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Hey!,I live in Mexico and I love my city,I´m 15 and I love all stupid kind of shit, like Lovely Complex, Hetalia, El Internado, Gossip Girl ,HP, AVPM, AVPS, Starship, Twilight, and Glee . Let´s see... I ship...


Draco/ Astoria

Draco/ Hermione

Snape/ Lily

Neville/ Luna

Harry/ Hermione

Voldie/ Quirrel

Voldie / Bella ( not in AVPM)


Santana/ Brittany

Santana/ Puck

Puck/ Quinn

Finn/ Mr Schue

Mr Schue/ Holly Holiday

Sue/ Sue


Sam/ Mercedes


Jacob/ Bella

Jacob/ Nessie

Rose/ Emmett

Carlisle/ Esme

Alice / Jasper


As a starkid, I tend to quote a lot( Lauren Lopez most of the times, she´s my fave), here are some of th funniest things that have happened as I quoted:

- One day, I was there, trying to get to TI class, being awesome, when my friend fell down some stairs, so I yelled " Aw, Does that hurt you? Aw, WALK IT OFF!!! (stabstabstab) " and a teacher saw me, so she sent me to detention for being" disrespectul and mocking" , and I was like, " Wait till my father hears about this you filthy muggle"

- One day, in science class, I wasn´t quite getting the exercise, so when the teacher asked me to solve it on the blackboard, I said " Let me think abou..NO", so yeah, she kicked me out of the classroom

- I had a german teacher, so when she introduced herself, her name was " Raiak Schoëning", so I could´t restrain myself from saying, " Da hell kind of name is that?", she was right behind me...German wasn´t a good subject for me during that semester

- During one literature class, this awful girl was insulting the HP books, so I raised my hand and said " One more comment like that, and I´m going to wrap you up in a tortilla. And I´ll eat you. As a snack.Maybe with some Pico de Gallo".Gladly, the teacher agreed with me, so she didn´t do a thing...

- During a physics class, we saw a video about a gravity experiment that failed. So, when the teacher asked, what would´ve been needed to make it succesful, I added, " You need a rocketship, have a rocketship Potter? I bet you do! You know, not all of us inherited enough money to buy out the NASA when our parents died. Look at this! Moonshoes Potter! Starkid Potter! Rocketship Potter! Traversing the Galaxy on his intergalactic travels to Pigfarts!", I got detention that day...and it wasn´t worth it, because I didn´t even roll on the floor, not a second

- I clearly remember the day we started with calculus. As soon as the teacher wrote it on the blackboard, I said to my friend, " Remember that time, you taught me calculus? CALCULUS WAS TOUGH!!" . The teacher didn´t get mad, but she did make sure calculus was tough

- Once, a frigid bitch was picking on me, because I was so little, and I liked to read, ( See? I can´t hold myself, the truth is that we were fighting over an stupidity, that had to do with a lost notebook) so, when she tried to hit me. I yelled " Put you hand ON THAT WALL!!". When she did, I threw a pencil to her hand. We both got detention, once more...

- I was there,in tutoring, just hanging out, being awesome, when I got a text. I think you guys know what I yelled, right? ( Umbridge and OMG are part of it)

- During health class, as we saw sexual orientation, the teacher was like blah blah blah, so I just said " It´s really easy. Guys, it´s you and your dicks. Girls, it´s you and your pussy. They understand each other, so let go...". Once more, detention

- Once this biology boring teacher said that no matter how many videos there were about it, cats and dogs physically couldn´t sing.So, I just said " I saw it on the internet, it´s definitively real". Everyone laughed then.The teacher didn´t

- When we lost at the choir competition last year, I said " The most important thing, is that I had a lot of fun". Everyone glared. My friend said, " How daaaaaaaaaaaaaare you" doing a grand jete. That made our failure funnier

- Once a friend ordered a pizza as we did a class project in her house. When the pizze arrived, i was like " Evyone, back off, nobody know when a pizza can punch you in the face"

-Oh and that time, when this guy asked me out but I was so not interested (I´m dating a Malfoy in my mind) so I replied "No! I´m going to go work out, in case some killer robots try to kill us, and I´m the only one, who can kill them" then I just raised my arms and walked away. The idiot just stood there like the fuck this shit??

So yeah, teachers sometimes hate me for being a starkid, but they generally like me.I´m a good student, but I can´t hold myself when everything yells STARKID

Oh, and here´s my Deviantart

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