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1. If I make an OC accepting story, dont do a dump and leave, if that happens, well your OC will be replaced with someone that wanted an OC spot in the story, some things will be changed and updated, but it wont be much.

2. If you submit, please at least do a review... I am not asking every chapter, but if I do make a mistake in something your OC does then let me know, or if you want to critique general writing or not.

3. You and me are going to be needed in fast contact, why??? well lets say I come to something and on the flow writing your OC gets in the situation and I dont know how they react to the situation, I dont want to just guess and have it be wrong and then slow write through the whole section of story again.

Thats pretty much it, if you can live with that Have at it submitting OC's to my stories, if not... well sorry I guess if it deters people I can write just about my OC's at times, or the HTF canons... Until I lose interest in writing for fandoms and go into not publishing any more fanfiction. At least for a long stint of time, well I will push to that situation if I have to.

Next chapter won’t be up for a while depending on OC applicants, and then them responding, so if you aren’t too fast in responding on here, tell me where you will respond because I will ask you the 2-3 random questions (that yes involve the challenges and something for me to get to know the OC a bit better) if you cant do too fast communication just let me know, then your OC would be just a cameo scene.

I am sorry, but the faster the responses I get to the Interview questions the faster I can get the story moving, once it gets to the show itself, well depending on some situations I may or may not allow back in, or a double elimination or the possible no elimination, so communication is the key point.

And the main point of this story is trying to make it slightly dynamic, I don’t want to pick the losers, it’s no fun to me, because I am pretty biased… I am highly tempted to get my OC's to win over just about everyone else… Oh look I ruined the ending, well it only ruined it if you make me chose the losers, I really hate having to randomly do a pick out of the hat type thing it really is no fun for me, I am a go with the flow writer,

So whatever hits me at the moment is what happens, if it fits with the flow of the story then yeah random things happen, I will use a challenge from The Competition as an example of something…

Let’s say there are 3 players left, in a single group, they had to win or 3 will be 2 and if the teams didn't merge the challenges would get harder and harder for those few to win. Here’s the scene…

Jane is the new designated team captain since the last one was eliminated in the challenge before, Jane has to get the group through a small forest, there’s 4 routes through it, but there's only three members, so Jane has to choose should they go down path number one, path two, path three, or path four, or should they split up and take one hoping they didn't get unlucky and all pick the wrong path that would get them to the end line safely.

lets say they stick together but Joe seems to get lazy and falls behind, he then gets a little lost after spotting a berry bush and started to sit there and eat the berries, then after a short break figure out the path and follow it to the end line, but all the other teams were there leaving Jane's group as the last ones to arrive and face elimination.

in the groups opinion Jane was helpful to the group and actually tried to get them a win, but the other members blamed Joe for the loss, because of him getting lost stopping to eat berries. so he gets voted off.

That is how any game show would go, the weakest link, or the ones people get annoyed at the most is the most likely to leave, or get lucky and live another day in the competition for some lucky reason.

Imagine same scenario, now with how many stories are written and not that dynamic,

Remember: Jane was most helpful to the group, the other member just call Doe wasn’t helpful, but didn't lose the challenge for the team, and Joe was the one that lost it for them.

If I had to do the choice, to not be biased I would have to use a random generator of some sort… pull a name out of the hat and….. The loser of the challenge that gets eliminated for the round is….. Jane… Now Jane has been eliminated from the challenge even though she did good and helped the group to at least not lose.

I hate situations like that, so this is where the communication comes in, I give you (the people of the teams that lose) the list of your team mates you send me back a single name on the list that will get eliminated, so the story is more interesting, because like I said, I am biased in choosing, and the random thing is far to random that it doesn’t fit with the flow.

If you don’t think you can keep communication in some form then yeah I really suggest you let me know before I accept your OC as a competitor, it would save a lot of time, and story editing.

So with that out of the way, if you stay in communications with me when I get to the eliminations part of the story and you pick the eliminated loser(s) then I get them off, but there is the little side thing that gives them a chance to come back, which again, this is for people to argue their way back into the challenge…

This is going to be like survivor style 1 will sit out on the outskirts of elimination at the end of the challenges the eliminated goes to the outcast and do a small challenge, if the eliminated from the challenge wins the outcast is eliminated completely and the eliminated from challenge is the outcast, but if the outcast wins the outcast selects someone to take their place in the outskirts, but the loser of the mini challenge is eliminated from the show.


This is going to be an eliminated area where they do minor challenges once or twice to get back in the game, or the prize for one challenge is bring a member back, otherwise they sit there in the eliminated area and wait for the show to end.

personally I like the survivor one better, but I rather have a more of the second one but some moderations like a random chance or two to have characters back but they vote them back in, something… I don’t know I will only write the best fit depending on communication with people.

So if you understood all this and accept that you will keep a decent communication with me…

Just enough that if I ask for a vote you can get within a timely manner, if not on here you can contact me on DA (Deviantart) FlakyRed or FA (FurAffinity) Blue_Flakes I check those often since I don’t get much messages here, but that’s because communications with people was never one of my requirements for the stories….

If you can’t have a fast communication like I said your OC will be a cameo, nothing more, unless you can get into better communications and I am feeling generous and have people make a choice (of course it’s a little they might not want it, but if I am generous enough I will pull a favor and work your OC in, if not well it depends….)

Now with that long note out of the way I really do hope this story turns out much better then the last one. And I do hope people do keep their word with communications if their OC's get accepted, or they will be replaced… Thank you and let’s see where this 15 competitor story goes….

I'm going to be working on my artistic skills, so umm I won't be really writing too much, so any story I have now and will soon to be written ( will list my works soon) Well you have to review or PM and give details, nothing personal to some, but yeah the "Great story continue" and short comments went on long enough, I will only take criticism in review or praise the good points, so if you leave a review it has to be a paragraph whats good about it, ( not forced, but primarily feedback on it, what needs to change a little to make better things like that.) or the flaws, I know I don't write perfect stories, I would like too see something that I need to work on, Heck my reviews will be the same.

Also the reviews/Feedback is to motivate me to either write or work on my artistic skills, so more response in feedback, more likely the sooner I will update stories... ( each story possibly 2-3 weeks updates ) at the moment.

If I review I'll be doing a bit of humor, but the main idea in most the review will be whats good, what needs to change to be better, or what needs to be taken out, Thank you and I kind of look forward to seeing creative/serious critiques on my work, if you don't want to have to write the paragraph, then PM comments and things.

Name: Belize

Animal: Raccoon

Age: 20* (in Another Year 19)

Sex: Male

Appearance: Little above average height Dark Blue Coon mask, Black stripe running down his back with White paws, black fedora, red neckband*.

Bio: Lived by himself after two months with his parents who died by Splendid’s parents Outside of Happy tree town, so he didn’t get to experience life with them, He never believed in miracles after that happened, He been bounced around in Foster Agency for 10 years before running away from his 26th foster parents The Foster Agency got fed up with him and sent him for some Psychological help to keep him calm, but it drove him to mentally unstable and broke out of the institution and been living as a loner nearly most of his life, until he moves into Happy Tree town and makes friends with Everyone, but Splendid/Splendont (Because of their parents) Disco Bear (Doesn’t want to hang around anyone who flirts with every living girl in town) Toothy (trying to alter this one to fit trying to find something exotic and not over used.) And has a special unique ability that Kayser wants.

He falls in love with Lammy and is the Arch Nemesis of Flippy’s Evil side ( AKA Flipqy/Fliqpy/Evil ) and Kayser

Other: Has some mental stability problems, but can keep them under control when around friends, but around the people he hates, if they do something stupid to them he will do many things to torture them, He also has a unique trait he can do with his tail he can put anything in it (that can be carried by hand) pretty much like a mobile suitcase that only he has access to.*

Likes: Drawing, relaxing, entertaining people, playing pranks on authority figures.

Dislikes: Annoying people, people who act superior to everyone and only challenge people to competitions they know the can beat... (example RP gamer is a level 50 challanging people under level 20 and acting like they are equals even though he only fights them in an unfair match.)... people touching/pulling on his tail.*

Everything marked with * is updated info for the character.

Name: Kayser

Animal: Squirrel

Age: 20*(Yes he's a young director of a mental institute... )

sex: Male

Appearance: Light blue fur, wears a monocle over the left eye wears a black fedora.

Bio: Born to an intelligent family, went through the long process of college before the age of fourteen, three years after college and being 17 Kayser went off to work in a secret underground organization that controls much political actions that go on in many areas around the world, he worked as a scientist finding subjects with unique skills to turn into weapons against anyone considered an enemy to the organization, after not being able to find any while being underground he decided get some to come to him, so he started to set up an open front of the organization and made them look like kind helping people, but they are actually searching for perfect candidates that they see actually have unique skills that make them different, if they don't show any signs they would dispose of the useless wastes and make it look like accidents or suicides. He then runs into Belize and they have sparks of hatred the second they laid eyes on each other, because the other knew the others intentions a little, but when Belize escaped before Kayser could brainwash him into being a test subject he had to hunt him down and get the target back to the organization for the skills he owns.

Crush is on Miltera and arch-enemy of Belize

Other: He may look and act kind, friendly and professional, but cross him into a bad mood he wouldn't hesitate to take you down, and with how intelligent he is he could easily make any murder scene look like an accident without any proof of a crime or he can make it look like a suicide and easily got away with killing several thousand people and no suspicions against him.

Name: Miltera

Animal: Wolf

Age: 21*

sex: Female

Appearance: Dark Grey fur with red tipped ears, Dragon like birthmark on her forehead going down the back blood-red tail

personality: Friendly, clever, outgoing (but unable to communicate)

Bio: Never really talks much since when she was a little pup she had an accident with a book shelf if fell on her, broke her leg and arm after she got out from under it a book fell of the shelf and slammed down around her neck and crushed it somewhat, after she got out of the hospital she couldn't speak anymore and didn't know what to do she saw that an insane asylum was looking for workers and she figured to try it out that's how she met Kayser, after a few days she started to fall in love with him for him not because of the things he can do, after meeting Belize she's been decent friends with Belize, but keeps it hidden from Kayser.

Crush is on Kayser and she hardly socializes so she doesn't have any true enemies ( Belize is more of a job enemy where outside of business she couldn't care less what he does or what happens to him

Other: She is very kind and friendly, but can put up a good act to make you think she's not, even though she can't talk with her mouth if you look her in the eyes hard enough you can tell what she is saying.


Animal: Raccoon

Age: 11*

Sex: Female

Appearance: light blue fur, dark blue mask, black stripe just like Belize, but with the stripe going around her waist like a belt, and pink ear tips.

Personality: Friendly, slightly naïve, mischievous

Bio:Was left with Belize after being only aware of him, not fully knowing he never knew about her, she stays with him and starts to affect Belize little by little starting with changing his psychotic spree to a bit more responsible, she sometimes joins him, but he's more cautious with what he plans trying to keep from her getting injured, or killed.

Crush:if its going to be one I kind of got her a slight violent passion for Splendid, (loves him, loves to fight with him, loves that she's one of the only few that stand up to him and his powers)

Friends: Disco Bear, Splendid, Flippy, Lumpy, Lammy, Pop, Petunia.

Enemies: Lifty, Shifty, Splendont, Giggles, Flaky, Cub.

Other: Shes a bit psychotic, but with a friendly twist of it, unless you do something to deserve it then they are pranks, but mess up and do something she doesn't like then the pranks get a little more deadly.

Name: Michelle

animal: Squirrel

age: (Still trying to figure out)

sex: Female

appearance: Golden brown fur squirrel, with a Lavender bow in her ear

Personality: Friendly, calm, can be highly deceptive if she sees something can help her or her business.

bio: Moved to Happy Tree Town to open her dream antique store, she runs in with Belize who pranks the hell out of her which has made her a bit cautious on who she will trust with anything, but she will help anyone she sees that needs it.

crush: (figuring out)

Friends: Flaky, Lumpy, Cuddles, Mime,Mole,

Enemies: Lifty, Splendid, Toothy, Petunia

other: (Working out details)

In the process of making a couple more OC's but I'm messing around on how they are playing with what style emotions and reactions to things you know, so I can be ready to give any info about anything someone wants on them with no problem.

Heres an idea rough draft of the two new ones I'm still playing around with things so not everything will be shown, but I will be updating this a couple of times once I figure what will be staying.

Name: Louis

animal: Otter

Age: 19*

Sex: male

Appearance: Grass green coat * a sky blue fedora, black fingerless gloves, star mark under left palm

Personality: Friendly, twisted aspirations, semi-evil.

Bio: Had a normal family up until he got a letter one day from "Happy Tree Mills" that was from an "Uncle" of his that his parents never told him about, he never told his parents he received it and decided to go and look for his "uncle" once he gets a phone book to find the address he noticed there was several of them and he went to all of them, before he completed his list he ran into Belize and they became friends after Louis left and went home everything was normal until news came that Belize managed to break out and the police noticed Louis had an emblem that Belize had and they figured his parents was helping him so they get arrested Louis made a deal with Kayser and that ended up ruining his life with the possibility of Lau's mental state Louis may be bargaining with the devil himself, after ignoring Kayser for a short time he witness Kayser kill his parents before his eyes. He wants revenge and now will dish it out on the two who ruined his life and his chance of happiness.

Crush: Gin

friends: Belize Splendid, Disco bear, Flaky, Mole, Flippy, Flipqy/fliqpy/evil, mime, Russel

enemies: Kayser (Both Louis' and Lau's enemy), every other tree friend not mentioned above.

other: Has a split personality so at times Belize will be a friend at others he will be an enemy and one personalities friend is the others enemy.

everything after * this in appearance is subject to change.

Name: Gin ( Ginerskia )

animal: Otter

age: 22*

sex: Female

appearance: Light brown coating * Black shaded sunglasses, white fingerless gloves

Personality: Anti-social, hates fun, loves seeing people in some sort of pain (mental/physical)

bio: Born into a normal life, always had things handed to her, until one day she met Louise, and they fell in love, but neither of them knew if the other was serious or not, so they both traded special items that was meant highly precious to them, Louis gave her his favorite and lucky rabbit foot necklace, and she gave him her Locket that her father gave her, which contained a picture of him and her together and happy, but he pawned it and got an acquaintance to get it and he stole it back from, she went on a revenge spree to get it back from him and they ended up in a little love again, but Gin doesn't fully trust Louise enough to get back with him.

crush: None...


Enemies:Everyone else.

other: She is not a romantic, mostly anti-social, any social interactions she has is always sarcastic and nothing else much, she loves tricking and scaring people, and making them look like idiots, She loves being in dark and dim-lit areas as those are the best places she can get inspiration, never try to cross her she doesn't forgive too easily.

Name: Zack

Animal: Cat

Age: 18*

Gender: Male

Appearance: periwinkle cat with a lightning bolt scar on the back of his neck and a white patch of fur on his right paw that looks like a pentacle

Personality:Friendly, slightly naive, calculating

Bio: (Work in progress will update once finished)

Likes/Dislikes: likes messing with people that interfere in his life, drawing, solving moderately simple puzzles

Dislikes- complex puzzles, people telling him what to do when he did not ask, people accusing him incorrectly at things.

Relationships: Family (Work in progress, but at the moment not in town)

Friends: Belize, Flippy, Petunia, Lifty, Splendid, cub

Enemies: Splendont, Shifty, Giggles, Pop

Crush: Petunia (slightly)

Other: mostly jumps to conclusions a majority being right (60% correct most of the times) acts smart, but at times since he is wrong a few times some of his friends try to prove him correct if they couldnt then they convince him to either drop the accusation or provide full proof.

Name: Crim

Age: 19*

Species: Cat

appearance: W.I.P

Friends: W.I.P I tend to more of dynamics then starting static meaning the friends most my OC's make are actually meeting, it makes things make more sense to me and thats how I tend to have the friends made for them

Enemies: (Same deal as friends)

Family: Son (Older Brother) *May or may not add parents*

Crim is the younger sister of the two, she is mainly enthusiastic and almost never gets sad, sometimes she does drop a smile for some upset or anger, she is also more mature then her brother but fairly friendly to everyone.

Name: Son

Age: 19*

Species: Cat

appearance: slight bit of right ear missing due to bad luck through his life along with cracked teeth

Friends: (Meet and Greet W.I.P)

Enemies: (Meet and Greet W.I.P)

Family: Crim (Younger Sister)

Son was born just two minutes before Crim making him the older sibling, he is normaly sad or depressed ever since he has had bad luck through his life, he normally is never happy, but tries to put on the happy face when people are around, but it is a genuine happiness when ever Crim is around, because he loves having his sister to inspire him.

Name: (No one will know until I Decide to show)

animal: (Hidden)

age: (Hidden)

sex: (Hidden)

appearance: (Hidden)

Personality: (Hidden)

bio: (Hidden)

crush: (Hidden)

Friends: (Hidden)

Enemies: (Hidden)

other: (Hidden)

Works soon to be written*

"Title" "Summery"

"(Not yet named)"- "Belize and another citizen has a slight dispute of who loves Lammy more, want to know what happens? well read to find out."

"The Comic" -"Having some different interests effects many people, Belize gets a bit interested in drawing comics how will it go out, what will the comic be over? why do I ask so many questions All (But the last) Will be answered when you read."

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Eh crappy title, but a decent story, a new comer comes to Happy Tree Town and ends up on Belize's doorstep, but something was odd, the new comer resembled Belize, he ran into someone he never thought he had. may or may not be a one shot, I will figure out later... Enjoy.
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The Hunt reviews
Belize decides to call up a few friends to go hunting with him, but theres a twist to the hunt the hunter becomes the hunted mostly. Rated at the moment T just to be safe... Any ways Read, Review, and Enjoy. No longer accepting.
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Mystery - Chapters: 18 - Words: 54,158 - Reviews: 46 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 3/29/2013 - Published: 8/8/2012 - Cub, Disco Bear, Splendid, Lammy - Complete
The Bet
A little story for one of my 3 new OCs, Lifty and Shifty meet him and how horrible could their luck be on a simple bet.
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: K+ - English - Supernatural/Mystery - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,437 - Published: 1/22/2013 - Lifty, Shifty - Complete
Heres my one-shot for Chelsie (May change) I was shocked with this Im sure many would be, any way rated M for minor blood/gore, some psychotic ideals and a bit paranoid.
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,654 - Favs: 2 - Published: 12/30/2012 - Shifty, Lifty - Complete
The Chase reviews
The sequel of The Beginning, to understand a bit more read it first, This is where Belize starts showing his mostly true self, rated T for later chapters. Read. Review if you want
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: 14 - Words: 26,525 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 11/24/2012 - Published: 6/23/2012 - Lammy, Lumpy - Complete
Hallo-legend reviews
Eh a little bit of an urban legend thing, but a little twist of my own enjoy. Too bad this is only a one-shot.
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: K+ - English - Horror - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,631 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 10/31/2012 - Lammy - Complete
A one-shot of my OC Gin, I cant believe I am getting writers block for one shots, but I have planned out the next so I shouldn't have for next. Enjoy and review if you want.
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,377 - Published: 10/3/2012 - Lammy - Complete
When 'They' Come reviews
A one shot I made focused on Belize, I am making several one shots for all my OC's hope you enjoy them all, and please do review, I may add on to a couple if motivated enough.
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,368 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 9/23/2012 - Complete
Never trust the inanimates reviews
I got bored and figured make a little change up what would happen if Lammy wasnt the only one that notice Mr. Pickles was alive. Hmm something I forgot to mention that Im surprised I didnt notice, has a littly Mr. Pickles X Petunia.
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: K+ - English - Humor/Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,861 - Reviews: 2 - Published: 8/12/2012 - Lammy, Petunia - Complete
Another Year reviews
Yea this is just something random I figured try to see if I regained enough focus to write. I didn't want to ruin a decent story by putting a terrible chapter so I made this one shot, read enjoy or not your call. plus todays a special day.
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: K - English - Drama/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,933 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Published: 7/12/2012 - Lammy, OC - Complete
TheBeginning reviews
Belize is my O.C. I made I figure why not move him to Happy Tree Town where he meets trouble in two angles, Read Review, let me know what I need to work on. hint FXF pair Rated T for mild language use. Completed
Happy Tree Friends - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: 6 - Words: 5,999 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 6/20/2012 - Published: 6/17/2012 - Lammy - Complete
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