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Hello, I'm MntT77.

Most of my life can basically be summed up as follows - internet, friends and connecting with friends via internet. :P Otherwise, I'm really into gaming and writing.

Here are some of my favourite cartoons:

Code Lyoko - Quite possibly my all-time favourite! It's rare for a show to provide a solid mix of drama, action, humour AND romance, coupled with realistic and subtle character development, but this show manages it. Seasons 2 and 4 are my favourites, but I like every season in different ways, really. For the record, I'm also enjoying Code Lyoko Evolution thus far, even if there are a number of elements I don't especially like (in particular the fact that Sissi has next to no role).

Favourite Ship - Aelita. Not only does having naturally pink hair make her awesome by default, but she gets the most (and best) character development out of the main cast, going from the practically helpless 'damsel in distress' to being on par with the other Lyoko Warriors in fighting terms. Aelita is awesome! And her character development in Evolution only makes her even more interesting.

Favourite Couple - UlrichxYumi. Cliché, I know, but they're so obviously meant for each other. I also support JeremiexAelita, OddxSissi (though WilliamxSissi could be interesting too :P ) and HirokixMilly (lol, so cute!)

Teen Titans - Another great cartoon series. There's lots of solid action and drama, and a good mixture of 'arc' and 'filler' episodes, along with enough light-hearted humour to stop the series from being too serious. Season 4 is definitely the best of the lot, but just like with Code Lyoko, every season has its awesome episodes. As for Teen Titans Go!... that show is very much a mixed bag.

Favourite Character - Starfire. It's always funny to see a really cute and naive character that also happens to be incredibly strong and kicks ass. Not to mention that the way she acts around Robin often leads to much hilarity.

Favourite Ship - Beast BoyxTerra. Unlike the comics, Terra actually has feelings towards him here, and it's a shame that she blew their chance to be together. I also like RobinxStarfire - Robin's obliviousness can be frustrating, but Starfire's hilarious levels of jealousy make up for it. CyborgxJinx is also an excellent ship.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Like many people, I was rather sceptical at first. But after watching the first few episodes I was immediately hooked! Seriously, it's wonderful that a show aimed at six-year-old girls has such well-rounded and dynamic characterisation. That's what really makes the show - the characterisation. Everything else just falls into place from there.

Favourite Character - Pinkie Pie, though Rainbow Dash is a close second.

Favourite Ship - SpikexRarity, though MLP isn't really the sort of show where ships apply as much...

Elfen Lied - I watched all 13 episodes of this in one day, and I don't regret a thing! It's just a wonderful series. It explores the dark aspects of humanity brilliantly, whilst also showing that some people do not allow hatred and fear to overrule them. It also sends out the message that even a small amount of kindness can make a huge difference.

Favourite Character - Nana. I mean, I really empathise with most of the main characters (except Yuka, who I'm not really a fan of), but her innocence and purity are just so... refreshing.

Favourite Ship - None, really. I can't really support KoutaxYuka because, IMO, Kouta deserves better, but none of the other characters can really be paired with him either (KoutaxLucy would be SCARY!)

And here are some of my favourite video game series (primarily of the fighting game variety):

Tekken - I've been playing Tekken games since I was 8, and have no intention of dropping the habit any time soon. I've played every non-handheld Tekken game so far (so that's Tekken 1-6 plus the two Tekken Tag Tournament games) Very few fighting games manage to have such a large level of variety whilst also maintaining balance, but Tekken succeeds!

Favourite Character - Gameplay-wise, Kunimitsu (as of TTT2). Personality-wise, Panda - she isn't taking any funny business from clueless bears any time soon!

Favourite Ship - MiguelxSteve. Even though there's literally no canon supporting them having even met...

Soul Calibur - Unlike the Tekken series, I admittedly haven't played every installment, but I've played Soul Blade, and Soul Calibur 2,4 and 5. I actually really like how Soul Calibur 5 was restructured from a gameplay perspective, but there are a lot of old characters I deeply miss, it has to be said...

Favourite Character - Cassandra! She doesn't take any BS - she does what's right and won't let anyone convince her otherwise.

Favourite Ship - KilikxXianghua - SC5's revelation was most disappointing...

Mario Kart - Well, actually, I like a lot of Mario titles, but Mario Kart in particular is one of my favourite sub-series. I don't think I need to elaborate here - it's the kart racer, what more can be said?

Favourite Character - Peach! And in the one kart title she was available, Baby Peach.

Favourite Ship - YoshixBirdo - it just works on so many levels...

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