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Author has written 17 stories for MISSING, Psych, Ghost Whisperer, Outsiders, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Power Rangers, Saved!, Bones, and American Girl.

Oh Dear God...

has anyone ever looked back at everything you've written and realized most of it is complete bleep? Ugh...

I should have waited until now to start a fanfiction account, but I digress...

I won't be deleting most of the stuff on here, simply because I'm not sure it will remind me to 'never again' unless it's in front of my face. Besides, some of it I actually can fix. Places is salvageable- in fact, for that matter it isn't that bad in the first place. Since I planned so much out for Oliver Twins, I know that can be salvageable with some heavy rewrites. And I'm sure my SYOC isn't as bad as I think it I think ya'll might kill me if I never finish it, it's pretty popular...

I'm recommending most things on here for sporking...fellow agents, do your worst. I know, all of it sucks. The Solstice series makes me barf just looking at it, though I loved the character when I was younger. I have, however, gotten better at creating characters, I promise. I don't want to spork my own work, though.

I said once this was a place I explored with OCs, and I'll admit I still have those fantasies now and then. However, I've actually been working more with AUs and canon characters on my main account, TTH. I'll finish my SYOC on here (one day), and I'll work with possibly the Places universe and Oliver Twins, since I had so many plans. Also, Little Duck keeps capturing my interest. Everything else is on, for now, a perminent hiatus. I'm sorry for those who enjoyed my borderline and over borderline Mary Sues, but it's just too much to rewrite. Some, like the Solstice series or Juli, I know I'll never touch. Others, like Tommy's life I might one day reconsider. But for now, I know I can't take that on.

Thanks all.

"Places" Universe:

Started with a little Charmed one-shot, then expanded, then...well...

Places: He always orbed to the third tower from the right, never the second. Oneshot. Complete

A Change in Leadership: Part of "Places" universe. Chris left behind everything, but he left the reins with his most trusted friend. Underline is speaking and signing. Complete

And the Change was Made: When PJ took the reins, she knew people would hate her. But neither Chris or PJ thought it would be that bad. Somewhat PJ/OC, Chris/ Bianca.

Alex and Ana Series:

Oliver Twins 1: Divine Ninja Power- Alexandria and Lilliana Oliver are twin sisters of the famous Tommy Oliver. But what happens when their sensei drafts them to be Ninja Storm rangers? In Progress.

Oliver Twins 2: Return of the Gems- 15 year old twins Alex and Ana move to Reifside with their brother in hopes of living a semi-normal life. Then they touch two of Tommy's crazy dino gems, and are called back into action. Kira/Trent, Will be eventual Tommy/Kim, and one of the sisters may just find "the one"

Oliver Twins 3: Forward in Time - after splitting up so Ana could learn to tackle her incredibly powerful animal spirit, the bicolor rangers return to Reifside for a class reunion. Will it be ruined by a glorified bat? Mystery Person/Alex, Tommy/Kim (only mentioned)

Oliver Twins 4: Oh, it's Magic!- The sisters can no longer be apart! Now finally seniors, Ana and Alex move to Briarwood with their brother and Kim. They are so following in their brothers footsteps. Xander/Ana, MP/Alex (I have to keep some sort of secrets, don't I?), Tommy/Kim

Oliver Twins 5: Operation Ranger Magnet-Fresh out of high school, Ana and Alex are once again hearing the call- to be Operation Overdrive rangers! Well, this puts a damper in their college plans. And what about their family? Tommy/Kim, Xander/Ana, MP/Alex

Oliver Twins 6: The Spirit of the Dolphin-Ana always knew that she would have to use that stupid animal spirit sometime. Now working in a pizza shop with RJ and Xander, is she getting called back into buisness- again? And will those endless jokes that Tori has ever cease? Xander/Ana, MP/Alex and Tommy/Kim pretty much only mentioned

Oliver Twins 7: Lost in Memory- The twins have run strait to Corinth, hoping beat Venjix. But where did Ana go? Later Xander/Ana, Tommy/Kim, MP/Alex.

Oliver Twins 8: Back to Tommy-Just after reconstruction starts, the twins find a leftover monster from Venjix and are transported back in time- to before Tommy became a ranger. Uh oh! Tommy/Kim, keep in mind this is back in time!

Oliver Twins 9: Scarlett Samorai- Part of the Rainbow Legacy era. After a little "accident" back in Angel Grove, Scarlett Bly now has to take the reins from her mother and become the Almond Samorai Ranger. But will the other rangers find out her secret? Memily, Jayden/Scarlett, Kevin/Mia, MP/Alex, Xander/Ana. Tommy/Kim only mentioned.

Oliver Twins (I have no idea): Spanning the Gap- Part of the Rainbow Legacy era. Lindsey Bly, age 14, is the youngest on B-squad. When her sister has to leave for an intergalactic mission, her team has to step up and become rangers. Xander/Ana, Tommy/Kim MP/Alex, Jayden/Scarlett, Lindsey/Bridge, Sky/Syd.

Crossovers in this series:

Finding their father- Takes place in between Oh, it's Magic! and Operation Ranger Magnet. What's a wedding without a father to give you away? Ana and Alex go to Washington DC to find their bio father when the boys propose. Who happens to be Agent Seely Booth of the FBI, and had no idea they existed! Can they convince him of who they are, while keeping their own secret identity? Xander/Ana, BB, MP/Alex. Tommy/Kim pairing mentioned.I think you can tell what this is a crossover with!

Discovering Serenity- Crossover with ICarly. Part of the Where did they go era. When Alex gets an offer to take a job in Seattle teaching Phis Ed, she, her glorious husband, and their twins Rosalie and Emma move to Washington. But what they find may end up being a person they thought died long ago. Seddie (eventually-I hope), Alex/Conner

And The Girlfriends Came Tumbling in- Multiple crossings. Well, when you don't find true love with the rangers, you still get blindsided. So far, Shane/Dawn, Dustin/Emma, Cam/Charice, Alex/Conner, Blake/Tori, Hunter/Blair. BtVS, H20, Dr.Dollittle, Ghost Whisperer.

Possible Crossovers in this series:

Everything Changed- Seeing the situation with Danny, Kennedy, Sam, and Brose got Ally to wondering about her own birth. Her mother has told her about her triplet sisters, still born at birth a long time ago. Where did they go? Crossover with The Lying Game. Part of the Where did they go era. Tommy/Kim

What about Tommy?- Crossover with Charmed. While his sisters are looking for their family, Tommy wonders about his own, but what he finds may shock him to the core and change everything he knew. And he's a power ranger. Takes place during Finding their Father. Tommy/Kim, Alex/MP, and Ana/Xander mentioned.

Favorite Shows and Pairings:

Charmed: Piper/Leo, Prue/Andy, Paige/Henry, Phoebe/Coop

Bones: Brennan/Booth (Isn't that kind of obvious?), Hogins/Angela, Sweets/Daisy, Paul/Cam, Russ/Amy, Michael/Christine

Missing: Antonio/Nicole, Jess/Polluck (I know, I KNOW!)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow/Tara, Buffy/Angel (pre-season 3 only. After that I don't like him with her),

Power Rangers: Tommy/Kim (I've only watched a few MMPRs, but trust me, I still love these two), Tori/Blake, Kira/Conner, Kira/Tommy (Only after she'd graduated and ONLY if he's like 25), Nick/Maddie, Chip/Vida, Mac/Ronny, Casey/Lily, Summer/Dillon, Dr.K/Ziggy, Gem/Flynn, Sky/Syd, Jack/Allie, Kat/Commander Cruger.

Favorite Seasons: Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force, Jungle Fury, RPM.

Angel (Until season 3): Cordelia/Angel, Cordelia/Doyle, Wesley/Fred.

Favorite Crossover pairings:

Dan/Hannah (They both had kind of the same story. The person they loved was meant to be with another)

Willow/Tommy (Seriously?! No one has thought of this?!)

Kira/Wyatt (I think they'd work well together)

Christine/Wyatt (In my head, this does work, I swear)

Favorite Crossover family connections:

Xander Bly (PRMF) and Xander Harris(BTVS): Please tell me someone else noticed they look alike.

Burton Guster (Psych) and Clark (Bones): Again, someone had to notice.

Tommy Oliver (PR: Do NOT ask what season unless you want a headache) and The Charmed Ones: They look alike, and it's a cool idea. I read a good story on this and wish it would continue.

Karone (PR In Space Lost Galaxy) and Cordilia Chase (BTVS): They. Look. Alike!

Miley Stewert/Hannah Montanna and The Charmed Ones: I've read a couple of stories on this, and its a good one.

Favorite same people crossover connections:

Penny (Big Bang Theory) and Billy (Charmed): They are a little alike, although I'm not sure Billy loves to shop...

I absolutely HATE Sealy Booth is Angel fics! However, ones where it is commented that he looks a lot like Angel or he is mistaken for Angel are alright.

There are some full universes that I put into these fics that I do fully own and have made up the compleate backstory by myself. PLEASE do not assume this was revealed in an episode/chapter that you haven't read/seen and use them unless you have my permission. If I ever DO publish a novel (I wish too one day) using one of these ideas, they actually ARE mine.

-In the Charmed Bones series, Shadow magic is mine. Cari (pronounced Car-ee, not Care-ee), Aggie, Dawn, and Becky are characters in a novel that I started writing a long time ago and never finished. The Twilight is mine, the Multipower is mine, Music Empath is mine, although each were customized after watching way too much television (as in, musical empathy is a real power, but a Music Empath just like you see in the story is mine).

-The Phoenix (from The Mitchell's series on TTH) is a character fully out of my imagination, and might appear in a few fandoms. I can't think of an original phoenix story, so this is purely a fanfiction tool (for now). This includes (but not limited too): The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Charmed (doing this already), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (same), and any fandom where I need a really good supernatural charactor.

-Anything that I mention comes from the Medium Crazy or Medium Kills series is mine. The mediums in those stories are customized by me.

-Anything coming out of First Psychic (which I will stay off of, most likely; it's my favorite novel idea) is mine.

-As an addition to First Psychic and Medium Crazy, those two universes cross over a lot. So just to be clear- Katty and Melissa are both mine, Britain's mine, and Erica's mine. So is Brandon and Cami (except those two are based on friends, so I don't own my friends). Riley, Tara, ect...all mine. Violet, from Medium Kills, is mine.

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