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Well I'm OrignallyUnquie3 :3 and I'm farily new to fanfiction :3. I'm more of a roleplayer then I am a writer but I would like to try to take roleplaying skills and make them into at least
story writing skills. I'm into alot of Drama,Romance,and some action . More so romance XD . So I am a big fun with Chibi Vampire,Vampire Knight,Absoulte Boyfriend ,Beast tamer ,Alice in the country of hearts. My favortie books are Ruined,Perfect Chemistry,Perks of being a wallflower,Some Harry Potter. I am a big fun of Teen titans and Xialon Showdown,And a little bit of Winx here and there and maybe SOME Codelyko (wasn't such a huge fan but was sorta a fan XD) XD and maybe Soul Eater ;D. You may see some Xialon Showdown on here and maybe some Teen Titans and Winx maybe. Some of my stuff maybe at least "T" for safty or "M" . I can be detailed in my stories.Sometimes ending up with twisted little ideas for stories or dirty or sweet . Depends on my mood really and how I feel . Sometimes it also goes by what song I'm listing to at the time and my wacky friends >.>. but they don't know that thier somewhat of my inspertion so shhh ;D I know it sounds goofey or weird but it's true some songs inspire me to write whats next for my story . Rather it be a sad song or dirty song I'll be inspired. Other then that I'm sweet , nice , playful and crazy but their are times I'm mean and can a bit bitchy only when people annoy me truthfully . Enough about me How about you? ^-^

Judge me I'll prove you wrong
Tell me what to do and I'll tell you off
Say I'm not worth it and watch were I'll end up
Call a bitch and I'll show you one
F*ck me over and I'll do you it you twice as worse
Call me Crazy you have no idea. Everyone needs haters so feel free to hate on me - Kate Williams

Hate me ,they can
Hurt me,they can't
Be me,They can't
Try me,I dare them
Envy me,They should
Fight me,I wish a bitch would Hater's you can stuff it and stuff it hard XP

For people that hate stereotypes: If you think people should just shut up and stop, put this on your profile. (BOLD the ones you are.)
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Things I learned in life

1.People will record you if you dance in a public amusment parks

2.Picking up stickers that say I'm horny with unicorns on it in hottopic and giving it to your friend that has a dirty mind can possiably get the cashier mad

3. Bringing only one chick friend to the mall with you and guy friends don't expect your guy friends not to put the thongs on top of thier heads or attmpet

4.Wearing cat ears in front of van full of convicts isn't possiably the smartest thing to do

5.Never tell your friends you do MMA they would possiably try to pretned attack you and such

6.Never sit in the middle of two friends that look like thier about to fight...your top area might get hit -.-

7.Never have a friend that is drunk lay on you...they would possiably kiss your hand and not even remember it

8. Playing jumprope with lynyard in the cafe will just get you yelled at

9.Wearing mustache glasses people will laugh at you (probably laugh along with em)

10.If you watch to many horror movies you'll end up coming up with ways to kill the person you dislike

11.Never do the pencil test in front of youe ex...He would probably go oggly all over you

12.When it comes to school riverly in the mall never shout out your schools chant the other school will probably yell at you

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