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My name is Ayla but my last name is not Bear;)

I really like to write twilight fanfictions because I think when Stephanie Meyer finished the series, she left a lot of things open so it is an easy book to pick up after.

Without spell-check, I would fail miserably in writing.

I absolutely love reading Twilight alternate endings and anything about Jacob and Renesmee. They are the best couple in Twilight.

I recently posted the story called The Meaning of Love, but I wasn't happy with it, so I took it down. If I can figure out where to go with the story, I'll repost it, but I just don't know what's going to happen in it.

Here's the picture of Renesmee's Wedding dress from To Hold Her Heart

Okay so as many of you know, Perfect to Me was recently plagiarized by some guy named PlagiarizmFactory. The guy that did thought he'd be all tough, but honestly the whole pm convo we had just made me laugh. Here it is if any of you would like so see it:)

PlagiarizmFactory: Hey twilight b*tch, if you and your emo posse can take down me and my bloods gangstas, then you can have your story.

AylaBear23: Eh, whatever

PlagiarizmFactory: Yall can go cut yourselfs while me and my posse shoot you up like they shotTUPAC AND BIGGIE, you dig my nigg@.

AylaBear 23: You do that

PlagiarizmFactory Throw all the chairs you want bitch. Aint nothing you can do about it!

AylaBear23: Okay

PlagiarizmFactory: Go ride your ponies or somethin

AylaBear23: LOL I think I will thanks:)

PlagiarizmFactory: My bloods are the deadliest gangstas in LA. You dont know who you're messing with

AylaBear23: No, I don’t

PlagiarizmFactory: Yes, and we kill you just like we did to Tupac

AylaBear23: Good luck with that

PlagiarizmFactory: Okay, Ill be sending my gang members to come snipe you when you do ride your pony.

AylaBear 23: I’m sure you will

PlagiarizmFactory: Ya, I think my bloods will kill you n*

Okay, I just sent them now. They will warn clans of other states about you.

AylaBear23: I live in Australia… awkward

PlagiarizmFactory: Well, I will send some of my gang members overseas. They are documented in the military you know.

AylaBear23: Looks like someone’s been playing too much Call of Duty:)

PlagiarizmFactory: Yeah, we gangstas play call of duty to help us train for the head shots well give you

AylaBear23: That’s cool. I’m more of a zombies girl myself…

PlagiarizmFactory: We headshot zombies too

AylaBear23: SWEET! Maybe you can come over and play it sometime… you know… before you kill me…

PlagiarizmFactory: No, you probably cut yourself before I arrive.
Besides, Twilight is for melodramatic * liek you who got lots of haters in
school. Goths and emos should be shipped to another planet!

AylaBear23: Everyone is subjected to their own opinion.

PlagiarizmFactory: Which is why my bloods will kill you. They hate opinions

AylaBear23: Hate is an opinion…

PlagiarizmFactory: You emos wear ugly skiiny jeans. We gangstas SAG

AylaBear23: Hmm so you care so much about clothes?... Maybe we have a closet we need to come out of…

PlagiarizmFactory: Shut up b*tch!

AylaBear23: Hey hey hey, don’t get all pms on me! You started this whole convo…

PlagiarizmFactory: Well, like I said, you cut yourself too much.

AylaBear23: OMG you’re right I do! Every time I make a PB&J sandwich, I always cut my finger by accident!

PlagiarizmFactory: Suicidal...

AylaBear23: Not really. Besides, if I died, who would finish my story? And then what would you steal from me?

PlagiarizmFactory: Then Ill make you sister finish your emo story b*

AylaBear23: Only child… awkward

PlagiarizmFactory:Liar. You can make shit up on the internet you know

AylaBear23:Okay, you caught me… I have 6 sisters…

PlagiarizmFactory: One of them can write.

AylaBear23: You’re so smart! You’ve though of everything haven’t you!

PlagiarizmFactory: You are quite peppy for an emo. Most of them want to kill themselves.

AylaBear23: Well, you know what pixie sticks do to us emos…

PlagiarizmFactory: They kill you.

AylaBear23: Only the purple flavor...

PlagiarizmFactory: Vampire

Aylabear23: Uh, I thought you said I was emo? Gosh stick with your story

And then he disabled the pming feature thing so yeah. Just wanted to give you guys something to LOL about;)

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