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Hi guys. I'm back (again), and hopefuly this time for good. I hope you're still interested in the plots of my stories, and I have a new one going that I'd love you to read. It's a take-off on a plot that's a bit recycled. Well, it seems like that right now. But it won't later, if I continue with it!!

Uhhh...updates. WtME (World through My Eyes) has just been updated. I sent out emails to people who wanted me to let them know when the next chapter was finished, but I really don't know how to get anyone else o read it. Kinda sad, really, I've only gotten one review. But oh well. More important things than reviews, of course. I'd like to regain everyone's trust...and I hope that some of this writing will do it.

For my Tamora Pierce story, CoK (Champion of Knights-- tee hee I'm getting too lazy to type it out), I have a BETA!! And a brilliant one, if I do say so myself. Thanks so much to Mel, the FLAMER.

I'll update my other stories if anyone lets me know that they're reading them and are interested. Even one review will do, all I need to know is that it's being read.

Thanks to everyone, i love you guys so much!!!

I've taken off the email on this page, and my sns, but you can definately send me a review if you'd like my email or sn to talk about any of the stories. Anyway, thanks much for even looking at this page. Much love.

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A girl is sent back to middle earth, where she's surprised to learn that she looks exactly like the recently dead Elf fated to marry Legolas. As Aurora, the elf, transfers her memories to her,Ellen wonders if she'll ever be able to return. I'M BACK AGAIN
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