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Okay, so... cleared my profile out a while back since I had pretty much gone inactive in writing fanfics, but now that I'm back I should probably add something here. Too bad I have no idea what to put in. >.>;

Well, I guess I'll start with me. My name is Jonathan and I've been an on and off fanfic writer for about... 12 years or so, though my works on this site only go back about 10. My main reading/writing interests have been RPGs and anime, though more the latter lately due to me not playing so many video games recently. Which brings me to another important note about me... I've regularly tried to write novel-length stories, but I've yet to finish any. This is mostly due to a chronic video game addiction that I only recently got out of. (Not exaggerating here. I was literally addicted to video games and couldn't stop myself from playing them to do other stuff)

EXTRA NOTE: For those people reading my Digital Hazard series... I'll make this short and simple. The issue mentioned at the end of the previous paragraph is the primary reason for my recent disappearance. Before, I had been using most of my free time to write stories and such, and occasionally playing video games during breaks. After all, nothing bad about playing games for just a few minutes, right? Well, those few minutes became a half hour, which became an hour, two hours, and eventually came to consume all of my leisure time, hence the reason for lack of updates for a while.

Now, I would like to make this very clear... I am not trying to make an excuse for my lack of activity on this site. This is an issue I take very seriously. If you don't really think playing video games are that much of an issue, well... good for you. Means you're probably not an addict. (or you're just delusional like I used to be and don't want to admit you have a problem. Meh...) However, for anyone whose skeptical about the idea that someone can become addicted to video games, let me make it clear right now that they most definitely CAN. It's not an exaggeration and it's not something I'm proud of, anymore than an alcoholic or any other kind of addict would be proud of their issue.

The fact that so few take the issue seriously is a large part of my problem, because it's difficult to get help that would be more readily available to people with other addictions. I have a good family and plenty of friends, all of which (er... well, MOST of which) care about me, but with few to none of them taking the issue seriously, nobody is really willing to commit to helping me and keeping me on track and off the games. That being said, if any of you notice the delays between future chapters getting longer, feel free to send me a message and tell me to quit playing the dang games. Even if it's not the reason for that particular delay... heck, even if I haven't touched them in months, just getting a general reminder would still be appreciated.

And as an Extra, EXTRA note... I'm putting a technical description here of the primary factors of video game addiction, at least in my case. For those of you who don't care about the science, ignore this part. For those that are skeptical and need evidence to back up the claim, or those just want to know more, this is for you:

Most people who refer to the issue of spending an unusually large amount of time playing video games relative to doing other things refer to it as video game "compulsion" rather than "addiction." One of the main reasons behind this is that addictions have a chemical factor which alter the brain's behavior, while compulsions are more driven by attitude or habit or the like. However, the chemical factor is definitely present, for reasons I will explain in a moment.

The nature of video games is that they usually implement an action>reward system designed to encourage the player to keep playing to the end, and in some cases even beyond. This is especially true ever since achievements became a major component of many games. These systems simulate the feelings of accomplishment and success, often by defining the boundaries of success or failure in much more clear-cut terms than one could ever find in the real world. Subsequently, they can trigger a feeling of happiness from the simulated feeling of success, and can do so with FAR greater regularity than any normal job could do in real life. This is where the chemical factor comes in.

Biologically speaking, these systems trigger a release of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are essentially 'happy chemicals,' the things your brain releases to let you know something good happened. I don't actually know enough of the technicalities of biochemistry to go into greater detail, but I understand enough to be able to lay out a clear series of progression regarding chemical addiction:

As someone plays games more often for whatever reason (in my case, I've played them ever since I was a child. I just never hit that point of critical mass until I was in my mid-teens) to the point that they become mentally immersed in the world of the games, the heightened endorphin release triggers a "rush," which then compels the person to play more in the future. With enough play, the brain eventually becomes accustomed to this heightened level of endorphins, which cannot be sustained through normal daily activity, thus the person is compelled to keep playing video games in order to maintain that heightened chemical level. To make matters worse, as with all chemical addictions, once the body becomes acclimated to a given endorphin level, that level is no longer longer able to provide the same rush, thus requiring an even HIGHER level of endorphins to maintain it, which leads to yet more time spent playing video games. At that point, you've entered the standard downward spiral of progression common to all addictions.

So there it is... not so short and simple if you read the whole thing, but... well, at least the summary in the first paragraph is, right?

Random fact about myself: Saturday is my weekly writing sabbath. I only write Sunday-Friday, so don't expect much from me in terms of updates during the weekends.

Fics I love to read: Pretty much anything that doesn't fall into the 'hate' category. =P

Fics I hate to read: Stories with terrible spelling/grammar. Stories that reinvent a character's personality, unless there's a good in-story explanation or it's AU. Self-insert stories (I'm sorry, I know there are some that are fairly well-written, but... no. Just no.) and random shipping fics.

To clarify on that last one: Shipping fics are fine, but stories that just throw two characters together or massively change character relationships without any explanation and then demonizes all the characters that are 'competition' or 'a threat' to the pairing... those are just too shallow in my opinion. Those are what I refer to as 'random' shipping fics; fics where completely random events occur to force together the couple that the author wants. If it's a ship that with decent characterization that can change relationships and such through character development and not just author-intervention, then I don't mind it.

What to expect from my stories: Action, romance, drama, angst, and lots of emotional torture for the characters. Period. If I ever write a story that doesn't have all of these, I'll make sure to change my profile, but it hasn't happened yet... also, a level of epic proportionately equal to the length of the story.

Main tropes I use:

(About half of the time)

(Most of the time)

(All the time, except for one-shots, obviously)

What NOT to expect from my stories: Comedy, at least deliberately. Fluff (Post-2006. Some of my one-shots before that have a bit of fluff in them.) Yaoi, Yuri, or anything that makes canonically straight characters gay, or vice-versa. Also, if you spot any sort of Mary Sue/Marty Stu in any of my stories, please shoot me immediately.

Current stories and projects:

[COMPLETE] Digital Hazard: A Thousand Sunsets - An AU Digimon fic mostly revolving around season 1 characters, albeit with a very different plot than the original series. Also includes "Book Zero", a prequel to the main story that explains a lot of the backstory for certain characters and events. I included it at the end so as to avoid having anyone accidentally read it first and spoil the main story.

Hikari: (Note, the image is NOT mine. I simply found it, liked it, and decided to link to it. All credit goes to the artist Deco-kun)

[Current] Digital Hazard: Kingdom Come - My current project. Book 2 of the DH series, starting one year after the end of book 1. Will focus more on the events of season 2. It's going to be a bit less of a straightforward "beat the baddies" story than the first book and will center much more around character relationships, both good and bad.

Digital Hazard: Eclipse - Currently the working title for the third entry in the DH series. My current prediction is that it will likely be the longest entry in the entire series. The story is still in the works, and will vary wildly depending on how certain parts of book 2 play out, so there's not too much I can say about it just yet. However, I can say for certain that it will incorporate many, if not most of the elements from seasons 1 and 2 that were left out of the first two books, as well as fully set the stage for the rest of the story.

Digital Hazard: Book 4 - Pretty sure there's going to be at least one additional entry to the DH series, but book 4 is so far out that I'm not going to make any official plans for it just yet. Just putting it here so people know what's coming. (And yes, I realize this is going to be LONG series)

Everything else is currently on the back burner for now, though I may pick some of my old stories back up eventually. Since I'm going to be stuck on this one a while, it's hard to know when or if that'll happen, so I'm not going to make any claims about it one way or another.

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