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So I'm a fanfiction writer...yeah. Well, here are my likes and dislikes so that you guys can have a feel for the stories I'm going to write about.

I generally enjoy romance, adventure, action, friendship, family, and hurt/comfort all put into one story. I also enjoy writing stories of novel length at least. I am a big fan of Harry Potter.

As far as the themes go, I always want love to be the central theme. Not revenge, not lust...I especially hate bashing characters such as the Weasleys or Dumbledore. I might describe Ron as insensitive or thick or slow on the uptake, but he would never be cruel. I would describe Dumbledore as manipulative, but only as any responsible adult would be.

On another note, I also got tired of reading stories where Harry puts his relatives into jail where they would get tortured or something for his revenge and then he would go on to do whatever he wanted in the Wizarding world, avoid all manipulations, etc...That will NEVER happen in my stories! People might be disappointed at how Harry was treated throughout Rowling's books, but I would have been disappointed if Harry became such an arrogant person. For example, he is barely a teenager when everything was heaped upon him. Dumbledore had over a century of experience on him. How would they compare?

I want the themes in my stories to be deep and meaningful. So common themes are:

Forgiveness: This theme isn't the common day idea of forgiveness. The stories will express a theme of infinite forgiveness, although this doesn't mean that evil will go unpunished.

Conversion: I always believe in the best of people. Therefore, my stories will express that. No matter how hopeless a cause seems to be, there is always a chance that a cruel person would turn around and walk a different path.


Patience: My stories can be very slow-going. For example, in "The True Champion," Harry always seemed to be harassed by the world in general. However, at the same time, he seemed to be exhibiting an almost infinite amount of patience. It hasn't shown yet, but the patience will pay off.

Compassion: One huge example is when Hermione felt compassion towards Harry, who had been her tormentor ever since they met. Her compassion paid off in the end.

Other themes include tolerance, altruism, determination, endurance, loyalty, gentleness, gratitude, mercy, nonviolence, peacefulness, perseverance, and strength.

Pairings I Like





As far as my stories are focused on, if there are any other pairings that don't involve Harry, I will also accentuate them, but not as much because my story is completely Harry centric.

I also discovered a liking for a Harry/Hermione pairing. However, I'm not really working on that at the moment.

Pairings I Dislike

I generally don't like the idea of slash. As a note, I also don't enjoy putting graphic lemons, sex, etc. in my stories. There will be a lot of affection scenes and mentions of sex, but it will never be graphic.

Ron/Luna - He was so mean to her!


So that's the romance part in a nutshell. Here's a fuller summary of The True Champion, the story that I'm currently working on.

The True Champion

This story is not focused on revenge if that's what people are expecting. This story focuses more on mercy and understanding, courage in the face of opposition, and patience. Most importantly, it focuses on Harry as a good protector, an understanding teacher, a clever strategist, and a brave warrior. In fact, even though Harry will be powerful and intelligent in his fic, my story won't be focusing on those attributes. They will merely be means to an end.

In fact, the main drive of his story is Harry's wisdom and how he deals with suffering and obstacles in his life. He was determined to change things that many wizards thought were impossible to change. He deals with abuse and suffering at the hands of the Dursleys. Then he deals with isolation at Hogwarts. Then he deals with implications of who he is when the Chamber was opened. He went through a lot. However, the story focuses on how he deals with everything.

Some of the main things to think about so far in my story are:

1) Harry's personality despite the suffering he had dealt with. He had been terribly abused by the Dursleys in every way possible - physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually. However, he's compassionate, sympathetic, kind, and gentle, unlike what would be expected of an abused child. Many reviewers criticized me on how this came to be. Well, we can all thank Dumbledore's manipulations. Not to be vain or anything, but I would say this is what set my story apart from many others.

People generally hated Dumbledore because they believe he manipulated Harry too much - even sending him as a lamb for slaughter before Voldemort (although reading JK's story over several times would show that Dumbledore in fact knew what he was doing and that Harry would survive the Killing Curse a second time). Well, I beg a differ! This story will certainly emphasize the impact Dumbledore had on Harry and their bond. Dumbledore loved Harry - no doubt about that.

In the story, Dumbledore's manipulations were the reason that Harry did not turn out Dark and Evil. He had sent Harry to the Dursley's because it would've been the best for him. Giving him to a wizarding family who would've spoiled him for something he was famous for but didn't remember would've ruined Harry. Giving him to any muggle family would not have ensured his safety lest some of Voldemort's followers decided to seek him out (although Dumbledore did not know the Dursleys would have tried to kill Harry anyway). Giving him to the house elves at Potter Manor would also have ruined him, who would not have any human contact except from portraits!

After the Dursleys tried to kill Harry, Dumbledore sent him to Potter Manor, where he instructed the house elves not to tell Harry about the truth behind his parents' deaths because this would have sent Harry over the edge. Instead, the Headmaster knowingly sent Harry to a place that would have good contact with the wizarding world. This way, Harry would've found out the truth in time, but not before experiencing the good things life has to offer.

It was this contrast between life at the Dursleys and life at Potter Manor that developed Harry into the compassionate person that he is. He knew how it felt to be saved, and he wanted everyone to feel what he had. He also had a lot of sympathy because he had been through a lot of suffering and knew fear, terror, and pain that he sees in many's eyes.

2) Harry's sympathy. My story had plenty of instances where Harry's experiences at the Dursley's influenced the decisions he makes. His experiences with bullying, teasing, and isolation at school allowed him to sympathize with Hermione, who was teased by Ron. This caused him to act to protect her from the troll. This also caused him to befriend her despite many of their own classmates isolating her for her know-it-all personality. He knew how she felt and he was determined to not let her go through the same things he did.

It was also because of his experiences of isolation that he was so open-minded. He sees a connection between himself and the misunderstood creatures of the Wizarding world - werewolves, dragons, three-headed dogs...

It was also Harry's sympathy that drove him to go after Ginny in the Chamber of Secrets. In his past, Harry knew how it felt to hope for help and never receive it. He knew the terror from those experiences. Because of that, he was determined to save Ginny, who no doubt even in her unconscious state hoped to be saved. This was also the case with the unicorn from first year.

As my story goes on, there will be more instances where Harry's sympathy directed his actions.

3) Acceptance in the face of adversity. I've gotten many reviews, criticizing how I allowed Harry to be tortured so. Yet, he takes it all and refused to take, or even consider, revenge. His heart remained strong as ever.

First of all, I wanted to place emphasis on his suffering. Throughout the story, he will experienced pain, torture, isolation, betrayal, and much more. But he will get up and continue. However, it isn't too impossible to imagine why. Taken to Potter Manor, he discovered love from his parents for him - a love so powerful and so strong that he could never have imagine to receive something so good in his life, having lived with the Dursleys, who were cruel to him all his life.

Hermione became his first friend and was loyal to him. Her friendship made his isolation at Hogwarts all the more bearable. He derived his strength from her. She may seem like a background character, but she really isn't. She accepted him fully, despite knowing all his suffering. Going down for the Sorcerer's Stone, she stood by his side and gave him strength to go on to what could have been his death.

You would have thought so much suffering would have broken someone, but Harry accepted it all gracefully. He derived his strength from the few people who loved him. They're not many, but when one actually sits down to think about it, love so strong would definitely be able to allow him to do amazing things, including accepting his suffering and still retaining his gentle, kind nature.

If we look into his soul, it would have been a raging storm. This was the result of the suffering he had to deal with. However, in the center of it all, at the eye of the storm, it will be very peaceful and warm. Harry would have been standing in this spot. Despite the storm that raged around him, he was at peace.

I know my story will be under much criticism from readers, and I'm totally okay with that. Depending on the way the review is written, I will answer any would-be plot holes in my story in the next chapter.

Um, to get an idea of what my story is based on, I have some resources. Just reflections. I'm sure you've all heard of the Westboro Baptist Church. So I found this video on Youtube that really reflects Harry's character in this fanfic:

Even though the daughter of the one of the families that are part of the hate group was raised to hate and experienced only hate in her life, she grew up, understanding how to love - the true meaning of forgiveness, mercy, and love.

Some tentative stories I might go into:

Phoenix Tears

This will be my take on Harry/Hermione.

Harry was taken in by the Dark Lord on that night and was raised to hate and thirst for power. Harry was dark in every way possible. Eventually, he assisted Voldemort in taking over the Wizarding World. One night, for his fourteenth birthday, his ‘father’ gave him a Mudblood slave as his plaything. Her name was Hermione Granger.

I'm thinking about expanding the one-shot I've posted, but that will not be for a while.

Forbidden Love

The title sounds cheesy - I know. But who knows - it might be better than you guys might think. Harry was sorted as a Slytherin. His brother was the boy-who-lived, but that wasn't meant to be. His brother was as cocky and cruel as probably Voldemort in his younger years. Having gotten on the Dursley's good, he tormented Harry along with his relatives.

Harry on the other hand was the complete opposite of his brother. Despite being sorted into Slythering, he took a liking to a particular girl from Gryffindor, and he did everything in his power to make her happy. Unfortunately, being a nice Slytherin was not exactly a good thing. On top of that, this girl was someone his brother has set his eyes on.

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