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Hi! I'm InfestedWithNargles777! I should be working on college apps, but instead, I'm here. :)

This time of year is veryyyyy busy for me, so if you're reading one of my unfinished stories I will not be updating my stories every day like I used to. I am so sorry about this, and I will try my best to update as soon as I can.

Anyways, as you can probably tell by my username, I love Harry Potter, and Luna is my favorite character! Although Harry is a close second.

Harry Potter is my favorite book series, and my favorite book in general, so I'll probably be writing fanfictions solely (or at least mostly) for the Harry Potter universe. I love Harry Potter. A lot. Probably too much, actually. But oh well.

So, yeah, Luna is my favorite character, and Harry is my second favorite! I love lots of other characters, but I won't start listing. The seventh book is probably my favorite, but honestly I love them all that it's so hard for me to choose. I loved the second part of the seventh movie...I think it's my favorite movie out of all of them; it was quite wonderful! I also love Daniel Radcliffe...he's pretty awesome. Evanna Lynch is really cool too.

I've been reading fanfictions for years now, but I've never really made an account before, but now I've decided to so I can review fanfictions that I really like and so that I can even post a few of my own! I like reading really deep, moving fanfictions that practically make me cry, but I also like reading the lighthearted, happy ones that make me smile. I usually decide if I like something based more off the storyline than the quality of the writing, but I really admire good writing (as I want to be a writer someday) and there is a certain quality level that needs to be in place for me to like a story. Basically, it can't have a grammatical error every sentence with text talk throughout. But otherwise, it's usually fine, and I usually focus on if I like the story or not. But if you ask me to critique you on your writing, I will if you like, but unless you ask, usually I won't.

So...I'm pretty new to actually being a user on this site, so if I do something wrong please don't hate me! I'm still trying to figure everything out. :)

Pleasepleaseplease review my stories if you read them! Even if you don't like them, I'd love to know what you think. And if you review mine, I'll review yours! I promise! I write nice reviews, but they're also honest. If you want to write a review for my story, I'll be so appreciative, even if it's just "nice story" or even "oh my god I hate your story so much just throw it down the toilet." Seriously, anything is welcome. I thank every person for every review I get. And then I go read your stories. So please: REVIEW! :D

I wrote a one-shot called Life Goes On which is finished. It's basically just about Harry and Ginny after the battle and how they're coping with the sadness of it all, and how they reform their relationship together. It's kind of corny, but I think it's all right, so please read it if you have a chance! Reviews are nice too! :)

I also am in the process of writing a story called Crushed about James Sirius Potter and how he has a crush on this girl at Hogwarts, and basically just about him having his first crush and the new generation of the Potter/Weasley family. I don't think anyone is actually reading it...but whatever. That probably means it's not that great haha. Oh well, read it if you want!

The story I'm currently most focusing on right now is Aftermath which is basically a story about the title. It's about the aftermath of the war, and how Harry has to deal with everything that comes with it. The press and people are frustrating him, as many have turned against him, and he decides to leave. However, his friends and Ginny don't agree with this and try to persuade him not to. I think it's better than I just made it sound, so please read it! And review! :)

Well...hmm. That's it for now, I guess! :)

(I don't really know what else to post here.)


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Aftermath reviews
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