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Hello! I'm... not telling you my real name.


Let's make this into a list before I start rambling like crazy about pointless stuff

Name: You can call me not_you_15 until you earn the privilage of knowing my actual name.

Age: 17. I'm a senior in highschool.

Languages: French first, I learned English later. It's a long, complicated and somewhat depressing story. PM me if you want to know it.

Likes: Accents (particularly Scottish and Irish), Harry Potter, chocolate, crackers, classic Disney movies, reading, Silly Wizard (a Scottish/Irish folk band from the 70’s and 80’s), bass players, Criminal Minds, any food that you can eat with salsa, singing, the word “arbitrary”, One Direction, goofing off, fantasy novels, Doctor Who, red heads, guitar players, musicians in general, fanfiction, my iPod, Rachmaninoff, pretty much any dessert in existence, dancing (especially in the rain), Robin the Boy Wonder, hanging out with friends, my clarinet, anime/manga, The Chronicles of Narnia, purple, fuzzy/soft things, violins, guinea pigs and other small, fuzzy rodents, family get-togethers, my brother’s highly advanced vocabulary and use of sarcasm, Taylor Swift, laughing, comic books, The Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit, small children, leopard geckos, dark hair, aquamarine, the word “foliage”, bookstores, the smell of sheet music, fire, writing, Star Wars, musicals, any movie starring Harrison Ford or Liam Neeson, The Scorpions, Johann Sebastian Bach, swing sets, Charles de Lint novels, making up words, pretty much any food involving noodles (a couple small exceptions), cheese, socks, neon colours, naming inanimate objects, NASCAR (Matt Kenseth, #17), lilacs, vanilla, Pirates of the Caribbean, LEGO, baseball (National league [Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants especially]), kittens, my family, Psalm 91, Dr. Seuss, boys with pretty eyes, banter, acting, mythology, strange/obscure names, conventions, band trips, inside jokes, Chinese food, sleeping, Oriental people, long walks, nature, my friends, hard rock/softer metal, PA days/holidays, dressing up in costumes, hugs, the stars, slighter older men (5 years tops), sweatpants, quiets, people that think they’re cool but are really idiots (fun to laugh at), French, tea, DIAC (Durham Integrated Arts Camp), Percy Jackson and the Olympians, God, presents, cuddling, Egypt, Peanuts comics, Teen Titans and penguins.

Dislikes: Being told what to do, make-up, coconut, Twilight, loud drumming, people who think they’re cool but are really idiots (stupid bastards…), getting sick, rap, incorrect grammar, bright pink, people who like things only because it’s considered to be “cool”, dresses (especially short ones), beer, math class, overly-energetic dogs, cliques, sixteenth note runs (in the upper register), pineapple, haters, Miley Cyrus music, non-canon slash (guy/guy for those who don’t know) pairings, the media, losing people, homework, awkward silences, fighting, extreme weather, Screamo, being hit on (casual/joking flirting is okay), shoes, children’s television (a couple exceptions), overly violent video games, autotune, being coddled/sheltered, the butchering of the French language, gossip, wine, red meat, my period, Europe’s destruction of the Native American culture, people who chew loudly (or with their mouths open), being felt sorry for, corsets, stereotypes, people who apologize for EVERYTHING, analysing literature, Nazis, reality TV, people who pretend to understand, being looked down on, myself (on occasion), tight/revealing cloths, the spotlight when not playing a character, know-it-alls, people who lack common sense, people who attack my religious beliefs, scorn, the letter “r”, being used, having insomnia, geography, people who don’t say what they mean, sappy romance novels, The Lord of the Flies, fakers, hip-hop, high heels, technology, death, being lied to, doing things I finds unpleasant, hype, name calling, politics, chemistry class, passive-aggressive people, bullying, liars, people who are whishy-washy, building LEGO for so long that your fingers hurt, rum, coffee, overplayed songs, feeling stupid, spell-check, chain e-mails, nagging, feeling inferior, being compared to others, annoying popular people, Jason Todd/ Damian Wayne (Robins 2 and 5), having my picture taken without permission, green tea, The Beatles (a couple exceptions), odd numbers, loud/obnoxious people, being pushed around, guys who only want sex, sweet pickles, large parties, and perfume.

Fandoms: Ouran High School Host Club, Harry Potter, One Direction, Artemis Fowl, Soul Eater, ramdom poems sometimes, Teen Titans, Fruits Basket, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Robin, Fullmetal Alchemist, Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, Dr. Who (please note that I'm not up to date on this one), Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, The Lord of the Rings, Criminal Minds and Inheritance Cycle.

So yes. That is me. PM me with requests, questions, death threats (maybe not those...)! I love meeting new people and making friends!

Also, I would like to apologize for not always replying to reviews. I just don't have time guys, and I'm really sorry.

I hope you find something here that stikes your fancy! Happy Reading :D

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Never Leave You reviews
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