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WARNING: I'm a terrible updater. Impatient folk, read my fics with caution.

Heyo, welcome to my profile! You can call me whatever the hell you want to call me, but "Sexy Beast" would be most preferable. Mostly I'm just here to use writing and fanfics as a creative outlet for my imagination, which has been somewhat overpowering from a young age. If it disturbs you, I'm sort of sorry. One thing I love is pushing boundaries, whether they're mine or the readers. I guess I'm just a bit dark and twisted like that (but I swear I'm a lovable little marshmallow on the inside).

I love to focus on realism and try to keep the characters as close to their original portrayals as possible, so if you ever think I'm straying, feel free to correct me! I'm happy to take suggestions on board, because I'm here to learn how to be the best writer I possibly can be.

Another warning: I loooove to procrastinate. If you're reading anything of mine then I hope you're patient and I'm really sorry. I can go years without updating something, but it'll still be sitting in the back of my mind. Don't be afraid to scream and abuse me if I'm being slack, it's the kind of motivation I probably need, and I'll find it really amusing.

For all of those who have grown tired of me waiting to update, here's a list of fanfics that YOU MUST READ!!! while you're waiting for me. Seriously. These guys are my absolute favourite. And I'm picky so it's saying a lot:

-Gateway of the Mind by Elexies (An amazing romance story which is currently in the process of being rewritten, but if it's anything like the original you will not be disappointed. This is for all those who like reading Megatron/OC or Starscream/OC stories).
-Treacherous Stars and Flying Phoenixs by MarySueDevourer (Another amazing romance that has me positively hooked, everything about it from the OC to the plot is freaking perfect. This one's strictly a Starscream/OC).

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About Me

I'm a 19 year old University student who studies in the uh, "student capital" of my country. Which is a polite way of saying we party heaps and cause general mayhem every Thursday to Sunday. Social life and lack of motivation are two of the main reasons why you won't see me updating often, but study does make me write more frequently as a form of procrastination so! It's not all bad. Between this I've got to factor in a long-term relationship and the spontaneous adventures my group tend to go on, so please be patient with me.

Despite what most people think, I'm a nerd with a keen interest in psychology, writing, and badass robots and I'm not nearly as intimidating as some people think. I'm actually very silly and inappropriate (and relatively harmless) so never be afraid to drop me a question about one of my fics or have a friendly chat. I'm inclined to reply to most (if not all) PMs as soon as I see them. If I see them. If I don't reply it's nothing personal, I'm a forgetful person and sometimes I disappear from this site for long lengths of time.

Other pointless stuff you don't need to know: I don't deal well with Vodka, I've got absolutely no ass on me, and my most recent accomplishments include not getting lost on the way to lectures and getting my suitcase off the airport conveyor without making a fool of myself. I'm someone who is very easily distracted, to the point where I'm incapable of writing with most types of background noise (especially music). Also I'm incapable of enjoying most songs until I can look up and understand the lyrics.

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