reading and i hope you go and read my new fan fic:DD and please comment it's always fun to read your guys comment:DDD so thank you! hope to hear from you guys;)


Hello everyone goingthroughchanges here!!! i have recently started writing a fanfiction called 'A thing to remember':) It's not a yaoi fan fiction this time it is a Sasuke and Sakura fanfiction:O surprise!!!!!!! so i put lots of though into it so there are no spelling or grammer errors!! omg! i feel accomplished because i always having spelling and grammer errors because i swear i'm better at korean than english:P but anywho everything i have to say is I hope you guys comment because that would make me really happy and more inclined to update on a regular basis:D i will try to do that anyway but yeah please comment:D Thank you and i will see or talk to you guys later!!!:D


Hey guys going through changes here:D so i am working on two stories at the moment one is a Sasuke X Sakura fan fic called "A Thing To Remember" and my other one is a Naruto X Sasuke fan fic called "Tell Me Tomorrow":D Two at the same time lol i know how am i ever going to manageXD but anyway those are my new stories so check them out and comment on them okay:D because comments make me happy:) :) so until next time;)


Hello guys it's goingthroughchanges here:D i know i have not uploaded in a long time but it's because my life has been really hectic lately and i have not been able to work on the new chapter:( Don't hate me guys life get's hectic sometimes and i can't upload all the timeDX but i promise i will start uploading again and i promise this chapter will be way longer than the other ones to make up for it:) :) so don't worry i'm still thinking about you guys and i really appreciate all the good feedback i have been getting:D thank's guys and i hope to upload the next chapter soon and get a lot more feedback from you guys:D :D :D thank you all for your support despite my long absence:D :D thank you so much and i will upload the next chapter as soon as i can:D :D thank you guys!!!! until next time again!!!!:D

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