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Big news! Steel in the Moonlight is officially up on my dA page! Be sure to drop by and check it out! And if you are coming here FROM my dA page, welcome to my FFN profile! There's not many stories and such here at the moment, but hopefully that changes once I finish with my current one and move on to others.

Hey everyone.

I'm a big fan of video games, especially the ones that are really original with lots of thought and time put into them for a really unique experience. Sometimes, this gives me the creative itch to write some fanfictions on these games, but it doesn't always work out that way, because like they always say, an author's biggest critic is himself. Hopefully, I can actually get some of my planned stories up on this site without them puttering out halfway through, so that you fine folks can read them for your enjoyment.

Current story status:

Steel in the Moonlight: (8-30-2013) Chapter 41 is up!

OC pictures: (All credit for pictures goes to their respective artists.)

In order of appearance:

Alex, in first suit of armor:

Keep in mind when looking at this picture that it's actually a bit more gaudy than I described Alex's armor in the story. Use the pic as more of a "general guideline".


This picture is pretty much exactly what I described Nobunaga's armor as. I like it for it's vaugely "samurai-ish" look.

Alex, kitsune-hybrid form:

This is when the power of Aku-Hametsu reveals itself. Pretty much exactly how it looks, except not so "evil" looking. (Aku-Hametsu isn't black and red, and the fur isn't all black either. Refer to the next pic for proper fur coloration.)

Amunae, Kitsune Form:

As I'm sure most of you can picture what a nine-tailed kitsune looks like, this is mostly just there so you have an idea of what Amunae's fur coloration is like in both kitsune form and hybrid form.

Yunalesca, kitsune-hybrid form:

Since I'm not gonna clog up my space with pics for all of Yuna's possible forms, I'm just keeping this one because it's the form she uses the most. Also, be sure to take into account that this form is almost exactly like Alex's hybrid form, only slightly more 'natural' since she can assume it at will.

Fanart: (Thanks to everyone who did these!)

Steel in the Moonlight Cover Picture:

Big thanks to Senom299 (aka, TheCrazyAuthors) for doing this lovely new cover for my story!

Wolf!Alex X Ammy:

UGH, SO CUTE. Thanks to Pinkdesi101 for this wonderful gift!

Wolf!Alex X Ammy #2:

Another awesome gift from Pinkdesi101! Thanks!

Gentlemanly Amunae:

You read it right...and don't ask. Just enjoy this awesomely hilarious bit of fanart done by The Great Mikey Weston.

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Steel in the Moonlight reviews
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