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HELLO CLARICE! I mean all you peeps out there! I dont write the best stories but im getting better at it! Sorry for any and all spelling mistakes! i was using a word pad and hehe it doen't auto check! and I don't own The Fairly Oddparents or any other thing i write about! like Star Wars and Stuff but i do own the stories ok thats over.

basic info


- my Real name is Lexy i dont want to give out my full name

- think that Cosmo and Wanda are the cutest copple

-Anti-Cosmo is my favorite charter off FOP and Danny is off DP

-Love martal kobat

- Snickers is my all time favorite candy bar.

- haha and just so ya know i've never seen the Hello clarice movie i herd it was creepy...

-im not above the age of 13 years old

IM a very random person i LOVE mortal kombat, danny phantom, the fairly oddparents, and alot of stuff by nick! And if you reveiw Plz be nice and say a random word EVERY time you reveiw a chapter. (like magical bananas, pudding lunch lady and stuff). I do however own the saying WAT-TOE-POTATOES! any way as you can see i like potatoes and banana's and PUDDING LOTS AND LOTS OF PUDDING!!!!!! I will not cuss in any of my stories BUT i will replace them like fudge so all the really young readers if your mom yells at ya for saying fudge and stuff dont read but fudge is as bad as it gets! im a nice person dont like to cuss minor maby but anything abov that no no bad person unless your a smart monkey!

Well thats me! im the kinda well this next sentnce will explane me. MAGICAL PUDDING WITH BANANA'S, DONT CUSS, WAT-TOE-POTATOES,AND EAT PUDDING!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF PUDDING WITH whip-cream! and i'll calm down on the caps! ( Im not crazy btw)

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Escelator+slinky= endless fun

-SubZero Btw i put this on any/ all reveiws and on my real name i put a smiley :D

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