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Author has written 3 stories for Kamen Rider, Detective School Q, and Tumbling/タンブリング.

My philosophy: Writing is a craft, a skill that must constantly be honed and improved. I do not say "perfected" because such a pinnacle would imply an eventual definite limit. The power of language is limitless. Good writers acknowledge not only the strengths of their tales but also of their weaknesses and are gracious in accepting suggestions and criticism for the readers attentive and invested enough to make their voices known. When the writer is alone in his/her mind when he/she sits down to weave their story, that very moment when writer sets pen to paper, that is the moment of magic. Ultimately, writing is not a lonely pursuit, it is a collaborative journey.

Thoughts regarding the writing of fan-fiction: I think it's wonderful that such a unique genre of literature exists. Fan-fiction gives us a chance to experiment with the canon universes, explore the big "what ifs," and re-interpret and deepen our understanding of our favorite characters. I frown upon the individuals who taint the potential of fan-fiction's integrity with gratuitous self-gratification through the means of disregarding the conventions of the English language, namely those who do not even bother to proofread their work for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes before posting.

About canon-verse and AUs: There are sticklers out there who say that fan-fiction should only work off of canon material. I am not one of these people. AUs, though trickier to pull off, are immensely rewarding to read if they are done well.

Note: Updates during the summer will more likely occur around once a week. All other chapter updates outside of this time period may range from once a week to once a month. Be patient. Be courteous. Be kind. Fanfiction is not my entire world and if there's anything writing has taught me thus far, it is that the big world out there is worth living.

The Butler and the Worm Updates

9/6/13- Chapters 1 & 2 have been released!

Dragon's Mirror Updates

8/21/12- Less than a month later, I've completed my first fanfiction project! Enjoy the epilogue to Dragon's Mirror!

8/8/12- Chapter 7 has been released! Enjoy!

7/28/12- Third and fourth chapters of Dragon's Mirror have been released!

7/26/12- Second chapter of Dragon's Mirror has been released! Everything is according to schedule.

7/25/12- First chapter of Dragon's Mirror has been released. Enjoy!

Fangire Spring Updates

9/5/13- After about a year's hiatus, Fangire Spring has been updated! Enjoy Chapter 17!

9/29/12- Chapter updates will be slow and irregular (sorry!). In Real Life mode right now and it's an important year for me! I haven't abandoned this fic!

8/26/12- Chapter 16 has been released (a little later than anticipated). Enjoy!

7/24/12- Fangire Spring is tentatively on hiatus while I work on another fan fiction project. After the project is finished, I will return to Fangire Spring. Chapter 16 is scheduled to be released in mid-August.

6/11/12- Chapter 15 has been released! Chapter 16 is tentatively scheduled to be released in mid-June.

5/10/12- Chapter 15 is 90% done, but will not be released until June. Real life happens. Thank you for your patience.

4/3/12- Chapter 15 is 80% done, but will not be completed until sometime in April.

3/8/12- Expect Chapter 15 (and potentially 16) to be released in late March.

2/22/12- After a three month hiatus, Chapter 14 has been released. Enjoy!

2/2/12- fieryrondo is still very much alive, just ridiculously busy. Chapter 14 will be delayed to late February. To make up for it, it will either be a longer chapter (more than 5000 words) or be part of a special double update alongside Chapter 15.

12/31/11- Due to work and travel, expect delays in updates. Chapter 14 will be released sometime in mid-late January.

11/25/11- First special double update! Chapter 12 & 13 have been released as a two-part special! Enjoy!

10/22/11- Chapter 11 has been released. Enjoy!

9/22/11- Created a favorite character poll for Tumbling. Vote for your top three favorite characters!

9/21/11- Chapter 10 has been released. Chapter updates in the future may happen at irregular intervals (this does NOT mean a hiatus).

9/8/11- As a special treat, Chapter 9 has been released earlier than scheduled. Enjoy.

9/5/11- Chapter 8 has been posted. Also, Touch of the Wind, my most avid reviewer, has been kind enough to make a "Fangire Spring" banner and it looks amazing! Click here.

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The Butler and the Worm reviews
Kabuto-verse. Pre-series. The butler is the lord's most capable man, devoted attendant and trusted keeper of confidences. But what does one do when one's lord has been replaced by a monstrous impostor? Jiiya finds himself the unwilling servant to one malicious Scorpio Worm.
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Post-series. AU w/ crossover with Kamen Rider Kiva. "What if Takenaka Yuta was Kiva?" Azuma Wataru wondered why it took him so long to realize that while Yuta was like a brother to him, he knew nothing about Yuta's family, or his half-Fangire heritage.
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